8 Tips For Choosing A Freezer For Your Home

Freezer For Your Home

Every home has a refrigerator with a freezer, but sometimes the available capacity is not enough to stock up on food. If you are used to freezing seasonal fruits, vegetables and berries, stocking meat products, you cannot do without a separate freezer. Choosing the right model will not be easy – household appliance stores now offer a wide range of different models. To make it easier for you to choose the best option, we want to give you ten important tips.

1. Types of freezers

Which freezer is better to choose, a chest or a cabinet?

Freestanding freezers come in only two types – cabinets and chests. Freezer cabinet in appearance is indistinguishable from the usual single-chamber refrigerator. The height of such models can be up to two meters. The interior space is divided into sections by shelves or drawers. The total volume of the freezer cabinet in some models reaches 350 liters, but despite this, the products in it fit much less than in a lar. Of the advantages of such a design can be allocated saving space at home, the possibility of sorting, separate storage of products, easy access to them, ease of operation. It is possible to choose such a model, which by design will combine with the existing refrigerator.

Freezer chests have an impressive size and volume. If you decide to choose this type of freezer, provide free space for its installation in advance. Externally, the chest represents a chest with a lid. A huge plus – it holds a lot of products, you can freeze large fish, poultry, large pieces of meat. These chests are usually slightly cheaper than freezers, work quietly, have reliable thermal insulation and do not consume much electricity.

But there are a few disadvantages – there is no full-fledged possibility of sorting products – to find the right package, you will have to dig around a lot. Especially if you need to extract the product, which is at the bottom. Judging by the reviews, many users do not really like the fact that the chest takes up a lot of space – to put it in a small kitchen is not always possible.

2. The most important parameters

How to choose a freezer by parameters, what are the best features?

For a freezer to meet all your requirements, it is not enough just to choose the model you like externally. You need to study all its characteristics and only then make a final decision.

  • Volume. This parameter characterizes the capacity of the chamber, for different models it varies in the range from 100 to 500 liters. What freezer to choose for the house? For domestic use, the optimal volume is considered from 100 to 260 liters, but here it all depends on your personal needs. Determine the desired capacity by simple calculations – 50 liters per family member.
  • The height and number of compartments. In models in the form of a cabinet, the inner space is divided with the help of shelves and drawers. Often they are combined. The number of compartments depends on the height of the freezer. The minimum size have models with three drawers, their height usually does not exceed 85 cm. The device of one-meter height can have already 4 compartments. The maximum number of shelves and drawers – up to eight pieces.
  • Noise level. The normal indicator for comfortable operation is considered a noise level of up to 50 dB, but it is better to choose a quieter device. Some manufacturers have freezers based on inverter compressor, which is much quieter in comparison with standard units. The optimal option for the home, when the volume of the working freezer does not exceed 40 dB.

3. Defrosting technology

Which defrosting technology is better – manual or No Frost?

There are only two defrosting technologies for freezers. The first one is in manual mode. A usual static evaporator is used in the construction, and with the lapse of time it gets covered with a layer of ice. In modern models, its formation is much slower than before, but it is necessary to defrost such a chamber at least twice a year. The procedure is familiar to everyone who is familiar with refrigerators and freezers of the old type – the device is disconnected from the power supply, left for several hours until the ice is completely thawed and the internal surfaces dry. Such freezers cost less compared to more modern models, but require manual labor.

Freezers equipped with the No Frost system are more convenient for home use. Due to the continuous air circulation and operation of the heating element, they do not accumulate ice. The heating element switches on every time the compressor makes a stop. Frost under the influence of heat thaws, moisture flows into a special tray and evaporates. Manufacturers position such freezers as not requiring defrosting. But in fact at least once a year it is desirable to carry out preventive disconnection of the device from a network for some hours. The Know Frost system is very convenient, but it has disadvantages – such freezers operate louder, consume more electricity, cost more, and due to installation of additional components, the useful volume of internal space decreases.

4. Useful and useless functions

Which set of options is better to choose? Useful and useless functions.

Freezers, like refrigerators, are equipped with many options. The more features – the more expensive the model. Some of them are useful, and you can easily do without the rest. Based on user reviews, we have divided all options into useful and useless.

  • Open door alarm. This option will be useful when there are small children at home. If they forget to close the door, the freezer will inform you of this with an audible signal.
  • Childproofing. You can set the door and control panel to lock. This feature, again, will be useful if you have small children at home.
  • Antibacterial protection. The internal surfaces of the refrigerating chamber are coated with a special composition, deodorizers, antibacterial filters, light ultraviolet or infrared radiation are installed in the chamber. According to user reviews, this option can be useful in cold rooms. In the freezer, the development of bacteria is inhibited naturally by the constant maintenance of negative temperatures.
  • Door hinge. A feature that almost all modern freezers are equipped with. Some people never use it, but if you need to rationally organize the kitchen space, it will come in handy.
  • Ice generator. A built-in device for producing food ice. Comes in handy if you like chilled drinks. But you can also get a small amount of ice using special molds. This option is a surplus, unjustifiably increases the cost of the freezer.
  • Wine cabinet. Occasionally, freezers are supplemented with another chamber – a wine cabinet located on top. This solution will be useful for small cafes, but not for the home.
  • Display. Electronic models are equipped with touch screen or LCD displays, which display all the current indicators of the device. This is very convenient. According to user reviews, with a touch screen display you can set more accurate temperature parameters.

5. Type of control

Which type of control is better, electromechanical or electronic?

Freezers can be electromechanical or electronic. In electromechanical models, the temperature is set by turning a regulator connected to an electrical circuit and a circuit. The temperature is fixed at the evaporator point. If you would like to choose a reliable device that will serve you for years without repair, you can give preference to the electromechanical model. Their advantages include simple design, high reliability, affordable price and good tolerance of voltage fluctuations. As for disadvantages, there is no possibility to set the exact parameters of temperature.

Electronic freezers use buttons or a touch screen to adjust the temperature. Inside the chamber, sensors are installed, which record the temperature readings and display them on the panel. The main advantages include the accuracy of adjustment and ease of operation. But there are also disadvantages – the high cost of the devices and their susceptibility to voltage fluctuations.

6. Temperature and freezing power

What class of freezing should I choose?

The temperature rating of different freezers is not the same. In the technical specifications you can see such a parameter as “freezing class”. Usually it is indicated by different number of stars. Each star equals -6˚C. That is, if two stars are indicated – the temperature is -12˚C, three – about -18˚C. The most powerful freezer models have four stars. The lower the temperature in the freezer, the longer the food will be kept in it.

Under the power of freezing, we mean how much batch of food the device can freeze in a day. For example, it is not recommended to load more than 5-8 kg of unfrozen food simultaneously in budget, weak models. Powerful freezers can freeze up to 25 kg of food without any problems. For example, fresh meat or fish. Try to choose the best freezing capacity for your needs. For a family of three people, the figure of 6-10 kg per day is usually enough, but if you are used to buying up, you can buy a more powerful model.

7. Energy consumption and climate class

Which climate and energy class should I choose?

Energy consumption refers to the amount of energy a freezer uses to operate. This is a very important parameter, since the freezer is in constant operation. Taking into account the systematic increase of electricity tariffs, it is better to give preference to the most economical models. The power consumption class has a letter designation. Devices with class A+++ consume the least amount of electricity. In general, all A-class freezers are very economical. In extreme cases, you can consider models B and C. Class D is no longer economical at all.

The climate class determines the permissible operating temperature of the freezer. There are several climate classes:

  • SN – subnormal (+10…+32˚C);
  • N – normal (+16….+32˚C);
  • ST – subtropical (+18…+38˚C);
  • T – tropical (+18…+43˚C).

Sometimes you can see several designations in the marking. The optimal choice is class SN, T. Such a freezer can be used both in cool and hot rooms.

8. Super freezing and cold storage

What is the best standalone refrigeration preservation time to choose, do I need a quick freeze?

According to users’ reviews, the fast freezing function is very helpful when you need to freeze a lot of food in a short period of time. It is achieved by lowering the temperature and increased air circulation for more intense heat extraction. Many modern models of freezers are equipped with fast freezing option. A small tip – turn on the function two to three hours before loading the food.

When choosing a model, you should also pay attention to such a parameter as autonomous cold storage. It shows for how long the negative temperature will be maintained inside the freezer in the event of a power outage. In some models, food can remain frozen for up to two days, but more often autonomous preservation of cold lasts for 12-24 hours.


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