5 Reasons To Buy a Smart Watch For a Teenage Student


Today’s children do not part with gadgets for a minute. In the power of parents to make new technologies to help in learning, instill in the child a love of sports and allow him to always stay in touch. How smart watches can help in this, we tell in this article.

We highlighted 5 main advantages of smartwatches, which are sure to please today’s schoolchildren and their parents.

Help in learning

As strange as it may sound, but a smart watch will really help your child to study. Of course, they won’t do his homework instead, but they will allow him to concentrate on his studies better due to their functions.

For example, you can set an alarm clock that will wake up in time for school. Also, these watches are able to monitor the quality of sleep: the technology evaluates its efficiency in points and indicates the duration of each phase.

The watch is also equipped with a calendar and can show notifications about important tests, classes with a tutor and other events, so that the child does not forget about them. And the most obvious, but underestimated feature – the watch shows the time, which means that the student does not have to be distracted by a smartphone during the lesson to see when the break already begins.

Constant communication with parents

One of the most important functions of a modern smartwatch is to display notifications of calls, texts and messages from messengers.

The feature comes in handy not only for children, but also particularly worried parents who are always worried that the child does not respond to their messages. Now the child will not have excuses that the phone was in his backpack, or was left in the classroom: all the messages will immediately appear on his wrist, and they will have to respond. And if a child does lose their smartphone, they can quickly find it using the Find My Phone feature.

Note that modern smart watches, unlike smartphones, can work for a long time without recharging – and thus will not sit down at an inconvenient moment, leaving the child without communication. For example, some budget models work on a single charge up to 9 days, and the more advanced – as much as 2 weeks.

Health monitoring

A smart watch will help your child not only stay connected, but also monitor their health indicators.

All smartwatches count the number of steps taken and calories burned. And some models are also able to measure blood oxygen levels and monitor heartbeat. Based on these data, the devices analyze the user’s stress level and help cope with it by offering various breathing exercises. They come in handy during important exams or other exciting events.

Teenage girls will also love the cycle tracking feature – with the help of a smart watch, they can learn how to keep a women’s calendar.

Motivating Sports and Healthy Lifestyle

It’s easy to establish good habits when you’re young – and exercise as a kid will help you lead a healthier lifestyle later in life. Getting a teenager to get out from behind the computer can be very difficult. But if you use a gadget for this purpose, such as a smart watch with a bunch of sports functions, then the problem will be solved by itself – because technology causes a genuine interest in today’s youth. Also, when passing the standards for running, swimming or skiing, the child will be able to measure his or her speed with the help of the watch.

Also smart watches use an activity calculation system. Depending on the readings of all the sensors, it assigns the user certain points, by which you can understand if the person is active enough or if he or she should move more.

To maintain activity at an optimal level, it is a good idea to exercise, run, or walk regularly. The process of getting points can be turned into a game and even involve adults in it: for example, competing with your child to see who has been more active this week.

Another interesting trick that teenagers will appreciate is the ability to build a route using GPS, which some watches are equipped with. During a jog or walk, the gadget will read the user’s geolocation and plot their route in the app. Changing the route, you can “draw” different symbols or inscriptions on the map, and then share them with friends.

Controlling Smartphone Functions

No matter how modern parents do not scold smartphones, without them today is nowhere. And let’s not lie – the child will use the phone in any case, even if he is actively prohibited. So why not make this process more convenient?

For example, you can control the music player with a smart watch – thanks to this, the child will not have to take his smartphone out of his pocket every time to switch tracks. And the less a person is distracted by their phone, especially on a busy street.

Also smart watches are able to run the camera on the smartphone – the function comes in handy, for example, to take group selfies.


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