How to Choose a Smart Watch

How to Choose a Smart Watch

Smartwatches are electronic devices that work either in standalone mode or pair with smartphones for faster and more convenient receipt of notifications by the user. Gadgets are implemented in the form of a wristwatch. You can get information about calls, events, physical activity, and more with a wave of your hand. The functionality of different models differs. For obvious reasons, we offer a guide to help you understand how to choose a smart watch for a particular user in order to meet his needs.

It is worth noting that some modern models can even work with a SIM card and not synchronized with mobile devices. You can read our rating of smart watches, which presents the best models of the current year.

The main features of smart watches

For a long time, such devices are not considered an image accessory. Many users are seriously puzzled about how to choose a smart watch for a child, realizing that with this not only stylish, but also practical device they will have the opportunity to monitor the location, the distance covered and even the pulse of the little user. Let’s look at the main functions of the smart watch:

  • Display notifications – this option allows you to view calls, messages, including from social networks, without taking out
  • notifications – this option allows you to view calls and messages, including social networks, without removing the smartphone from your pocket or purse;
  • time display – simplified work with timer and stopwatch;
  • Display of current location – GPS support, which is very important for children;
  • control of physical activity – built-in pedometer and heart rate monitor allows you to analyze heart rate, sleep quality and more (depending on the complexity of the model).
  • Depending on the complexity of the model);
  • the ability to answer the phone;
  • Game support – some models support a number of simple games.

In addition, various models can support additional applications to display the exchange rate, shopping list and even the notification of the results of events in the world of sports. Thus, the choice of the number of features and supported options depends solely on your interests and financial capabilities.

Case variations

If fitness bracelets are more aimed at athletes, smart watches are for business people. For obvious reasons, the appearance of the gadget is not of secondary importance. At the same time, the choice of case and design rests solely on the individual preferences of the potential buyer. Conventionally, we can distinguish the following types of smart watch designs:

  • Sports design – the straps are made of rubber, silicone or shockproof plastic, depending on the cost of the device. The case, as a rule, is massive and characterized by the presence of large symbols on the dial. In this case, such models may have water resistance and are not afraid of dust;
  • Classic design – duplicate the standard wrist chronometers. An excellent choice for business people, because such models are sometimes not at all different from the classic watches;
  • Hybrid type – additionally equipped with hands. Such inventions became popular with the advent of the smartwatch company Fossil on the market.

It follows that if you can not decide on the design of a smart watch, you need to start with the choice of the dial. Judging by customer reviews, it is much more convenient when a LED is used instead of a special screen to display notifications. At the same time, digital working displays are more in demand than their hand counterparts. Keep in mind that in everyday use, too large a case on the wrist does not give the same pleasure of using the watch as a universal screen: from 1.4 to 1.7 inches.

Battery life

If you have not yet decided which model of smartwatch to choose, do not forget to take care of the quality of the battery. In fact, this is quite a common problem, because under the small body of the gadget it is quite difficult to place a high-capacity battery. At the same time, the battery life depends on several factors:

  • type of power cell;
  • battery capacity;
  • the quality of wireless modules;
  • the number of sensors;
  • presence of sensors.

Budget models hold a charge in the range from 2 to 3 days. Such inventions need to be constantly charged using a network docking station. The premium solutions can last up to 14 days without recharging. According to experts, a good alternative is models that function on the basis of non-rechargeable batteries. Such gadgets can work for up to 6 months in standalone mode.

Built-in OS

Recently, there are more and more models equipped with the OS. Although it is not a prerequisite for the comfortable use of gadgets, but it makes sense. Such gadgets support more built-in applications. At the same time, there are many smart watches, which provide for pairing with a smartphone via Bluetooth. However, they don’t involve support for additional apps. If you do not know which smartwatch is best, we recommend considering an alternative option – gadgets that function based on an adaptive iOS or Android shell.

It is important to add that many users overestimate the importance of the operating system, and underestimate the amount of RAM. Although this parameter is not that critical, it is desirable for a smartwatch to have up to 512 MB of RAM. This will allow you to use a variety of popular programs without problems, even on the adaptive Android shell.

Levels of protection

When choosing a smart watch it is better not to save on protection. Of course, devices that are not afraid of splashes and rain will last the user much longer. It should be understood that the word “waterproof” in the characteristics of products does not indicate a 100% waterproofness. The degree of protection is determined by the IP marking with two digits to the right. Accordingly, the higher the mark, the hermeticity and level of protection are better.

In most cases, the IP68 standard is sufficient. The presence of this code states that the smart watch can withstand pressure at a depth of up to 1.5 meters. At the same time, experts do not recommend experimenting even with the highest level of protection. Of course, you can wash your hands in the sink, but it’s better not to jump into the pool. For these tasks it is advisable to purchase a fitness bracelet.

Smart watches for children

Smart baby watch – devices that are designed primarily to be able to monitor the location of children. If you do not know how to choose a smart watch for a child, pay attention to models that provide communication between adults and children, that is, support for a SIM card. As for additional features, there is a wide range of options: from games to control user activity. It is desirable that the model is equipped not only with support for calls and notifications, but also with the “emergency call” button. Thus, the baby will be able to inform you about a certain event.

Finally, it should be noted that the cost of good models varies in a wide range. Here everything depends on the brand and the above-mentioned parameters. Do not forget to carefully study the reviews from buyers before buying a specific model. Good luck.


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