8 Best Trailer Hitch Locks of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Trailer Hitch Locks

When you look at something as big as a trailer, it may be hard to imagine that someone would ever try to steal it. However, we live in a crazy world, and you have to make sure that your personal belongings are well-protected. Your trailer is no exception, especially when you have loaded it with valuable cargo and you need to leave it unattended for a couple of hours or even days.

If you own a high-quality trailer lock, you will never have to experience the anxiety of leaving your cargo out in the open. This advanced locking mechanism offers a simple and effective solution to your problems, giving you peace of mind. The finest trailer hitch locks are easy to install, come in different shapes and sizes, and prevent other vehicles from connecting to your trailer.

Still, to help you find a lock that works with your vehicle perfectly, we’ve compiled a list of the best trailer hitch locks on the market that are weather-resistant, sturdy, and will keep your trailer safe! We are positive you’ll find the hitch lock for a trailer that will also be the best security option for your needs.

Best Trailer Hitch Lock

Connor Nickel Trailer Hitch Lock

Connor is a company devoted to providing high-quality products made with cutting-edge technology. That is why this trailer hitch lock is so dependable and durable. Since it is constructed from heavy-duty solid steel, the lock offers superior strength and protection.

If you’re not that big of a fan of keys, you will be pleased to hear that this trailer hitch lock features an advanced engineered swivel lock. The sophisticated design allows for an auto-lock without using your keys. When it comes to releasing the pin, simply turn the key 1/4 of the way, and the lock will do the rest. It’s that easy!


This trailer lock hitch is compatible with 1-1/4″, 2″, or 2-1/2″ trailer hitch receivers. Moreover, it features an all-weather cap that provides protection against corrosion.

  • 11.6 ounces
  • Sturdy rubber cap
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel

Master Lock Hitch Lock for Trailers

Making their first appearance on our list is Master Lock, with this easy-to-use lock that is the perfect theft deterrent. This trailer coupler lock is designed to resist both corrosion and rust, which means it is super durable and will give you peace of mind wherever you are. With this hitch lock, trailer theft won’t be something to worry about.

This Master Lock product features a smart locking mechanism that is more than reliable and can’t be picked. Moreover, the lock comes with two keys, so if you tend to lose yours easily, you will always have a backup.


This Master Lock hitch lock has a rugged appearance and can withstand different weather conditions. The unit is undoubtedly a “master lock” since it is suitable for 1-7/8 in., 2 in., and most 2-5/16 in. trailer couplers.

  • Material: zinc
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Coupler lock
  • Easy to install

Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Hitch Pin

If you want a lock that will keep your mind at ease, you will definitely be impressed by this Cocoweb hitch pin. It will help you tow your trailer safely, and its barbell locking mechanism will make sure no one can remove the item without a key.

This lock comes at a very affordable price and is suitable for most Class I, II, III, and IV hitches. It may be a bit short to fit a reinforced class IV hitch, so keep this in mind. This solid hardened steel lock is offered in a 5/8″ size, but if this is not what you are looking for, you could also purchase a 1/2″ size.


The lock features a weather-resistant cap that will keep all the grime and water out of the keyhole and is lightweight, so you can easily carry it around. This hitch lock does not require any drilling or mounting. You simply have to slide in the pin and lock it!

The locking pin can withstand harsh weather conditions but is not completely rust-proof, especially when road salt is involved.

  • 13.6 ounces
  • Weatherproof cap
  • It comes with two laser cut keys

CURT 23518 Black Trailer Hitch Lock

Trailer locks like this one are surely a great investment. You get a spare key, watertight dust cap, and durable steel construction. We loved how easy to use this lock is, and the fact that it is compatible with most 2″ hitch receivers makes it the ideal receiver lock.

We guarantee this is one of the top 10 hitch locks for trailers. With its 2.85 inches of usable pin length and 5/8 diameter pin, this hitch pin lock can fit any hitch receiver with a 5/8- inch hole. Be careful, though, the lock is not suitable for double-walled receiver tubes.


Considering the durability of this lock, we can say that it is really affordable, and if you want to find a quick but effective solution to your locking problem, you just did!

  • 11.2 ounces
  • Heavy-duty steel design
  • It comes with a spare key

Trimax Premium Universal Trailer Lock

This Trimax premium universal trailer lock will stop everyone trying to steal your trailer. It features a sophisticated lock mechanism and is constructed of solid hardened steel, which makes it a ballistic grade item.

It can protect your trailer perfectly, and you won’t have any rust issues since the lock is rust and corrosion-resistant. The ballistic grade nylon housing can not only protect against the weather but also absorb hammer blows and prevent theft. This universal coupler lock fits all coupler types and weighs only 6 pounds, so you could easily carry it around.


The ease of use is not the only advantage this lock has, though. Its keyhole cover seals out all grime and dirt, and the type A key is spring-loaded. With this high-security key, you can be sure the lock will resist all attempted drill-outs and provide you protection for the years to come.

  • 6 pounds
  • Universal coupler lock
  • High-security key
  • Rugged and durable

Tow Ready Gorilla Guard Coupler Lock

This is one of the most durable trailer hitch locks designed specifically for 2-inch Couplers. It is super easy to use, and you don’t need any special tools or wrenches. This Tow Ready lock offers an excellent anti-theft solution, which can withstand blows from a hammer, prying, and picking.

If you plan to buy this lock, your coupler width must not exceed 3-13/16 inches. The weight of this trailer hitch lock adds up to the great safety it offers.


The lock comes with a spare key, so for all those who tend to lose their keys every two or three weeks, you will always have plan B. With this lock, you also get a one-year limited warranty.

  • Suitable for 2-inch couplers
  • 2.1 pounds
  • Affordable

Master Lock Swivel Head Receiver Lock

Master Lock definitely knows how to make high-quality trailer hitch locks since this is the second suggestion manufactured by them that has entered our list of the best trailer hitch locks. This hitch pin is not only cost-effective but also versatile. The locking head is super easy to fit and detach as it can rotate a full 360 degrees.

This receiver lock is very sturdy and can be used with loads of up to 3.500 pounds, so you can imagine how hard for a thief it would be to break it. The durable design is due to the fact that the lock features a snap-on cover that prevents rust and protects against dirt and corrosion.


The more absent-minded among us can be calm because this master lock comes with a separate key, two pins, and a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Four pin cylinder design
  • Snap-on cover that protects against dirt
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock

Reese is a well-known name in the heavy-duty towing industry. Ever since it was founded in 1952, this lock manufacturer has been a leader in automotive solutions with proven designs that are the first choice of many people all around the world.

The REESE Towpower Universal Coupler lock has an aluminum construction (body) and a heavy-duty steel lock bar. It has a ratchet system with 11 different locking positions. Isn’t that impressive? Oh, and we forgot to mention the cool bright yellow color of the lock, which will scare away any thief!


The lock resists prying, drill-outs, and picking, and its body is painted so as to avoid corrosion and rusting. If you search for fast and effective use, you will be pleased to hear that the lock is easy to install and take off.  With this REESE coupler lock, you get high protection due to an excellent lock system with a universal fit.

  • Aluminum body
  • Dimensions: 9” x 9” x 3”
  • Item Weight: 2.3 Lbs.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Trailer Hitch Lock

Individual circumstances are vital when it comes to picking the right hitch lock. Still, there are some key factors that everyone must bear in mind when making that decision. Let’s take a look!

  • The Hitch Receiver of Your Vehicle

You can’t purchase a hitch lock without knowing if it will fit your vehicle. The good thing is that most products on our list come in different sizes, so you will surely find something that fits your hitch receiver. Universal locks are also a great choice. A universal lock is adjustable, and you won’t have to worry if it will fit your receiver.

  • The Style of the Trailer Lock

When you have the best hitch lock for your trailer, thieves are not going to be something that bothers you. There are different styles of trailer locks, though, and you need to make sure the one you choose is the right! The 2 main types of hitch locks are trailer coupler locks and locking hitch pins.

A coupler lock, also known as a tongue lock, has a U shape and can be placed over the coupler of your vehicle. The coupler is located on your vehicle’s tongue, and that is why these locks are also called tongue locks.

A trailer coupler lock is attached to your trailer when it is decoupled from your towing vehicle, and that means that no other car can be hooked up to your trailer. This lock is an excellent option if you want to unhitch what you’re towing once you reach your destination. A high-quality coupler lock also makes a good gooseneck trailer lock!

A hitch lock pin, on the other hand, slides crosswise through the hole of your receiver. That way, it connects it to what you’re towing. Locking pins are easy to use and can be used on the go.

  • Materials

The trailer hitch locks are made of heavy-duty materials that are solid hardened, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Here are your main options:

Steel- steel locks are often budget-friendly, and that is why many people prefer them. However, they are also very durable, which makes them the perfect choice. The one disadvantage solid hardened steel locks have is that they are too heavy and hard to transport.

Some locks with steel construction are also liable to rust, so if you decide on a steel lock, we suggest you look for one that is treated with paint or chrome coating or is made of stainless steel.

Aluminum- Aluminum is just as durable as steel, but it’s easier to carry and more lightweight. Locks made of this material are also rust-proof, even though they may not have a coating, so this is another important advantage.

Rubber – Hitch locks are not made entirely of rubber, but they could be coated in rubber or have a rubber cap over the locking mechanism. Rubber can form a tight seal since it is very flexible, and that means it can keep dirt and water at bay.

Wrap Up

All trailer owners know how crucial it is to have a good trailer hitch lock. A lock with a sturdy locking mechanism will not only keep your trailer safe but will also protect the cargo inside.

Different locks, however, have different security features. Moreover, you need to look for additional features such as a watertight cap, nylon housing, or other covering that offers weather resistance.

To save you some time and effort, we’ve gathered the most excellent locks on the market, and we guarantee you will find the best hitch lock for trailers amongst them. The short buying guide after the reviews of the top 8 locks available online will also help you pick the one for your needs.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, make sure you check our other pieces with reviews of useful products!


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