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Best Toasters

Some mistakenly believe that you can replace the toaster with a frying pan, which overlooks delicious toasted bread. But these people usually do not think that drying and frying are two different things. Yes, appetizingly. Yes, crunches. This is where all the similarities end. To prepare croutons, as the bread is properly called, roasted, it takes at least ten minutes, or even fifteen. Namely, this time may be missed by people who are always late for work. The toaster is able to dry and heat the pieces in just two minutes without a single drop of oil. Such a product is softer and more useful. Choosing a toaster will not be difficult, since there are few types and characteristics of the device. Despite this, it is necessary to know them in order to correctly navigate during the acquisition.

Which toaster is better to buy

By type of control, toasters are divided into mechanical and electronic. The former are more affordable and easy to use. The second belong to premium products and are crammed with different functions. But both there and there the bread is loaded vertically.

There are toasters with 1, 2 or 4 slots working autonomously from each other. This allows you to use each compartment separately to get croutons of different degrees of roasting. For single people or students, a model for 1-2 slots is suitable.

As for the case, it is made of stainless steel or ABS plastic. When choosing, check if the walls of the device are heating up.

The heating elements in the toaster must be closed – this is especially important for families with small children. In contact with open spirals, you can get not only a burn, but also an electric shock!

The power of the device indicates the speed of making bread – the higher it is, the sooner the croutons will brown. On sale there are devices from 800 to 1800 watts. The optimal indicator for a model with 2 slots is 1000-1200 watts. A thermostat with settings for the level of roasting controls the degree of baking of bread.

The Best Toasters Consumer Report 2022:

Hamilton Beach Warm 2-Slice Toaster

5 Best Toasters|The Consumer Reports


One of the best features is that it will stay warm all the time when you are toasting but it will never over toast your bread at any time. This stainless steel toaster comes with illuminated buttons for easy view and a cord wrap on the bottom for clutter free storage. When you have bought it, you only need to set it in the warm position and turn on the 3 minute auto shutoff. This is going to help you out in monitoring your product when you have not powered it off. The sides have been made with a stainless steel that makes it match in any kitchen that you put in in. Unlike other commodities in the market, this one is just unique in its style and feature because it has been made with the latest features that make it more loved and used more than others.Features– Extra-wide slots
– Keep warm setting with ready tone and 3 minute auto shutoff
– Cool-wall, stainless steel sides
– Bagel, Defrost, and Cancel
– Under-base cord wrap – cord wraps underneath for easy storage

Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice Toaster

5 Best Toasters|The Consumer Reports


It is a four slice toaster and it has been made with extra wide slots that are very essential in accommodating the kind of bread that you want toasted, it does not matter what you want to be toasted, just bring it on. A user-friendly control panel with two dials allows you to easily adjust toast shade, while a high-lift lever elevates toast for easy retrieval. It has been installed with bread adjusting guides that are very crucial in accommodating the bread thickness so that you have an even toasting all the time. It has the sleek deigns that will ensure that you have a savvy simplicity that makes it to even take up minimal counter space, hence you don’t need to worry where you will put it.Features– 7 toast shade settings from light to dark and 4 modes
– Removable, dishwasher-safe crumb tray makes cleanup easy
– Retractable cord for compact storage

Hamilton Beach 2 Slice Cool Touch Toaster 

5 Best Toasters|The Consumer Reports


We all like taking bread and in fact in large quantities. But there reaches a time when we need to have the best of it all. And that is always homemade toasted bread. From bagels to waffles to toast, the Hamilton Beach PerfectToast 2 Slice Toaster has what you need to prepare a delicious breakfast. With several toasting functions, and a browning dial you can set to your taste, it’s easy to add a bit of crunch to your mornings.Features– Wide 1.5″ slots fit thick bagels, waffles & hand-sliced bread
– Multi toasting functions
– Cool-touch exterior
– Automatic toast boost
– Crumb tray

Cuisinart 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

5 Best Toasters|The Consumer Reports


It has a combination of both a digital technology and fixed with a state of the art make which gives it a beautiful look on the market today. Clean up is easy with the removable crumb tray. To manage the presence of cords here and there, there is a cord wrap underneath it that you can use. It has been made with powerful features among the many that include a digital interface, countdown timer, and even having multiple timer options. What you need is something that will bring you a digital technology from far and near right your home.Features– Powerful Array of Features
– Elegant Design
– Stainless Steel
– Digital Controls

Cuisinart Touch to Toast 4-Slice Toaster

5 Best Toasters|The Consumer Reports


It comes with the best save spacing design so that your counter is always free for you to use at any time that you want. It has been made with stainless-steel that has been fitted with a motorized. Clean up is easy with the removable crumb tray. The LCD timer is very essential in doing the best countdown for you. The backlit LED function is also important in enabling you to know how to use it eve when you are in the dark place. If you want to toast your bagel, you now get enhanced option of defrosting, cancel, and even reheating. The cord that it has can be wrapped up well underneath the appliance.Features– Powerful Array of Features
– Elegant Design
– Stainless Steel
– Motorized Lift
– Digital Controls

What are toasters and how do they work?

Toasters are household appliances that toast slices of bread. Today’s fully automatic toasters have heating elements inside. Once the toast is inserted and the starter flap is pressed, the heating wires on both sides heat up and toast the bread. This process makes the bread crispy, gives it a nice flavor, and can also make slightly older bread taste good again. The desired goal is a golden brown color. There is usually a knob to set the toasting level. Classic wheat flour toast is toasted at the expense of the ingredients. Because high-protein bread, milk, fat and sugar are added to give a toasted flavor. Once the process is complete, the toast will rise and can be removed. Toasted bread dates back to antiquity, but in Egypt and Greece, bread was mainly heated to make it more firm, like breadcrumbs.

What kind of toasters are there?

Toasters vary in size and, therefore, in their ability to toast different numbers of slices of toast or other bread. The classic version is the two-panel version. It has two slots for frying standard slices of toast. The long slot and double long slot models are characterized by a large and long space inside the device. For example, an entire slice of homemade bread can be toasted there. Toasters with 4 or even 6 slices without a long slot are a little less common, they are especially wide and are only suitable for large kitchens.

There is also a distinction in terms of appearance, so there are designer toasters, which usually have a very stylish presentation. Like sneakers, retro models are especially popular with toasters. They often have rounded edges and a paint finish that has been trimmed to look old. Sandwich makers, also known as sandwich toasters, work on a slightly different principle. They don’t have slots, but they are more like a waffle iron. Sandwich lovers can put sandwiches on top and then squeeze them into triangles. Sandwich makers sometimes come with multiple fryers that can be used to make waffles or paninis.

What should I look for when buying toasters?

  • Material. Toasters are mostly made of aluminum or stainless steel, with some plastic applications. But there are also models made entirely of plastic. The test shows that plastic toasters can also produce good results, but the cheaper options often have fewer features. As a material, stainless steel is fundamentally more stable than plastic, which is important because the heating elements get very hot when toasted, so there is no risk of deforming the body over time. However, most toasters also use plastic parts. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative and want to buy a product made entirely of stainless steel, perhaps even recycled stainless steel,
  • Size. The toaster is usually not the only kitchen appliance in the house, so you should think about where you want to put it and how much space you can use before you buy. It also matters how many people live in the house, because the width of the slot should be chosen accordingly. Because a toaster with two long slots or a toaster with 4 slices ensures that all family members get their breakfast at the same time. If you still want to toast not only slices of toast, but also your favorite bread from the bakery, you should also choose the option with long slits.
  • Roasting result. This criterion, of course, is one of the main criteria for a good toaster, but it is difficult to check it yourself before buying. Therefore, it is recommended to consult online shopping tips and tests beforehand. Unfortunately, a particularly high number of roasting levels does not necessarily indicate how well the toaster gets even browning. So don’t let that affect you too much. Many users strive for a medium tan and only set the unit to medium anyway. By the way: if the toast comes out of the toaster black, get rid of it immediately. When starchy foods are heated, including toast, acrylamide is formed. The blacker the bread, the more contaminated the food becomes. In animal experiments, high doses of acrylamide caused cancer and also damaged DNA.
  • Furnishing. They say, “After toast is before toast” or something like that. After baked bread leaves crumbs, and to keep them from burning in the toaster, most appliances have a crumb tray. You should inspect it carefully when buying it, because it will save you time when cleaning it later. Important features: It is important to be the right size, otherwise the crumb won’t catch properly. Removal should also be easy, then less will go wrong. Equally practical are the defrost and reheat functions. This attitude also helps to be careful with food, because sometimes you can’t eat the bread right away, and it can be extended by freezing it. And since you probably won’t always reach for the toast, there should also be a bun attachment available. It’s important here that it be as stable as possible so that nothing falls off or collapses under the load. For this, the space should be large enough to accommodate buns or croissants without any problems.
  • Power consumption. Toasters have a capacity expressed in watts. Generally, toasters consume a lot of electricity. However, you need to consider how often the device is used and whether it is an alternative to larger appliances to calculate the actual energy costs. Standard two-slot toasters typically have a power output of 800 to 1,000 watts. By comparison, high-powered hand mixers require 500 watts. With long-slot models, you should expect more consumption. They have longer heating wires, so a toaster with a double long slot can consume 1400 watts. In toasters, more power means hotter heating wires. This affects how quickly the toast will be ready. However, the overall quality of the toaster also plays a role here. Is the toaster well insulated and does it distribute the heat well? Can the case withstand intense heat? These are all important questions about the material, which also affect the service life and careful handling of the electricity used.

What are some alternatives to toasters?

If you like the smell of fried food and want to add the flavors of fried to sausages or vegetables in addition to a crispy sandwich, you can choose a contact grill instead of a standard toaster. A home grill is much larger than a toaster, but also more versatile. If you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen and usually only cook for yourself, you might also consider getting a mini oven. It usually holds little more than two slices of toast, pizza or croissants, all without including a large oven.

How many watts should my toaster have?

Toasters with 2 slices don’t require more than 1,000 watts. A toaster with a long slot should be between 1,000 and 1,200 watts.

How much electricity does the toaster use?

A 1000 watt toaster that is used 10 minutes a day yields a daily consumption of 0.2 kWh.

Who invented the toaster?

Scottish inventor Alan McMasters is credited with developing the first electric bread toaster, a design he sold along with the invention of the electric kettle in the early 1890s to Evelyn Bell Crompton, a pioneer in electric lighting. McMaster’s preliminary work helped American inventor Charles Straight develop an automatic pop-up toaster in 1919.

Is toasted bread useful?

It depends on the type of toasted bread. Toast is not particularly nutritious, especially toast with butter. 100 grams of toasted bread has an average of 250 kilocalories, compared to whole-grain bread, which has 196 kilocalories. In addition, toast is low in fiber, so you feel less full than whole-grain bread. Store-bought toast also contains some additives, such as stabilizers or acidity regulators. Those who fry bread too long also risk exposure to acrylamide, which is a carcinogenic substance.

How does the toaster work?

As standard, the toaster has two slots into which you can insert slices of bread. The discs are pressed with a button or lever. There they are surrounded by heating wires that toast both sides. Once the bread is ready, it is served on top.


Buying something that makes for you food is one thing that is very important for us all. You don’t need to become an expert in any of he cooking course that are offered so that you become a professional chef, only know how to put your bread in and the toast will do all the job for you. Take your toasting to the new level. Here is what we have aligned for you to use.


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