How To Use The Drip Coffee Maker (Step-by-Step). Principle of Operation and Types of Filters

How To Use The Drip Coffee Maker

Good coffee is the key to a good day. Today, to treat yourself with a cup of fragrant espresso, you do not need to go to a coffee shop: your favorite drink you can prepare with a drip coffee maker.

Today, we will consider in detail the principle of this technique, how much coffee to put in the device, as well as give detailed recommendations for use.

What is a drip coffee maker?

This type of coffee machine boasts a solid history. The first mention of the drip coffee maker dates back to the early nineteenth century. At that time, it was a vessel that made coffee by straining hot water through ground beans.

Note. The idea for the device came from Jean-Baptiste de Belloy, who was an archbishop in the Church of Paris.

Over time, the device has been constantly modernized and by the middle of the XX century it became familiar to us and acquired its own source of heating.

The reason for the popularity of this device was the fact that drip coffee machine is best suited for making “Americano”.

In addition, drip coffee makers are very easy to use, which played in favor of their popularity.

So what does a modern drip machine look like? This is an electric device, one of the main elements in which the heater comes in. The hot water passes through a special filter, in which the ground coffee is placed. Then the drink falls into the tank.

Note! This type of coffee maker is ideal for making strong drinks, because the coffee gets a special taste due to the slow passage of the liquid through the filter with powder.

Despite the fact that all coffee machines of this type are designed approximately the same, the devices of different brands differ in their characteristics.

These include: design, capacity, volume, as well as the material of which the device is made.

Additional features of the drip machine include a timer and delayed start, indication, electronic or mechanical control, the ability to heat and maintain temperature.

Principle of operation

The drip coffee maker has changed little since its invention, although, of course, it has acquired additional features that make life easier for coffee lovers.

How does the device work?

  • The tank, which is most often located behind the device, is filled with water. Then the liquid flows into the boiler.
  • After this, the water in the tank is heated to 90-95 degrees Celsius and rises through a tube.
  • Slowly, drop by drop, the water passes through the filter, which contains ground coffee powder, and enters the lower compartment of the coffee machine.
  • You can judge whether the coffee is ready by the cup’s fullness: as soon as all the liquid has heated up and passed through the filter, your drink will be ready.

Important: You do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the cup, as all the grounds remain in the filter.

A number of models have special functions, which are also reflected in the operating principle of the machine:

  • The coffee machine may have a built-in grinder. It is believed that the most delicious and fragrant coffee is obtained from those beans that are ground immediately before use.
  • Some devices are equipped with protection against possible overflow, as well as a platform for heating, which allows you to constantly maintain the temperature of the drink.
  • Choosing the right number of cups and selecting the right strength will help you brew coffee that will meet all your needs. Most of these coffee makers support two brewing modes: strong or “soft” taste.

Device structure

The basic device of all drip coffee makers has a similar structure. The device consists of the following elements:

  • Water tank, in which the user pours cold water. Most often it is not removable and is located on the back.
  • Boiler (tank). Heating of the liquid occurs in it.
  • Heating element.
  • Funnel, which can be removable or not, as well as the coffee filter. The filter is a self-contained unit and requires periodic replacement.
  • Tank for the finished drink. It can be a flask, but in the simpler models its role is performed by ordinary cups.

How to use it?

Your coffee maker will enjoy an aromatic drink for a long time if you follow a number of recommendations for its use:

  • Pay attention to the water you use to make coffee. It is better not to use tap water, as it contributes to the formation of scale on the heating element. Filtered or bottled water is best. When filling the tank, keep the container with the liquid higher. This will enrich the water with oxygen, which will have a better effect on the taste of the coffee.
  • Use your favorite grind. However, according to reviews for this type of coffee maker, coarsely ground powder works best. To give the elixir of vivacity a truly exclusive taste and aroma, add your favorite spices to the funnel. Ginger, cinnamon, coriander and vanilla are the best for this purpose.
  • If you have a desire to feel like a barista, then buy a machine in which you can adjust the power. So, cooking coffee at high power, you get a less invigorating drink with a slight bitterness. This option is also good for those who are in a hurry: high wattage reduces the time it takes to brew. But on the low power you will be able to reveal the finest notes of taste and aroma of coffee beans.
  • As we mentioned above, the cooking speed depends on the power. The higher it is, the faster you can enjoy your drink. On average, it takes about ten minutes to prepare one cup.
  • Don’t forget about such a useful feature as heating. If you prefer to drink coffee throughout the day, this addition will save you a lot of time.


The filter is a prerequisite for the operation of this machine. It is in the filter that the coffee powder is poured, from which an invigorating elixir is obtained.

When buying, pay special attention to this, because different models use different filters.

The most common are:

  • Nylon. This filter is most often used as it is noticeably durable. Reusable filter can be used up to sixty times, after which you can observe a deterioration in the taste of the drink.
  • “Gold”. It is also made of nylon, but has a special protective coating of titanium nitride. It is easier to clean and can be used up to a hundred times. But the price of such a filter is quite high.
  • Paper. Disposable filters are made of paper, and therefore are the most environmentally friendly. They are versatile, have a small price and are easy to use. The only thing you will need to take care of is a periodic refill.

Step-by-step instructions for using this type of device

To brew your favorite Americano, follow these instructions:

  1. Connect the coffeemaker to the power supply.
  2. Pour water into the tank, focusing on the special marking.
  3. Fill the filter with coffee. Refer to the proportion one teaspoon per 100 milliliters of water.
  4. Close the filter. Place a container for the finished drink.
  5. Press the button to start the device.
  6. Wait until all the water flows in the form of coffee into the tank.
  7. Turn off the coffee maker.
  8. Pour the finished drink into a cup.

Warning. If you are using a disposable coffee filter, you can just throw it away. Otherwise, clean it from the grounds, rinse it thoroughly and let it dry in the open.

Popular Coffee Recipes

Coffee is a beverage that allows for imagination in its preparation. Today, there are many recipes that will satisfy the taste of even the most fastidious coffee gourmet.

Here are a few techniques that will add a new twist to your morning coffee ritual.

With spices

Per medium-sized cup:

  • Robusta coffee – two teaspoons;
  • Orange zest – two or three small petals;
  • cardamom – two to three grains;
  • Cinnamon – the tip of a knife.

Grind the grains. Add to the filter the resulting powder mixed with spices. Brew the coffee in the usual way. For decoration you can use cinnamon and powdered sugar.

Ginger “Americano” with blackberries

For a medium sized cup:

  • Robusta coffee – two teaspoons;
  • ginger syrup – one tablespoon;
  • Two teaspoons blackberry jam;
  • Blackberries – three or four pieces.

Make “Americano” in the usual way with a drip coffee maker. At the bottom of the cup place the blackberry jam. Pour one cup of coffee on top. Add the ginger syrup. Garnish with fresh blackberries.

What does the taste depend on?

There are several factors that can affect the taste of the finished drink.

  • The type of coffee. There are two main types that are most popular: Arabica and Robusta. The flavor qualities of both types of coffee come from the chemical composition of the bean. Roasted Robusta is more bitter due to its high caffeine and chlorogenic acid content, which is not the case with Arabica, which has a characteristic sourness and flavor due to more sucrose and lipids than in Robusta. The taste of a pure Robusta beverage can be described as “rough” without any nuances, unlike Arabica which can have many flavors and aromas depending on the variety and processing conditions.
  • Terroir, i.e. the region where the coffee beans grow. The higher the plant grew, the more acidic the finished drink will be.
  • Roasting, degree and freshness of grinding.
  • Water.

Is it possible to brew tea?

The only difference from making coffee will be that tea is placed in the filter instead of powder. You can use dried tea leaves and additives as well as tea bags. The proportions are the same as for a regular mug.


It is quite simple. It is enough to remove the disposable filter or thoroughly rinse and clean the reusable one from the remains of spun coffee when you are done. Then the mesh filter should be dried, inserted into the holder and put back in place.

By applying this simple rule, you can keep your drip coffee maker working for years to come.

Attention! If you don’t want to bother with washing and drying the filters, buy disposable paper filters. This will save you a lot of time in caring for your machine.


The drip coffee maker is an indispensable device for all lovers of strong coffee. The low price and ease of use make it accessible to everyone, and the ability to make a really fragrant and delicious drink makes it #1 among similar devices.


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