8 Tips For Choosing An Epilator


If you’re tired of watching the smoothness of your skin every day, we recommend buying an epilator. This compact device removes hairs with the root, so for a long time after the procedure you can be sure in the absence of unwanted vegetation. We’ll tell you how to choose a functional, high-quality and at the same time inexpensive epilator for home use.

1. Type of epilator

Determine the mechanism of action of the epilator

Depending on the principle of action, speed of operation and design features, all epilators are divided into several types:


The most common female epilators that remove vegetation by means of a “drum” with miniature tweezers (tweezers). They firmly grasp the hairs, pulling them out along with the bulbs. The number of tweezers varies from 20 to 48. The more there are, the faster the procedure.

A key advantage of the tweezers epilator is compactness, which makes the device very convenient to use. As for the disadvantages, even when using a model with 40 tweezers, it will take 2-3 times to treat the skin area to get rid of hairs completely.


If you are looking for an inexpensive epilator, then pay attention to disc models. Their main feature is a simple design and a minimum of additional functions. The principle of action of such epilators is based on the rotation of the divergent discs plucking hairs while moving.

Pros: fast epilation, ease of use, low price. Cons: few additional functions and painful feelings when removing hair. We do not recommend choosing disc epilators for girls with sensitive skin.

Note! For comparison, the tweezers remove 40 hairs at a time, while the disc models remove only 32.


The principle of operation of combined epilators coincides with disc and tweezers models, but in addition in the package is the nozzle, which allows to reduce the pain sensation to a minimum. The hairs are pulled out with the bulbs, but the discomfort is practically not felt.

An excellent choice for treating sensitive skin areas (e.g., underarms, bikini zone, etc.). Keep in mind that there are often fakes on the market that do not pull out, but cut the hairs. There is absolutely no pain, but the result leaves much to be desired.


They are usually used in salons, but some brands offer special epilators for home use. Laser devices allow to get rid of vegetation on any parts of the body (bikini zone, legs, etc.), but only after 5-6 sessions at intervals of 1-2 months.

The mechanism of action of such epilators is based on contrast, i.e. they remove only dark hair on light skin. The owners of faintly visible fluff can not spend a lot of money to buy the device, as its use will not bring the desired result.

2. Design

How do I choose an epilator by head design?

The epilator head can be regular or rotating (“floating”). The second option is more maneuverable, tilts at an angle of 25 degrees in both directions, moves easily and wraps around all parts of the body. Such “chip” makes the device more expensive, but keep in mind that “floating” elements break more often.

We strongly recommend choosing an epilator with a detachable head. The main advantage of collapsible models is hygiene. Even if you regularly clean and treat the head, over time, the “drum” with tweezers or the shaft to which the rotating discs are attached will get clogged.

A removable head solves this problem. You’ll be able to clean it without having to go to a specialized service. When buying a female epilator, also pay attention to the presence of a brush for cleaning and a removable plastic cover to protect against dust. If these aren’t included, they should be purchased separately.

4. Anesthesia

Choose the most effective method of anesthesia

Epilation involves removing hairs from the root, so it is impossible to completely eliminate pain during the session. However, manufacturers do everything possible to reduce them to a minimum.

Methods of pain relief used in epilators:


The head of the female epilator is equipped with gel or rubber balls/brushes that have a massage effect during hair removal. The most inexpensive method of pain relief, allowing you to reduce discomfort by 25-30%.


The epilator is equipped with a special system filled with liquid. Before the procedure, it must be frozen and then fixed on the device. The cold has a local anesthetic effect, which reduces pain by 35-40%.


Modern epilators are equipped with a special attachment that fixes the treated skin area and prevents it from stretching. This greatly eases and speeds up epilation, reducing pain by almost 50%.


The epilator is equipped with a system that generates streams of air and lowers their temperature by 10-12°C. Devices with such nozzles are widely represented brand Phillips and Brown, an excellent choice for girls with sensitive skin.

4. Operating modes

How many speeds should there be?

Budget epilators are equipped with only one speed, more expensive models have two or three modes. The more of them, the more practical and convenient the device is in use. The speed of the discs or tweezers depends on the mode.

To thoroughly remove hair in a short period of time, we recommend choosing epilators with three speeds. They allow you to adjust the speed to the area you’re working on and adjust it to your skin sensitivity.

The slow mode (I speed) is recommended for removing long, thick and stiff hairs. Only it is used to treat areas with high sensitivity, because it acts accurately, not leaving irritation and cuts.

The accelerated mode (II speed) provides a more thorough and fast, but also painful epilation. It is recommended for the removal of weak, short and thin hairs, there are no restrictions on the areas of use.

If you’re planning to give up the razor and use an epilator regularly, choose a model with several speeds right away. Over time, growing hairs will become thinner and softer, and you can effectively remove them only on the faster mode.

5. Size and design

Deciding on the appearance of the epilator

The first thing that attracts attention in an epilator is its design. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models with different colors and design. However, beautiful does not mean convenient, so be sure to evaluate the ergonomics of the device before you buy it.

Take it in your hand and try to stroke the epilator on your skin. If you feel comfortable holding and using the device, then the size of the body suits you. The shape of the epilator should reproduce the curves of your palm, so it won’t slip out of your hands.

Note! Make sure the buttons are conveniently located on the control panel, they are easy to switch and you won’t hit them during epilation.

6. Type of power

Rechargeable or corded?

The power source determines the ease of use of the epilator, its mobility and a number of other important characteristics. There are corded, cordless and mixed (combined) models on sale.

The battery-operated epilators are highly mobile. They can be used in any room, even in the absence of access to electricity. A great choice if you travel a lot. The only disadvantage is a relatively short operating time (30-40 minutes). In order not to run out of charge unexpectedly, we recommend choosing models with a power indicator.

Standard corded epilators work only when connected to the mains. They provide a 100% guarantee that epilation will be finished only if the power is not suddenly cut off. Choosing a corded model, be sure to pay attention to the length of the cord.

The most convenient for home use is a combined epilator from Brown, Irith or other foreign brands. It can work both from the battery and from the mains. If the battery runs out, you can always connect it to the outlet and continue the epilation procedure. Keep in mind that such devices are more expensive than cordless and corded models.

7. Additional nozzles

What attachments are worth paying for?

Buying an epilator with functional attachments is the best option, but if you don’t have thick hair and grow “reluctantly,” there’s no need to overpay. A basic device with a standard nozzle and an anesthesia system will do quite well.

The best nozzles:


Recommended when removing facial hair. The nozzle is equipped with just a few tweezers, working point-by-point and pulling out hairs one at a time. Often comes not as a separate attachment, but as an additional function of the epilator.


If hairs often ingrow into the skin after shaving, use the peeling nozzle during epilation. It steams the treated area, allowing you to easily remove unwanted vegetation. A great choice for your delicate skin.


Long hairs are especially painful to pluck. To minimize discomfort and prevent hair breakage, get an epilator with a trimmer. Simply trim your hairs before epilating, then use the trimmer’s main attachment to proceed with epilation.


It leaves no irritation and cuts, so it’s recommended for use on particularly delicate areas (such as the bikini zone). Allows you to quickly treat the skin if you do not have time to thoroughly epilate. Perhaps the most expensive, but at the same time useful attachment for epilator.

8. Useful Tips

Practical tips for choosing an epilator

We have prepared for you a few more useful tips to help you choose the right epilator for home use:

Noise level

Of course, the quiet operation of the epilator is a nice factor when choosing it. Strongly noisy device even psychologically sets up for discomfort, but the more efficient and faster it works, the louder it is. For home use, the optimal noise index is from 40 to 65 dB.


Bright lighting during epilation will allow you to notice and remove even the most inconspicuous hairs. A useful feature for darker skinned women. If finances do not allow, and you buy a more budget model, you can use improvised means in the form of a home lamp for this purpose.

Moisture resistance

Be sure to pay attention to this factor if you plan to use an epilator in the shower or under water. Such devices cost much more expensive than conventional ones, but they are not afraid to drop them in the bathroom or take with wet hands.

And do not forget that the main thing when using an epilator, which you have already chosen – clearly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations!


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