7 Best Wireless Mouse

Best Wireless Mouse

Constantly tangled cords from the laptop, mouse, speakers and simply incomprehensible USB-cables can lead to madness. Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and mankind has long invented wireless mice – and the best of them are presented in this review.

What kind of wireless mouse to buy

On the computer peripherals market there are many kinds of “tailless” mice, which are working with the help of different means of wireless connection. These can be radio devices with USB-adapters, Bluetooth models and manipulators with Wi-Fi connection.

If with the last two technologies there are usually no difficulties, then to connect the adapter will have to sacrifice one USB-port. For the system unit of an ordinary PC it will hardly be a disaster, but in some laptops the number of ports does not allow to keep one constantly busy.

Any wireless device needs a charge to work. Computer mice are powered either by batteries or by a built-in rechargeable battery. The latter does not need to be replaced, as in the case of batteries, although replaceable cells can easily last up to a year.

It is ideal if the cordless wireless mouse can continue to be used while it is being charged by the computer through the cord.

But the most important thing to look at when choosing a mouse is DPI parameters. The higher this value is, the faster and more accurate the mouse is and the smoother the movements of the cursor on the screen.

Sensitivity is especially important for working with graphics and games, as well as for working with high-resolution monitors:

  • For normal work with documents and surfing, DPI 800-1600 is sufficient;
  • For games from 2000;
  • People, involved in computer graphics and e-sports, can use super-sensitive mice with DPI 10000-12000.

Wireless rodents, as well as their caudal brethren, can be of different sizes and shapes. There are small ones for small hands, and some are wider and longer for big palms. For prolonged work at the computer it is better to choose ergonomic models that do not create tension in the hand. But everyone’s physiology is individual and this is the only criterion which is difficult to determine when buying online.

The Best Wireless Bluetooth Mice

It’s very convenient when you don’t need an extra adapter to connect your mouse to your laptop. Almost every car has Bluetooth nowadays.

Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse

7 Best Wireless Mouse|The Consumer Reports


Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse is designed in a minimalist style. The gray body and steel-colored wheel, create a sense of reliability. The quality build material on its part guarantees this. The mouse is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7/8.1/10/10S and Mac OS X. Connection to your computer is via Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0/4.1 4.2 and USB 2.1.

It has an ergonomic shape with a side grip where there are 3 additional buttons (6 in total). Measuring 123×78 mm, it sits well in your hand and doesn’t let your hand get tired quickly.


  • Laser type sensor;
  • comfortable to hold in the hand;
  • easy sliding;
  • two types of connection;
  • fast response.


  • Doesn’t work with Bluetooth versions below 4.0

Microsoft Surface is good for those whose hands get numb from prolonged use of the device.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

7 Best Wireless Mouse|The Consumer Reports


A very specific model of wireless mouse straight from the world of Apple products. For those who are used to and loved the “apple” equipment, this thing is a “must buy”. The mouse works with PCs, but it is designed for Macs. Optical mouse is connected via Bluetooth.

Symmetrical shape makes it convenient for both right- and left-handed users. There are no buttons here – the control is touch sensitive. There is a built-in battery, and the battery life is not insignificant. The model has one unpleasant drawback, when you connect three or more USB drives to your Mac, the mouse starts to slow down a lot.


  • Apple’s!
  • Perfect control in the Mac


  • Very expensive

The best ergonomic wireless mice

To avoid hand overstrain due to prolonged use of the mouse and invented special ergonomic models. These are manipulators that repeat the contours of a relaxed hand, where the hand takes the right position while working and does not get tired.

Razer Viper Ultimate

7 Best Wireless Mouse|The Consumer Reports


If you don’t mind playing computer games, then you probably know the iconic company Razer in the gamer’s environment. Even though cyber-players are not very fond of wireless mice, but Viper Ultimate is declared by the manufacturer as the flagship solution for gamers.

To maintain this status and justify the gigantic price, there is backlighting, a scattering of buttons (8 pieces) and optical switches, which should keep delays to a minimum. The Razer Viper Ultimate even comes with a charging station. However, maybe it would be easier to make a type C port in the mouse itself with the ability to connect directly to a PC? But here it is what it is.


  • The flagship mouse from the world of gaming
  • Might make a statement on your desk.


  • Fantastic price

Logitech MX Vertical

7 Best Wireless Mouse|The Consumer Reports


The most unusual mouse of this company. Its non-standard shape allows you to place your palm perpendicular to the table plane. Because of that the mouse is quite bulky and has lost all appearance features of its living prototype. Measuring 79x120x79 mm, it fits only the owners of medium or wide hands.

Three buttons and scrolling have been added to the case. The sensor is optical, and its positioning accuracy is adjustable from 400 to 4000 dpi. Charge is supported by a 240 mAh battery, this is enough to work the device up to 4 months. The gadget connects to your computer and laptop in three ways: through an adapter Unifying on the radio channel, using Bluetooth or USB-cable.


  • the most comfortable, albeit unaccustomed, hand placement;
  • support for all versions of Mac OS and Windows;
  • a sufficiently sensitive, customizable sensor;
  • different ways to connect;
  • high-quality build material.


  • Not suitable for the left hand.

Logitech MX Vertical, like other products of the company, is made of high quality dense plastic, so it will last a long time. It will be great for those who spend hours sitting in front of the screen, because it allows your hand to hold its natural position without straining.

Razer Lancehead Black USB

7 Best Wireless Mouse|The Consumer Reports


This model can work both with and without a cord, which is a definite plus for many gamers. Its appearance is very attractive – mainly due to the customizable backlight. Although it’s nice to see such a laconic design in a gamer’s gadget, too. By the way, its shape is designed to meet the needs of right- and left-handers.

Under the humble face of an elegant rodent hides a rather functional device with 16000 DPI and speeds up to 450 IOPS. All nine buttons respond immediately and have a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes.


  • high DPI resolution:
  • wired and wireless connection;
  • beautiful backlighting;
  • high quality materials and build;
  • has its own internal memory.


  • The battery drains quickly when connected wirelessly;
  • high price.

This mouse is a must-have for avid gamers – those who appreciate the clarity and speed of button feedback.

The best wireless mice with a radio channel

If your laptop or computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth channel, don’t give up on wireless mice. There are models that easily connect via radio channel and come with the right adapter in the kit.

Logitech Gaming Mouse G305

7 Best Wireless Mouse|The Consumer Reports


Logitech has long established itself as a manufacturer of the best computer peripherals. This 12,000 dpi gaming mouse is no exception. The company’s HERO sensor reduces power consumption and boosts gaming performance. G305 has six buttons on the body of the mouse, while the side buttons are programmable. Key stroke time of the main keys is 10 million times.


  • the ability to program the buttons;
  • low weight;
  • instant response;
  • locking configurations;
  • symmetrical mouse body.


  • rough surface of the wheel;
  • loud sound of the main keys.

Logitech Gaming Mouse is an ideal mouse for those who live in the world of online gaming and for owners of monitors with a huge resolution.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Black USB

7 Best Wireless Mouse|The Consumer Reports


In its own way the iconic mouse that made a lot of noise in the early tens. Its main feature was its ability to change its shape. Or rather, to bend the back part. Not only a design extravagance, it is also an on/off switch. Instead of the wheel, Arc Touch uses a touch scroll bar. The buttons are quite traditional.

It connects to your PC via radio channel. The product is oriented first of all on the work with notebooks and, frankly speaking, episodically. For the first few years of production that same flexible part was constantly breaking. It seems that with time the flaw was overcome, but the questionable ergonomics did not disappear. In short, beauty has to be sacrificed!


  • Still an original design.
  • Truly compact to carry


  • Not very comfortable

How to choose a wireless mouse

There are hundreds and hundreds of wireless mice on the market, but not all are the same. In this article we will tell you how to understand the market diversity and choose a mouse exactly for your needs.

How to connect

For the best wireless mice, there are actually two ways to connect to your computer or tablet. The first is via radio when a dongle is inserted into the USB port. The second way is via Bluetooth. In my opinion, the first is preferable for the computer, because motherboards with built-in “blue tooth” is still a rarity. There is also less lag in operation than Bluetooth mice have. But they are more universal and can work with a tablet or smartphone. And they have a much longer working range.

LED or laser

Here, the situation is exactly the same as with corded mice. The LED is cheaper, which is why it has become dominant. The main problem is that you need as flat a surface as possible under the mouse to work. The laser is much more accurate in positioning the cursor. But you have to pay with higher cost and power consumption.


The problem with wireless mice in the eyes of many buyers is still that they can go dead. They say that cable works and works, but these wireless ones will die at the most inopportune moment. In many respects this is a delusion, because modern mice can work for a year or even more on one AA battery. However, the closer the battery dies, the more the mouse will be slowing down. So don’t rush to take it to the store, try a fresh battery. The built-in rechargeable batteries radically solve this problem. But such mice are more expensive, and once the lithium-ion battery runs out it will be almost impossible to replace it, which means that the whole device will go to the trash.


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