5 Best Shoes for Running

Best Shoes for Running

Are you looking for a well-rounded pair of running shoes that are great for your body mechanics and ensure you maximum comfort?No matter you are a beginner runner or an experienced one, choosing the right running shoes is the priority for you because it is the most crucial part of your runner kit. The high-quality shoes for running can help lower the risk of unwanted running-related injury and help you race more efficiently and achieve your running goals faster.

For this reason, it is critical to invest time in finding a pair of good quality, perfectly-fit-for-you running shoes that will offer you the appropriate amount of stability and give you enough support for any run. There are a lot of various brands and styles of women’s running shoes available in the market, but these five top rated running shoes are really worth attention:

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 4 Trail Running Shoe

Hoka One One is a respectable brand which specializes in creating the best running shoes for men as well as for women. The Challenger ATR 4 is designed to handle the uneven surface of the trails and provides the runners great cushion and support. The toe box of these sneakers is more spacious than in their previous version and the uppers have more breathable mesh, letting your feet feel comfortable during long-distance runs, especially in warm weather. A roomy forefoot construction of this model and its overall comfortable build ensure an excellent traction across any (even the most complex) terrain and feature greater stability than its predecessor.

What we like about it:They manage to provide fantastic cushioning while still being lightweight. By the way, rugged outsole with minimum 4mm lugs provides perfect traction on trails as well as on roads.


New Balance WR10v2 Minimus Road-Running Shoe

If it is your aim to find the appropriate minimal running shoes, this extra light pair from New Balance will be a great option. The lightness isn’t the only point about these runner shoes. They are also flexible and supportive enough for a true minimalist experience. They are perfect for women who prefer a lot of road running. Besides, if you are looking for a lightweight, well-cushioned and highly adaptable shoe that will help absorb some of the impact as you run and correct your stride and speed during short distance training, this shoe is specially built to meet your needs.

What we like about it:Lightweight and great looking running shoes with perfect stability are designed for speed. They feature a minimalist upper for a comfy fit with or without socks.


Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe

Another safe running shoe is the Nike Epic React Flyknit. Nike has designed a running shoe that keeps your feet well-balanced and supported while you are running. These lace-ups offer natural movement and wonderful protection to your feet and add some spring to your running. The Epic is a comfortable shoe which helps increase running speed thanks to its lightweight disposition and make your ride responsive and soft. As great all around daily training shoes, they work well for long runs as well as for speed workouts on the track.

What we like about it:These stylish and highly cushioned shoes offer a great variety of color options to choose from. The Flyknit upper is snug and structured. Thus, this is the best choice for tempo runs.


Brooks Levitate 2 Running Shoe

This second generation of the Levitate is an ideal everyday training shoe that is created for comfort and maximum energy return. This means when your foot touches the ground, the sneakers get your energy back, not letting it absorb into the pavement. The arrow-point pattern on the outside makes your feet more flexible and supports quick transitions from heel to toe. Both casual runners and new ones who like to run a few days a week can choose this model and enjoy running.

What we like about it:This shoe is great to use for medium to short runs. It has a comfortable fit and ensures a soft, springy feeling when you run.


ASICS Gel Kayano 25 Long-Distance Running Shoe

As usual, ASICS did not disappoint us this year and presented their new running shoes, called the Gel Kayano 25. It is built with a mix of the FlyteFoam Lyte cushioning in the midsole in order to provide perfect stability and FlyteFoam Propel to absorb shock as you run. This is a great option for those women who like long-distance runs. The exceptional comfort and cushioning these shoes offer, make them one of the safest stability shoes for daily training and best running shoes for women in 2018.

What we like about it:These running shoes come in seven color options and have a really impressive fit. By the way, they offer your feet a fantastic level of comfort and support while you are running.



A good pair of running-specific shoes will cushion your feet and legs from the effects of repeatedly hitting the pavement. Remember, your running shoes must be flexible in all the right places in order to help you protect your feet and legs against the most common sports injuries. Selecting the right shoes for running is not so easy as it appears at first sight. Our list of five top running shoes are great, but you should always use several criteria while picking out your next pair of running shoes:

  • Your Foot Shape

The shape of your is an anatomic basis on which your attention should be focused if you want to buy the most suitable running footwear for your daily training. The arch, toes, and ball of the foot have different sizes and shapes. Knowing the peculiarities of your foot will help you make a good choice.

  • Your Style of Running

Just as foot shape, your style of running has a huge impact on picking out a comfortable running shoe. Before buying the shoes for running, identify your running style to avoid one side of your body being overused and, thus, lower the risk of injury.

  • Surface for Your Running Workout

Consider what type of surface you are running on? That is really important because the surface has a significant impact on the kind of shoes that will be suitable for your foot. If most of your workouts are on a track, court or pavement, the road shoes that designed to be flat and provide grip will be the best option for you. If you are a fan of trail running, you should concentrate on the trail shoes that have better traction, support, and cushion on uneven terrain.

  • Your Heel-to-Toe-Drop

The difference between heel and forefoot height is the drop from your heel to your toes. When it is bigger, the heel is higher. Don`t forget that the heel-to-drop influences running performance. A low heel-to-drop provides a faster motion at high speeds.

  • Adequate Cushioning

The cushioning provides not only comfort, but it also protects your joints. The midsole material helps to reduce the impact shock of a heel strike and the right level of the cushion can enhance your training efficiency.

  • Injuries or Physical Disabilities

When you have an injury or any physical disability, it may affect your gait. That is why you should take this criterion also into account choosing the shoes for running because if you opt for an inappropriate pair of running lace-ups, you can aggravate your condition. And generally, it would be better to consult the proper doctor before opting for the next running shoes.

Here are some useful tips that can help you choose your best pair of running shoes:

  • When buying shoes, make sure that you have enough time and don`t rush. Purchasing the wrong shoes may cause stress fractures.
  • Go to a specialized running shop where you can find experienced staff members who will definitely help you make the right selection.
  • Go to choose the running shoes in the afternoon or late in the day. At this time your feet are a bit larger and just in this case you can find the right fit.
  • Bring your old shoes with you as cool patterns.
  • Be ready to invest in order to buy the best shoes for running.
  • Make sure that the shoes you want to buy are comfortable in the shop. If you have any doubts, try on another shoe.
  • Wear the appropriate clothes to feel comfortable because you should try your shoes out properly before buying. Today, most specialized running shops have treadmills which help analyze your gait and where you can try your new shoes.

Look at our list of the most popular running shoes available for women once more time and choose the best model for your daily workout routine. Just don`t forget to use our buyer guide when purchasing the running shoes in order to make the most suitable selection. The right shoes will make your training pleasant and efficient. Moreover, if you select the appropriate shoes for running, you can avoid unwanted injuries and achieve your running goal faster.


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