The Best Swann Security Cameras in 2022

Best Swann Security Cameras

If you want to set up your own home security system, which doesn’t involve professional installation or monitoring but still offers the security you need, some of the best choices for DIY security equipment is made by Swann Security.

With more than 30 years of experience, the company, which originated in Australia, is now one of the leading brands in do-it-yourself video surveillance and security equipment and systems.

Since the company has so many excellent options, we took the time to speak to home security system experts in order to pick out the top 10 best Swann security cameras and surveillance systems for you.

Swann Security Camera

Read on to see what our top 10 picks are so that you can choose the best security camera or entire surveillance system for your needs.

Best overall

Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System

If you are on a tight budget and want to buy a complete DIY home video surveillance system, we strongly recommend that you opt for the Swann SWDVK-844004 security system.

Swann 8 Channel 4 Camera Security System

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  • The DIY set includes an 8 channel expandable 720p HD DVR with a preinstalled 1TB hard drive and 4 PRO-A850 720p HD bullet shaped cameras which can be upgraded to up to 8 depending on your needs.
  • The DVR has High definition HDMI and VGA outputs.
  • The DVR storage can store continuous surveillance footage from all 8 channels for more than 30 days, so you don’t need to worry about having to empty the HDD every other day
  • The system can be expanded by adding any other 4 Swann Pro A series cameras of your choice
  • The recordings can easily be transferred to an external hard drive or USB flash memory via the USB outputs or the network connection
  • You can watch the live video or playback in HD on an LCD or HDTV monitor or screen via an HDMI connection or via the VGA port on the DVR
  • Easy connection to the network thanks to the Peer-to-Peer SwannLink network connection software
  • You can watch live recording or playback of the surveillance videos on your smartphone or tablet thanks to the SwannView app
  • The format of the recorded video is NTSC or PAL
  • 8 channels for connecting up to 8 cameras for complete coverage of your premises
  • 1 RCA audio input and 1 RCA audio output
  • Uses H.264 compression format
  • The DVR can be set to record only motion detected, on schedule, or whenever you choose to record video.
  • The recording is up to 30 fps
  • The 1TB SATA HDD is expandable to 3TB
  • The PRO-A850 HD cameras have viewing angles of up to 62 degrees
  • The cameras have night vision capabilities for a distance of up to 100ft
  • They can be set both indoors or outdoors
  • IP67 rated for outdoor use
  • Made of sturdy aluminum
  • The bundle includes the DVR8-4400 with a 1 TB integrated Hard Drive, 4 PRO-A850 HD cameras, Ethernet cable, HDMI cable, a mouse, a power adapter and a splitter, screws, and plugs for mounting, a mouse and a quick start guard, as well as stickers, warning intruders you are guarded by Swann.

Best runner-up

Swann SWPRO-1080MSD-US Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera

If you want a dome surveillance camera with a thermal sensor and night vision which is even less expensive than our bets budget pick, you may want to buy the Swann SWPRO-1080MSD-US camera.

Swann SWPRO-1080MSD-US Thermal Sensor Outdoor Security Camera

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  • Dome-shaped 1080 Full HD surveillance camera
  • A very wide viewing angle of 85 degrees will cover a larger area with no blind spots.
  • Excellent night vision capabilities thanks to the IR cut filter and the LED lights on the camera can capture people and object in the dark who are up to 100 ft. from the camera
  • Switches to black and white recording mode as the night falls
  • Thermal sensor PIR motion-detecting technology will detect any people, animals, or cars that are at a distance of up to 32 ft.
  • Provides a more accurate motion detection than other surveillance cameras to minimize false alarms and save storage for recording false motion sensor triggers
  • A discrete camera that you can place inconspicuously on your property
  • The dome-shaped design makes it more difficult to be vandalized or damaged by intruders
  • Made of sturdy aluminum which will withstand weather, wear and tear
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Has an IP55 weather-resistance rating and is made to endure extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with the Swann DVR-4575, DVR-4780, DVR-4980 recording systems
  • Comes with everything necessary for DIY installation, including a 60ft BNC cable, mounting screws, and plugs for the wall, theft deterrent stickers from Swann, and detailed operating instructions

Best budget

Swann SWDVK-849004-US 8 Channel 5MP Security System with 4 x 5MP Cameras

We picked the SWDVK-849003-US security system as our top choice because it offers a complete package for installing your own top quality, reliable surveillance system at home at a very reasonable price.

Swann SWDVK-849004-US 8 Channel 5MP Security System with 4 x 5MP Cameras

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You will receive a DVR8-4900 recorder with a 2TB hard drive, along with four 5MP cameras along with 60ft. BNC cables, an HDMI cable, a mouse, a power adapter and splitter, mounting screws and plugs, theft-deterrent stickers, and a quick start guide for setting up your own DIY security system, so you can start setting up your home video security system immediately.

The surveillance system has 8 channels, so you can further expand it with another four cameras if you need to cover more areas and zones for better safety and security at home.

The cameras are rated IP67 for outdoor use and are completely weatherproof. So, you can feel safe and guarded even when it’s pouring or snowing outside.

The 5 Megapixel PRO-T890 cameras will capture video in a resolution of 1920p, which is much higher and clearer than regular Full HD 1080p cameras.

They feature infrared night vision and will capture images and videos of suspicious people or objects at a distance of 100ft, in the dark.

The cameras have wide viewing angles of up to 70 degrees so that no motion happening outside of your home will remain hidden from them or from you.

The DVR8-4900 recorder has a 2TB hard disk and a capacity to store video recordings of motion events from the last 80 days. It features a new and improved video compression H.264+ standard, which allows for much faster video recording and playback for easy access to all recorded videos by your Swann security cameras.

The DVR recorder has 8 video inputs and VGA, HDMI outputs, as well as 1 RCA Audio input and 1 RCA Audio output. It also has an RJ45, 2 USB 2.0, and 1 USB 3.0 ports for easy transfer of the stored videos to a flash drive or external hard disk.

It can record videos with a resolution of up to 5MP. The 2TB hard drive is expandable to 6TB for even more storage space for your surveillance videos.

The 8 channels of the surveillance system can all be configured separately and independently, so you can set the exact frame rate and resolution of each added camera.

The four top-quality, bullet-style, weather-resistant 5MP cameras included in this kit are sufficient to cover the grounds of a relatively large home, but if you want added security, you can add up to 4 more cameras for added safety. They are discreet and are sized 150mm x 66mm x 66mm each.

With the useful SwannView Plus App, you can stay informed of what is going on your premises no matter where you are by accessing the system online and receiving notifications and motion alerts directly on your mobile phone or tablet.

The DIY Swann security system is sold with a 12-month warranty, so you can be certain that you will receive help or be compensated if something goes wrong with the cameras or the recorder in the next 365 days after the purchase.

Also, since there will be no professional surveillance services involved, the only investment you will be making is purchasing this kit. After that, you don’t owe any monthly subscription fees at all.

We love this effective, reliable, and expandable Swann security system kit because it is very reasonably priced for the high-quality cameras and the DVR recorder you will receive, along with all the amazing features of these Swann security system devices and the useful mobile app which will allow you to rest assured that everything is OK at home, even when you are miles away!

If you feel like you need some more added protection to cover any potential blind spots, you can purchase another kit of the 5 Megapixel PRO-T890 bullet-style weatherproof cameras or choose from the other Swann security cameras on our list to further expand your home security system.

Swann SWPRO-5MPMSD-US 5MP PIR Motion Sensor Add-On Dome Camera

If you are in search of the best budget Swann security camera, we suggest you take a closer look at the SWPRO-5MPMSD-US dome camera, which is one of the top reasonably priced options available in 2022.


This affordable 5MP dome camera will give you a bird’s eye view of your property in a crystal clear Super HD (1920p) 5 Megapixel resolution. This high resolution is 2.4 times better than Full HD 1080p resolution, which means that you will have much clearer and more detailed visuals of what is happening on your property at all times.

Thanks to the infrared cut filter and the LED lights, which allow for clear and powerful night vision, you will be able to see anybody or anything within the range of 100ft, even in the darkest nights.

The dome camera has a 70 degree wide viewing angle, so it will cover a larger area without any blind spots.

The design is dome-shaped and discreet, and the camera is very sturdily built from tough aluminum. It is rated IP66 for use in any kind of weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning or getting damaged when it is too cold or too hot, or when it is raining or snowing.

The SWPRO-5MPMSDD-US is compatible with all of Swann’s pro-series HD DVRs, such as the 4980 series or others.

The dome security camera from Swann has a True Detect PIR Thermal sensing technology that allows it to detect moving objects which emit heat, including people, large pets, and animals or cars. The PIR sensor works for live objects within 32ft of the camera.

This Swann security camera has a very accurate motion detection function which will minimize the false recording triggers and notifications which many other security cameras tend to cause.

So, you can save time, recording space, and a lot of anxiety from receiving false alerts for a movement that often can be caused by a falling leaf, a bird, a bug, or some other innocent movement around the camera.

The reasonably priced surveillance camera is sold with a 60ft BNC cable so you can connect it directly to your DVR. It also comes with a power adapter and splitter, mounting screws and wall plugs, as well as theft deterrent stickers to inform potential intruders that your property is protected by Swann.

Dome-shaped cameras are especially useful for those of you who want to install a more discreet surveillance system on your property. For more visible cameras, you probably will have to choose one of Swann’s excellent bullet-shaped ones.

It is a superb choice for larger and wider areas such as parking lots, yards, hallways, driveways, and others.

Overall, at this price, this is one of the best surveillance cameras you can get not only from Swann but from any surveillance system equipment manufacturer in 2022!

Here are the other cameras and surveillance systems from Swann we chose for you.

Swann PIR Bullet Security Camera & Spotlight, 4K Ultra HD Surveillance Cam

The Swann PIR Bullet Security Camera and Spotlight is a multifunctional and top-quality surveillance and security camera which is packed with features to give you peace of mind that your home or other property is protected.



  • It has a crystal clear 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • It also has a motion-triggered spotlight for added protection and a clear view of a potential intruder
  • You can also switch the LED spotlight on manually via your mobile phone if you want to
  • A wide 93-degree viewing angle
  • The camera has color night vision, with a range of up to 115 feet when the spotlight is on
  • There is a black and white night vision option with a wider range of up to 150 feet in the dark and up to 200 feet with ambient light
  • The camera also comes with a built-in loud siren, and an option for 2-way talk to confront or scare away burglars
  • You can use the 2-way audio system to listen to the voices and sounds outside silently
  • The high-end camera has a thermal sensor that will detect warm objects
  • You can connect the camera to an NVR and use the Swann Security app in order to receive notifications and monitor the view in real-time
  • The camera is a perfect addition to Swann’s NVR-8580 professional security system
  • If you use this NVR, you can even use voice commands to view the camera on your smart TV
  • It has IP66 weatherproof and sturdy housing, making it suitable for outdoor and for indoor use
  • It is also perfect for a video doorbell
  • The camera comes with a 12-month warranty
  • It is sold with the necessary mounting equipment, a 60ft. cable and Swann Security warning stickers

Swann SRPRO-815WB4-CL-PB-R 1080p Security Camera 4 Pack

If you need a well-priced pack of four cameras to upgrade your home video surveillance system or to set up a new one, then consider buying the Swann SRPRO-815WB4-CL-PB-R 4 camera set.



  • The set includes 4 PRO-815 1080p Full HD bullet-type surveillance cameras
  • The cameras can be installed and used both outside and indoors
  • They come with night vision of up to 100ft and 36 LED lights per camera for clearer detail in the dark
  • A 90 degree wide viewing angle for coverage of larger areas
  • The cameras are weatherproof and IP66 rated to withstand extreme temperatures, rain, snow, sun, and dust
  • They operate at 12V DC
  • Made of aluminum
  • They have integrated 23 inch BNC cables
  • The package includes the 4 cameras, 60ft BNC cable and power adapter, a power splitter, plugs and screws for mounting the cameras, operational instructions and stickers from Swann
  • Can connect to any compatible DVR very easily

Swann SWNVK-874004-US 8CHANNEL 4MP NVR 2TB Surveillance System

It is another superb option if you want to set up your own video security system and be in charge of monitoring it yourself, without paying hefty fees for professional surveillance.


The Swann SWNVK-874004-US consists of four 4MP super high definition cameras with powerful night vision and built-in mics for crystal clear audio, along with a 2TB Super HD 4MP Network Video Recorder (NVR), which is expandable up to 8 cameras and to 6TB of storage.

The kit also includes all the cables, instructions, mounting tools, and everything you will need to start setting up your home security system without the need for additional purchases and without the help of a professional.

The fact is that once you set up your Swann SWNVK-874994-US surveillance system, you can actually forget about backing up or cleaning the storage space because the Swan Super HD 4MP NVR security system can record continuously from all 8 camera channels for over 160 days.

The NVR has HDMI, HDTV, and VGA output options, so you can view what is going on live on your LCD screen as well.

The 4MP cameras are made of sturdy aluminum and are IP66 rated as weatherproof and will record detected motion or continuously with a resolution that is 1.8 times higher and clearer than Full HD 1080p cameras offer. They have very effective motion detection functionality during the day as well as at night. The night vision of the cameras can capture all details of moving objects in the range of 100ft. the cameras have integrated Ethernet connectivity for easy connection to the network. These cameras have a wide 75-degree viewing angle, so they can cover any blind spots.

If the 4 included cameras are not sufficient for you, you can expand the security system to a total of 8 cameras.

The 8 channel 4MP NVR features the SwannLink Peer-to-Peer network connection software, which is very easy to set and use. You will be able to transfer the stored videos and audio to external storage either via the USB outputs or on the network. The NVR offers manual, motion as well as scheduled 4MP recording options, so you can choose whether you want to record everything continuously 24/7, or just when there is motion detected, or in certain hours of the day or night only.

The recording can be played back at 25fps.

The system also works with the free mobile and computer  SwannView Link app, which will alert you whenever motion is detected, and which will allow you to view what is going on on your property from your computer (Windows, Mac), smartphone, or tablet (Android or iOS), no matter where you are.

This incredible video surveillance system kit includes the 8 channel NVR8-7400 8, a 2TB installed hard drive, 4 NHD-818 4M cameras with audio, 4 3ft Cat5e Ethernet cables, an HDMI cable, theft deterrent stickers, a mouse, a power adapter, mounting equipment, and detailed operating instructions.

All of this is available at a great price and is perfectly sufficient to set up a complete video surveillance system on your property without the need for professional assistance.

Plus, you will be in charge of monitoring what is going on around your home without needing to pay external security services to do the job for you.

If you want to read more, take a look at The best 5 Samsung Security Cameras.

Swann SWNVK-885808 4K Ultra HD NVR 8 x 4K Cameras

Are you shopping for a higher-end smart 4K home surveillance system from Swann? Our favorite for 2022 is the premium SWNVK-885808 smart security system.



  • The system consists of an expandable 8 channel NVR with 2TB of storage with 8 4K UHD cameras
  • Amazing 4K UHD resolution for crystal clear images and videos with all details visible
  • The cameras have an ultra-wide viewing angle of 93 degrees for perfect coverage of the entire surveyed area
  • They can be installed and used both indoors and outdoors
  • The night vision capabilities of the cameras are up to 150ft in absolute darkness and up to 200ft with ambient light on
  • IP66 rated and safe to be used in all weather conditions
  • The cameras can capture perfect audio, and you can listen to or record clear audio whenever you need to
  • The cameras have the latest True Detect thermal motion sensors, which turn the recording on and alerts you about detected motion via a push notification, e-mail, or another alert you have set up
  • The system provides one of the most precise motion detection in the range, which will minimize false alarms and unnecessary recording triggers
  • You can keep an eye on your home and property from anywhere via your smartphone
  • The system has advanced smart 4K analytics of the videos for face detection and detecting other objects, which are set to trigger alerts or recording
  • Other smart detection features include Line crossing detection, Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Static Object Detection, Person Detection, and Crossing Counter Detection
  • You can easily connect the NVR to your Dropbox so that you can upload the video footage and images directly to the cloud, plus the QuickShot Cloud feature saves snapshots to the cloud automatically, so that image evidence is stored off of your premises
  • The PoE technology allows for powering and operating the system via only one cable (Ethernet) per camera
  • Works with the HomeSafe View and View 24/7 mobile apps to get alerts, push notifications and view live footage or listen to audio via your smartphone or another mobile device
  • Works with Google Assistant so you can use voice commands via Chromecast or Google Assistant to seamlessly stream video footage to your smart TV, or you can control the surveillance system via your voice (for example, you can customize it to react to “show me the backyard,” or other similar commands)
  • Very easy installation via the included CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • 12-month warranty by Swann

Swann SWPRO-735CAM-US PRO-735 Multi-Purpose Security Camera

If you are in need of just one single bullet-style Swann camera, the SWPRO-735CAM-US is an excellent multi-purpose surveillance camera available at a good price.



  • Made of strong aluminum which will withstand the trials of time and any weather
  • IP67 rated to resist harsh weather conditions
  • Suitable for outdoor and for indoor use
  • Records videos with 720 TV line quality in color during the day
  • 82ft night vision capability – in black and white
  • You can plug it in your DVR or in TV for instant recording or viewing
  • 59-degree viewing angle
  • Sold with 60ft BNC cable, a bracket for mounting, a BNC to RCA adapter, screws, and plugs for the mounting, a user manual, and stickers that you are guarded by Swann

Swann DVR-4590 8 Channel 3MP Super HD DVR and 4 x PRO-T857 Cameras

This is yet another excellent DIY Super HD indoor and/or outdoor surveillance system which you can buy at a very affordable price, and you can set up alone without the need for assistance by professionals.



  • The system consists of an 8-channel Super HD 3MP DVR-4590 digital recorder with 1TB of storage space and 4 bullet PRO-T857 cameras, which can be expanded to 8
  • High quality, detailed, and crystal clear 3MP day and night video recording
  • The cameras can capture live footage at night at a vision distance of 50ft, thanks to their built-in IR technology.
  • They have a 72 viewing angle.
  • They feature PIR thermal motion sensing for warm objects at a distance of up to 32ft.
  • Suitable both for indoor and for outdoor use
  • IP66 rated for weather resistance
  • A large 1TB storage allows for recording footage for 80 days via all the 8 channel of the DVR
  • Compatible with the useful HomeSafe View app for Android and iOS phones and tablets
  • You will receive push notifications every time a movement from a warm object is detected.
  • You can connect the DVR directly to your HDTV or your monitor via HDMI or VGA ports.
  • The DVR can be connected to the network and the Internet via Ethernet
  • The cameras can be viewed online via the peer-to-peer SwannLink technology
  • The system has a useful QuickShot feature for searching for the exact footage you need quickly
  • The QuickReview option allows you to save time by viewing multiple recordings on a split screen simultaneously
  • SmartSearch lets you search all the movement around a selected area or object only
  • You can add up to 4 more Swann cameras of the same type or from the other PRO series HD cameras to use all 8 channels of the DVR
  • The set also includes 4 BNC cables, an Ethernet and HDMI cable, a power adapter and a splitter, a mouse, mounting screws and wall plugs, stickers for deterring theft, and an instruction manual
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty

Advantages of choosing a Swann security camera or surveillance system

There are various reasons why you should choose to invest in a camera or system for surveillance made and warrantied by Swann. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing o buy a Swann video surveillance system or camera:

  • Swann offers various camera type and system options suitable for any need
  • You can choose among a number of excellent and reliable DVR and NVR systems
  • All of the cameras and whole surveillance systems from Swann are suitable for DIY installation
  • You will perform DIY monitoring of your property without having to pay for external security companies to do it for you
  • The wide variety of systems and cameras offered are suited for all needs and budgets, from budget-friendly options, to mid-range and up to the premium ones
  • The Swann security cameras offer excellent night vision of up to 150ft
  • Many of the cameras have very precise thermal motion detection which will eliminate false alerts and save recording space
  • The free mobile apps for mobile surveillance and access to the systems work both for Android and for iOS mobile phones and devices
  • No contracts with third parties need to be signed for reliable and efficient property surveillance
  • Most systems are expandable and compatible cameras can be added to them
  • The recording devices offer up to 4TB local storage which can be expanded even more
  • The surveillance systems all come with everything necessary for you to mount them, install the system and start using it immediately
  • Swann sells all its products with a 12-month warranty

More about the available Swann Security Systems

As you can see from our list of our favorite Swann security cameras and system, the company provides all types of single surveillance cameras as well as entire security solutions that can reach up to 24 channel NVR and DVR systems. This means that Swann has a home or business solution for virtually everyone and for every need.

Swann offers a 12-month warranty for its products and has a reliable customer care service.

The company focuses on offering DIY mounting and DIY monitoring surveillance systems, which means that if you don’t want to use professional help for installing your video surveillance system, and you don’t want to sign a contract and pay a professional surveillance service to do the monitoring for you, Swann’s security solutions are perfect for you!

What about the price of a Swann security system?

The truth is, that your security system from Swann will cost just as much as you would like it too. Thanks to the diverse product list of the company, you can spend a few hundred dollars for an entire surveillance system, and even less for separate surveillance cameras. Of course, if you want a high-end premium model like the 4K UHD NVR SWNVK-885808 smart system, you will have to be ready to pay a higher price.

So, the fact is that you decide just how much you are ready to spend on your video surveillance system and choose the best solution which fits your needs and your budget.

Swann home security equipment options

For its 30-year-old history, Swann Security has been making DIY home security surveillance products of all kinds. You can choose to buy a single surveillance camera, or a complete surveillance system, depending on your needs.

Here are the main categories of home security products currently being offered by Swann:

  • CCTV recording devices and surveillance cameras
  • Video doorbells
  • Wireless IP cameras
  • Alarms and various sensors
  • Video surveillance drones

How to choose the best Swann security camera

If you don’t have experience with setting up home video surveillance systems, picking a surveillance camera may seem pretty simple and straightforward at first.

But once you start searching for a suitable camera, you may quickly get overwhelmed by the huge range of options, types, and features of all those surveillance cameras out there.

There are several main types of surveillance cameras which all have their advantages and disadvantages. There are bullet, dome, outdoor, indoor, wireless, wired, wire-free and smart cameras.

Read on to find out more about the different types, so that you can choose the best option for you.

Bullet surveillance cameras

The name of these cameras is based on their shape, which is usually cylindrical and elongated, similar to a bullet shape. They have a very distinctive and recognizable appearance, and as such often deter intruders who see them. However, being so visible, they are also prone to vandalism as well.

As they are cylindrically shaped, they are useful for focusing on one specific area of the property. Even with a wide-angle, one bullet camera may not be sufficient for full coverage of your property, so you probably will have to choose a multiple camera security system.  We have picked several of our favorite Swann bullet camera surveillance systems which include multiple cameras and expandable DVR and NVR recording devices for you.

The bullet surveillance cameras can be mounted in the house or outside, on a wall or a ceiling. The lip cover on the front protects the camera from rain and snow and reduces glare. All of our favorite bullet cameras from Swann are rated IP66 or IP67 for weather resistance, so there should be no problem installing them wherever you want no matter the climatic conditions.

Dome surveillance cameras

Once again, the name of these cameras comes from their shape. The dome-shaped cameras are much more discreet than the bullet cameras. They are usually mounted on the ceiling or on walls, and many are used indoors, although there are many, including our top picks for the best dome cameras from Swann that are weatherproof and can be used outside as well.

Dome cameras are not that easy to spot, so they are not so prone to being vandalized or tampered with. In general, dome cameras have a wider angle of view than the bullet type, which means that one camera can cover a larger area without the need of installing multiple cameras.

Both types can have night vision, motion detection, PIP thermal motion sensors, microphones, and other features.  They are connected either to a DVR or an NVR recorder, while as some cameras can be connected directly to your TV or monitor such as the SWPRO-735CAM-US.

Indoor or outdoor cameras

Many security cameras from our best 10 Swann security camera list can be used both inside and in the open, but if you need a camera which is specifically for outdoor use, you may want to look for features such as weatherproof-ness, infrared night vision, as well as the construction and durability of the camera.

All of our top choices by Swann are made of sturdy aluminum and other durable materials, they are rated as weatherproof according to IP66 and IP67 and can withstand rain, shine, snow, hot and freezing temperatures.

The best outdoor cameras need to have precise motion detection so that they don’t get triggered by meaningless events, such as a leaf falling or rain falling. Many of our favorite Swann security cameras have special thermal motion sensors which are much more precise when detecting the movement of a person, animal, car or another warm object.

Wired, wireless and wire-free surveillance cameras

Wired cameras are still the most traditional types of cameras used for surveillance systems. They are connected directly to a recorder (DVR or NVR) which is connected to a router and to the Internet. Some of the wired cameras need a separate power cable. All of our picks are wired, but they are all sold with all the cables needed for them to be connected to the recording device. They do not need separate power sources and cabling.

As for the wireless or IP cameras, they connect to the Wi-Fi network to stream the video footage or recording. Then again, they still need to be powered so they are not completely wireless either.

The entirely wire-free security cameras use batteries for power and are completely cable-free. These are the easiest to install, but you will need to replace or recharge their batteries on a regular basis too.

Smart security cameras

As with the other technological advances and the growing number of devices in the IoT, it is normal for security camera manufacturers to start designing and making smart cameras as well. These can have all kinds of smart features, such as Swann’s smart 4K UHD security set from our list which is compatible with Google Assistant and can be “taught” to be controlled via voice commands. This system also has other smart features such as algorithms that help detect people, faces, theft, trespassing, passing a line and others.

Other features to look for in a security camera


Apart from the type of the surveillance camera, you should also keep in mind the resolution and quality of the video captured by the camera. The best cameras in our list have 4K UHD or Super HD and higher quality. Of course, there are some with a Full HD resolution which are less expensive and could be suitable for those of you who don’t need top quality surveillance footage with meticulous detail and brilliant colors.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle is another feature to look for when shopping for Swann security cameras. Depending on your needs and where you are planning to mount the camera, you should pick one which has a viewing angle which is wide enough to cover the entire area which it is meant to cover. The wider the angle of the camera, the lesser the risk of blind spots and of missing an intrusion or another offense.

Night vision

You can choose a surveillance camera which has a limited night vision range or one which can detect and record motion at over 100ft during the night. All of the Swann cameras we have picked for you have night vision capabilities, so take a look at their brief reviews to ensure that you buy the one which has a range that suits your needs and which will cover the parameter you have planned for it even in the darkest night.

Cables and wiring

Think about the wiring too. Even though the cameras and systems sold by Swann include the necessary wiring, it has a limited length.

Also, be informed that usually, DVR systems use coaxial cables which can degrade the quality of the image after a length of 300ft is surpassed. The NVR systems use Ethernet cables like cat5e and cat6 which are more flexible, and you can add network switches to extend their length without affecting the quality of the picture.

Make sure you use only high-quality cables if you want to get the best out of your surveillance cameras and your security system.

Connectivity and compatibility

Thanks to the fact that Swann focuses on DIY surveillance equipment and systems, all of the top picks in our list come with all of the cables, mounting equipment and everything necessary for mounting them and connecting them to the recording device. Make sure that you choose a camera or set of cameras which is compatible with your existing recording device NVR or DVR if you are planning on expanding your existing surveillance system so that you can simply plug them in and start using them.

If you choose a whole surveillance kit from our favorite list, you don’t need to fret, because you will receive everything you need to set it up and get your surveillance system started immediately, without any additional parts and purchases necessary.

How to install your Swann security cameras

So, you have picked and ordered your new Swann security camera or surveillance system, and now it is time for installing it. Thanks to the years of experience of the Australian security system company in DIY surveillance systems, their products are very easy to install and do not require professional help, unless you don’t have the time or energy to set your own system up of course.

All of our top picks come with all the cables and elements you will need to mount the cameras, connect them to the recording device, and get your system running immediately. Still, there are some tips which you might want to keep in mind when you are installing your new home video surveillance system, such as the proper placing of the cameras and others. Here is what to keep in mind when you are installing your Swann surveillance system.

Make sure you do some planning beforehand

The planning of a security system should begin before you choose and purchase the system itself. In fact, planning is essential for your choice of the most appropriate type of cameras, system, number of cameras and others.

To get started, get out a piece of paper and start assessing your security risks. Where do you need cameras to be set up? Which parts of the home or the outdoor property are most vulnerable to intrusions and other potential problems? How large is the area you want to monitor?  How long should the cables be? How many cameras will you need? What types of features such as wide viewing angle, night vision, motion detection, and others do you need?

These are some of the questions you will need to ask yourself before choosing the best Swann security cameras and system for you.

Placing the cameras outside your home

You will need to plan the camera placing carefully so that you don’t mount one somewhere where it will be useless, and so that you don’t leave too many blind spots in the area you are going to monitor.

The bare minimum is a camera that will cover your front door area, one for the back door, and keep in mind that the garage or gate are also potential entrance areas which need to be surveyed for intrusions.

If you have windows which have ground floor access, it is a good idea to place cameras there, as they are vulnerable points as well.

Overall, you need to have camera coverage of all potential entrance points to your home in order to rest assured that you are properly protected and that you will be alerted if somebody enters your home or your property.

Tips for placing your surveillance cameras indoors

If you want to keep an eye on what is going on in your house or other property when you are not home and are planning on installing surveillance cameras indoors, you may want to follow the following tips:

Avoid mounting the camera where there is backlighting or lens flare

Backlighting occurs when a source of bright light causes the surveillance footage to look very pale or almost white. It can be caused by direct sunlight, a streetlight, or a security light.

The lens flare can occur when there is a reflection of the light on the lens which causes dots and spots on your surveillance footage.

To avoid these issues, always place the camera away from direct sunlight or another strong light source.

Keep the camera out of reach

Make sure that you mount the camera in a way that makes it difficult for potential intruders to try to reach up and disarm it. But then again, do not mount it so high that you won’t be able to identify who is coming in or going out of the room too.

Make sure you check the laws for privacy in your country and area

Make sure you don’t point one of your cameras into your neighbor’s property and check for any privacy regulations regarding surveillance in your state or country before going ahead and mounting your cameras outdoors.

Visible or invisible

It is not clear whether using visible or invisible cameras is more effective in deterring intrusions and burglaries. A rule of the thumb is to place one visible surveillance camera or a mock camera somewhere where an intruder will notice it immediately, and then install hidden ones for the actual video surveillance.

Other general tips when installing your surveillance camera

  • Check the availability of power outlets for your surveillance system
  • Test the camera by connecting it to the recording device before permanently mounting it on a wall or ceiling to make sure everything is OK and keep it connected to make sure you position it properly
  • Measure everything carefully before drilling holes for the installation
  • During the installation keep an eye on the angle and the area covered so that you choose the best position
  • Thanks to the useful Swann mobile apps you can keep an eye on the view of the camera during the installation process
  • Use multiple cameras if you notice any blind spots in a critical area
  • Angle a bullet-shaped camera downward for better motion detection
  • Check out the Swann community or customer support if you have any problems or questions before or during the installation

Final words

So, we hope that you have found the best Swann security camera or surveillance system in our top 10 best list for 2022.

You will be amazed at the ease of installation out of the box of any of these systems, and the efficiency and reliability of these amazing cameras and security systems.

With one of these top-quality surveillance systems or cameras, you will be able to rest assured when you are away from home, or when you a sleeping that everything is alright with your property, and that you will get timely alerts if there is an intrusion attempt or if somebody is trespassing.

Stay safe and enjoy the security and comfort which the Swann video security systems provide!


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