Rtic Coolers – 2022 Review

Rtic Coolers

Rtic Coolers entered the cooler scene in 2015 with its premium quality coolers offered at many reasonable prices than those of the other premium cooler producers such as Yeti.

So, people have been asking themselves whether Rtic’s coolers are really as good as the premium coolers on the market, which are offered at premium prices, and if this is so – where is the catch?

Rtic Coolers

Here is an in-depth review of the Rtic coolers, so you can decide whether you want to invest in one of them and pay less or invest in a high-end cooler at a quite higher price.

The fact is that our tests show that Rtic coolers look and perform as well as the high-end coolers being offered. They serve the purpose they are intended to – to keep your ice frozen for days and your drinks and food cool and good to consume for days.

The motto of the Rtic Company is “overbuilt – not overpriced,” and it seems like it is sticking to its motto.

Founded in 2015 in Houston, Texas, the Rtic Cooler Company has managed to maintain a decent reputation among campers and people who like to spend their free time outdoors via its social media pages and its web page only. It hasn’t relied on expensive advertisements and ambassadors to establish itself as one of the leading producers of coolers in the US.

It has since been making and offering various types of coolers at nearly half the price of the other premium cooler makers like Orca, Yeti, or Pelican, thanks to this direct producer-consumer relations strategy.

The different types of Rtic coolers

You can currently find four different types of Rtic coolers offered at a reasonable price. Here are the types to choose from:

The Roto-molded Rtic coolers

The Rtic roto-molded coolers are ice chests that are available in 20 quart, 45 quarts, 65 quarts, 110 quart, and 145-quart sizes.

The SoftPak Rtic coolers

These coolers are made with the same technology as the roto-molded ones but have soft sides, which make them lighter and more portable. These coolers are available in a small lunch-box size, as well as in capacities for 20, 30, or 40 cans.

The Day Rtic coolers

These compact coolers are the size of a lunch-bag and can keep your lunch cool and unspoiled for up to 24 hours.

The Backpack Rtic coolers

These are similar to the SoftPak coolers offered by Rtic but are in the form of backpacks.

Other products

Rtic also specializes in making various food containers, drinkware, tumblers, accessories for the coolers, and other utensils and items you need for your camping needs or outdoor meals and trips.

More about the Rtic roto-molded ice chest coolers

These are the coolers that generate the greatest interest among people looking for reliable and durable solutions for their camping trips, hunting, fishing, or other outdoor adventures.

The Rtic roto-molded coolers come fully assembled and have all of their latches, feet, and handles attached, so you can start using yours immediately.

The roto-molded technology used for making the ice chest includes a seamless and tough design made of a single cut of plastic, which eliminates any weak spots which can get loose, unglued, or start leaking.

The dimensions of Rtic’s roto-molded ice box coolers are as follows

  • 20 quarts – 15 x 20 x 13.75 inches and a capacity of 24 cans, 25 lbs. of ice, or 5.5 gallons
  • 45 quarts – 15.875 x 26.5 x 16.5 inches, and a capacity of 36 cans, 40 lbs. of ice, or 11.25 gallons
  • 65 quarts – 125 x 32.25 x 18.5 inches, and a capacity of 64 cans, 70 lbs. of ice, or 16.25 gallons
  • 110 quarts – 17.125 x 33.9 x 19.9 inches, and a capacity of 110 cans, 115 lbs. of ice, or 27.5 gallons
  • 145 quarts – 17.1 x 40.1 x 20.9 inches, and a capacity of 145 cans, 155 lbs. of ice, or 36.25 gallons

So, as you seem, there are Rtic ice box coolers of every size which is suitable for all kinds of needs, be it spending a week on a fishing trip, or a couple of days camping out.

The insulation of Rtic’s ice chest coolers

These coolers have a 2-3 inch insulation consisting of polyurethane insulation foam injected in the walls of the cooler. This will ensure that the ice in the cooler remains frozen for 5 to 10 days.

The lids of these coolers have the same insulation, and the bottom of the ice chest features the ingenious cool lift feature, which keeps it insulated from any hot surfaces to further increase the retention of the ice and temperature inside the box, even if you are at the beach, or spending time under the scorching sun.

The insulation of the Rtic coolers also keeps the exterior of the ice box from sweating and getting covered with condensed water.

Other features of the Rtic cooler ice boxes


When you purchase an ice box from Rtic, you can expect your cooler to have the following very cool features:

  • T-latches will keep the box sealed and will help keep the cold in and the heat out of the cooler. Made of top-quality silicone, these T-shaped latches will remain intact and will keep the lid closed and make it easy to open for years to come.
  • Tie-down slots that are molded. These will allow you to tie the cooler down to the back of your truck so that it stays in place even on rougher terrains.
  • Non-slip locks and lid. The lid of the Rtic ice chest is non-slip, so you can safely use it as a table, prep space, or as a seat when it is closed. The lid also has a half-inch lip, which allows you to open it without the use of the handles.
  • Compatibility with dry ice. This is one of the features that make Rtic icebox coolers so unique. They can use dry ice, which can preserve the food and beverages in the cooler for 10 days or more.
  • The handle options. You can choose an ice box with a rope handle or one which is molded in, whichever you find more comfortable.
  • The nifty drainage systems. Rtic coolers have an easy flow drain to drain out any liquids and a V-drain to get all of the final drops and residues out of the icebox.
  • The freezer grade gasket. Rtic’s gaskets are ¼ x ¼ inches and ensure that the cool air stays inside the ice chest, as well as prevents leaks.
  • Grizzly bear resistance. Rtic’s ice box coolers are “bear-proof” thanks to the sturdy roto-molded construction and the strong T-latches, which helps keep the box safely closed and intact even in the paws and teeth of a grizzly bear.
  • The color variety. Rtic coolers are available in white, tan, blue, pink, and in seafoam green colors.
  • The ice-box comes fully assembled with handles, feet, and all, so it can be used straight out of the delivery box.
  • An impressive locking mechanism. This mechanism will keep the cooler locked even if you are transporting it on a shaky road. You won’t have to worry about the ice or food getting spilled accidentally. Also, thanks to the sealed locking system, no heat will get to the interior either.
  • Rtic offers customization of all of its products. All you need to do is contact them at [email protected] with your personal preferences, and you can get a cooler or any other product with your name, a logo of your choice, or any other pattern you prefer.
  • The coolers are very easy to clean. Just use some dish soap and some warm water to wipe the cooler clean.
  • Rtic offers cooler baskets, cooler dividers, ice packs, and other affordable accessories that you can add to your cooler.

So, here are some brief reviews of our favorite Rtic ice box coolers available on the market.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45 qt.)

This tough roto-molded cooler is specially designed to resist impact, shock, and severe weather conditions.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45 qt.)

Check Price

The Rtic 45 qt. ice box cooler is the perfect option for some extreme outdoor adventures. It is of premium quality and yet much more affordable than some of the premium coolers being offered on the market right now.

You don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping or hitting the 45 quarts cooler because its roto-molded plastic is sturdy enough to endure quite a bit of wear and tear, which, as you all know, is part of the outdoor adventure experience.

The seamless design, the added insulation on the sides, bottom, and lid of the cooler, and the strong locks and seals will keep the ice inside the cooler for a long time, which can reach and surpass 10 days.

The handles are ergonomic and suitable for carrying the cooler alone or with the help of a friend.

You can tie the cooler to the back of your truck, and thanks to its intuitive locking system, everything stored inside it will remain intact even when passing through rough terrains and tracks.

This cooler is perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, tailgating, as well as for barbeque or pool parties.

The non-slip feet will keep it steady even when it is placed on a slippery surface.

The dimensions of the cooler are 15.875 x 26.5 x 16.5 inches, and it can hold up to 36 cans, 40 pounds of ice, or 11.25 gallons.

The cooler is easy to drain and clean, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of turning it over to remove all the water and using special solutions for washing it clean and keeping it sanitary for your next trip.

The 45-quart cooler is available in several colors and is sold at a very reasonable price for the quality and efficiency it provides.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20 qt.)

The Rtic 20 is the smallest ice box coolers offered by the company, but it is affordable and can do a great job keeping your drinks and food cold when you are enjoying a picnic, a hiking trip, or a one-day fishing trip.


The dimensions of this roto-molded cooler are 15 x 20 x 13.75 inches, and you can fill it with up to 24 cans, 25 pounds of ice, or with an overall of 5.5 gallons.

Thanks to its compact size and its light weight, you can easily carry the 20 qt. cooler by yourself.

For simple and practical applications, the RTIC Cooler is a wonderful option. The price is extremely affordable but the quality was not depreciated. It is still usable for different outdoor adventures such as camping, fishing, and hunting. Furthermore, it is lightweight and can be lifted and carried with one hand via the industrial grade, stainless steel ergonomic handle.

Although it is a small cooler, this Rtic ice box is still resilient and will withstand heavy impact, scratching as well as rain, sun or other weather conditions.

So, if you need a small-sized personal cooler that will ensure that your beer is cold and your food is always fresh even when you are far away from home and from a refrigerator, you should buy a 20 qt. Rtic cooler!

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65 qt.) 

This extra-large ice box cooler is perfect if you need added storage for a longer outdoor trip or a party with a lot of guests.


Its dimensions are 17.125 x 32.25 x 18.5 inches, and you can fill it with up to 64 cans, 70 pounds of ice or a total of 16.25 gallons.

Even if you fill it up to the top, you don’t need to worry about those drinks getting warm or the food getting stale, because the Rtic 65 qt. is incredibly efficient at keeping the cool temperature inside the icebox, and the heat out.

It is a large cooler, but it can easily be carried by two people without any strain thanks to the comfortable handles and the balanced design of the unit.

You don’t need to lift it up or turn it over to drain any melted ice from it, thanks to the double drainage system which will ensure that every single drop of water is drained completely once you are done. Also, the drain spouts will ensure that any water is expelled from the cooler while you are using it.

You can use the slip-resistant and sturdy lid as a seat, a footrest or as a table when you are enjoying your free time outdoors.

This is a large cooler that can be transported on the back of a truck and anchored down to its floor to keep it from sliding or tipping. Plus, its secure locking system will keep all of your beverages and foodstuffs intact, without danger of the lid getting accidentally opened and everything spilling out.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 110 qt.)

If you need an ultra-large ice chest cooler, the 110 qt. cooler is one of the most reasonably priced roto-molded coolers on the market of this size.


This gigantic cooler is 17.125 x 33.9 x 19.9 inches, and can keep up to 110 cans, 115 lbs. of ice, or 27.5 gallons cold for 10 days or more.

Needless to say, this cooler is huge, so you will need help carrying it when it is full, but then again, it is large enough to hold all your food and drinks as well as the ice to keep them cold and fresh for an entire long camping trip.

This heavy-duty cooler can be used as a seat for one or more people as well as a table, without worrying about damaging it.

You can leave it outside without feeling anxious about the food getting ruined by the bad weather or getting stolen by a bear or other wild animal.

It is very easy to drain all of the water from the cooler when it is time to go without having to lift it or turn it over, thanks to the double draining system.

It is also very easy to clean, as you can use some dish soap and water to wipe it down.

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More about the Rtic SoftPak coolers

Apart from making ice chest coolers, Rtic offers a wide range of soft-sided coolers as well. They are much lighter and portable than the bulkier coolers and are perfect for people who want to be able to carry the cooler with them when going to the beach, on a hiking trip or elsewhere.

They are insulated and waterproof, but cannot offer the same long ice retention time as the roto-molded coolers.

Still, they will keep the ice frozen for a few days, so they are an excellent option for picnics or 1-2 day outdoor trips and adventures.

They have the following features:

  • Made of 100% waterproof stay dry material
  • A flip-top for easy access to the content
  • Leak-proof and waterproof zipper
  • Mold-resistant and antimicrobial internal liner
  • Tear and puncture resistant heavy duty nylon shell
  • A stay dry, no sweat exterior
  • 2 inches of cold cell insulation
  • Made of lightweight and durable materials
  • Come with a choice of handles and a shoulder strap for easy portability

The Rtic SoftPak coolers come in sizes of 8, 20, 20 and 40 cans.

Their capacities are as follows:

  • The size 8 SoftPak can hold up to 8 cans, 8 lbs. of ice, 5.5 quarts or 1.37 gallons.
  • The size 20 SoftPak can hold up to 20 cans, 20 lbs. of ice, 15 quarts or 3.75 gallons.
  • The size 30 SoftPak can hold up to 30 cans, 30 lbs. of ice, 22 quarts or 5.5 gallons.
  • The size 40 SoftPak can hold up to 40 cans, 35 quarts, 40 lbs. of ice or 8.75 gallons.
  • These nifty portable coolers come in a variety of color options and patterns.

Here are some of our favorite Rtic SoftPak coolers

RTIC Soft Pack 20

This compact soft cooler comes in more than 10 colors and print options. It can hold up to 20 cans with added ice. Thanks to the no-leak zipper, you don’t have to worry about the water dripping out as the ice melts.


The outside of the Rtic SoftPak 20 will remain dry and won’t sweat no matter how hot it is outside and how cold the interior is.

The SoftPak will keep the ice cold for up to a few days thanks to its 2-inch foam insulation.

The bag is made of light and yet tough laminated fabric and has welded seams to keep the cold and the water inside the bag no matter how long the ice has stayed in it.

It is easy to carry thanks to the comfortable shoulder strap and the carry handles on the soft cooler bag.

It also has a convenient pocket on the front to keep your bottle opener, keys or other stuff.

RTIC Soft Pack 8 (Kanati Camo)

This compact soft-sided cooler bag from Rtic is the perfect cooler to have if you enjoy solo outdoor adventures and trips or if you are going out on a picnic and want to ensure that your beer and snacks stay cold and fresh.


It has a capacity of 8 cans plus the ice, and is made of leak-proof and puncture resistant laminated material. The lining inside is mildew resistant.

This small-sized soft sided cooler can keep the ice frozen for a few days thanks to its closed cell foam insulation and the welded seams and leak-proof zipper.

Rtic SoftPak 30

This is a larger cooler which can hold up to 30 cans as well as ice, and yet is not as heavy as an ice chest cooler and can easily be carried by one person via the end handles, shoulder strap or the carry handles.


The bag weighs 4 lbs. when empty and is 12.75 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches in size with a capacity of 22 quarts.

Thanks to the 2-inch layer of closed cell foam, it will keep your beverages cool and your food fresh for days, so you can use it for trips which last for more than one day.

This puncture resistant and resilient bag will stay safe and will endure quite a bit of wear and tear, so it is suitable for all kinds of outdoor adventures.

Rtic SoftPak 40

This is the largest of the soft-walled coolers made by Rtic. Its dimensions are 17 x 18.5 x 12 inches and its capacity is 35 quarts. The bag is leak-proof and weighs 5.5 lbs. when empty.


You can fit up to 40 cans, 35 quarts, or 40 lbs. of ice in it.

Thanks to its heavy duty nylon shell, you don’t need to worry about the cooler getting punctured by a sharp rock or branch while you are carrying it or have placed it on the ground.

The outside will not sweat, and the waterproof material along with the closed cell insulation will keep the ice in the pack cool for several days.

More about the Rtic Day coolers

The Rtic Day coolers a made of sturdy and light polyester and have a high-density insulation inside. The inside of the bag is lined with food safe FDA approved material, and you can use an ice pack to keep the food or drinks cold in them. It is mold resistant, easy to clean and has a resistance to odors.

These day coolers are perfect for short day trips, for keeping your school or work lunch fresh, for commuting, or for going to a game.

They have two side mesh pockets and a zippered front one to keep your water bottles, your snacks, and other gear.

The Rtic Day coolers come in four sizes: 6, 8, 15 and 28.

Here are the dimensions and capacities of the Rtic Day coolers:

  • Rtic Day Cooler size 6 is 9.25 x 7 x 7.5 inches and has a capacity of 6 cans
  • Rtic Day Cooler size 8 is 10.5 x 8.5 x 5.25 inches, weighs 1 lb. and has a capacity of 8 cans
  • Rtic Day Cooler size 15 is 11.5 x 9 ¾ x 9 ¼ inches and has a capacity of 15 cans
  • Rtic Day Cooler size 28 is 13 x 12 x 11.5 inches, weighs 2.4 lbs. and has a capacity of 28 cans

These affordable day coolers are available in different colors.

Here are our favorite Rtic Day Coolers

Day Cooler, 8 Can, Dark Blue

This is the smallest of the day coolers offered by Rtic. It is only 9.25 x 8 x 8.5 inches in size and weighs less than one pound. This cooler can carry up to 8 cans and ice or ice packs which will stay cold for up to 24 hours.


The day cooler is perfect if you are going hiking and you don’t want to carry a heavy cooler with you and yet still want to enjoy a couple of cold beers when you reach your destination.

This is an affordable, durable and safe cooler that will stay free from germs, mildew or other harmful microorganisms which can contaminate your food and lead to foodborne sickness.

RTIC Day Cooler (Rose, 28-Cans)

This large-sized day cooler can hold up to 28 cans of your favorite beverage, or a large meal for your picnic. It will keep the food and drinks cold for up to 24 hours with the help of ice or dry ice.


You don’t have to worry about the water leaking as it is waterproof and well insulated.

The lining inside is antimicrobial and odor and mildew resistant, so your food will remain safe throughout the day.

It is easy to carry via the padded shoulder strap and has a large front zippered pocket and two mesh pockets on each side to carry extra water, gear or your other stuff with you when you are enjoying a day outdoors.

It is sold at a very reasonable price which is definitely worth paying given the large capacity and excellent quality of this day cooler.

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What makes Rtic coolers different from the others?

While Rtic coolers look similar to the other premium quality coolers on the market, there are some standout features which make them different from them.

  • First and foremost, Rtic coolers are much less expensive than the others offered by Orca, Yeti and the other leaders in the premium cooler market.
  • They are still roto-molded and made to endure a lot of wear and tear, and have a drainage system which will allow you to fully empty all of the water from the cooler without any effort.
  • They are easy to open and to shut firmly thanks to the T-latch system.
  • The Rtic coolers have slip-resistant lids, which is perfect for using them as tables, seats, or for other uses as well.
  • They have freezer grade gaskets to ensure that the lid is sealed tightly and to keep the cold temperature inside the ice boxes.
  • Thanks to the secure locking and anchoring system via the molded tie-down slots, you will rest assured that your food and drinks will be safe even when driving on rough terrains.
  • They have unique double handle systems which include the molded handles and rope handles which is especially useful when carrying one of the larger coolers with a friend.
  • They have special non-slip cooler feet, which will not only keep the ice box steady on any surface but will keep its bottom off of the ground, and thus prevent the transfer of the heat from the ground to the inside of the cooler.
  • Their exterior is non-sweat, so there will be no condensation even when the cooler is filled with ice, and the temperatures outdoors are scorching.
  • These affordable, bear-proof ice box coolers will keep your ice for 10 or even more days.

Unfortunately, the coolers come with only 30 days of warranty by the manufacturer which is much less than the warranties provided by the competitors.

Why you should consider buying an RTIC Cooler?

  • If you go on outdoor trips and adventures often or enjoy spending most of your free time outdoors, you will need a premium cooler like the Rtic
  • The Rtic ice box coolers are of premium quality and yet cost much less than other leading brands such as Yeti, Orca or Pelican.
  • The Rtic cooler will ensure that your beer and water is cold, and that your perishable foodstuffs will stay safe and fresh for days ahead.
  • Rtic coolers can retain the ice for 10 days and even more.
  • The roto-molded design of these ice box coolers make them virtually unbreakable, so they are suitable for all kinds of adventures, including off-road trips.
  • You don’t have to worry about the cooler breaking, starting to leak or opening up accidentally to expose the food and ice to the external heat thanks to the sturdy seamless plastic construction, the reliable locking system, and the strong T-Latches.
  • These coolers are bear resistant, so you can imagine what kind of impact they can take.
  • The icebox coolers come in all different sizes, so there is a cooler suitable for any need and for anyone.
  • If you want a lightweight option, you can pick one of the excellent SoftPak coolers or Day coolers offered by Rtic as well.

The only setback is the shorter warranty which Rtic gives for its coolers as compared to other premium cooler producers. The warranty for the Rtic coolers is just 30 days, unlike Orca’s lifetime warranty, and Yeti’s 5-year warranty.

About the Rtic Outdoors Company

Rtic Coolers was established in 2015 as an online company which specializes in the production of innovative products for all outdoor enthusiasts including hunters, fishers, mountaineers, hikers, skiers, snowboarders and adventurers.

Their product line includes coolers, backpacks, hard cases, duffel bags, drinkware, and on-the-go food containers and others.

Just recently, the company announced its decision to rename the company into Rtic Outdoors. This step was made in order to incorporate more outdoor products to its product line apart from the coolers and the drinkware.

It is expected that Rtic Outdoors will start offering products like tents, camping chairs, grills, and other products for people who love spending time outdoors.

On November 1st, Rtic opened its first flagship store in Houston Texas.

Until now, the sales were done predominantly online and at the warehouse of the cooler company in Cypress which is located right next to the newly opened store.

The company’s founder and CEO John Jacobsen have been promoting the advantages of being a retailer who is directly connected to the consumer, without dealers or referral programs,  and the use of social media and word of mouth instead of expensive ambassadors and commercials to promote its products.

This is the main explanation behind the fact that Rtic (pronounced Arctic) is selling its roto-molded and other premium coolers at a price much lower than that of the competition given by the Company’s management.

But now, the company is going back to brick and mortar stores, and in fact, is planning to expand its stores up to 20.

It will continue to sell its products online and ship them to customers who prefer to shop online.

Ever since the Rtic Company was first launched in 2015, the other Texas-based cooler company Yeti has been disputing the lookalike coolers which Rtic has been offering at a lower price in court.

In February 2017, Yeti and Rtic reached a court settlement requiring the latter to change the design of some of its products which Yeti claimed to be an infringement of its trademark.

So, it is very possible that the Rtic ice box coolers will pretty soon be redesigned and will look quite different, which means that now is the time to purchase one of these affordable and top quality coolers from Rtic.

The newly designed coolers are expected to hit the market as early as the Spring of 2022, so we will be looking forward to seeing what they will offer as an alternative to their sturdy, roto-molded ice box coolers.

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Final words


Although they are significantly cheaper than other premium coolers, Rtic coolers provide the same and even better quality as the higher-end models on the market.

The Rtic ice box coolers are one of the most resilient coolers available. They are bear and weather resistant and will endure a lot of travels and adventures.

Given the fact that Rtic has agreed to change the design of their coolers, now is the time to buy one of these affordable roto-molded ice box coolers.

You will save money, and will have a cooler for your camping, fishing, hunting or boat trips, and can use it for those fun tailgates, barbeque or other outdoor parties too.

The coolers come in all sizes – from small personal ones to large capacity coolers that can store your food supplies for a week, so you can choose the most perfect size to fit your needs.

They do come with a quite short warranty of only 30 days but given their high quality, their multiple useful features, and their durability, you will still be making a wise investment if you choose to purchase a Rtic cooler.

Even if you don’t need an icebox type cooler, you can opt for one of the soft-sided coolers offered by the company, which too are very durable and will help keep your drinks and food cool for a whole day and even more.

Even after the court settlement with Yeti to change the design of their coolers so as not to resemble the iconic Yeti coolers so closely, we are pretty certain that Rtic is not going to give up on its design and production of top quality, reliable and affordable coolers in the future.

So, go ahead and order your cooler today and you can rest assured that next time you decide to spend your free time outdoors with your family or friends, you will have fresh and safe food and cool drinks so that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about refrigerating items and groceries going bad.


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