Furnace Humidifier Reviews


If you have an allergy, asthma, suffer from dry skin, or feel uncomfortable when the heating is on and the air is dry, a furnace humidifier can help make life much better for you, your children, and your pets.

Also, a humidifier for the whole house can help preserve the wood floors and furniture from drying up and cracking or getting damaged by the dry air.

A good quality furnace humidifier like the GeneralAire 1000A is installed directly in your HVAC system and uses the air ducts to spread the generated moisture throughout your home.

Furnace Humidifier Reviews

We have analyzed hundreds of furnace humidifier reviews for you, and have tested a number of the available products, and have come up with our list of the favorite furnace humidifiers for 2022 for you.

Read on to find out more about these ingenious devices in order to find the right option for your home and for your needs.

Best overall

GeneralAire 1000A Humidifier, 120V

You will definitely breathe better, and your skin will be less itchy once you install the GeneralAire 1000A furnace humidifier in your home, even if the heat is on at a high-temperature setting and all windows are closed.


It is a fan-powered humidifier that can cover an area of 3,000 square feet, so it is suitable for any medium-sized home.

The finest furnace humidifier for 2022 has an integrated Gfx humidistat and also has a nifty outdoor temperature compensating control sensor, which calculates and adjusts the dew points at home depending on the temperature outside.

You can use this humidifier in either manual or automatic mode.

The GeneralAire 1000A has a maximum output of 18 gallons of water a day, which is as much as the humidifiers, which are rated for much larger areas are capable of.

The unit comes with everything you need to install it and get it running immediately, and just after a few minutes, you will instantly feel the change in the air inside. You will breathe easier, and your skin will feel much better even in the winter with the heater on.

Plus, you will help preserve your furniture and floors from cracking, squeaking, and getting damaged from the heat and dry air in the winter.

If you want to take full advantage of the generous 10-year warranty for the device, you will need to ask a contractor to install it for you.

If you are mechanically inclined, you can install it by yourself and use either hot or cold water, but hot water will help the evaporation process and will not cool down the hot air in the furnace. It works with 24 volts, but there are detailed instructions by the manufacturer about switching the 120 volts to the necessary 24 volts in the installation manual. You can also purchase the 24-volt sensing relay kit, which is offered by GeneralAire in order to make the installation even easier.

If you have any issues with the installation or with running this unit, you should call the customer care service, which is always very helpful.

Its size is 14.75 x 16 x 10 inches, and it weighs 4 lbs.

The device works very quietly, and you will barely notice the noise when it is working, which is another reason for it to be the top-ranked furnace humidifier for 2022.

Thanks to the quiet operation as well as the automatic mode, you can set up the furnace humidifier once and then forget about having to adjust any settings or forget that it is working at all.

Still, you and your family, as well as your pets, will appreciate the healthy humidity in your home even when the heat is on at full power on the cold winter days.

Overall, this excellent quality furnace humidifier is the right option you can buy if you have a home that is up to 3,000 square feet in size.

The runner up

Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier

The runner-up in our list of the good furnace humidifiers for 2022 is perfect for larger homes sized up to 4,200 square feet.


It is made by the pioneer in whole-house humidifying Aprilaire.

It has an evaporation capacity of 0.75 gallons per hour, which is sufficient to deliver the perfect levels of humidity even when the heating is working on high-temperature settings.

The Aprilaire 700 is another fan-powered furnace humidifier that has an automatic digital humidifier control option, which means that once you set it up, you will not need to play with the settings again. But then again, the device also has a manual settings option, which will allow you to adjust the temperature, humidity, and vital service settings as well.

You can use it in manual mode if you want to conserve energy and water as well.

Once you install the humidifier, you will instantly start feeling more comfortable and breathing better. It is especially helpful if you suffer from allergies or if your skin and lips tend to dry up, crack and itch, especially during the winter season.

Plus, the stale air will be gone, and all of the family, especially the children and the pets, will feel much more comfortable once you start using this furnace humidifier.

Plus, the humidifier will help preserve the wood floors and furniture from becoming squeaky and cracking from the heat and the dry air when the heating is on.

The device is designed to deliver 50% more moisture than most of the other units in the same range.

It is 16 x 11 x 18 inches in size and weighs 15 lbs.

It is sold with a 5-year limited warranty by the manufacturer.

If you are good with plumbing and low voltage electrical work, you can easily install the humidifier yourself. You will need a 24 V transformer to power it, but once it’s set up and switched on, you will be thankful for every cent you paid for this top-quality furnace humidifier.

The best budget-friendly option

Aprilaire 500M Whole-House Humidifier, Manual Compact Furnace Humidifier

If you don’t want to break the bank when buying a furnace humidifier, you may want to opt for this manual by-pass humidifier by Aprilaire.


It is inexpensive, and can easily humidify a home that is up to 3,000 square feet and which is tightly constructed and insulated. It has a capacity of evaporating 12 gallons a day.

It works by piping water in a distribution tray which is on top of the unit and then distributing the water evenly on the tray. As the hot and dry air in the furnace moves through this water panel, the air in your home will become more humidified and easier to breathe via the natural evaporation which occurs from the air heating the water.

Since it doesn’t use a fan, this humidifier works silently. Also, it saves energy and water, as compared to an automatic humidifier.

It can vent from either the left or the right side, which is another advantage as well.

The unit has manual humidity level settings, but once you have set it, it will maintain the humidity level indoors, no matter the temperature inside. It is very straightforward to set and features a single sensor which will monitor the relative humidity indoors.’

The dimensions of this device are 15.62(W) x 13(H) x 10.25(D) inches, and it weighs 7.75 lbs.

Once you get this unit running, you will start feeling more comfortable, your skin will become more hydrated and less itchy, and your throat will not be sore from the dry air.

Also, a humidifier can do wonders for keeping the air fresh, clean, and easy to breathe, which is especially important for people with allergies, asthma, children, and dogs and other pets at home.

Thanks to the furnace humidifier, the dust mites, fungi and bacteria, and viruses from your home will not grow and thrive so well even when it is warm inside. This means fewer sick days and overall better health for everyone at home.

The unit comes with a 5-year warranty and is relatively easy to install by yourself, but in order not to void the warranty, it is recommended that you ask an HVAC contractor to install it for you, to be on the safe side.

If you prefer the convenience of an automatic bypass furnace humidifier, this model is also available in an automatic variant. You can also opt for one which is for larger homes of up to 4,000 square feet, and even for 4,200 square feet which are also available at great prices.

The rest of the best

Aprilaire 600 Humidifier Auto

The Aprilaire 600 automatic bypass evaporative humidifier is suitable for homes that are up to 4,000 square feet and is quieter and much less expensive than the fan-type whole-house humidifiers.


Key features:

  • A bypass type furnace humidifier with a built-in damper
  • Aprilaire 600 Humidifier
  • Silent and affordable
  • A coverage area of 4,000 square feet of tightly sealed homes, and 2,000 square feet of average sealed homes, or 1,500 feet of loosely sealed ones
  • The maximum output per day is up to 16.8 gallons
  • Programmable
  • The humidifier will trigger the need for more water automatically
  • Helps keep the air and home clean from allergens
  • Relieves itchy skin, cracked lips, and sore throats
  • Protects wooden floors and furniture from drying up
  • It has permanent memory which means that the settings for the programing, humidity, time, and date are not lost if there is a power outage
  • It comes with a 24 V transformer, and a saddle valve, and a water solenoid valve
  • Delivers more moisture than other furnace humidifiers in this range
  • A size of 15 x 10 x 16 inches, and a weight of 11 lbs.
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Air Bear AIR-BEAR-265000-001 Trion Duct Mounted Atomizing 24V Humidifier Mister-MINI 265000-001

The Mister-MINI furnace humidifier is possibly the smallest whole-home humidifier on the market, so if you are worried about finding a humidifier that will fit in your small furnace for a home of up to 2,000 square feet, you should definitely opt for this one.


Key features:

  • The flow-through humidifier introduces atomized water in the form of fine mist into the airstream, without any standing stagnant water
  • A built-in temperature switch and humidistat will adjust the humidifier automatically and turns it off if the air in the duct is not sufficient to cause effective evaporation
  • The capacity of the humidifier can be increased or decreased by changing its nozzle
  • It has a capacity of 12.5 gallons a day
  • The coverage of the Mister-MINI is 2,000 square feet
  • It is mounted directly in the duct and can fit an opening of 3.125 x 3.125 inches
  • Designed to be installed and used easily
  • A compact unit that can fit where other humidifiers can’t
  • The water is connected easily and safely via push-to-lock fittings
  • Thanks to the tilt-out nozzle assembly you will have easy access to all the main parts of the unit when maintenance is necessary
  • The dimensions of the device are 4.25 (W) x 4.25 (H) x 3.88 (D) inches
  • There are no pads or filters to change, just the nozzle needs to be replaced annually
  • Sold with a 5-year warranty

Emerson HSP2000 Whole House Steam Humidifier

If you want a whole-house humidifier that is not reliant on the furnace in order to work efficiently, you should consider buying the Emerson HSP2000 Steam Humidifier.


Key features:

  • Steam-based humidifier with a water reservoir that doesn’t rely on the hot air in the furnace to operate
  • It provides very precise humidity control
  • The unit has a chlorine removal filter for the water
  • The built-in automatic humidistat will determine when water needs to be heated to produce steam to humidify the air through the duct system
  • A capacity of 13 gallons per day
  • Coverage of 1,400 square feet, but works well in larger areas as well
  • The unit is corrosion resistant
  • It has built-in overflow protection as well as a safety cut off switch for safety reasons
  • The device uses limited amounts of water
  • It has a self-cleaning function
  • The steam helps kill the harmful bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses in your home
  • It also can help add to the warmth at home in the winter
  • Very quiet operation
  • The dimensions of the unit are 7.6 x 12.5 x 12.6 inches and it weighs 18.1 lbs.
  • The humidifier uses 120 Volts

Aprilaire 865 Whole House Steam Humidifier with Wall Mount Fan for Homes without HVAC Duct System

The Aprilaire 865 is a ductless whole house humidifier designed to work without duct and forced air heat systems. It is perfect if your home is on a baseboard or radiant heating.


Key features:

  • Features a wall mount fan that pushes the humidified air in the home without the need for an HVAC duct system
  • It can cover homes that are up to 6,200 square feet if they are tightly built
  • The capacity of the humidifier is 11.5 – 34.6 gallons a day depending on the level you use and on the installation and voltage
  • It has 6 levels of output to chooses from
  • Superb option for people living in dry and desert climates
  • Helps reduce the symptoms of asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, as well as the development of fungi, dust mites, viruses, and bacteria at home
  • The humidity will help preserve your wood floors, furnishing, and cabinetry which can be easily damaged by prolonged exposure to dry air
  • It works via electrodes that are submerged in a replaceable canister, so it is easy to maintain by replacing the canister once a year
  • The humidifier works with a water hardness of 3 to 36 grains, so it can work will just about any type of water
  • The size of the unit is 7.1 x 10.1 x 20.9 inches, and it weighs 33 lbs.
  • It is also available in a version for HVAC furnaces as well – the Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier, High Output Humidifier

Skuttle 2000 Flow-Through Humidifier

If you don’t want a complicated whole-house humidifier, then you should definitely check out the Skuttle 2000 Flow-Through Humidifier. It is inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to use.


Key features:

  • A flow-through furnace humidifier
  • Easy to install in just about any forced-air furnace
  • It uses natural evaporation via an installed porous evaporator pad
  • The released moisture will have no impurities, making the air you breathe cleaner and fresher
  • It can cover up to 3,333 square feet in a tight house, 2,121 square feet in an average house, and 1,522 feet in a loose house
  • The daily output is up to 14 gallons of moisture
  • The unit is compact and has a low profile making it suitable even for narrower ducts
  • You can install it easily and reverse the side panels allowing for either left or right side bypass installation
  • The device consumes very little power – as much as a 25 watt light bulb
  • The design prevents standing water and the buildup of minerals due to hard water
  • Maintains a comfortable 35-40% humidity throughout the heating season
  • Thanks to the shut-off damper, your air conditioning will run more efficiently in the summer
  • Helps prevent damage to the furniture and interior which dry air can cause
  • Also helps you breathe better, reduce skin irritations and make life more comfortable for children, pets, allergy or asthma sufferers
  • It is very easy to maintain – just clean it once a year, and replace the filter every 6 months
  • Its size is 13.5 (H) x 9.61 (W) x 12.5 (D) inches

What are the different types of furnace humidifiers?

There are different types of whole-home humidifiers.

The most common ones use natural evaporation and a fan to circulate the moisture in the air throughout the home. They are easy to use and require little maintenance. Also, they can operate when the furnace is not on. But because they have a fan, they are louder than the other types.

There are also bypass furnace humidifiers that don’t have fans or steamers and rely on the heat from the furnace. These are the least expensive ones but they rely entirely on the furnace to work.

The steam furnace humidifiers have their own reservoirs and steamers and do not rely on the hot air in the HVAC ducts. Steam furnaces are the most efficient whole-home humidifiers and can work independently from your heating or air conditioning at home.

Unlike the regular room, console, or personal humidifiers, whole-house humidifiers send the moisture to all parts of the home through the air ducts.

They are connected to the HVAC system and the produced moisture will be dispersed to all parts of the house or apartment where there are open vents.

These devices work with just about any kind of forced-air or gas furnace, and they can actually help reduce the heating costs because humidity causes the air to feel warmer.

Most of them do not require a connection to the waterline, so you do not need to refill them, thus they are very easy to maintain.

Features to look for when shopping for a furnace humidifier

When looking for the best furnace humidifier for your home, you need to consider the following important features:

  • Choose the right type – fan, bypass, or steam, depending on your furnace, and on your specific needs.
  • The right coverage area – is measured in square feet, but also depends on how tightly your home is constructed and how well insulated it is. The looser the construction is the higher capacity you need to buy. Also, remember to measure the coverage of only the rooms and areas covered by the HVAC system.
  • Dimensions and weight – this is essential if you want to make sure that the furnace humidifier will fit in the furnace room and the allocated space for it.
  • Warranty – for peace of mind, it is advisable to choose a humidifier with a longer warranty. Also, check whether the manufacturer requires professional installation in order for the warranty to be valid.
  • Additional features – look at features like fan noise, automatic control, safety controls, and other features you may need.


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