How to Clean a Suede Couch

How to Clean a Suede Couch

A suede sofa is meant to give a room the desired cozy look. Such sofas are loved for their stylish and soft designs. The major disadvantage of this kind of seating furniture is that the fabric is quite hard to clean. There are different kinds of microfiber suede sofas, and each kind has its unique way of cleaning. To make it easier for you to clean your sofa at home, we have come up with these simple steps for you to follow.

Materials and Tools Required

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Dish soap
  • Spray bottle
  • White towel
  • Baking soda
  • Sponge
  • Soft scrub brush
  • White vinegar

Step by Step Guide on How to Clean a Suede Couch

Step 1: Establish the Type of Fabric

Every suede couch is designed with tiny fibers that are meant to ensure that the couch is stain-resistant and durable. In case you accidentally spill any liquid, the fibers make the liquid to bead first before the fabric soaks it up. This gives you enough time to grab a piece of cloth or paper towel and wipe off the mess before it causes major damage to your couch.

Since the fibers are too tiny, it can be quite difficult to wipe off any forgotten spillage. It is, therefore, advisable that you wipe spills immediately.

Some suede couches are usually stained by water, while others repel it. Hence, it is crucial that you determine the kind of fabric your sofa is made of in order to apply the correct cleaning method. Below are the different types of fabrics available and how to clean them.

  • W-labeled couches – They require cleaning using a water-based solution.
  • S-labeled couches – They are usually stained by water, therefore, they are cleaned using a special solvent.
  • S-W labeled couches – They mean that the couch can be cleaned using either water or a solvent.
  • X labeled couches – It means that you should not use any liquid on the couch at all. You can only vacuum it.

To know your couch’s classification, refer to the tags that are usually situated underneath or on the side of the sofa. In case you do not find the tags, you can clean the sofa as an S-labeled seat. Pick a small spot first to clean, then observe it the cleaner stains the fabric or not. You can then go ahead and clean the whole coach.

Step 2:  Get a Cleaning Solution

Look for a clean spray bottle and fill it up with your cleaning solution for easy application. In case you are to clean a W-labeled seat, you can create a water-based solution that comprises warm water and a couple of dribs of mild dish soap. To do away with the odor, you can add a tsp. of white vinegar or baking soda.

If you are working with an S-labeled couch, fill the spray bottle with a rubbing alcohol solution.

Please note that for X-labeled couches, you can skip this step and go for the vacuum to do away with debris or dirt that may be on the surface of the couch.

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Step 3: Clean the Sofa

For W and S-labeled sofas, spray the targeted stain or clean the sofa in sections if you want to clean the entire couch.

Avoid soaking your cushions because they take longer to dry. You should, however, dampen the cushions in order to loosen the debris or dirt. Afterward, you should rub a sponge or soft towel (preferably white in color to avoid color transfer when cleaning) over the sections with the cleanser in a circular manner.

The couch will look a little mussed or darker due to the rubbing and spraying, but this should not worry you because the suede couch will return to its original color when it is dry and clean.

Step 4: Use a Scrub Brush

As soon as the suede couch’s fabric is dry enough, rub it gently using a scrub brush. This makes the tiny fibers fluff hence softening the fabric to give the couch a brand new look.


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