10 Hair Extension Trends to Transform You from Sick to Slick


Hair extensions can do much by either adding the length, content, pops color and bangs to the styles. There are a lot of great styles gathered with different extensions that trends to transform the look of client from sick to slick.

Women consider hair styling so important, as the wardrobes fashions change is equally the same way they will change their hair styles. However, the same trends can be achieved by matching the hair style and their clothing.

It has become every woman’s utmost priority to try new hairstyle every day to give a trendy and glamorous look. Hair extensions is all about a fantasy and magical world where you look completely different look than your original look.

The slight changes in hair style can transform the woman look to boring or good-looking in the home. The most impressive part of the fashion is that it does not matter whether you are short or tall, the fashions matches both the client’s with their physical appearance. Equally, if you don’t want to die your hair, you can be attended to through adding the volume, length and refreshing the hair.

Nowadays hair extensions have become the talk of town. Every other lady is talking about various latest hair extension trends they are going to try. Ladies in this regard visit nearest salon, book appointments days or week before and get a look of their choice. But the thing is how this is done? According to professionals there are several methods for hair extensions. This is because one type of extension doesn’t suit on everyone. It is the job of the hair stylist to provide complete knowledge and information of the process they are choosing to their clients and must consider the pros and cons too.

Talking about the methods of hair extensions; the most commonly used methods includes the fusion method, sew-in method, clips-in and other temporaries method, top pieces, micro links method, and fusion method.  All the methods have different features and qualities which might not just suit on everyone. One must be extremely cautions while picking the methods of hair extension as later it may cause damage to your hairs.

Described below are top ten 10 latest hair extension trends which may completely transform your look from sick to slick:

Golden/Honey Blonde

Golden Honey Blonde

This replaced the earlier years when people used to apply die in their hair using the peroxide and platinum blonde. The new design is polished and replaced the earlier methods to save the natural look of hair. Designer Jennifer Aniston and Blake have maintained the trend in the Hollywood of this natural looking blonde long enough in their careers.

It is not natural blonde but a rocked golden blonde lowlights for not dyeing the hair with ombre blonde. This design looks nice and gentle with the extension on brown hair to transform the look. The golden/ honey blonde don’t give much dark look but instead give medium sun baked look. This also adds radiant to a variety of skin colors. Many models including Ciara, Gisele, Emma Roberts, Beyoncé, Amber Heard, Jennifer Lopez, and Hate Hudson have tried the golden/honey blonde and have set a new trend for their fans.

Wrapped low ponytail

Wrapped low ponytail

This is much simple since you wrap your hair in expensive silky scarves with different patterns and beautiful colors. This style matches any outfit and many women love it in the market thus trending in 2022.  This style has emerged recently and is also liked by people. Another addition in the trend is by wrapping it with a clear plastic tube channeled on the end of the pony. If you are very much enthusiastic to try and practice this hair trend than you must take tips and hints from Chanel. Moreover, well known and well reputed hair stylist of the fashion industry; Sam McKnight reveals that the model’s hair are pulled into pony with the help of a vacuum. The tutorials are available on his instagram social media account and fans can see it too. It seems it’s a little bit tricky and difficult but practice makes you perfect. You can practice it and follow the latest trend.

Natural Curly Kinky Clip-Ins

Natural Curly Kinky Clip-Ins

This one also has been there from the year 2017 and it has seen a progressive embark because they embrace the natural texture. It is mostly embraced by the curly girls like Ashley Moore and Zendaya. The trend has been so fresh to them since they rock with it and it is appealing so fresh to them. When using this trend, you don’t use the relaxer thus so efficient to keep up and free from damages. The design does not need the client to brush the hair purposely to keep the shape of the stylist curls. To keep the hair in good shape always, there is a guide provided to give direction on how to keep it safe.

Super high ponytails

Super high ponytails

This fashion designer is making a great comeback in the recent market for hair extension a couture twist. The fashion model Bella Hadid usually unleashes a high pony in a super slicked back fashion. The fashion is good because it keeps the hair out of the client’s face making them feel pretty. The trend is easy to manage since it only requires that you can use a fine comb with little gel to relax the flyaway hair then you go.

The look of High ponytail is also versatile because it has the inner diva goddess and use a thin barreled curling wand to create thick texture waves like Chloe.

The blunt ends

The blunt ends

When you have long hair like Olivia Culpo, making the cut off with ends is that are sharp and uniform is vital because it gives hair a fresh start by getting rid of any split ends. The blunt straight cut give face edge and structures good for the oval and round shape. It is efficient because of the shape it give to the face and thus convenient to client where she doesn’t keep pushing hair that cover the face.

The Blonder the Better

The Blonder the Better

In this case, reaching a color blonde is never easy but that did not hinder celebs like Katy Perry to make the dye jobs. It can change the color of your hair but still match with your skin look. This is essential because you can meet beauty in a set at the same time.

Correct Hair Cuts

Correct Hair Cuts

Hair extensions can also be cut down and made a little too short for the client. The hair is cut and the length and volume can be regulated for the client to be more comfortable. This hair style consumes less of client’s time and money thus more efficient in terms of both resources and time. There is no lamentation by any clients and there is no excuse why they should not go for this fashions where everyone looks upon to.

From blah to bombshell

From blah to bombshell

The stylists from hair talk USA brought this fashion to life by implementing measures where, the highlights and dimensional color to make the clients hair look more colorful and attractive. The colors are made to fit the desires of the clients theme and skin color. These such styles are easy to venture to therefore, you don’t need to be afraid of joining the trends since the fear hinders beauty.

The High and Tight Ponytail

The High and Tight Ponytail

The high and tight pony tail trend is back in 2022. This is indeed the earliest hair extension trend which is still practiced and peoples also like it the most. This is efficient to the client who goes out for summer; it beats the summer humidity with a sleek and high pony. You slick your hair back and tie it with hair band as you apply the hairspray where you go about your day looking cool and pretty. It is a good style because heat won’t stand a chance against your hair and the general beautiful look. Such hair style gives a trendy look.

The Bangs

This is a top trend for 2022; the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid are all sporting Bangs this season. But this is not because they are totally committed to it but they are easy to make a simple one for the night. It is flipped over a section of the hair from the back to the back of your head and putting the rest up in a knot. It is simple and like by many because of its simplicity. It should be noted bangs looks best at people who have oval face shape and have smooth chin too.

After having deep insight of top rated hair extension trends ladies it is hoped that you are quite clear which trend to adopt which may satisfy your needs. So, now don’t waste much of your time and visit your nearest salon, book your appointment, and get your most favorite look. Hope this article has helped you. Have a nice experience


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