The Best Speed Bag for Home Gym in 2022: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Speed Bag

Speed Bags are a great way to enhance your speed, endurance, and strength if you are a committed athlete. That means by having an at-home speed bag, you can assure yourself of having the power of demolishing a tank. Ever since the white-collar jobs have conspired to cage you inside your abode, gadgets have replaced dumbles.

Best Speed Bag

We have brought you the list of 10 speed bags to maintain the same strength and endurance. These are the most preferred professional speed bags.

Ringside Boxing Speed Bag

The first one to show up on this list is the high-quality speed bag by Ringside. It is the perfect training equipment for an athlete who takes his fitness seriously. This leather bag is very lightweight and has a latex bladder. This helps it to rebound quickly for being punched again. This maintains the pace and offers you an intense workout. This bag comes in all sizes to match your convenience.



  • This speed punching bag is made entirely of leather.
  • It has reinforced seams that are triple stitched to enhance the strength of the fabric.
  • This is the perfect tool to improve hand-eye coordination.
  • It rebounds quickly to maintain the same pace and speed.
  • It is preferred by many athletes for its promising results.

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag

Another incredible training tool, Meister Bags, offers excellent durability and performance. This speeding bag with a latex bladder is lightweight and has an asymmetrical shape. The seams in this speed bag are reinforced for increasing bag strength. Meister Speedkills offers bags of three different sizes that provide various skill levels. It has an appealing finish and a comfortable feel.



  • This bag is made using genuine leather. This leather is made of cowhide that has a long lifespan.
  • It has a highly balanced design that enables it to rebound at a consistent pace.
  • This is the best speed bag for home.
  • You will find three different speed bag sizes that aids in enhancing your skills.
  • In different speed bag platforms, Meister bags stands at the seventh position.

Everlast Speed Bags

The most desirable training gear in town and are gyro balanced. These bags help improve your muscle strength and endurance. These form the ideal bags for children who love playing around with a speed bag. Though these gradually deflate over time, they are effortless to bring back in shape. You need to pump the appropriate amount of air, and you are done. This is a cheap speed bag that can be bought by everyone.



  • These bags are made from high-quality genuine leather.
  • Like their counterparts, these, too, have reinforced seams. Reinforcing increases the lifespan of your bag.
  • With a boxing gyro balanced design, these bags offer accurate recoiling.
  • Everlast features two speed bags’ sizes; moderate size(9″x6″) and large size (10″x7″)

AmazonBasics Speed Bag

Whether you want toned muscles or are preparing for a competition, AmazonBasics presents a wide range of speed bags to choose from. This is the widespread brand that is trusted by millions for fulfilling the user’s expectations. This bag offers a cardiovascular workout besides an upper-body intense workout. Your focus and strength are improved by regular usage.



  • This forms an excellent speed bag home variant that gives you gym like results in your comfortable space.
  • It is a great upper-body trainer that increases your speed, endurance, strength, and overall performance.
  • Its teardrop shape provides an excellent balance that offers consistent recoiling and rebounding.
  • Triple-stitched seams are reinforced to make its fabric strong and long-lasting.
  • This features a black color body with a yellow-colored bottom.
  • One of the cheap speed bags, comes with a one-year warranty.

Pro Impact Speed Bag

One of the highly trusted brands globally, Pro Impact, offers you the finest speed bag. This bag features a pear shape and provides intense training. Designed by sports equipment manufacturing experts, this bag enables you to punch accurately and on point. It looks after your overall performance and prepares you for future challenges. It comes in three different sizes.



  • These bags are made of genuine leather that doesn’t wear off quickly. This material also improves your bag’s functionality.
  • This bag doesn’t deflate and maintains its shape and size.
  • The seams are reinforced, that makes this speed bag strong and tough.
  • Your reflexes and stamina are improved; hence, keeping you fit and active.
  • Offering better coordination and consistent rebounds, this bag tones your entire upper-body.

Title Classic Speed Bag

This speed bag is very lightweight and made of genuine leather. With the rubber bladder, this bag passes the criteria of the best speed bags. This bag has an appealing red color that adds a taste of style to your home while building your strength and power. This high-quality bag has stolen many hearts and continues to do so.



  • This bag is quite tough and offers high speed and stamina.
  • The seams are stitched and welted. This enhances its balance and makes it durable.
  • Its loop is long and has extra reinforcing.
  • The rubber bladder used in it enhances your life, and it pays off your investments.

Title Boxing Super Speed Bag

One of the best speed bags manufactured by Title Boxing, this bag has a lustrous golden yellow color to grab your attention. There are five different sizes available to suit your needs. If you opt for an intense striking workout, this bag is a great choice. This bag is one of the most-selling bag currently. This small speed bag has managed to gather millions of purchasers all around the world.



  • Heavy-duty leather is the material used to construct such a long-lasting speed bag.
  • It has a quad-wrapped loop that has enhanced durability.
  • The handles are reinforced, and the seams are entirely welted.
  • The bladder inside has a long lifespan and makes the bag extremely lightweight.

MaxxMMA Speed bag

The large black body with a yellow bottom is the coolest thing about this bag. This stunning color complements your workout session and makes you look more professional. If you want to sweat a bit and release your stress and aggression, nothing can be better than punching MaxxMMA’s range of cool speed bags.



  • This is the perfect bag for improving your accuracy, timing, and speed.
  • This bag is an excellent choice to be added to your gym equipment to enhance your punching skills.
  • You will find a needle included in it with a hand pump.
  • This bag features a large size and has a precise balance.

Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

Cleto Reyes offers speed bags that are handcrafted and very popular amongst athletes. The detailing is so minute and precise that whenever you punch it, you get a smooth response. This Mexican leather training tool has a tough and durable nylon lining. It features a cherry red color that adds a star to your workout station.



  • Cleto Reyes gym equipment is made carefully, keeping in mind the safety standards.
  • It can endure hard punches and rugged use.
  • No other tool can match its efficiency in improving coordination and reflexes.
  • This is an all-in-one solution to all your fitness needs.
  • This is lightweight and is the perfect tool for home workouts.

RDX Speed Ball

This product by RDX comes with a hollow bladder that can be inflated using an ordinary ball pump. This bladder is replaceable that is a significant advantage. This is an excellent choice for athletes who enjoy hanging their bags to the ceiling and enjoying free motion. The free swing increases your speed and accuracy.



  • The material used is cowhide leather, and the swivel is made of stainless steel.
  • The bag has an inner lining of poly cotton.
  • This speedball offers rebound accuracy and can endure tough punches.
  • This comes with a guarantee and is lightweight.
  • The unique riveted texture and design provide the ball its durability.
  • The hanging strap is double-lined that prevents it from splitting while being used.

Buying Guide for the Perfect Speed Bags

Before making your purchase, you should focus on some key features of these efficient gym training tools. To help you find your match, we have come up with this guidebook. You will find the key aspects that you should look for in your suitable upper-body workout equipment. These are listed below.

Size and Shape

Their size and shape matter a lot because your punching accuracy is entirely dependent on these two elements. Whenever you are in the quest of searching for the best endurance training tool, always focus on the shape. The perfect shape is the teardrop shape. This has a broad surface area that offers you adequate punching space. If a bag is narrow and thin, you will miss the ball and end up hitting the air or the wall. Hence, always opt for the wide, fat-bellied ones irrespective of your skill level.


Length is another most significant aspect of this equipment. You should opt for more extended lengths because these are more accurate and rebound well. However, you should always consider the diameter of your platform. If it is small, there are chances of hitting the platform’s edge. So, before picking out any brand, ensure that it coordinates well with your platform.


These leather training equipment come in various weights. Some are extremely heavy, while the majority of them are lightweight. It entirely depends on your skill level, which one to opt for.

If you are a beginner, you should go for a lightweight option. This is because the lightweight ones move fast at an incredible speed. They rebound quickly hence maintaining the rhythm.

On the other hand, if you are a professional athlete and have been practicing for years, you should look for the heavy ones. This option is quite hard to punch, and it isn’t easy to move it. This sluggish nature of these helps increase your speed, stamina, and endurance.

The more heavy, the more muscle strength your gain. The only drawback is that these don’t rebound faster, and so the rhythm is disturbed.

Some Final Words

The speed bags mentioned above are specially designed considering the requirements of an athlete. With the perfect blend of balance, weight, and performance, this helps improve your performance and prepare you for the tough challenges waiting for you.

While searching for a suitable speed bag, you need to keep in mind some essential points. These have also been mentioned in this guide for your reference.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to invest in apt products, and nothing can be better than investing in a speed bag. You can work out in your comfortable space and let go of all your stress and anger while obtaining some muscular benefits at the same time.

Therefore, without wasting any further time, step out of your house and start your hunt for the suitable speed bag you always wanted. Seek guidance from this guidebook and make an informed purchase.


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