The 5 Best String Trimmers for 2022

Best String Trimmers

A string trimmer is an affordable way to say goodbye to the back pain and frustration of dealing with heavy machinery or to remove the weeds manually from your lawn.

These light and easy-to-use garden tools will allow you to keep the brush and weeds in your yard under control without too much effort and without having to pay hundreds of dollars for landscaping tools.

We picked the Black+Decker LST136 as the top string trimmer on the market but have chosen several others for you to choose from when picking the perfect weed eater for your needs and to suit your budget.

Best overall

BLACK+DECKER LST136 40V MAX Lithium String Trimmer

Our overall top solution for all the painstaking and backbreaking weeding you have been doing is the Black+Decker LST136. This 40V cordless string trimmer is a reasonably priced garden tool that will make edging and trimming your lawn a breeze.


It is a compact and light tool with a size of 46.5 x 13.5 x 11 inches with a PowerDrive transmission which will provide you with the power to get the job done more efficiently and much faster.

The 40V MAX lithium battery has a long runtime, so you won’t need to stop recharging or replacing it in the middle of the job.

You can pick between the Max runtime and the Max power options depending on the toughness of the weeds and plants you are dealing with and on the condition of your lawn or garden.

Thanks to the automatic feed spool of this tool, you can work without bumping it, and when you need to use it as an edger, you only need to turn a shaft to convert it from a trimmer.

It is a perfect tool for dealing with moderate weeds and for trimming and edging lawn grasses of all types.

Thanks to its lightweight and balanced design, using the Black+Decker LST136 is an easy task for just about anybody.

The weed eater is very easy to maneuver and allows for much more precise cuts as compared to bulkier units. This is perfect if you need to work around bushes, trees, or flower beds.

The weed eater has low, high, and medium power levels, so you can easily adjust it to work at a cutting speed depending on the type of grass or weeds you are working on at the moment.

It is safe to use, and the replacement of the pre-wound string spools is frustration-free, so there will be no tangled and crossed lines when you are dealing with the string management.

Overall, we like just how versatile, affordable, and precise this string trimmer is and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants the finest cordless trimmer and edger all in one.

Best runner-up

BLACK+DECKER LCC140 String Trimmer and Sweeper

The Black+Decker LCC140 definitely impressed us with its versatility and ease of use. You can use this garden tool both as a string trimmer and as a sweeper as well.


This cordless weed eater is powered by a 40V 2Ahr MAX Lithium-Ion battery but can work with other 40MAX and 36V lithium tools.

The cutting power of this string trimmer is boosted by the trademark Gear Drive transmission.

The compact landscaping tool comes with a 13-inch string trimmer and a sweeper attachment.

Because of the automatic feed spool, you can work continuously without having to do any bumping along the way.

This is a lightweight trimming tool (4.7 pounds) that operates very quietly, so you won’t be bothering your family or neighbors when you decide to trim those weeds or clean out your driveway or patio from leaves and other garden waste.

You can pick between a maximum run-time or maximum power option on the PowerCommand dial on the unit in accordance with the task you are handling to save battery life and to ensure that the job is done quickly and properly. The batteries charge quickly and can last for up to 40-45 minutes of continuous operation.

You can use the LCC140 as a trimmer or edger as you are working on your lawn or in your garden.

Then you can use the 120MPH cordless sweeper to blow away any debris from your deck, patio, and driveway or from the sidewalks. The blower has a built-in scraper that you can use to loosen and remove any stuck-on leaves or other debris.

The handle of the string trimmer provides a cushioned, soft and comfy grip, so you can move it around precisely and easily.

We like how this tool can quickly be converted from a weed eater and edger into a blower. It is an excellent option for those of you who want to save money by buying both a string trimmer and a blower for their gardening and housekeeping needs.

Best budget choice

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker

The best budget option for 2018 is the Black+Decker LST300 weed wacker. It is a cordless and lightweight gardening tool that is powered by a 20volt Lithium-Ion battery pack and features a PowerDrive transmission for more power and for faster and more efficient trimming.


There is no bumping needed during use because of the Automatic Feed Spool of this unit.

You can easily convert the LST300 from a 12-inch trimmer into an edger in just a few seconds by turning the head to a 90-degree angle.

The pivoting handle is adjustable, so people of all heights can comfortably use the string trimmer.

The size of the device is 8.5 x 36.38 x 4.88 inches, and its weight is just 5.7 lbs. so you can use it without any back pain or soreness in the arms and carry it away for storage without any effort.

So, you will get a trimmer and edger all in one with this affordable, easy to use and powerful little string trimmer.

Our other top picks for you

BLACK+DECKER LSTE525 Easy Feed String Trimmer

This compact and yet powerful weed wacker from Black+Decker is an affordable landscaping tool that will help you make your lawn and yard perfect with ease and comfort.



  • Converts from a weed wacker/trimmer into a wheeled edger easily
  • Powered by a 20V MAX Lithium battery pack
  • Sold at a very reasonable price
  • Increased torque thanks to the trademarked Power Drive Transmission
  • 2-speed control for extended runtime or for more power
  • The line of the AFS spool has a 065-inch diameter
  • The trimmer is 12 inches wide
  • No bumping is needed thanks to the EasyFeed system
  • Its compact size is 9.25 x 41.33 x 5.74 inches and a weight of just 6.3 lbs.
  • The handle has a soft grip texture for better comfort and control of the tool.
  • It comes with two 20V Max batteries.

Husqvarna 128LD 17-Inch String Trimmer

If you want a gas-powered weed eater which is easy to use, easy to maintain, and which can cut through seriously thick grass and weeds, the Husqvarna 128LD could be the string trimmer for you.



  • A 17-inch trimmer with a large coverage for faster trimming
  • A powerful 28cc engine that provides the power you need to cut through the thickest and most stubborn weeds
  • A 1.4 transmission gear ratio
  • Uses a 950-inch trimmer line which is easy to replace and will last longer than others
  • Easy starting of the motor via a stop and on switch
  • The cutting guard can be with a trimmer head or a grass blade
  • An air purging system will keep the air out of the fuel system and carburetor
  • It weighs 10.8 pounds
  • Its shaft can be removed for easier transport and storage
  • It can be used with over 10 other professional-grade attachments from Husqvarna, including a sweeper, a hedge trimmer, a tree pruner, a pole saw, a brush cutter, edger, tiller, and others

Features to consider when choosing a string trimmer

Here are the main features to keep an eye on when you are picking the weed eater for your needs.

Power type

String trimmers can be gas powered, corded electric or battery powered.  For smaller yards, an electric corded or battery powered string trimmer is an excellent choice, but if you need to deal with large lawns or have to tackle tough or tall weeds and plants, you may want to invest in a gas powered string trimmer.


You want a landscaping tool which feels comfortable in your hand and which has a properly balanced weight if you want your lawn maintenance to be as effortless and as enjoyable as it can be.

Also, consider getting a string trimmer which has an extendable or adjustable handle if you are too tall.

Lighter string trimmers can easily be held for longer periods of time without a harness, but for a heavier model, you will need some help in the form of a shoulder harness.

String feed options

The weed cutter uses a cutting line or string which can be fed in several different ways: bump feed, fixed line and auto feed. The auto feed has a pre-wound head which supplies the line as required automatically while the fixed line gets worn out pretty quickly and needs to be changed.

Noise level

Usually, the electric powered and cordless string trimmers are much quieter than the gas powered ones, so if you are worried about your neighbors, pets or for your own comfort, opt for a quieter model.


Many of the string trimmers which we have picked can be used as a trimmer and edger, and some of them can be converted into blowers or into other useful garden tools. The more versatile your tool is – the more useful it will be. Also by purchasing a multifunctional tool, you will save money for buying separate tools, as well as space for having to store them all!

Final words

A good string trimmer will save you a lot of time and effort when removing the weeds and doing the finish up work on your lawn or garden.

With any of our top picks, you will be able to clean up your green area and keep your lawn and yard in pristine condition without paying a high price for high-end gardening and lawn maintenance equipment.

So, go ahead and buy that string trimmer you have always needed and say goodbye to all those unsightly weeds once and for all!


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