How To Choose An Electric Grill?

How To Choose An Electric Grill

Thanks to the modern range of appliances for the kitchen, users have limitless possibilities for tasty experiments. The range of useful devices that can make any culinary fantasy a reality should also include high-quality electric grills. Despite its compact size, in recent years there are more and more multifunctional products that allow you to preserve the taste of food, saturating them with the flavor of dishes cooked on an open fire. But in order to be able to achieve the described results at home, it is necessary to understand a little bit about the important options of this technique. If you do not know how to choose an electric grill for the home, we recommend reading the rating of the best models.

We will try to break down the important parameters, taking into account feedback from users who have already managed to assess the advantages and disadvantages of different models. In addition, we will consider recommendations from experts.


Types of electric grills

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the best type of equipment for your needs. To do this, let’s consider the types of electric grills and existing modifications:

  • Open, closed type, universal – differ in the type of working surface. In the first case, the platform is under the infrared heating component. Closed electric grills are made in the form of a press, and the cooking process resembles working with an oven. Universal can be both open and closed, which allows you to choose the most convenient way of cooking;
  • Contact and non-contact devices – they differ in the fact that in one case, the ingredients are in contact with the heating element, while in the other they are not;
  • Portable, as well as stationary – are classified by size and weight. Mobile devices provide for the possibility of transportation. Large models are used in the home.

If you do not know what to choose an electric grill for the house, also consider that the working surface can be represented by glass ceramic, metal or cast-iron grates. Naturally, here we should be guided by financial capabilities. But, judging by the reviews from users, it is important that the device is necessarily equipped with a high-quality non-stick coating. At the same time, the most reliable and durable electric grills are made of stainless steel. The body can be made of plastic or stainless steel. The weight, price and service life of the device depend on this parameter. If you decide to buy a budget model, make sure that the plastic is of high quality, does not produce an unpleasant smell.

What to cook on an electric grill?

The functionality of this technique is still underestimated by many users. Too bad, so first let’s talk about what you can cook on an electric grill:

  • delicious steak;
  • grilled fish;
  • stew;
  • bread toasts;
  • pancakes, puff pastry;
  • grilled vegetables;
  • French fries;
  • hot sandwiches;
  • flavorful pizza.

This list is not definitive. We have listed only a number of dishes that can be made with a golden crust and excellent taste. This is achieved thanks to the removal of fat and high heating temperature. Therefore, when choosing an electric grill for domestic use, pay attention to the power and quality of construction. However, let’s deal with all parameters one by one.

What to look for when buying

  1. Control. Deciding between models with mechanical control and electronics, it is important to consider the following. The former do not have as much flexibility for precise temperature control, but excellent simplicity from their counterparts. Electronics, in turn, allows you to equip the technique with a large number of options. If the financial issue is not an issue, it is better to have an electric grill screen.
  2. Case. Based on the opinion of buyers choosing an electric grill, it is not necessary to overpay for the steel body, as aluminum counterparts are also quite difficult to deform. At the same time they are lighter. Plastic devices are attractive because they can be designed in any color, but it is not difficult to cause mechanical damage.
  3. The working surface. Here it is better to decide between ceramic and glass ceramic. Such materials provide an electric grill with an even distribution of heat, but provide for careful maintenance of the technique. Metal is also durable, but it is easy to scratch. The most resistant is stone, but such material significantly weighs down the electric grill.
  4. Protection and safety. Important! Buying an electric grill, make sure that the model has a heating element protection, which is triggered when the maximum temperature threshold is reached.
  5. Non-stick coating. An important component that ensures easy maintenance of the electric grill, and protects the food from burning.

Additional Features

We are not going to sort out all kinds of “plushies” from the leading manufacturers. Instead, let’s talk about the most important additional features that will be useful to you if you do not know how to choose an electric grill in the kitchen.

  • Autoshutdown – a great addition for any model of electric grill, providing for the automatic shutdown of the unit if you forget to do it yourself or have to leave the house before the final cooking of the dish;
  • Contact grill – equipped with two cooking surfaces;
  • Wheels – a good addition for transporting the model from place to place. Traditionally, the most mobile devices are considered the type of raclette grill.

Advice on the choice from the experts

Finally, we want to draw your attention to advice on the choice of electric grills from professionals. Often in the technique for the kitchen, the key factors are seemingly insignificant points on which the convenience of using the device depends:

  • height adjustment – a useful option if the device has several users with different heights;
  • dimensions of electric grills – vary in a fairly wide range, so make sure in advance that there is free space in the kitchen;
  • length of the mains cable – it is desirable that the wire should be more than 1 meter. Otherwise, it will be difficult to do without extension cords, if the house already has several appliances and few outlets.

We hope this guide will help you make the right choice of electric grill!


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