The 10 Best Teepee Tents For Camping 2022


You probably have fond childhood memories of playing endless hours with your friends in your Teepee Tent. Well, as you may know, these traditional cone-shaped tents are actually very comfortable for camping or for outdoor gatherings as well.

They are spacious, have sufficient ventilation, and can fit a whole large family or a bunch of friends comfortably and safely. They are fairly easy to set up and are light, so if you prefer a hassle-free and light camping experience, a teepee tent is a perfect solution for you.

Nowadays, good quality teepee tents are made of modern weatherproof materials and provide all the comfort you need when you go on an outdoor adventure.

Teepee Tent

Here are our brief reviews of the perfect teepee tents for camping or to set up in your backyard for some outdoor fun and sleepovers.

Winterial 12′ x 12′ Teepee Tent

If you want to be certain that you are making a reasonable long-term investment when buying a teepee tent, you should opt for one which is durable and well made for comfortable accommodation of large groups of people who will constantly be entering or leaving it.

Winterial 12′ x 12′ Teepee Tent

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The Winterial Teepee 12 x 12-foot tent is just that. The 210T polyester will ensure that the tent remains whole and that you all remain dry even in rain or storms.

Again, it is easy to set up even by one person alone. The tent claims to sleep up to 8 people, but the area may not be sufficient if you are planning on using mattresses and beds. A more realistic number would be 3 or 4 adults who can sleep and move around comfortably in the Winterial Teepee.

It has 4 see-through windows along with 4 mesh vents and 2 zipper doors on both sides for easy access and proper ventilation. The headspace in the center is 8 ft. so it is sufficient for tall people to stand upright in it without a problem.


  • Durable, high-quality waterproof materials
  • Comfortable center standing room
  • Has a rain cap for added protection
  • Very easy to set up alone or with a partner
  • Lightweight – it weighs only 15 lbs.
  • 2 zippered doors on both sides for easy access
  • Well ventilated and well-lit from the windows


  • It cannot comfortably fit 8 people as it is being advertised.
  • No mesh on the rain cap
  • Difficult to get it back in the storage bag
  • Has a lot of stakes and lines, which can cause tripping

Final verdict

Although it features a slightly smaller size than advertised, which can be a major disappointment if you are looking for a large teepee tent to fit 8 people, the Winterial Teepee is still a great tent. It is made of top-quality waterproof material and will endure rain and bad weather. The two entrances allow for easy entry and exit. It has sufficient standing space and can comfortably fit four people and their gear.

It is light to carry, could be difficult to stuff it back in the bag, but overall it is a very nicely made, sturdy, and cool-looking teepee tent.

PlayDo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Yurts Tent with Roof Stove Hole

This 4 season PlayDo yurt-style tent is more expensive than many of the others available on the market, but there is a good reason for this price difference.


First of all – it looks absolutely amazing. The tent has an optional stove hole option and a power cable hole for added comfort.

The high-quality cotton fabric has been treated to withstand rain and endure other weather conditions. The heavy-duty tent can withstand heavy rain, wind, and even snow.

Thanks to the top stove pipe vent, you can add a wood stove safely for colder season camping. The hole can easily be covered by the provided straps when you are not using it.

The material of the PlayDo tent is fire resistant, so you can use any kind of heater or stove.


  • This heavy-duty tent is suitable for outdoor trips in any season
  • Features a convenient 5-inch stove vent
  • Made of high quality, waterproof, fire-resistant, and durable cotton
  • Has a very attractive yurt-style design, so it is suitable for hosting outdoor events or for glamping as well
  • Great ventilation inside and mosquito protection thanks to the mesh windows and the inner screen door
  • A strong PVC floor for added waterproofing and protection is zipped to the sides of the tent
  • A special rain cap for the door pole
  • Very spacious, it can fit an entire family with some furniture and all camping gear to make you feel at home even when you are in the wilderness. You can choose between the different size options available including8 x 9.8’, 13 x 13’, 16.4 x 16.4’, and 19.6 x 19.6.’
  • A large door (starting from 70 x 62”, 80 x 66” and 90 x 70’ depending on the tent size)
  • Sufficient standing space – 8.2 feet, 9.8 feet, and 11.4 feet for the largest option
  • Strong SBS zippers
  • Fairly easy to set up thanks to the detailed instructions and simple and efficient construction
  • Can withstand strong wind, rain, and snow


  • It is more expensive than other teepee tents available
  • It is quite heftier to carry (ranging from 44lbs up to 97lbs depending on the size you pick)
  • It can mold if folded back into the bag while wet

Final verdict

This 4-season PlayDo tent is suitable for camping, glamping for all kinds of outdoor events, including wedding receptions and dinner parties, and will withstand harsh weather conditions. You can choose between the different size options and pick one which will comfortably fit your family or friends and serve your needs.

It is made of high-quality waterproof treated cotton, which is flame resistant. The doors are large, there are vents and mesh screens to keep you safe from mosquito bites and to provide you with all the air you need.

Also, unlike with other teepee tents on the market, you can safely place and use a wood stove in this one, thanks to the convenient stove vent.

Overall, this yurt style teepee tent is an excellent option if you are willing to invest more in a safer and more durable tent, even though the heavier weight of this tent doesn’t make it suitable for backpacking, you can still go camping, glamping, or use it as a second home while your home is being renovated or when you have guests.

Guide Gear Deluxe 14′ x 14′ Teepee Tent

This large teepee tent from Guide Gear can fit 8 to 10 people. This makes it perfect for a camping trip for the entire family or group of friends.


The great part of this tent is that it is very light, at 24 lbs. and easily fits into a compact packing of 10 x 10 x 33 inches, so it will be no hassle to carry on a hiking or camping trip.

What makes this 14 x 14-foot teepee tent unique is its convenient vestibule area. It can be used as a windbreak or for storing your dirty shoes, your gear, setting beds for your dogs, or for other purposes.

This tent is made of waterproof polyester, but it could be improved if you treat it with a seam sealer or fabric protection for additional waterproofing.

Like other teepee tents, it is not made for heavy winter conditions and strong winds. It can withstand wind of up to 30-40 mph, but for a more durable and weatherproof tent, you should opt for a 4-season one.


  • Very good value for the price
  • Quick and hassle-free setup
  • Sleeps up to 10 people comfortably
  • At 14 x 1 feet, the tent is roomy with a comfortable head height
  • Convenient separate vestibule area for your gear, boots, or dogs
  • Very light and compact for easy carrying, it weighs only 24 lbs.
  • A sewn in the floor to keep insects and dirt out of the tent
  • Great for camping in warm weather


  • You may want to apply additional sealing to improve the waterproofing of the tent and seams.
  • Better for summer and for the warmer seasons
  • The ground pegs and loops can be improved
  • A single entrance

Our final verdict

The 14 x 14-foot Deluxe Teepee is very spacious, which is perfect for accommodating whole families along with their gear and pets.

It is available at a good price and can easily be set up for under 15 minutes by amateur campers. The minimal size of the folded item and the very lightweight is a bonus for all campers who want to reduce the weight and volume of their gear.

It is a decent quality teepee tent but can be improved with some extra sealants for better and more reliable waterproofing. Also, the poles and the loops can show some problems during setup, so make sure you test and, if necessary improve them with sturdier ones!

It is affordable, and if you are looking for a large tent for good weather camping – this teepee tent could be perfect for you.

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Happybuy Bell Tent 10-12 Persons Canvas Tent 4-Season Yurt Tents for Camping

This Happybuy canvas-type yurt style tent is available at an excellent price for the value provided.


It is perfect for glamping or for any kind of outdoor trip or event.

The 4 season tent is available in a wide variety of sizes, so you can pick the one which suits your needs and preferences.

The tent body is made of cotton with a 3000 PU waterproof lining and floor. The seams are taped, the double stitches improve its durability and it is very efficient in keeping the inhabitants dry during rain or even snow.

The tent looks absolutely glamorous and you will surely impress your guests if you invite them over to an outdoor event or offer it as a guest house.


  • This is an excellent glamping tent
  • Very impressive design
  • Strong, durable and waterproof materials including cotton, waterproof PU (3000mm), galvanized steel center pole and door poles and taped seams
  • You can choose one of the larger sizes which has a stove vent hole if you are planning on using the tent in the colder seasons
  • The choice of size ranges from 9.8ft to 19.7ft, and withstanding heights varying from 98.4 inches to 137,8 inches
  • The zippable groundsheet can be removed and the sides of the walls can be rolled up for better air circulation in the hot summer days
  • Mosquito screens on both doors and all windows will keep you safe from nasty insect bites
  • Easy to clean and sturdy PVC floor
  • Netted peak vents
  • A convenient lantern holding ring
  • Ties for added high wind support inside and outside of the tent
  • Available at a very reasonable price


  • The first time this tent gets wet the cotton will shrink a little while it closes any holes on the canvas, so it could cause some small leaks
  • The tent needs to be completely dry before folded up and stored away in its carry bag
  • May not be as breathable as other canvas tents due to the waterproof coating

Final verdict

The Happybuy Bell 4 season tent is an excellent teepee type tent that you can use for comfortable camping, glamping or even for organizing outdoor events.

It is made of sturdy, waterproof materials, so it can be set up and used even in rain or snow.

All size options provide a large living space and sufficient standing height. You can pick between a wide range of available sizes.

The tent is well made, sturdy and very versatile. The removable sidewalls are a feature that we find absolutely brilliant for outdoor events and camping in the scorching hot summer.

This tent is truly a dream house, and you will be buying a second alternative home for you and your family if you choose to purchase this one!

TETON Sports Sierra 12 ft. Canvas Tent

The Sierra Canvas tent by Teton Sports offers easy and quick assembly and is made of natural cotton canvas with a water-repellent coating. This bell-type Teepee tent is a premium camping and entertainment product that will last for years and will help you create unforgettable memories, no matter where you decide to set it up.


The tent has a 12 x 12 foot footprint but is also available in larger sizes of 16 x 16 ft. and 20 x 20 ft.

The 12 foot Sierra Canvas Teepee tent has an oversized door and front opening, which makes it perfect for use both as a camping tent or as a canopy for outdoor events like weddings, birthdays, festivals, and reunions.

It is on the high-end price-wise but is also among the most durable and reliable of all the products on this list.


  • The tent is made of cotton canvas with water-repellent treatment making it an all-season tent
  • It is entirely breathable but water-resistant
  • It has sturdy reinforced seams
  • It has a simple two-pole construction making it easy to set up or fold down
  • It has a footprint of 12 x 12 feet which equals 113 feet
  • The tent has four windows and three vents on the top for better air circulation and to prevent condensation
  • There are separate mesh screen doors for privacy and to keep the insects out
  • It comes with durable carbon steel stakes which will keep it stable even on rough terrains
  • The heavy-duty, leak-proof floor can be zipped on and off, depending on your needs
  • Thanks to the oversized door opening, it can double as a canopy for outdoor gatherings
  • It weighs 57 lbs.
  • The tent is available in larger sizes of 16 x 16 feet and 20 x 20 feet


  • You will need to make a hole if you want to use a stove in the tent
  • It is not as affordable as some of the other tents on this list

Final verdict

The Teton Sports Sierra Canvas tent is among the high-quality Teepee tents you can buy in 2022. It is constructed of natural cotton canvas, which has been treated with a water-resistant coating and has reinforced seams.

It is one of the most durable tents on this list and will keep the water and condensation out, but still be breathable and well ventilated.

This tent can also be used as a canopy for your parties, festivals, or other events.

You can easily and safely set this tent up on any type of surface. It is wind, water, rain and snow proof, so it is suitable for use during all seasons.

The heavy duty floor can be removed whenever you are going to use it as a canopy.

The Sierra Canvas tent is available in larger sizes, including 16 and 20 feet too.

Overall, this is one of the longest-lasting and well-built Teepee tents on the market right now.

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Guide Gear 18′ x 18′ Teepee Tent

This enormous teepee tent will easily sleep up to 12 people, so you can easily take along your entire family or a bunch of friends for some fun time outdoors with this one.


It is incredibly roomy. The center standing height is 9’9”, and the area inside is 18 x 18 feet.

It is lighter than the smaller option, possibly due to the lack of a separate vestibule area on this one. It weighs only 23.15 lbs., so you will hardly feel the weight of your tent when you go on your outdoor adventure.

The setup is very easy and is best performed by two people in order to ensure that the guy and pole ropes are properly tightened to keep the tent up and safe in case of wind or rain.

Of course, finding sufficient space which is even enough and large enough to fit this gigantic teepee tent could be a challenge, but if you have such a camping space in mind, then this great tent is an excellent choice.


  • Extremely roomy living area (18 x 18 ft.) with a lot of headspace
  • Fits up to 12 people
  • Very light and compact at 23.15 lbs. and 32.28 x 10.24 x 9.84 inches when packed
  • Easy setup and disassembly
  • Lots of air and ventilation inside thanks to the multiple vents
  • Internal shades on the wind proofed windows
  • A sewn-in floor for better isolation from the ground and from insects
  • Includes carry bag


  • Its 18 x 18 ft. footprint and height of 9.9 ft. requires sufficient flat camping space
  • The ropes are not standard paracord, so you may want to replace yours
  • Could use additional sealing and coating to ensure it doesn’t leak during rain
  • Consider bringing some additional high-end stakes just in case
  • You need to place the plastic pole cap on the top of the center pole to avoid damaging the fabric

Our final verdict

The 18 x 18” teepee tent is a well-made, good quality tent that provides a huge living and standing space for up to 12 people. It looks great and is probably the largest tent which you can easily set up by yourself in its class.

It is affordable and is well worth your money if you love camping with a lot of people or gear, and want a light and easy to set up tent.

Suitable for 3 seasons, you should keep in mind that its huge footprint requires more camping space than usual tents do when you are planning a camping trip in this teepee.

OmniCore Designs 18′ Teepee Camping Tent

If you are shopping for a Teepee Tent, which will comfortably sleep 6 to 7 people with their gear, and which will protect you from sun, rain, snow or wind, then the OmniCore Designs 18-foot Teepee Tent is one of the great options you can find in 2022.


When it is set up, the tent has a generous internal space of 18 feet and a height of 9 feet at the center. According to industry standards, 12 people can sleep in it, but of course, if you want to feel comfortable during the day and the night, you should limit the number of people to up to 7.

It is an excellent option for families who like camping and like to stay close together. You can also use it for fun trips with your friends too.

The tent and its rainfly are made of waterproof ripstop polyester treated with PU3000mm coating.

It has an oversized zippered door with a mesh cover, as well as a vented mesh peak roof, so you can let the air inside the tent while keeping the insects out.

It also has a sewn-in floor to keep the bugs, dirt, and water away from you and your gear.

The large and sturdy Teepee tent is suitable for use during all seasons, as it will let the cool breeze in during the summer and keep the heat inside in the colder seasons.


  • It has an 18 x 18 foot floor space
  • Thanks to the 9-foot height, you won’t need to bend down or struggle to get to your gear when inside
  • The tent will comfortably sleep six to seven people along with their gear
  • It is entirely waterproof and insect-proof
  • Thanks to its shape and design, it will withstand rain, snow, and wind
  • The tent, rainfly, and floor are made of top-grade 70D x 190T ripstop polyester with a waterproof 3000mm PU coating
  • The floor is sewn-in so that no bugs can crawl in, and no dirt or water can get to you and your belongings
  • The seams are factory sealed for water-resistance
  • It has a large mesh door for easy entry and exit, and better ventilation
  • The open top has mesh to keep the insects out
  • The vented roof can be closed and opened easily and quickly with a pull of a cord
  • The tent can be used for camping, festivals, and for house guests
  • It is sold at a very reasonable price


  • It is not suitable for a wood-burning stove for heat or cooking

Final verdict

This large-capacity Teepee tent by OmniCore Designs is an appropriate investment for families or people who prefer the comfort of broader and higher tents.

It is made of premium materials, which will help protect you and your gear from the elements. Still, it has multiple features, including a mesh roof opening, which allows for fresh air to enter the tent when the weather is hot and dry.

The Teepee tent can comfortably accommodate up to seven people and has sufficient space for you to stand up straight, move around, as well as for your gear.

It is a reasonably priced tent that is easy to set up and fold up and is an excellent piece of equipment to have if you love spending time outdoors with your large family, your dogs or group of friends.

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Outsunny 16’ 10-Person Waterproof Camping Tent Yurt

This tent features a unique style that will make it stand out from the rest on any camping site, festival, or wherever you happen to be setting it up.


It resembles a Mongolian-style Yurt, and is easy to set up, and offers a large and comfortable living and sleeping space.

The footprint of this spacious tent is 16 x 16 feet, and it can comfortably sleep large families or groups of friends of up to 10 people.

The Outsunny Teepee tent is made of resilient fabric that will protect you and your gear from the rain, wind, and UV rays.

At the same time, it has features that will ensure that the air circulation inside is sufficient and that you stay cool and comfortable and protected from bugs and creepy crawlies even in the hottest days.

It is a perfect option if you prefer the comfort and style of glamping, or if you prefer to have enough space for you, your pets, and your gear every time you decide to spend some time camping outdoors.


  • A beautiful Yurt style design
  • Great for camping, glamping, festivals, medieval re-enactment events, and others
  • A spacious interior and an overall footprint of 16.4 x 16.4 feet
  • It is 9.8 feet at the center, so you will have enough space to stand up straight in the tent
  • The tent is made of durable 210D polyester fabric with a 2000mm waterproof coating
  • It has added UV protection coating to keep you and your family safe from the harmful sun rays
  • You can easily fit a queen size mattress inside the tent, along with your gear
  • The tent comes with a sewn-in floor to keep dirt, insects, and water out
  • An excellent choice for families, or for couples who enjoy glamping
  • The tent has two mesh doors, and four mesh window vents for ventilation and for insect protection
  • The doors are 81 (L) x 63 (H) inches, and the window vents are 30.75 x 8.75 inches
  • It is sold with a sturdy and comfortable carry bag
  • Also included are the 27 pegs and 14 guy ropes, and a support pole
  • The overall weight of the tent is 32 lbs.
  • It comes at a very affordable price for the value offered


  • Unlike most of the other Teepee tents on this list, the roof is not removable for ventilation and stargazing
  • It doesn’t come with a rainfly, so you will need to buy it separately

Final verdict

The Outsunny Yurt tent looks great and offers reliable protection from rain, wind, harmful UV rays and insects.

It has a roomy interior, so you can go camping with your entire family or group of friends without feeling overcrowded.

The tent has a 16 x 16 foot interior space, and a height of nearly 10 feet.

It is well-built, lightweight, and easy to set up.

You can get it at an excellent price and can be pretty sure that you will have one of the most impressive tents on any camping site once you set it up.

Guide Gear 10′ x 10′ Teepee Tent

If you are opting for a teepee tent with a smaller footprint than the giant ones, this easy to set up 10 x 10 Guide Gear teepee is a highly recommended option.


A single person can easily set up this tent by themselves. The strong center pole needs to be put in place, and after that just use the numerous guy lines to hold the tent in place.

It is a lightweight teepee suitable for warm weather camping, even though it is made of 190 denier polyester with a 1000mm waterproof coating, it is not made to withstand very heavy rain. You may want to seal the seams and treat the tent with a specialized seam sealer once a year to improve its waterproofness.

The 10 x 10’ tent can fit 6 people if they are sleeping in sleeping bags. It is excellent for a family camping trip, or as an extra tent for the kids when outdoors.

The weatherproof windows have shades for added privacy, and the vents allow for good air circulation in the teepee.

It is an affordable and easy to set up and collapse tent which you can place in your backyard for your children to enjoy playtime outdoors.


  • Affordable and good quality
  • Sewn in the floor and 190 denier polyester plus 1000mmm coating
  • Very light – only 14.8 lbs.
  • The packed dimensions are 30 x 8 x 8 inches, so it is easy to carry and store
  • No see mesh windows and door with added covers
  • Very quick and easy to set up and collapse
  • Can fit up to 6 people
  • A center height of 6.4 ft.
  • Great ventilation, air circulation, and lighting
  • Good for set up on smaller camping spaces than some of the other teepees
  • Attractive design


  • It is not suitable for heavy rain or very cold conditions
  • The tent needs to be treated with a seam sealer for added waterproofness
  • The doors can be a tad too low for adults

Final verdict

The 10 x 10’ teepee tent is one of the best-priced tents of this class. It is light, with a simple setup, a pretty design and provides sufficient space for a family to feel comfortable inside.

It does need some fabric protection and seam sealing occasionally, but otherwise, it is a durable, well made and compact tent to take along with you when going camping with the kids.

DANCHEL 13ft Tipi Tent for Camping 4000 Pro

The 13 ft. Danchel teepee tent is a very roomy and well-waterproofed tent suitable for camping and other outdoor trips and journeys.


It can easily fit 8 people sleeping on mattresses and up to 10 in sleeping bags, so if you are planning a fun trip with a bunch of friends, this teepee tent is exactly what you need.

Made of top-quality materials, it will endure rain and wind, and you can be sure it will serve you for years.


  • A large and roomy space of 13 x 8 ft.
  • Body and flysheet are made of high-quality 300D Oxford with 5000mm waterproof coating.
  • Good ventilation and lighting thanks to the 5 vent windows, 3 vents, and 2 transparent windows, which have optional covers for added privacy
  • Can sleep up to 10 people
  • Easy to store and carry – only 24 lbs.
  • Simple setup and collapse of the tent
  • Can withstand some heavy rain
  • Sold at a reasonable price


  • Not so stable when there is a strong wind
  • Cannot use stove due to the material which is not fireproof
  • Can get hot inside on very warm days due to the small vents

Final verdict

The Danchel teepee tent is suitable for all kinds of outdoor fun, camping, hiking, and others. You can fit your whole family in it and still won’t have to trip over your camping gear because the 135 ft. are is sufficient for sleep and for camping gear. It will withstand heavy rain but is not as stable when it comes to strong wind.

The tent comes at a reasonable price and is made of good quality materials, so you can use it for years of camping. We must say that this is a great tent to consider when searching for a large and easy to set up teepee style tent.


In order to determine which one of these teepee tents is the right option for you, you need to consider your personal preferences and needs first. If you want a very compact and light tent to take on a backpacking or hiking trip, you can choose one of the lightweight options which weigh 15 lbs. or less.

Also, depending on the number of people and room space you need, there is a choice between smaller and lower teepees which can fit 3 to 4 people and larger ones big enough to sleep 12 or more.

The different models are suitable for different types of weather, so if you want a tent that will withstand heavy rain and even snow – opt for one with fully taped seals and made of materials providing better waterproofing. There are some options in this list that can be used in cold conditions due to the fact that they are safe for fitting a wood stove inside.

Our list of teepees has a tent suitable for just about anybody. From simple and inexpensive tents, which are great for short trips and camping, to larger, sturdier, and more expensive ones, which can be used as a second home and for hosting various events.

Overall, the choice is very big, but we have tried to narrow it down to what we consider the best teepee type tents available on the market right now.

Hopefully, we have helped you make your choice, and pretty soon you will be enjoying fun time outdoors with family and friends with these easy to set up, attractive, and very roomy and convenient teepee style tents!


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