9 Tips For Choosing a Washing Machine

Washing Machine

It is difficult to imagine modern man’s life without an automatic washing machine. Companies offer a wide range of models, different in size, type of control and loading, a set of options and other characteristics. Washing machines differ not only on these parameters, but also on the quality of assembly and materials. Therefore, in order to choose a decent model, you will need to study in detail the characteristics, read reviews, read the opinion of experts. Only in this way will you understand which automatic washing machine is better to choose. In the meantime, we have prepared for you the ten most important tips.

Type of loading

What type of loading is better to choose – front or horizontal?

According to the type of loading, washing machines are divided into vertical and frontal. Both types cope equally well with their functions – you can choose one or the other model depending on the space available for installation and personal preferences.

  • Frontal machines are the most common, the choice is much more in comparison with vertical models. This is a familiar design with the loading of laundry through the hatch in the front of the body.
  • Vertical models, judging by reviews, users seem more convenient in terms of loading and unloading the laundry. The hatch is at the top of the washing machine – no need to bend or crouch to put the laundry in it. Vertical models are usually more compact in size, so it will be right to choose such a model in a small apartment.

Maximum load capacity

What is the best load capacity washing machine to choose?

For many buyers is the main criterion. The more spacious the drum, the more laundry can be washed at once. However, with the increase in volume increases and the cost of equipment. The maximum load indicator refers to the amount (weight) of dry laundry that can be placed in the drum at one time.

When choosing the volume, you need to be guided by your own requirements. For example, for one person, a washing machine designed for 3 kg of dry laundry is enough. The larger the family, the greater the volume should be the drum. The most popular now are models with a loading of 5-6 kg. But if funds allow, you can buy an automatic washing machine and with a maximum capacity of 10 kg. A big plus is that you can wash large things in it. For example, large jackets or blankets made of sintepon.

Dimensions .

What size washing machine is better to choose?

The preferred size depends on the place of installation, the peculiarities of the room. In a small bathroom, a narrow machine with a vertical load will fit harmoniously. If the area allows, you can choose a large and roomy model. Vertical washing machines are compact, the depth is usually standard, is about 40-45 cm. The advantage – it is not necessary to provide free space for opening the door. The width of such machines rarely exceeds 60 cm. The height is also typical – is 85 cm.

The choice of dimensions of front washing machines is much larger, since the depth and width of the equipment directly depends on the capacity of the drum. The standard depth is 50 cm, but there are models from 30 to 60 cm. Width varies in the range of 60-85 cm. The height is usually standard, the same as in vertical models – 85 cm. The exception is the recessed models – they can be any height.

Type of control

What type of control of the washing machine is better to choose – electronic or mechanical?

Most modern washing machines are automatic. But in spite of this, the type of control they have can be different – mechanical or electronic.

  • The mechanical method of control is characterized by simplicity and increased reliability. This principle was used in the first automatic machines and is still used today. The operating modes are set by a rotary mechanism that functions according to the timer principle. There are also buttons on the control panel that are responsible for the activation of additional options. Despite the reliability of the system, breakdowns are still possible due to the wear and tear of moving parts.
  • Washing machines with electronic type of control are equipped with a touch screen, from which all the necessary settings are set. The control board is responsible for the implementation of the included options and washing program. Electronic models are more functional. The big advantage is that all performance indicators are displayed on the display. Disadvantages – susceptibility to moisture, instability of the electric network, expensive repairs.

Washing systems

What are the washing systems, which one is better to choose?

Since new technologies are constantly being developed, buyers have the opportunity to choose the technique not only by the main characteristics, but also by the method of washing. It would be correct to say the method of implementation of this process. And there are quite a few of them.

  • Standard. The container, in which the drum is located, is filled with water. Things are in contact with soapy water at the bottom of the drum.
  • 3D Aqua-Tronic. To achieve the fastest possible removal of dirt due to the additional humidification of the laundry from the top and from the side of the rear wall by means of asymmetrical grips.
  • Activa. Significantly speeds up the washing process. Water is pumped into the drum under pressure, that is why the laundry is quickly moistened. The necessary volume of water is literally dialed in a minute.
  • Direct Spray. This system has two advantages at once – less water is used and delicate fabrics are gently washed due to the flow of soft jets with the gradual addition of dissolved powder.
  • Shower system. A fairly common option – at the bottom of the drum, the laundry is “bathed” in soapy water and additionally sprinkled on top.
  • Stream shower. A more advanced system, based on the additional action of small air bubbles. Air-enriched water is sprayed onto the fabric. As the air passes through the fabric fibers, it quickly and gently removes dirt.

Washing programs

How to choose a washing machine with the optimal set of washing programs?

All washing machines have a standard set of programs designed for different types of fabrics – linen, cotton, synthetics, wool. To improve the quality of washing and user convenience, the manufacturers equip their models with additional programs.

  • Daily. The program is designed for quick washing of a small volume of laundry. In the drum at the same time you can load laundry of different colors, as it will be washed in almost cold water – 30˚C. The time of washing will not exceed 40 minutes. Not suitable for heavy soiling.
  • Intensive. This is considered an optional extra, but is included in most automatic washing machines. Characterized by a longer cycle and more intense water heating. Convenient to use when one needs to wash stale stains.
  • Pre-wash. Whatever fabric you wash (except delicate ones), prewash will provide the best results. The program is in most washing machines, in fact, is a soaking in a detergent solution for about two hours.
  • Soft Wool. A program designed for particularly delicate items of wool. Washing is performed at a reduced speed by reversing the rotation of the drum.
  • Manual. This program is quite common, and is used for items that can not be washed by machine. The drum does not rotate, but only oscillates, providing gentle removal of stains from thin and delicate fabrics.
  • Economical. The program consumes less water, electricity and detergent as the heating is low and the cycle is longer.
  • The stain removal and eco-program is used to remove tough dirt. After the program, in addition, the standard washing cycle continues.

Efficiency and noise level

How to choose the most efficient washing machine?

Most buyers try to choose the most economical but efficient washing machine. How to do it right? Pay attention to such indicators as energy efficiency, washing and spinning efficiency, water consumption. For example, the power consumption of devices are divided into seven classes – from A to G. Models of class A consume the minimum amount of electricity.

The same letters are used to mark the efficiency of washing and spinning. In the first case, you need to focus on the indicators A and B, in the second – on C and B. The spinning efficiency is determined by the spin speed of the drum. The more revolutions per minute it makes, the less moisture remains in the clean laundry. The most common and optimal option – 1000 rpm. The volume level of the washing machine does not affect the quality of washing, but it affects the comfort of being in the room in which the equipment is installed. It is better to choose a model, the noise level of which during washing does not exceed 55-56 dB, during spinning – 70 dB.

Options for convenience and safety of washing

Washing machine with what options should you choose – leakage protection, delayed start-up?

A set of special functions is aimed at reducing the likelihood of leaks, reducing vibration, the amount of water, increasing the service life. The following options will be useful.

  • AquaStop. Guarantees protection against leaks thanks to a block with an electromagnetic valve. The filling hose is equipped with an additional protection, can withstand high pressure. A drip tray with a float and a switch is installed in the lower part of the machine. If there is even a slight leakage, the water supply will be shut off automatically.
  • AntiVibrationTM. The purpose of this option is to reduce noise and vibration by means of a special design on the sides.
  • Fuzzi Control. The smart system, which optimizes the washing by itself. For example, if by the end of the cycle there is too much foam, it will include an extra rinse. And when wringing, the system selects the best mode.
  • Fuzzi Logic. Another smart system, which precisely determines the right amount of water for the wash, depending on the load and the properties of fabrics. Washing duration varies according to the initial water temperature.
  • Delay on. This function will be useful with two electricity tariffs – night and day. You can set the washing time at night in advance, so that the power consumption is less.
  • Balance control. Vibration is dampened almost completely by evenly distributing the laundry, achieving balance. This not only reduces the noise, but also prolongs the service life.

Options for better washing quality

How to choose a washing machine with the best set of options to improve the quality of washing?

Manufacturers also provide various options to improve the quality of washing. Each company tries to add its own unique feature to make the equipment stand out from the competition. Some of these options can be very useful.

  • Anti-crush protection. Provides the gentlest possible spin at the end of the wash. The spin lasts about half an hour at minimum speed, which subsequently greatly facilitates the process of ironing.
  • Spin control. Automatics independently selects the spin speed according to the type of fabric, so after the wash your clothes were as dry as possible, but without creases.
  • Foam control. If by the end of the wash there is too much foam left, the appliance automatically adds one more extra rinse to the cycle.


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