Which Ventless Portable Air Conditioner is The Best?

Which Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

Are you looking for a portable air conditioner, but you are worried about leaving a significant footprint on the environment because of the high energy consumption and the use of refrigerants? Or are you looking for ways to save money from electric bills for cooling?

Ventless Portable Air Conditioner

A ventless portable air conditioner like the best overall for 2022 – the Honeywell CO60PM Evaporative Air Cooler could be the most suitable option for you if you live in a region where the climate is dry and hot.

Ventless portable evaporative air coolers are very clever devices that utilize the natural process of evaporation to cool and moisten the air, without the need for too much electrical power, without a compressor, and without the use of chemical refrigerants.

This makes them eco-friendly, energy-efficient, money-saving, and also highly efficient for cooling, hydrating, and making life indoors or outdoors much more comfortable for you and for your family.

We have chosen the top-rated ventless portable air conditioners (also known as evaporative or swamp coolers) for 2022 to save you the time and effort for doing that research by yourself.

Read on to find out more about these ingenious portable cooling devices.

Best overall

Honeywell CO60PM Portable Evaporative Air Cooler 

The best ventless portable air conditioner you can buy in 2022 is this versatile and powerful evaporative cooler suitable for both indoor and outdoor use by Honeywell.


It is the perfect, energy-efficient solution for cooling down large and open rooms, patios, decks, garages, warehouses, and other areas inside and outside of your home or business premises.

Like all other evaporative coolers, the Honeywell CO60PM is suitable for areas where the climate is hot and dry with humidity levels lower than 60%.

In fact, it is a multi-functional unit and will work as a cooler, a humidifier, and a fan.

This powerful ventless portable cooler does not act simply as a fan. It actually cools the air by evaporating water. Thanks to this, you will feel a constant moist and cool breeze as you enjoy spending time outdoors or inside.

At the same time, the moisture will not spray or damage your furniture or flooring.

Thanks to the fact that this portable evaporative cooler has a low power consumption of only 220 Watts, it is so energy efficient, and also since it can be connected to a continuous water supply, you can easily leave it running all day long without attending to it, and also without worrying about the electricity bills later on.

The cooler is 18.35 x 27.56 x 40.04 inches in size and weighs 41 lbs. The unit has smooth rolling caster wheels, so you can move it to the area you want to easily and without hassle.

It is built out of rugged UV and weather-resistant materials which makes it suitable and safe to use outdoors.

Plus, it has a three-sided honeycomb cooling media, so it will suck in the hot air, cool it down with water and ice, and disperse the cool breeze in all three directions around it.

It is not too loud and works at a maximum of 65 decibels, so you don’t need to worry about the 16-inch blade fan interrupting your conversations or bothering you while you are relaxing.

The capacity of the top-loading ice compartment of the cooler is 15.9 gallons of water, and it doesn’t utilize an expensive compressor to produce cool air but will still provide you with a steady cool airflow of 1540 CFM at a much lower price.

Even more so, the unit doesn’t require any kind of refrigerant to be able to keep your indoor or outdoor space comfortably cool and humid even on the hottest days.

The Honeywell C060PM is recommended for rooms or areas of up to 850 square feet.

The cooler has a 6-foot long power cord and has 3 speeds which you can pick from easily via the straightforward mechanical control panel.

The cooler is very easy to install and use, without any assembly and setups, so you can use it straight out of the box.

Overall, we must say that this is the greatest ventless portable air conditioner on the market because it is easy to use, it is versatile, it is energy efficient, and it will really do the job of cooling down the air inside or outside of your home whenever you need it.

And it costs much less to buy and to run and maintain than a regular vented portable air conditioner.

The CO60PM is sold with a 1-year warranty and comes with all instructions you need to start running it immediately after you receive it.

The runner-up

Honeywell CO48PM 1062 CFM Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

The runner-up in our list for ventless portable air conditioners is very similar to the number one choice.


The Honeywell CO48PM evaporative air cooler is smaller and even less expensive than the CO60PM.

This unit is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, and can efficiently cool and humidify areas of up to 610 square feet.

It has an ice compartment with a 10.6-gallon water capacity and also has an option for connecting the unit to a continuous water supply so that you leave the cooler on all of the time and even when it is unattended.

This excellent quality ventless evaporative cooler is another useful 3-in-1 appliance that will serve as a fan, a humidifier, and a cooling device too.

It will work better in areas where the air is hot, and the humidity level is under 60 percent. It operates by sucking in the hot air into the wet honeycomb cooling medium and then dispersing the cooled down air via the powerful 14-inch blade fan, which will not only make the air around your cooler but will humidify it to make it more comfortable as well.

It is weather-resistant and sturdy, so you can use it outdoors safely whenever you need to.

The size of the Honeywell evaporative air cooler is 14.76 x 24.4 x 34.76 inches, and it also has easy to roll caster which will allow you to roll it around from room to room or from one area to another effortlessly.

The CO48PM air cooler provides a massive 1062 CFM cool airflow without the use of a compressor system, a vent, or a refrigerant.

This makes it much more energy-efficient, economical, and eco-friendly than a regular portable or stationary air conditioner.

The device has a design that allows for the cool air to evaporate and be spread through all three of its sides for multidirectional cooling.

It works quietly even at the highest speed, so you can expect no more than 62 decibels of noise when it is running on full power.

The cool air which this ingenious device emits will feel like a cool breeze coming from a nearby lake, but you don’t need to worry about your clothes, furniture, or floors getting wet by the evaporated water.

The inexpensive and eco-friendly cooler is ready to use out of the box. All you need to do is fill it with water or ice, plug it in and start feeling much more comfortable and cooler immediately.

It has three fan settings – low, medium, and high which you can easily select via the simple mechanical control panel.

It is an affordable portable air cooler that is sold with a 1-year warranty, complete safety, and maintenance guide and with the reputation of being made by one of the great evaporative cooler manufacturers in the world – Honeywell.

Best budget-friendly option

Hessaire MC37M Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

The top budget-friendly pick for 2022 is not only inexpensive, but it is the most powerful evaporative air cooler of its size.


The Hessaire MC37M is compact and its dimensions are only 25 x 17 x 37 inches and the unit weighs 40 lbs. Yet, this powerful ventless portable air conditioner is capable of cooling an open room, a patio, or an outdoor area of up to 950 square feet without the use of a compressor and without harmful refrigerant.

This energy-efficient and affordable cooler can be placed in any room and moved around effortlessly, thanks to its small size and its heavy-duty caster wheels with powder-painted hardware.

The device features a patented winged prop design which features three panels of high-density rigid media. This media is where the magic happens, and where the cool ambient air is sucked in, and cooled down via evaporation.

It has a water reservoir with a capacity of 10.3 gallons and consumes 250 watts, which will not affect your electricity bills too much, even if you use the cooler all day and all night long.

The water reservoir has an easy-to-see water level display and a manual fill door for easy access.

The MC37M also has a nifty hose adaptor, so you can connect it to a continuous water supply via an ordinary garden hose and use the cooler continuously without the need of refilling the water tank.

The Hessaire MC37M has oscillating louvers and high-velocity axial fan blades, which spread out the cooled and moisturized air around the cooler quietly and efficiently.

The budget-friendly ventless portable air conditioner has easy-to-understand and adjusts manual controls, which you can use for choosing one of the four available temperature settings and one of the two available fan speeds of the device.

This amazingly efficient ventless evaporative cooler is capable of lowering the ambient temperature by 11 degrees Fahrenheit and also increasing the humidity by up to 88%.

It is suitable for dry and hot climates and works better when utilizing the hot and dry air from outside.

Adding coolness and moisture to the air will make life more comfortable and breathing easier, especially for people with respiratory issues. Humidity also helps keep the skin moist and will also help your pets and plants feel better in the hot summer days and nights as well.

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The rest of the best evaporative air coolers for 2022

Cool-Space AVALANCHE-36-VD Swamp Cooler

If you need a powerful ventless portable air conditioner that you can use for large areas of up to 3,600 square feet, then the industrial range Cool-Space AVALANCHE-36-VD Swamp Cooler is the number one air conditioner you can find on the market right now.


It is a perfect solution for both home and industrial use, including cooling warehouses, hangars, factories, greenhouses, shops, garages, decks, patios, restaurants, and many others.

Key features:

  • It has a cooling capacity of up to 3,600 square feet of indoor or outdoor or any ventilated space.
  • The dimensions of the cooler are 30 (D) x 70 (H) x 62 (W) inches, and it weighs 270 lbs.
  • The unit has a large integrated water reservoir with a capacity of 46 gallons.
  • The fan motor is totally enclosed and has a variable speed capacity of 6,400-9,700 CFM.
  • The cooling media is 8 inches thick and has a 33% larger cooling surface than the 6-inch media
  • The cooling media is made of strong and algae resistant resin
  • The power cord of the unit is ground fault protected for safety
  • The device has a nifty cord wrap for neat cable management and storage
  • It has a swivel, locking strong casters for easy mobility and maneuvering
  • The housing of the cooler is rugged, made of roto-molded polyethylene, which is UV resistant and tough and withstand all kinds of weather conditions
  • It features a drain plug and a flush valve so you can easily drain out the water
  • It also has a low water auto shut off function to extend the longevity of the pump
  • The reservoir cap is easy to access, so you can refill the tank when necessary without hassle
  • The motor works silently – just like the sound of light rainfall
  • The unit comes with an intuitive control panel and a large display
  • It has auto and manual mode
  • There is a motion detector sensor that will turn the machine on when any motion around it is detected and off when no one is around.
  • The auto-shutdown mode acts like a timer and will turn the cooler off automatically after 15 minutes.
  • It is sold with a 60-month warranty for the parts and a lifetime warranty for the housing.

Honeywell 525-729CFM I Evaporative Cooler

The Honeywell CO30XE is another superb evaporative cooler by the company, which comes with some nifty bonuses such as a remote control, an energy-saving timer, and a low water alarm, and is suitable for cooling outdoor or indoor areas of up to 320 square feet such as patios, living rooms, bedrooms, garages, dens and more.


Key features:

  • An indoor evaporative air cooler or swamp cooler is perfect for regions where the climate is hot and dry with a humidity level of less than 60% (i.e., the Midwest and Southwest USA)
  • The ventless cooler uses a honeycomb cooling media for cooling the air
  • A 3 in 1 device which acts as a cooler, a fan, and a humidifier
  • It has three fan speeds to choose from
  • The unit emits a cool and moist breeze and can be used in the colder seasons for humidifying the air.
  • The detachable water reservoir has a 7.9-gallon capacity, and the unit has a low water alarm to let you know when it is time to refill it.
  • A top-loading ice compartment for even faster cooling, as well as an adjustable humidification knob
  • Recommended for areas and rooms up to 320 square feet
  • The unit is UV and weather-resistant, and suitable for outdoor use
  • The cooler has a powerful airflow of up to 525 CFM and low power consumption of 288 watts
  • It works quietly – 64 decibels at the highest speed
  • A bright lighted LED control panel so you can see the settings from a distance
  • Remote control so you can control the settings without getting up
  • A useful auto-off timer
  • Four sturdy caster wheels for easy mobility and maneuverability
  • The dimensions of the cooler are 18 (W) x 13.8 (D) x 33.7 (H) inches, and it weighs 24.9 lbs.
  • Sold with a 10-year warranty

DeLonghi EV250 America Portable Evaporative Cooler

This economical portable ventless air cooler by DeLonghi is very compact, and it is capable of turning warm and stale air into a nice cool breeze of clean and fresh air, thanks to the internal water chamber and ionizer built-in the unit.


Key features:

  • The EV250 has both a water tank and an ionizer to cool and clean the air
  • It has three fans speed and three wind modes (natural, normal, and sleep modes)
  • There is an optional ice pack that you can fill and use to speed up the cooling process
  • The louvers can be adjusted
  • There is also a nifty internal swing mode for directing the cool airflow
  • It has casters for easy portability from one room to another
  • The easy to understand and use control panel is on the top of the device
  • It also has a remote control
  • The cooler has been specially optimized to work well in hot and dry climates with a humidity level of less than 50-60%, but it can work in higher humidity environments as well.
  • The integrated ionizer releases negative ions in the room, which clean the air from pollutants.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 4.5 liters and is removable, easy to drain, refill, and clean
  • The device can work for up to 6 hours per refill of water
  • The size of the ventless portable cooler is 13.6 x 12.2 x29.5 inches, and it weighs 16.22 lbs. so you can easily carry it with you and even take it with you on trips
  • This is another eco-friendly cooler that doesn’t use a refrigerant or compressor to cool the air
  • The device has a 24-hour timer, so you can set it up to automatically turn and shut off depending on your daily and nightly schedule
  • It operates very quietly – at 53 decibels as a maximum sound level

Cool-Space Glacier-18 Evaporative Cooler

The Cool-Space Glacier-18 is a USA-made evaporative cooler with a capacity to reduce the temperatures significantly in areas of up to 1,200 square feet. The ventless air cooler comes with the longest warranty in the industry – 5 years for the parts and a lifetime warranty for the roto-molded housing.


Key features:

  • The housing is made of roto-molded polyethylene housing which is seamless and will not leak, rust, or get damaged by UV light.
  • The cooler is suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas
  • It has a coverage of up to 1,200 square feet
  • The airflow is 700 – 2,800 CFM
  • The fan size is 18 inches, and the motor is totally enclosed with high efficiency and variable speeds.
  • The built-in 16-gallon water reservoir allows for hours of autonomous operation.
  • The tank is easy to refill, and it has a low water shut-off function to protect the pump.
  • The reservoir has a drain plug as well as a flush valve so you can remove the remaining water quickly and easily.
  • The cooling media is 8 inches thick and features a cooling surface that is 33% larger than the standard cooling media of 6 inches.
  • The heavy-duty swivel caster can be locked or used for hassle-free maneuvering.
  • The power cord is ground fault protected and can be wrapped around the cord wrap for easy storage and cable management.
  • The unit operates so quietly that it sounds like soothing rainfall
  • The size of the cooler is 26 (W) x 44.5 (H) x 24 (D), and it weighs 150 lbs.
  • The portable cooler is sold with a 3-year warranty on all parts and a lifetime warranty for the housing

Hessaire MC92V 11,000 CFM Mobile Evaporative Cooler

The Hessaire MC92V evaporation cooler is another powerful and energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners with compressors and refrigerants. It has a 3,000 square foot cooling area and uses very little power to make the temperatures and humidity levels much more comfortable.


Key features:

  • An airflow delivery of up to 11,000 CFM
  • Recommended cooling coverage of up to 3,000 square feet
  • Very quiet operation
  • Suitable for large open or closed areas
  • It uses a high-density rigid cooling media pad, which is highly efficient for cooling the air.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 32.8 gallons, and a manual water fill door
  • The water level display is easy to read, so you will know when it is time to refill the reservoir
  • There is also an external water hose hook up option for connecting the unit to a continuous water source via a hose
  • An easy to set rotary switch for the three fan speed options
  • Power, swing, and pump options
  • The dimensions of the cooler are 46 (L) x 26 (W) x 59 (H) inches, and it weighs 125 lbs.
  • It is fitted with heavy-duty and easy to maneuver swivel caster wheels

So, what is the difference between a portable air conditioner and a portable evaporative cooler?

Yes, they are both portable, and they are both coolers, but a portable AC and an evaporative cooler are two completely different devices.

Coolers that are labeled portable only, need to have a hose that can transfer the hot air from inside to outdoors. These air conditioners use compressors and refrigerants to cool the air and to remove it from the room or area.

Coolers that are labeled ventless do not need to use such a hose and use a water tank and the natural process of evaporation to cool the warm air and emit it back out.

The ventless portable air conditioners are actually the more portable type, as they do not need to be connected to a vent, window, or other.

They use much less electrical power than the AC units and are more eco-friendly than them.

Which type will suit you best?

Choosing whether or not a ventless portable air conditioner is suitable for you largely depends on where you live. Namely, on the temperatures and humidity levels in your region.

To work properly, ventless evaporation coolers need the air to be hot and dry. In fact, they work best when the humidity levels are lower than 60% because they cool the air by adding moisture to it. These devices work well outdoors and indoors, but inside they do need to have access to fresh air (via an open window or door) so that they do not make the air too oversaturated with moisture.

As for the portable AC units, they can do well in both dry and in humid climates, because they cool the air via refrigerants and compressors.

So, no matter what your opinion is about which unit is more portable, which is more energy-efficient, and which is more eco-friendly, you really need to keep in mind the climate in your area before choosing to buy a portable evaporative air cooler or an AC unit.

The ventless portable air conditioners work best in the Midwest and Southwest US areas.

How do ventless portable air conditioners work?

Evaporative air coolers are the older type of coolers and use the natural process of evaporation to cool the air inside and outside.

They suck in the hot air from the room or environment, drive it through a cooling media, and then deliver it back into the air in the form of vapor – cooler and with added moisture.

These units use water and in some cases ice for cooling, rather than compressors and chemical refrigerants.

This makes them less expensive to buy, less expensive to maintain, and more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than portable air conditioners.

Plus, they can work both indoors and outside and can provide fresher air, as well as work as fans and humidifiers as well.

In fact, many of these appliances can be used as humidifiers even when the temperatures are not so hot.

The main drawback of the ventless evaporative air coolers have is that they are not suitable for all kinds of climates, especially in humid ones.

Features to look for in a ventless portable air conditioner

Ease of installation

You need to ask yourselves the following questions – How easy it is to install the unit? Does it need assembling? Does it actually need to be installed at all?

The portable evaporative air coolers we have picked for you are all “plug and play” devices. You just need to take them out of the box, fill their tanks with water or in some cases add some ice, plug them in, and switch them on.


Many of the ventless evaporative coolers on our list are built to withstand strong sun, UV rays, and outdoor weather because they are meant to be used both indoors and outside.

If you need a cooling device that you will be using in your home only, then you may opt for the more decorative and lighter models.

Still, please note that the coolers we have picked by Cool-Space come with lifetime warranties for their roto-molded housing which is something worth considering when investing in a cooling unit, especially if you are looking forward to making a long-term investment.


Obviously, if you are reading this article, you are looking for a portable air cooler, so keep in mind the dimensions and weight of the unit, as well as how maneuverable and easy to move from one room or area to another it is.

All of our picks have castor wheels which allow for easy maneuverability, but the dimensions of the different appliances differ quite a lot.

So, think about how often and where you are planning on using your ventless portable air conditioner, and how often you plan on moving it so that you get one that you can use as intended without too much effort.


Just like with a regular air conditioner, you need to choose a ventless portable cooler in accordance with the room or area you are planning on using it for.

Some of the cooling appliances on our list are very compact and are suitable for cooling small and medium-sized rooms, while others have larger coverage, and can cool significant areas no matter whether they are located indoors or outdoors.

When you think about the capacity, you should think about the capacity of the water tank of the device as well.  Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

How often will you need to refill it? How easy is it to refill and drain it? Does it have an option for a connection to a continuous water source for unattended use? Does it have an alarm, indicator or auto shut off function when it is out of water?

Type of operation

Some of the vented portable air conditioners have a vent-only operation that only cools the air without humidifying it.

Others have two or more different speed settings and can be used for dry and moist cooling.

Some of our top picks can operate as fans, coolers and as humidifiers together and separately, which is another option to consider when shopping for a ventless portable air conditioner for your needs and for your climate.

Energy saving

Since users are looking for evaporative air coolers either for ecological reasons or for saving money for energy bills, we have chosen the most energy-efficient of all ventless portable air conditioners for you.

These appliances use minimal amounts of electricity to operate and still provide satisfactory results if you are using them in the right climate and the right space.

Whichever one of these excellent quality ventless evaporative air coolers you choose, you can be pretty sure that you will be spending much less money on electricity bills than if you choose a portable air conditioner.

Also, you will not be buying a device that uses harmful refrigerant, so you will be helping the environment as well.

The price

The price of the ventless portable air coolers is much lower as compared to that of the air conditioners of the same size and capacity. The reason is that the former do not have compressors and refrigerants, and rely on the much simpler natural process of evaporation to cool down the air.

You should set a budget for your future ventless portable air conditioner, and look for the device which comes closest to the price you have set for it, and at the same time has the perfect features for you.

No matter how expensive the evaporative cooler of your choice is, you can be pretty sure that it will pay back in time, because of the low power consumption, the lack of need of filter and refrigerant replacement and refilling and other ongoing costs associated with portable air conditioners.

Pros and cons of ventless portable air conditioners

While the portable evaporative air coolers have many advantages, especially as compared with a regular portable air conditioner, they do have some disadvantages you should keep in mind as well.

The pros of ventless portable air conditioners

  • They are very energy efficient and will save you a lot of money for bills
  • They add moisture to the air which makes it easier to breathe and more comfortable if you live in an area with a particularly dry and hot climate
  • They distribute the cool air and moisture evenly
  • They require little maintenance
  • They don’t require any complicated connections with vents or wiring which makes them easy to install and more portable than air conditioners with vents
  • They cost less than traditional portable ACs
  • They can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • They are eco-friendly and don’t use refrigerants – only water and some electricity
  • They are much quieter than AC units due to the lack of powerful compressors
  • Many of them can be used as fans and as humidifiers even if the temperatures are not that high

Con of ventless portable air conditioners:

  • They cannot work properly in areas where the air has a higher humidity level
  • They do need to have water in their tanks in order to function properly (unless your cooler has an option for connecting a continuous water supply)
  • They are not as precise when it comes to set precise temperatures as portable air conditioners are

Final words

Hopefully, we have helped you pick the best ventless portable air conditioner for your needs, and that we have also assisted you in your choice between buying a portable air conditioner and a ventless evaporative cooler.

We wish you good luck with your purchase, and hope that you enjoy that cool and moist breeze which each of these top quality ventless portable air coolers will provide you with!


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