How to Choose a Sewing Machine?

How to Choose a Sewing Machine

A few decades ago, it was impossible to overestimate the value of a sewing machine in the home. This mechanism was passed down from generation to generation as a dowry. Times are no longer the same, but this equipment is still in demand today. Moreover, the current range of equipment is so diverse that to understand how to choose a good sewing machine, not every housewife can. We will try to help, considering the important parameters and other aspects that are worth paying attention to.

According to the purpose of these devices come in the following types:

  • embroidery – for embroidering different patterns on fabric;
  • knitting – for knitting clothes;
  • Overlock – for sewing details;
  • Sewing machines – for knitted things;
  • carpet makers – for professional use.

In our rating of sewing machines you can find models for domestic use, and about the rest we’ll talk right now!


Types of sewing machines for home

In addition to the intended use, it is necessary to take into account the class of equipment. There are the following types of sewing machines:

  1. Electromechanical – the best option for household needs. Such models have the most favorable price, are equipped with a standard set of functions for sewing operations. There is no electronics. For sewing is responsible for a special shuttle mechanism. The fabric is promoted by the teeth of the conveyor. Gears, as well as complex mechanisms are triggered by an electric motor. The price ranges from $80 to $250;
  2. Electronic – the design does not differ from the electromechanical machine except for the presence of an electronic unit. With its help, you can set the position to play, control the speed of the fabric. The scope of application is more extensive, as you can work with dense fabrics. There is piercing stabilization. As a rule, such sewing machines for domestic use are chosen by more experienced users.
  3. Computer – a microprocessor type of equipment, equipped with advanced technology. It is equipped with a screen. Sewing processes are automated. With the help of such devices you can embroider decorative elements. Cost from 250 to 300 dollars. Not the best option for the home, which is due to too high cost.

The main elements of design

The design of electronic and electromechanical models consists of several elements. One of the most important parts is the foot. The foot comes in the following types:

  • universal – used for straight stitches;
  • Overlock – suitable for sewing fabrics;
  • for blindstitching – if you want to make an inconspicuous stitch;
  • for quilting – used for stitching several layers;
  • For zippers – convenient for creating parallel stitches near the teeth.

It is desirable that the kit includes all types of feet presented above. If you want to choose a good sewing machine for home, then make sure of the quality of the following parts:

  1. The presser foot lift lever – it comes in manual and wheeled versions. The second option is great for embroidery;
  2. Sleeve platform – makes it easy to work with sleeves and trousers;
  3. Thread cutter – a handy detail to automatically cut the thread after finishing a particular operation. It also prevents thread tangling;
  4. Threader – saves the user time by automatically threading the upper thread into the needle.

Choosing a hook

In this matter should be guided by what you intend to sew. There are three types of shuttles:

  1. Swinging – the simplest design, which provides for oscillating movements. The disadvantages are high vibration, low sewing speed, stitch width of 5 millimeters. The advantage is a low price;
  2. Horizontal – is used with a stitch width of 6 millimeters. Attracts lower vibration, ease of operation, simple threading;
  3. Vertical – involves a simple adjustment of the lower thread. But it is necessary to lubricate regularly.

Tips for choosing a sewing machine

In the pursuit of “easy money”, many unscrupulous manufacturers have begun to save on the quality of parts. For example, install conveyors without front teeth. If they are few, the fabric will slip. Also, you should not rely on plastic frames, which quickly fail. It is better to give preference to metal. If you want to choose the right sewing machine, pay due attention to the power. To work with dense fabrics, the optimal value is 60-85 watts. In addition, do not skimp on the quality of the shuttle. Swinging will not meet expectations, even for home use!

Another common question, which cannot be answered unambiguously, is which shuttle is better: horizontal or vertical? In fact, they are just different. The choice depends on the desired stitch width. Horizontal is better when working with thin fabrics, but does not withstand heavy loads. The vertical hook is easy to maintain.

A little bit about overlock

Many first-time users are interested in overlockers. But you should know that there are no universal devices that would include the usual functions and overlock. The reason is that the classic version is designed to create a shuttle stitch, and the other a chain stitch. Therefore, you can buy a model with overlock stitching, but it rarely lives up to expectations. Consequently, the only alternative is to buy two different devices.

Mistakes of novice users

Even professionals today find themselves confused by the current range of products. In this case, willingly explain how to choose a sewing machine for beginners users of different dealers. Naturally, their goal is not to provide clarity, but to sell their goods. To begin with, you need to understand that you have no reason to focus on the segment for professionals. Yes, you need good quality, but not too many functions. Some electronic models can perform up to 40 functions, while ordinary users need a maximum of 5.

Keep in mind that the cost of this equipment has nothing to do with sewing. A high price does not mean that the stitches will be smooth. The result depends on many other factors described above.

Finally, I would like to add that in the development of this equipment Chinese manufacturers have not achieved high results. So do not be guided by their market when buying a sewing machine!


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