8 Tips For Choosing Shampoo For Oily Hair


Choosing the right shampoo for oily hair is not an easy task. Before buying the best therapeutic or professional shampoo, it is important to determine the cause of the greasiness. Only then will the result of hygiene be expected – the roots will not get dirty for longer, and the ends will not become dry. Read below for tips on what shampoo is best to choose for oily hair, whether there is a difference between men’s and women’s products and what brands you should pay special attention to.

1. Visit to a specialist

Trichologist will help determine the cause of greasiness and choose the best shampoo

The problem of greasy hair, whether at the roots or along the entire length, is common to both women and men. Many people have been living with it for years without realizing that it only takes one trip to the doctor to solve it. A specialist trichologist will help during the appointment to determine the cause of the excessive oiliness of the scalp, as well as advise the best therapeutic shampoo to return hair freshness, health and beauty. Additional therapies may be necessary in some cases, but they are not always necessary.

2. Types of shampoos

Which shampoo to choose – therapeutic, professional or from the category of mass-market?

Most people, even those with problem hair, including those prone to greasiness, buy shampoo in a regular supermarket. In some cases, mass-market products are not bad, but noticeably inferior to professional and therapeutic formulations.

Mass-market shampoos are affordable and quick to buy. It is these products are often advertised on TV, promising hair magic transformation, shine and density. In fact, it doesn’t always turn out this way. Means for the hair, sold in the usual supermarket, can cope with the purification of strands and scalp, but will never solve the problem of greasiness. In some cases they can even worsen it, because many of them contain overly active ingredients that can stimulate sebum.

Professional shampoo – a tool that is used by stylists and hairdressers in salons, but it is quite possible to buy it for home hair care. In a regular store these compositions can not be found, but in specialized outlets, as well as online markets, they are presented in a large range. The main advantage of professional shampoos is that they do not just clean the hair, but take care of it. Means are different original composition, sometimes even innovative. Such products are not advertised on TV.

Therapeutic shampoo is sold in pharmacies or online stores. It costs considerably more than average, but it is understandable, because it is designed not for hygiene, but for treatment. Use such a shampoo should be strictly according to instructions. Many brands of medicinal cosmetics for oily hair are little known to the general public.

3. The principle of action

Shampoos for oily hair can act in different ways

Each shampoo for oily hair has a fundamentally different action, depending on its composition and purpose. If we talk about those tools that not only cleanse, but also eliminate the cause of greasy hair, but the most common are formulations with regulatory, sebo-regulating and antiseborrheic action.

Regulating shampoo cares for both hair and scalp. Its action is aimed at normalizing the sebaceous glands, reducing their activity. As a result, hair roots stay fresh longer, and the hair retains its volume and attractiveness.

Sebo-regulating shampoo – not only takes control of the sebaceous glands, but also eliminates oily dandruff. These products often contain antifungal components, perfectly cleanses the scalp without damaging the hair structure.

Antiseborrheic shampoo is designed more to combat dandruff, including oily. It can be used alone or in combination with the above products.

Also for oily hair there are shampoos designed to cleanse the roots and moisturize the ends, for the volume of thin strands, for a sensitive scalp.

4. Composition

What should be part of a shampoo for oily hair

The effectiveness of any hygienic or therapeutic means is largely due to its composition. This also applies to shampoo for oily hair. Since the reasons for greasy hair can be quite different, when choosing a remedy for the problem it is worth paying attention to the presence of a specific set of ingredients.

Charcoal and kaolin – these substances are designed to absorb excess sebum. Thanks to them, the hair is better cleansed and stays fresh longer after washing the head.

Salicylic acid and sulfur have sebum-regulating properties. The presence of these substances in the shampoo means that it will not only remove the oily hair now, but can prevent the problem of its appearance in the future. Such a product will relieve itching and irritation and get rid of fungal infection.

Selenium disulfide, ketoconazole and pyroctone olamine are antifungal components. Shampoos containing them will be useful if greasy hair and scalp caused the fungal infection.

Plant extracts are natural ingredients that can solve the problem of greasy hair no worse than synthetic ones. If the shampoo contains extracts of nettle, chamomile, birch leaves, field horsetail, willow, it is always worth considering as a reason to buy it.

5. Consistency

Which shampoo is more suitable for oily hair – liquid, dry or solid?

Shampoos for hair, in addition to the composition, purpose and principle of action, also differ in consistency. The most popular shampoos are the means for washing hair in liquid form, but on the market there are also variants with dry and solid consistency.

The liquid shampoo is the most common option, which is used by most people. You can buy such a product in every supermarket, buy it in a pharmacy or professional beauty salon. The composition is easy to apply to the hair, it foams perfectly and rinses off with water without any problems.

Dry shampoo is a powder or spray with strong absorbent properties. Its application does not require water and a visit to the bathroom. It is enough just to apply the composition to the stale roots of the hair, distribute it with your hands or with a comb. After a few minutes, the hair is combed out again.

It is worth remembering that dry shampoo is a great tool to refresh slightly dirty hair. In case you haven’t washed your hair for several days, this product will be ineffective.

Solid shampoo looks like an ordinary soap in the form of a bar. To wash your hair with it, you need to pre-wet it, then lather it until it forms a foam and rinse well with water This product has not yet become popular enough. It is on sale mainly in specialized outlets or online stores. Among solid shampoos there are many options for oily hair, which receive positive reviews and are considered more successful than the standard liquid products.

6. Men’s and women’s shampoos

Shampoos for men and women – is there a difference?

Choosing a shampoo for oily hair, is it so important to take into account the fact who will use it – a man or a woman? Yes, it makes sense, but not always.

If we talk about the products of mass-market, there are shampoos for hair without specifying for whom they are intended, or for men. The latter, as a rule, are characterized by a more brutal flavor. In some cases there may be differences in composition, but this is rather an exception.

Shampoos from the professional series for greasy hair more often than other products are designed only for men or only for women. They differ both by the design of the bottle and the fragrance, and by the composition, which takes into account the peculiarities of hair of different sexes. Usually, products for men have a more aggressive composition, more intensely cleanse the hair and scalp. Paying a lot of money for a professional tool, you should pay attention to the person it is intended for.

Therapeutic shampoos for oily hair most often are not divided into men’s and women’s. When buying them you should be guided only by the indications for use.

7. Shampoo and other products

Is shampoo alone enough to take care of oily hair?

Most shampoos for oily hair, especially those that are therapeutic, are part of a specific product line. It also usually includes products in the form of serums, masks, sprays and conditioners to help make care more effective. It is not always advisable to buy all the products of a series, but some of them will not be superfluous.

Both hairdressers and trichologists are unanimous in the opinion that if you use shampoo and conditioner or leave-in conditioner for hair care, then they should necessarily be from the same series. In this case, you will get the best results from the application.

8. Additional Recommendations

What else do you need to look for?

To find the most suitable shampoo is sometimes possible only by trial and error. Even the advice of a doctor does not always allow to get the desired effect, and especially the reviews of friends. But do not despair, because in the variety of products is sure to be the one that will have the best effect on the condition of the hair. Definitely should avoid products 2 in 1, that is, containing a shampoo and conditioner, as well as containing oils and silicone, clogging pores of the scalp.

Separately, it is worth mentioning sulfate-free shampoos. They are now at the peak of popularity, are considered the safest for hair, but here for the care of oily strands are not the best. Such products in most cases are unable to provide complete cleansing of sebum.

To judge whether the shampoo is suitable or not, you can judge only after at least three uses, when the effect of the product is manifested in full. Regular use of the same formula is addictive and the positive results become less noticeable.


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