8 Best Scanners

Best Scanners

The best scanners for digitizing documents, books, photos and slides.

Which scanner is better to buy

When choosing a scanner, you must first decide on its type. Today three types of scanners are produced:

  • tablet;
  • lingering;
  • slide scanner.

The first type resembles a tablet, as the name implies: the sheet is placed on a glass surface and covered with a lid. The light strip, moving under the glass, transfers the image from the entire surface of the original. This type of scanner is most often chosen for work with a large volume of documents.

The second type is not as common as the tablet. The broaching scanner resembles a printer: a sheet is inserted from one side, and with the help of a roller the document is pulled inward, where scanning takes place. This technique is not suitable for copying books – you can only paste one sheet at a time.

The slide scanner is designed for digitizing photographs and film frames. The functions of such a device can also be performed by a flatbed scanner with a slide adapter.

Also, scanners differ in the types of sensors, there are only two of them: CIS and CCD.

Contact Image Sensor (CIS) is a simple design, very lightweight and inexpensive sensor. Its disadvantage is considered to be a shallow depth of field. For documents, this factor does not really matter, but for books and photographs, the sensor is not suitable – pages with curvature are blurred at the edges.

The Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) has sufficient depth of field and sharp color reproduction. Such sensors are installed on professional scanning equipment. Their disadvantages are directly opposite to the first type of sensor – high weight and high cost.

Another important factor in choosing a scanner is automatic sheet feeding. If the workflow is large, then this function is necessary. But even with a small amount of paper, it is not always convenient to load one piece of paper into the scanner.

Also, the scanner is selected by the size of the sheet (A4, A3, A2), the type of power supply (USB or from the outlet), OS support on the working computer to which the technician will be connected.

The Best Scanners Consumer Report 2022

Fujitsu fi-7160 Color Duplex Document Scanner

8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


The scanner has a high-speed mode of operation, which is capable of scanning 60 sheets in one minute. Scanning speed does not degrade document quality. The device is capable of digitizing 120 images per minute in one of three color modes (color, black and white or grayscale). Up to 80 A4 documents can be loaded in automatic mode at a time.

Thanks to the ultrasonic sensor, double feed of sheets is eliminated, which will protect against data loss. The device supports USB 3.0 for faster and more reliable transfer of results. Paper feed is accurate and fast. The technology completely eliminates image skew.

Brother ADS3000N High-Speed Network Document Scanner

8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


The scanner is designed for medium and large offices. It features a 50-sheet automatic document feeder. The duty cycle is 5000 pages per day, with a nominal speed of 50 pages per minute. Connection is possible via USB 3.0 or Ethernet.

The scanner is easy to use and allows you to save material as a picture, or use a text recognition program and subsequent editing.

Canon CanoScan LiDE 400

8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


The machine easily and quickly scans documents with a resolution of 4800 dpi, which can then be interpolated to 19200 dpi. The lightweight device shoots 8 pages per minute. The redesigned top cover and 5 buttons allow one-touch operation of the scanner.

The supplied software corrects the scanned images. In addition, the device has a “Send to Cloud” option, which will allow you to quickly upload media files to cloud storage services.

Canon ImageFORMULA P-215II Mobile Document Scanner

8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


Has a separate compartment for scanning plastic and cardboard cards. Despite the compactness, the built-in function of automatic feeding of sheets for 20 sheets. Built-in WU10 Wi-Fi module, which allows you to save the result without using wires. Images can be transferred to both a PC and a smartphone or tablet.

It is possible to scan up to 500 documents a day without the risk of damage. The “plug-and-scan” technology allows you to connect the device to almost any computer without the hassle of installing drivers. As the CaptureOnTouch Lite program is embedded in the scanner, there is no need to install third-party software.


8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


The scan goes directly to a PDF document, which is the standard in most countries. The device does not have an additional power supply unit, therefore it works only from a PC
There is an automatic gluing of two pages. You can print two documents at once (provided they fit in the paper feed tray).

With the help of new algorithms, the scanner itself turns and cuts documents. There is also a slight color correction and noise correction. The scanner is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. The software allows you to scan business cards with the subsequent entry of contact information into an office document. Checks and invoices are also converted, with data extraction for tax reporting.

Brother ImageCenter ADS-2800W Wireless Document Scanner

8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


Installed automatic feeding mechanism for 50 pages. Implemented double-sided scanning of a document at a speed of 30 sheets per minute. It is possible to scan directly to a USB device. The USB host function supports drives up to 64GB. The scanner has a color touch screen to speed up the selection process.

There is an administration system that blocks certain functions for selected users. Energy Star Compliant. The device is capable of processing up to 3000 pages per day. The operating temperature of the scanner is between 5-35 ° C.

Epson Perfection V19 Color Photo & Document Scanner 

8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


Built-in stand for vertical positioning of the scanner saves valuable work space. There is no need to buy additional cables, as power is supplied from micro-USB. High resolution at 4800dpi will allow you to create digital copies of high definition documents.

The included EasyPhotoFix software allows you to quickly edit images, increasing the quality of the final result. New ReadyScan LED technology will allow you to do fast scanning without additional warm-up. All received images, if desired, can be converted into a multi-page PDF document. This feature is only available on Windows.

Epson Perfection V600 Color

8 Best Scanners|The Consumer Reports


It is not necessary to try to straighten and crop the document using special software tools. The scanner itself determines the size of the scanned area. After digitizing, the tilt angle is automatically aligned. The background correction will balance the light level between the background and foreground. This way, valuable pictures taken against bright light can be restored.

Epson Creativity Suite will allow you to immediately send the resulting image by mail, or share it on social networks. You can adjust the file size and resolution. The set comes with the official ABBYY FineReader program. It can be used to convert an image to a text document.

How to choose a scanner for your home


See how many pages per minute the scanner can process. You will pay more for faster scanners, but if you plan on working with large amounts of paper, then it is worth the extra charge.

Print / Copy / Fax?

Does the scanner need to perform other functions? In many cases, a regular scanner is the best solution, but if you are short on space at home, you may want to look for a combination version. If you are looking for a multifunctional device, consider whether you need color printing.


Each scanner scans at a specific number of dots per inch (dpi). For regular documents, 600 dpi is fine, but you may need a higher resolution if you are working with photographs.

Network connection

Do you need only one computer to access the scanner, or do you need the ability to network multiple computers? Think about it before buying.


We have tried to collect in this material the best, high-quality scanners that occupy leading positions in the technology market. We really hope that this information will be useful, and you can easily make a choice for yourself and decide which one you should buy to meet your home or professional digitalization needs.


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