40+ Cutest Dog Breeds – Most Adorable Dogs


When it comes to cuteness – everybody has their own opinion of what’s cute and what isn’t right?

If you love dogs, you probably think all of them are cute. If you are a dog parent, then I am pretty sure that you are the proudest owner of the cutest dog of them all!

So, however hard it is to pick the cutest of all dog breeds, here is a list in alphabetical order of the breeds which are generally considered the most adorable in one way or another by most people. You will see that our list contains dogs that are amazingly cute and adorable, no matter their size, shape, or type.

Cute Dogs

Let’s see more about these cute dogs and what exactly makes them irresistible to hugs, kisses, and love.


No wonder these pups are often referred to as “monkey dogs” (“affen” means monkey in German). Once you look at that cute face, you can’t resist the urge to grab and cuddle those little fellows.

With a distinctive mustache and an adorable little underbite, you must agree that Affens look like mischievous little devils.

They were originally bred to be rodent catchers and are brave, alert, and a bit stubborn. Yet, they get really affectionate and close to their owners and are always ready to please them and make them laugh. Affenpinschers do need consistent training and socializing when they are little, but they grow up as perfect companions and watchdogs.

Plus, they are still quite rare, and this makes them excellent conversation starters. You will find that everyone will want to pet and know more about your Affen when you take it out for a walk.

Afghan Hound

Affies are exquisite and graceful dogs, which have deep soulful eyes and a distinctive attention-catching coat. Even though they may look quite polite and sociable outdoors, at home, they can be prone to playing, clownishness, and absolute cuteness.

The Afghan hound is believed to be one of the oldest existing breeds in the world. It is typically a one-person or one-family dog so that it won’t be too affectionate to your guests and strangers, but it is a loveable, loyal, and quite a comic companion to have and observe.

American Eskimo Dog

What’s not to love about these sparkling white, ever-smiling pups? Eskies come in toy, miniature, and standard sizes, but they are always so cute that you will find that every passerby will feel the need to stop by to meet them and say hello.

Their happy disposition, smiling face, and intelligent eyes combined with the perked ears and the fluffy white coat and lion-like ruff definitely tend to attract a lot of attention.

American Eskimo dogs are very friendly and alert dogs, and they do need to socialize a lot. Being eager to please, they are very prone to training, so get ready to teach your Eskie a few tricks and spend time with it, and you will have an inseparable cute, and loyal best friend.

American Foxhound

These prancing little dogs with ever-wagging tails are among the cutest in the dog world. The American Foxhound is a very friendly dog, which can quickly get along with all people, children, other dogs, and even cats.

But don’t let those begging soft eyes fool you. The American Foxhound is a very fast and enduring working dog, which means that dogs of this breed need to get a lot of exercise and training or could otherwise become destructive and depressed.

So, if you are ready to spend hours playing catch and exploring the outside world with your dog, you should consider adding an American Foxhound to your family.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

OK, some people may think that Am Staffs are ferocious and dangerous, but the truth is that they are very good-natured and gentle companions when responsibly bred and socialized.

Their courage and faithfulness are proverbial. Also, they are perfect personality dogs that love to socialize and play with kids and adults, as well as behave like little baby lapdogs from time to time.

The American Staffordshire Terrier, unfortunately, is often a victim of stereotypes due to the fact that it is a bull-type terrier. In actuality, it is a highly trainable breed that can be a truly sweet and loyal family member if proper care is taken to train and socialize it.

Australian Terrier

These dogs from Down Under are one of the smallest terriers around. They may look a bit shaggy, but their sweet sparkling eyes and the long head on that small body make the urge to pet and fondle them irresistible.

Even though they are tiny, these dogs are very self-confident, alert, and have plucky personalities, which will always bring a smile to the owners and to all people who come in contact with these adorable Aussies.

They are energetic, endure all kinds of weather conditions, but being terriers are prone to chasing small animals and objects, so you should be careful when letting them off of the leash.

Otherwise, you can train an Australian Terrier quite a lot of tricks, so it will definitely attract all of the attention next time you go out to the doggie park, and you show off some of its new tricks to the other dog parents.

Australian Shepherd

Aussies are the epitome of cuteness. They are beauty and brains combined in one. Australian Shepherds are often associated with cowboys and are perfect, tough ranch dogs that have an instinct to herd just about anything.

If you are more of a couch potato and don’t like spending too much time outdoors, then an Aussie is probably not the cute breed to pick for a companion. But if you are ready to spend hours outdoors, make your dog your jogging buddy, or are willing to work and train your dog consistently, then an Australian Shepherd is definitely a dog you should adopt.

Basset Hound

The droopy looks of the Hush Puppies breed and their long, loose hanging skin and ears are most definitely cute and eye-catching. The Basset Hound is a unique-looking dog, with comically short and yet large feet and an adorable walk.

Although they are bred to hunt hare, Bassets make perfect pets. Also, they are proclaimed to have the second-best sense of scent after the bloodhounds, which will always make them look like they are after a trail or treasure.

But Bassets are charming and patient, even though they are also known to be one of the most stubborn breeds of dogs too.

Basset Hounds are loyal, easy-going, and look absolutely adorable, which is why they are one of the top preferred and loved breeds not only in the US but in the world.


The barkless dog makes it among our favorite cute dog list due to a number of factors. Not only does it make a strange noise instead of barking when it wants to let you know how it is feeling, but it has certain cat-like features that make it such a distinguishable and uniquely cute breed.

Basenjis can spend hours grooming themselves like cats. They are small and sweet and look like tiny racehorses when they run and trot.

They are intelligent and captivating pets who do need quite a bit of activity and exercise but also require the time to groom themselves properly when they get home.

If you want a dog that is very different from all other breeds and yet is cute and loving, you should get a Basenji.

Bearded Collie

You can’t say no to the dreamy expression of these charming big shaggy dogs. Beardies feel great spending time outdoors in all kinds of weather. After all, they have been bred to be herders in Scotland where the weather isn’t always sunny and friendly.

But unlike the Scottish weather, the Bearded Collies are always friendly.

Their shaggy double coats make them look like another herding breed from nearby – the Bobtail (Old English Sheepdog), but Beardies are the more angular and leaner of the two breeds. Plus, they have their unique beards which they were named after, which make them exceptionally adorable and irresistible to cuddles and loving.

Beardies are very good-natured dogs, which get along perfectly fine with people, children, and other dogs. But remember that they can get bored easily, so don’t forget to provide them with regular interesting training and activities, if you want them to stay happy and continue to show you all the love and affection that they can.


Snoopy is one of the cutest animated dogs and one of the most famous beagles in the world. But don’t underestimate the real thing! The Beagle is one of the cutest breeds due to the fact that it continues to look like a young and happy puppy even as it ages.

With a lovely face, warm and expressive eyes, and an overall happy disposition, the beagle is a perfect cute buddy to have at home.

It is smaller than other hounds, but is still prone to follow trails and is always ready for new adventures.

Bernese Mountain Dog

As you can see, we do not consider only small and toy dogs cute. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an adorable, huggable, and large canine. Bred to be a mountain helper, it is very strong and yet always ready to help and generally good-natured.

Not only do they look like giant fluff balls which you want to hug, but Bernese Mountain Dogs are also so friendly and patient, that they truly wouldn’t mind if you actually go ahead and hug them!

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is the dog breed that you will most likely stumble upon when searching for cute dog videos, pictures, and Instagram and Facebook profiles. This white ball of puff would probably be in the top of our list if it weren’t for the alphabetical order.

It is an immensely cute breed due to the readiness to learn new tricks and to show them to the people they love and want to impress and please.

Even though it is so fluffy, you will hardly see any hairs at home, as it sheds very little. This makes it one of the top-preferred hypoallergenic breeds too.

Bichons are perfect watchdogs as they stay alert with strangers, but are otherwise great with other dogs as well as with children of all ages.

And let’s admit it – they are damn cute. After all, who can say “no” to those bright black eyes and nose surrounded by a sparkling ball of soft white puff, right?

Boston Terrier

Where would this cute dog list be without the fancy and cute little “American Gentleman”? The Boston Terrier is an intelligent and amusing small-sized dog with a big personality. Its tight tuxedo jacket coloring and friendly big eyes make Boston one of the most adorable little canine companions.

Being named after a big city, this dog is a perfect city pet. It is portable and yet sturdy and always up for a walk to the nearby café or to the park.

The Boston Terrier loves people and can make even the most skeptical people smile thanks to its inborn comedic talent.


Oh, that cute face with the tilted head and those big curious eyes looking at you. Who can resist loving and playing with a beautiful boxer?

These dogs are a perfect combination of good looks, intelligence, loyalty, and affection, which is why Boxers are the famous dog breed for many people around the world.

The beautiful muscular bodies, and the tight-fitting coat, as well as the elegant walk combined with never-ending playfulness, make them excellent pets.

Plus, Boxers are known for their patience and loyalty which are great features, especially if you have children.

If they are properly socialized and trained as puppies, boxers grow up to be amazing companions and watchdogs.

Brussels Griffon

It may look a bit awkward, but the Brussels Griffon has almost human-like facial features and expressions that can melt anybody’s heart.

Remember the Brussels Griffon Verdell from the movie As good as it gets? Well, the tiny pup managed to soften the heart of the insulting narcissist portrayed perfectly by Jack Nicholson.

The Brussels Griffon is small, a bit shabby looking but exceptionally adorable. The breed is known to be very friendly to people, children, dogs, and even cats.

It is a clever and versatile little dog, which will quickly become the most adored member of your household.

Cairn Terrier

Remember cute little Toto from the Wizard of Oz? It was actually a female Cairn Terrier named Terry who went on to become one of the most famous dog actors in the history of film.

Cairn Terriers are small, happy, and very busy earth dogs that originated in Scotland and were bred to dig out foxes and other small animals.

The adorable short legs and the wide head of these terriers combined with the overall shaggy look are all you should be looking for if you want the cutest canine companion.

They are very intelligent little creatures that have been described by breed promoters as the “best pals in the world”.

This comes as no surprise because Cairns are small enough to be cuddly lap dogs, and yet are energetic, independent thinking, and loyal four-legged friends.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavaliers are beautiful and gentle toy dogs which though still have the athleticism and the energy of spaniels.

They are truly majestic dogs, which will bring beauty to your home, and yet still are happy to take a brisk walk and enjoy a great time chasing squirrels in the park.

Cavaliers are very good with other dogs and with children and are perfect pets that can adapt to any lifestyle – whether you are an active outdoor type of person, or prefer spending time at home. The Cavalier will always be by your side, no matter what.


This designer breed is the perfect and cutest combination of two amazing breeds – the poodle and the English cocker spaniel.

Cockapoos look adorable and are truly loyal dogs that will always be just a step away from you.

They love their owners and will get along perfectly with all family members and other pets.

The Cockapoo gets the best of both breeds and is a cute, fluffy, happy, intelligent, and highly adaptable dog.

Cocker Spaniel

Everybody knows the irresistible Lady from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. She is the epitome of the beauty, grace, and cuteness of the Cocker Spaniel breed.

The American Cocker Spaniel has a beautiful silky long coat which makes it look absolutely stunning. Even when it has its coat clipped short, the Cocker is amazingly cute and looks puppy-like no matter how old it is.

The large expressive eyes and the silky long ears make these dogs a magnet for petting, cuddling, and love.

Cocker spaniels do love curling up on the couch at home and doing nothing, but then again they are merry spaniels who enjoy quite a bit of playtime and going on brisk walks.


Standard or miniature, longhaired, wirehaired or smooth – the silhouette of the dachshund can never be mistaken.

These cute low dogs have such an energetic personality and an always alert look which has turned them into icons in the world of dogs and dog lovers.

The Weiner dogs have become dog superstars also thanks to the wobbly walk, the unique silhouette, and the big personalities they have.

They are bred to be fearless hunters and can be somewhat stubborn, but Dachshunds are perfect watchdogs and happy and loving dogs which will bring love and a lot of laughs to your household.

French Bulldog

There is no way that we would have left the Frenchies out of this cutest dog list. A small bulldog with bat-like ears on that cute square head – the French Bulldog is truly one of a kind.

These charming pups are smart, affectionate, and alert animals, which will easily adapt to your lifestyle – no matter if you are single or live in a large household with a lot of kids.

The Frenchie is a very friendly dog that will gladly meet new people and animals.

It is one of the top preferred pets for the city and will keep you entertained at all times.

Golden Retriever

There is no way that the most popular dog breed in the US doesn’t make it into this list of the cutest dogs.

Goldens are beautiful, photogenic, intelligent, and loving dogs. But they are irreplaceable service dogs, guide dogs, and therapy dogs too.

Their kind and loving nature are unmatched. The beauty of their golden coats and their friendly eyes and short ears are picture-perfect.

They love being with their people, meeting new friends, and being active. The Goldens are simply the perfect family dogs. They are easy to train and are always eager to play and have fun with their human friends.

Plus, have you seen anything more adorable than a baby Golden Retriever?

Great Dane

The Great Dane is a cute gentle giant which can reach 3 ft. height at the shoulder and is often taller than its human parents when it stands on its hind legs.

Great Danes are very elegant, noble-like creatures that are very powerful and yet can be as gentle and as loving as the tiniest lap dogs.

They come in different colors, with the best known and most striking coloring being the black and white “harlequin” type.

They are sweet and kind but can make excellent watchdogs and guardians. Due to their strength and towering height, you should not take this breed lightly. They need good training, exercise, and proper care.

Overall, Great Danes are very patient with kids and love to please their people, and after all – what is cuter than having your own Marmaduke at home?

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These Cuban dogs have a natural talent for learning and performing tricks, and they are unbelievably cute while at it. A Havanese will definitely grab the attention of all people – young and old, with its cuteness, its cheerful character, and those beautiful big brown eyes.

Havanese are sociable little creatures and are a joy to all owners thanks to their gorgeous soft and silky coats and the fact that they are not too much into barking.

The Havanese are small and yet sturdy dogs that are very smart and easily trainable, and even though they are not barking dogs, they make perfect watchdogs and companions.

Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

Labs have been the top preferred family dog in the US for over 2 decades. There are numerous reasons for this. First of all, Labradors are exceptionally cute, and second of all – they are well-known for their outgoing and friendly character.

They come in yellow, black, and chocolate colors, and their tails are constantly wagging. The kind big eyes and the friendly nature of these dogs make them so popular.

They are highly energetic, so you need to be prepared for quite a bit of walking, cycling, or playing with your Lab if you are planning to adopt one.


What is cuter than watching a Maltese walk as if it is on top of a puffy white cloud? Its long, non-shedding hair reaches the ground and makes this dog look amazingly adorable and attractive.

The shiny black eyes and nose perfectly contrast its beautiful white coat.

Although the Maltese are the perfect size for lap dogs, they can be quite energetic and dynamic, so be prepared to have to get off the couch and play some fetch outdoors if you decide to get a dog from this breed.

It is a vigorous and loyal little animal and is very easy to train. But, keep in mind that it does tend to suffer from separation anxiety and is not as patient with kids as some of the other breeds.

Overall, the Maltese are a cute dogs that will love you and will expect you to love it back and express all of your affection.

Norfolk Terrier

Yet, it’s all fuzzy, small, and cute, but the Norfolk Terrier is anything but a lap dog. This small animal with a distinctive wiry coat and expressive bright eyes has a true terrier spirit. It is hardy and energetic, especially when it comes to chasing rats and vermin, which is what it was originally bred for.

Otherwise, this remarkably adorable small working terrier is fiercely loyal and bonds really close to its owner. It is a reliable watchdog and very portable and adaptable for traveling.


It is difficult to resist wanting to cover the Papillon with kisses. Its one-of-a-kind butterfly ears are its trademark, but there are many other features of this breed that make it a unique dog and pet.

The Papillon is very keen on learning new tricks and in sports. Even though it looks like an elegant lap dog, it is actually quite sturdy and athletic which is why members of this breed often come in at first place at agility contests.

They are great family dogs but do feel better and thrive better in warm climates.

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you ask the Queen of England what the cutest dog is, there is no doubt that she will say – the Corgi. After all, she has owned over 30 dogs from this breed throughout her life and is still counting.

But, thankfully, you don’t have to be a member of royalty to own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It is a very popular breed due to its immense cuteness, its short strong legs, and its amazingly cute face and ears.

The Corgi is an affectionate companion, which is not as needy as some of the other small dog breeds.

It is actually pretty strong – like a big dog packed in a small body. It is also agile and quick and has a big bark which makes it perfect for a watchdog.

All in all, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a very loyal and loving pet, especially if you are willing to give it the chance to lead an active lifestyle and if you give your love back in return.


The Pom is the ultimate lap dog or purse dog. It has a smiling expression hidden among that fluffy dense coat. Always very lively and animated, the Pomeranian is one of those toy dogs which tend to think they are big dogs.

It is difficult not to smile when you see that happy foxy face look at you, but it is also a good watchdog, despite the tiny dimensions. Poms can learn tricks and new games easily and will be a faithful companion to all family members. Even though this is an active breed, given its size, a Pomeranian may require just short walks and indoor playtime, which makes it a great dog for the city.

Portuguese Water Dog

Probably the most famous Portuguese Water Dog is former President Obama’s dog – Bo.  The breed is known for its strong swimming skills and even has webbed feet to assist its swimming and movement in the water.

This dog is intelligent and very easy to train, which is also eager to please its owners at all times.

Needless to say, the Portuguese Water Dog loves water, so make sure that you can ensure a place where your fur baby can spend some fun time swimming around and cooling out in the water.

Even though it is all curly and furry, this is a low-shedding, hypoallergenic breed suitable for those of you with dog allergies.


Remember Frank the talking extraterrestrial disguised as a pug from Men in Black? How could you forget, right? It is very difficult not to notice a pug waddling by you. The small and compact body paired with the large round head and the unbelievably cute squished face is something you cannot miss.

Pugs are superb companions because they are perpetually happy, and simply love to love -especially when they receive the same in return.

With their human-like expressions, you can enjoy speaking to your pug and watch its amazing reactions ranging from happiness to surprise and curiosity. This is a cute dog that will always make you smile.

Saint Bernard

Remember the adventures of Beethoven from the movie of the same name? Beethoven is a Saint Bernard and is as cute as any other dog from this breed.

Saint Bernard’s are very large dogs that are bred to helping and saving people in the Swiss Alps, which is why they are so friendly and don’t mind that people – young and old cannot resist the urge to hug them and pet them.

Needless to say, Saint Bernard is the perfect dog to snuggle with on the couch on a cold winter day. Due to its large size (it can reach 260 lbs. or more), you should seriously think about whether you have sufficient space at home for the dog and you to feel comfortable before getting one!

Scottish Terrier

The Scottie has an unmistakable terrier silhouette and build. It has a shaggy coat and a large muzzle sporting a long beard. At the end of the muzzle is a cute button-like nose.

The Scottish Terrier is a fearless dog which shows by its confident walk with its head high and following a comfortable trot.

Overall, dogs from this breed are mischievous little fellows, which just adds to the fun of owning a Scottie.

They are also quite reliable watchdogs and are very intelligent dogs that get along with both adults and children.

Another plus is the fact that Scottish Terriers are considered hypoallergenic due to the fact that they don’t shed.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties look like miniature rough-coated Collies. They are remarkably cute and are one of the most intelligent dog breeds. The Shetland Sheepdogs are very quick and is obedient, which is why we see dogs from this breed turn out as winners at various herding, obedience, and agility contests.

They are reserved to strangers and do bark, so they are perfect not only as companions but as watchdogs as well.

But since they were bred and used to scare away birds from the gardens and to her sheep, you need to take the time to train your Sheltie, so that its constant barking and chasing doesn’t turn into a nuisance.

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Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

As you can see, we are not quite done with cute dog breeds from the terrier family. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is yet another member of this dog family which we can all agree is extremely adorable.

Their shaggy coats are just begging for some petting and rubs. But it is the face with the almond-shaped eyes and perky little ears which steal the show when it comes to the cuteness level of the Wheaten.

At any age, dogs of this breed will continue looking like puppies, which makes them even more adorable.

They are always ready to play and are people-oriented, so they make great family dogs. Still, they do require regular playtime and exercises, so get ready to get that leash and go out on a walk rain or shine. They are always ready for a brisk walk or a game of catch outdoors.

Shiba Inu

These Japanese dogs have become extremely popular thanks to their cuteness and the numerous internet memes and photos of dogs from this breed.

Shiba Inus is like tiny Akitas, with the typical triangular expressive eyes which the breed is known for.

Their fox-colored coat gives them an absolutely unique look.

The good news for people who do not do well with barking dogs, the Shiba Inu rarely barks, but can sometimes speak to you in a distinctive howling voice, which make this dog even more cute and fun to have around!

West Highland White Terrier

Westies are one of the cutest breeds for a number of reasons. First, their white, fluffy coat with contrasting black eyes and button-like noses make them look like plush toys. They are most definitely among the cutest of the large family of terriers.

Westies are typical terriers, which means that they are fearless and have big dog personalities. One of the positive features is that they are not as loud as some of the other terriers, which is great if you live in an apartment.

They are loyal, energetic and can get along with all family members as well as with other pets without any problems.

Yorkshire Terrier

And last but not least, we must add the Yorkshire Terrier to our list of the cutest dog breeds.

Yorkies are ideal purse dogs and their cuteness cannot be denied. The silk soft hair can grow long and beautiful, but when you get it clipped short, your dog will look just like a puppy once again. Best of all, they hardly shed at all, which makes them one of the top preferred hypoallergenic dog breeds.

The lovely button-like nose and the understanding and expressive eyes make the Yorkie absolutely irresistible to kisses and snuggles.

Even though they are tiny, Yorkies are brave, curious, and can be overprotective. They are not suitable for households with toddlers or children aged up to 8 due to the typical soft submissive temperament they may exhibit f not trained properly.

Otherwise, Yorkies are excellent pets for adults and families and can be trained very easily. While you are not training them, you can spend the time pampering them and admiring their adorable looks and actions.



Pomsky is one of the cutest dog breeds on the planet.

The Pomsky originated from a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian, and are considered to be hypoallergenic pets because they have low shedding coats.

The ears are pointed up and the tail curls over the body. However, unlike the Siberian Husky, the Pomsky has a double coat of hair that is longer on the underside and sparse on top.

In addition, they are intelligent, loyal, and social animals who make excellent family pets for young children.

The size of this breed ranges anywhere from 10-30 pounds with a lifespan of 12-15 years.

They should be brushed daily with a fur comb or dog brush to remove dead hair.

This is an ideal pet for any type of household!

Final words

All dog parents and dog lovers know just how well our dogs play us when we are mad at something they did, right? The tilted head, the sad, begging eyes, and the flopping ears to the side – who can stay angry with this sort of face?

Scientific research has even been done to determine what the reason is behind the fact that we suddenly get overwhelmed with a warm and fuzzy feeling when we see a cute puppy or dog. The research found that it is difficult for the human brain to immediately distinguish between an innocent and helpless human baby and an innocent and helpless puppy. This is why we all get into the “aww “mood when we see a puppy.

So even scientists agree that it seems that we have it in our genes and in our instincts to be attracted and melted by cute dogs.

Do you have other cute breeds you would like to add to our list?

Naturally, every dog parent thinks that their four-legged friend is the cutest dog in the world of course. So, we would like to hear from you with stories of your dog, and about its level of cuteness!


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