How to Choose Headphones For Your Phone?

Headphones For Your Phone

In the last century, with the exception of specialists professionally involved in radio broadcasting, few people were interested in the question of how to choose headphones for the phone. But tape recorders and radios were quickly replaced by portable devices. At the same time, to turn up the volume, trying to match the power with the neighbors was no longer fashionable. Currently, the situation is completely different – both tastes and manners of music lovers have changed. Now, on the contrary, it is prestigious to listen to music without disturbing others to enjoy your own space. But, not all devices are able to provide the user with a comfortable accompaniment to an immersive world of sounds and images.

Let’s consider the main parameters of the best headphones for listening to music on the phone, considering the characteristics, reviews and advice from experts. This will allow you to make the most appropriate choice to meet your own needs.

Types of modern headphones

Because of the variety of “in-ear devices” it is quite difficult to decide on the appropriate option. The classification of devices will help to simplify the process. Currently there are the following types of headphones for phones:

  • Drip in the form of earmolds;
  • Vacuum earplugs;
  • Overhead, having an attachment.

At the same time, the devices can be equipped with a cable or function remotely. Speaking of how to choose wireless headphones, we should add that all types differ in their advantages and disadvantages, due to the location of the speakers and the quality of other parameters.

Features of in-ear headphones

The main advantage of such headphones is their cost and size. Due to the compact design, they easily fit in the ear of any user. They are held by the force of elasticity, but periodically fall out. The main disadvantage is the poor reproduction quality of bass frequencies, which is also due to the small size of the membrane. The sound insulation leaves much to be desired. Choosing droplet headphones for your phone, you should not expect high quality sound. And the fact that the producers of phones for free they complete their devices, is a confirmation of this. Keep in mind that they simply do not fit some users due to the non-standard shape of the ears.

Features of vacuum models

This type of headphones is characterized by a tighter fixation of the speaker inside the ear canal. Such products have soft silicone attachments, and have a better sound quality. Accordingly, are also more expensive. On the merits should include good sound insulation, reliability. If you choose inexpensive headphones for your phone, you should first of all pay attention to this type of gadgets. At the same time, experienced users recommend to focus on the “in-channel”, having a more powerful bass. As a rule, their production are engaged in the premium brands, including Apple, AKG and Sony. Unfortunately, vacuum headphones also have a number of serious drawbacks – you need regular cleaning and a serious strain on the ears.

A little bit about over-the-ear headphones

From the name it is clear that such products are put completely on the ears. Thanks to a special attachment, it is very convenient to wear them. You can count on high-quality sound, which is argued by the presence of a larger membrane. Sound insulation is achieved by a tight fit through a special attachment to the headband. An excellent choice for music lovers and gamers. Among the clear advantages of these devices should be attributed quality insulation. They fit tightly, but cost much more expensive than the above analogues. This is primarily due to the presence of a larger membrane and speakers.

There are also monitor headphones, but they are more often used by true music lovers or gamers to listen to their favorite music or games on the computer.

Main characteristics of headphones

Of course, among all the variety of products it is difficult to decide on the purchase, focusing only on the brand and type of gadgets. To understand how to choose headphones for a phone with good sound will help the following characteristics:

  • frequency spectrum;
  • sensitivity;
  • maximum power;
  • sound distortion level;
  • impedance.

Of course, it is not necessary to investigate every parameter and go shopping with special equipment – it is enough to understand what the specified characteristics show. It will help to get an idea of the quality of the device by its label.

Optimal frequency range

Choosing headphones for your tablet or phone, consider the wider the frequency spectrum, the better the sound. Accordingly, the membrane of the earpiece is wider. The human ear can perceive frequencies from 15 to 20 thousand Hz. Accordingly, devices with an index below the optimum are not of high quality.

As for the power, here it should be taken into account that the index can range from 1 to 5000 mW. The relationship is straightforward: the more, the louder. But if the figure is higher than acceptable, the headphones will simply fail. For obvious reasons, inexpensive products with high power often break down quickly.

Sensitivity and impedance

From the first parameter of this category depends on how loud the sound will be heard. If you do not know how to choose good headphones for your phone, try to pay attention to the products with a quality magnetic core. Take into account that earmuffs and earplugs have a small membrane, as well as an unprotected magnet, so there is no point in counting on good sensitivity. But at least 100 dB. Loudness is achieved by placing the core close to the ear.

Resistance should be considered according to what model you choose. For portable equipment, including phones, the figure can be from 16 to 50 ohms. The higher it is, the more power is needed. However, earplugs can not be equipped with a strong sound source. At the same time, this characteristic is responsible for the purity of sound. Accordingly, for phones you should focus on gadgets with impedance from 20 to 25 ohms.

Optimal sound distortion

The level of distortion is checked as a percentage. It is not difficult to guess that the lower the index, the better the sound quality will be. To understand how to choose good headphones will help to understand that the distortion depends on the weight. Optimal data:

  • vacuum headphones – up to 30 g;
  • earphones for the phone – up to 60 grams;
  • overhead – up to 200 grams.

Of course, if the gadget will be used as a headset for talking, the weight may be more. But for listening to music and audiobooks, you should focus on the minimum level of distortion.

Tips for choosing headphones for your phone

Now let’s talk about what experts think about how to choose the right headphones to get good sound on your smartphone. First of all, experts recommend to start with the scope of the device:

  1. If you are not fastidious about sound quality – for portable devices you can use earbuds or earplugs;
  2. If you run in the morning or appreciate the sound quality – you need gadgets with a good attachment and a large membrane;
  3. If you like good bass and deep sound – focus on closed headphones, fully covering your ears.


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