Which Printer is Better: Laser or Inkjet?


The range of printing peripherals is rapidly increasing. Computer manufacturers regularly offer new printers designed to handle large volumes of illustrations, photos, documents, essays, etc. But in spite of the abundance of actual devices with a mass of useful features, users continue to worry about what is better to choose a printer: laser or inkjet. We will try to understand the task at hand by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the best models.

It should be noted at once that inkjet printers are cheaper than their laser counterparts. They are easy to refill, the ink is inexpensive. It would seem that the choice is obvious, but there is a catch! For multicolor printing and photos, they are not a cost-effective choice, because after only 2 refills you will have to buy a cartridge, which is very expensive. To work with photos, users have to additionally buy a CISS. Laser printers are much cheaper to maintain, since the toner costs tens of times less than the cartridge.

How an inkjet printer works

Such products are printed with the help of a special print head, which has nozzles. Through these small holes, the ink falls onto cloth, paper or film, soaking into the top layer of material. As a rule, the ink is sold in special cartridges that have to be replaced over time. Original ink containers can cost a little less than the printer itself. For obvious reasons, it is simply not appropriate to use them for color printing. They are more suitable for students and office workers who have to print large amounts of information. An alternative option is to install a continuous ink supply system, aimed at saving consumables.

Advantages and disadvantages

In defense of this type of office equipment, it should be said that modern models are already equipped with a CISS. Such inkjet printers are better than their laser counterparts cope with photos, as they have a higher resolution, up to 5760 DPI. At the same time these products are completely safe for human health and the environment. In addition, inkjet printer is about 2 times cheaper than its laser counterpart, and he is not fastidious about the choice of media.

The disadvantage is that such inventions are designed for intensive operation, not for occasional use. This is due to the fact that the ink tends to dry out on the print head. In addition, the printing technology is imperfect: light streaks and prints appear.

How a laser printer works

Such inventions have a more complex design. On the surface of a solid, rotating drum, zones are formed with an electric charge that attracts toner. The latter element, in turn, acts as the ink. The powder is baked in the printer at 200 degrees, releasing ozone. As a result, users may experience a disgusting odor.

For obvious reasons, a color laser printer does better with photos and other multicolor images than an inkjet printer. But you should know that you will have to look for special paper to print photos with these tools.

Pros and cons

The undoubted advantage of this office equipment is the scope of application: they are suitable for home, office and specialized institutions. The ink in them does not dry out, they work stably. You can operate them whenever you want, without worrying about print quality. At the same time, the devices are better suited for color printing, and are characterized by democratic maintenance.

The problem with laser printers is that the toner needs to be heated. That is why they are slower to start than their counterparts. At the same time, they emit harmful substances and unpleasant odors. Standard paper is not suitable for printing high-quality pictures: it simply melts.

Which printer should I choose: inkjet or laser?

In the world of modern marketing, it is difficult to distinguish between myth and reality when it comes to comparing competing products. And the stereotype that one of the printers prints faster is proof of that. You should understand that the speed of operation depends solely on the performance of a particular model.

Nevertheless, if you do not know which printer to buy, choosing between laser and inkjet solutions, consider:

  • How often you plan to use the device;
  • Whether you are going to print color documents, photos;
  • Whether the environmental safety of the equipment is important.

Obviously, inkjet products are better for families with schoolchildren and students. They can be refilled by yourself. For professional use in offices, it is more reasonable to buy a laser printer.


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