The Best Toilet Seat For Heavy People in 2022: Oversized, Heavy-Duty, Extra Large

Best Toilet Seat For Heavy People

Whenever toilet seats are discussed, we make weird faces and pretend to know nothing or aren’t interested in discussing it. Toilet seats are the second-best invention after the air conditioners, and we are saying it based on their importance in our lives.

While the standard-sized seats are comfortable for most people, those with heavyweight suffer and feel embarrassed to share their problems. If you are one of them, leave out all the shame and go through this article.

For helping you combat your problems and get yourself a useful and appropriate toilet seat, we have presented you with a list of 10 variants of the toilet seat for a heavy person.

Let’s look at the top 10 best heavy-duty toilet seats without any further ado. So, let’s start the journey and know more.

KOHLER K-4636 Toilet Seat

This equipment is the KOHLER toilet elongated seat appropriate for heavy people as they comfortably use it. These toilet seats for heavy people feature incredible styling and involve innovative technology. This seat is designed to fit all the elongated toilets and add comfort and styling to your dumping space.



  • The lid of this heavy-duty toilet seat has a quiet close technique, which is unique as it prevents it from slamming with the toilet seat and closes slowly with no noise.
  • It has bumpers that offer a tight grip so that the toilet doesn’t move from its place.
  • The hinges get released quickly so that it unlatches effortlessly for removal and thorough cleaning.
  • The color of the hinges matches with that of the seat so that it doesn’t appear odd.
  • This seat is made entirely of plastic and features an elegant white shade.

Big John Oversized Toilet Seat

These toilet seats make your routine life easier and more comfortable so that you get the best thoughts and ideas while sitting on the pot. This oversized toilet seat is made for everyone’s use and eliminates the problem you face daily.

It is ideal for people with heavy build who don’t find the standard-sized toilet seats appropriate. This variant by Big John is perfect to be used in hospitals, public restrooms, etc. as it caters to all the needs of the older people and the physically challenged individuals.



  • This is one of the best toilet sets in terms of capacity as they can have a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds.
  • The ABS plastic used in these toilet seats for heavy people makes them incredibly durable and long-lasting.
  • This product fits on every kind of toilet bowl, either round or elongated.
  • The bumpers help increase this seat’s grip to the porcelain bowl so that this oversized seat doesn’t shift.
  • The hinges can withstand high impacts and sustain them.
  • This product is the most massive seat available in the market to date.

Centoco Wooden Toilet Seat

This heavy-duty toilet seat features a shiny white color to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom and enhance its look. This toilet seat is of high quality and can endure heavyweights with ease.

This quality product infused with innovative technology and crafted with modern design rules the market and is the most sought toilet seat.



  • This seat’s body is made of wood coated with polypropylene plastic for a glossy finish.
  • It is scratch-resistant and non-porous, which makes it a durable product.
  • The stainless steel hinges used are incredibly durable and meant for heavy-duty. Also, these hinges are corrosion resistant.
  • The ergonomic design of this seat enables it to fit on any rounded toilet bowl.
  • The bumpers used are molded and don’t trap dirt or get loose.
  • This seat is easy to install and doesn’t flake, chip, or flatten over time.

BEMIS Closed Front Toilet Seat

Life wouldn’t have been more comfortable if BEMIS seats weren’t around. These are the best toilet seats for heavy-duty use equipped with the latest technologies that will pay off your investments.

You have to tap the buttons to get the desired arrangement of these seats. With these seats in reach, you don’t have to search for any other product.



  • These seats have quick close technology, which lets them close quietly without getting slammed to the porcelain or pinching your fingers.
  • The commercial system of fastening is so reliable that it prevents the seat from shifting.
  • The bumpers provide an excellent grip that avoids any shifts.
  • This product has stainless steel hinges, which are highly rust-proof.
  • This toilet seat is made of durable plastic, which assures you long-lasting service.

Toilet Seat Round Bath Royale

This is the best toilet seat in terms of quality. BATH ROYALE’s premium quality seats are the outstanding choice for maintaining proper hygiene, are reliable, and super strong.

These seats fit around all the toilet bowls of different brands perfectly and provide you a memorable experience. These seats have many subtle features that will leave you awe-struck once you lay your eyes on them.



  • It fits all the toilet bowls from different brands; Be it KOHLER, AMERICAN STANDARD, etc.
  • It is incredibly easy to clean and helps you maintain proper hygiene.
  • Its quick-release features enable you to detach it effortlessly.
  • It doesn’t slam against the bowl because of its quiet closing quality.
  • It is made of polypropylene, which is lightweight plastic and extremely durable.
  • There are four bumpers attached to it, which are located at even distances.

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Mayfair Toilet Seat

Now no slamming, wiggling, or unhygienic feeling! Mayfair toilet seats offer you a well-polished, style-infused, bathroom decor enhancing range of toilet seats that give you the most satisfactory experience that you would have never had.

It is a boon for the oversized people who find it difficult to accommodate themselves on any ordinary seat and seek the bigger ones secretly.



  • This oversized toilet seat doesn’t slam and closes quietly.
  • The excellent fastening system prevents it from wiggling so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.
  • The installation is a breeze and doesn’t take much time.
  • The hinges are super stylish and chrome plated with a shiny finish.
  • It can effortlessly fit in the rounded toilet bowls irrespective of the bowl’s brand.

KOHLER Transitions Nightlight Toilet Seat

KOHLER’s transition model comes with two toilet seats in one. This design negates unnecessary investments in purchasing separate seats for both adults and children.

If you want to train your child about toilet hygiene and other things, this product is an excellent choice for training purposes. The nightlight option also serves a dual purpose. It enables you to see in the dark during power outages and fascinates the child and keeps him engaged.



  • The bumpers used in it are super tight and provide incredible grip to ensure safety.
  • It doesn’t slam on your or the child’s tender fingers and closes slowly and quietly.
  • The cleaning and maintenance have become more comfortable because of its quick releasing feature.
  • The batteries used for the nightlight have a battery life of up to 6 months.

BEMIS Heavy Duty Oversized Toilet Seat

These toilet seats are manufactured in the United States and are of top-notch quality. All the oversized people and ordinary people can get an enjoyable and convenient experience out of this seat. It is okay if you don’t have a shiny water jet spray but having a BEMIS toilet seat at home is crucial.



  • This seat has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds, which is incredible.
  • It can be effortlessly installed and doesn’t wiggle even when used by an oversized person.
  • It is made of commercial-grade plastic, which enhances its durability and lifespan.
  • It can fit all brands’ elongated and round bowls.

BEMIS Open Front Toilet Seat

This open front toilet cover is used over elongated bowls for utmost comfort and convenience. It is designed for open front heavy-duty use and combines style, technology, and quality to offer you excellent equipment for your everyday use.

These open front seats adapt quickly to the bathroom’s decor and elevate its look besides providing huge convenience.



  • These plastic seats feature a stunning white color that matches the aesthetics of any bathroom.
  • They have a commercial system of fastening, which prevents them from wiggling.
  • The stainless steel hinges and pintles are entirely non-corrosive and durable.
  • It fits all the elongated bowls from any brand.

KOHLER Rutledge Toilet Seat

These seats by KOHLER provide you an optimum level of comfort while sitting on them. These don’t feel rough to your skin and give you a good experience. These provide convenience to you and the perfect comfortable toilet seat experience.



  • It closes slowly, without slamming or creating any sound.
  • The hinges are made of plastic like the seat and are incredibly durable.
  • The bumpers offer stability to the toilet seat.
  • This toilet seat weighs only 5 pounds.

Final Verdict

The primary purpose of these toilet seats is to protect you against disease transmission and negating the ‘yuck’ factor associated with the toilet bowl. These seats aid in maintaining hygiene and allow the pot to be shared by multiple users. A toilet cover seat eliminates your skin’s direct contact with the surface of the bowl and keeps you at bay from unwanted diseases.

Hence, take your time to scrutinize each of them minutely and then make an eligible purchase to bring home much-needed equipment.

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