7 Best Pool Algaecide 2022 Reviews

Best Pool Algaecide

Perhaps one of the most significant issues that swimming pool owners face with their swimming pools is the development of algae in the water. If you leave the filter off in the water, it can take only a few days for the algae to develop. Once it has a foothold in the swimming pool, the algae can spread all over the water within a matter of days.

It is critical to find a way to get rid of algae before it has the chance to completely takeover your pool, making it useless unless you get a professional team to come in and clear it all up for you. To clean up your pool, you need algaecide. Buying an algaecide for your pool can help you get rid of all the algae and any unwanted plant growth that risks damaging your beloved swimming pool.

We’ve created this guide to help guide you through your search for the best algaecide you can use to protect your swimming pool from this pesky infestation.

Best Pool Algaecides in 2022

Let’s take a closer look at our top picks so you have a better idea about each of the algaecides and how they can help you rid your pool of this pestilence.

Clorox Pool & Spa Green Algae Eliminator

Clorox Pool & Spa Green Algae Eliminator is one of the most effective products we’ve seen. It has quick action when it comes to removing green algae and mitigating its development in your swimming pool. It is a non-foaming product that quickly kills off the algae in your pool and prevents it from coming back.


Whether it is a freshwater or saltwater pool, this pool algaecide works equally well for any type of pool. You get a clear water pool as soon as the algaecide has done its task. You can get back to your regular swimming pool routine.

The greatest quality about this pool algaecide is that you do not need to add it to the pool each day. Simply use it once a week and keep the algae at bay. It saves you time and money because even a small quantity of the Clorox Pool & Spa Green Algae Eliminator can do the job most other products take to do after everyday use.

PoolRX Pool Unit 6-Month Algaecide Treats 20k to 30k Gallons

It is a product that you can use to clear up almost 30k gallons of water. You can rely on this product to keep your swimming pool for up to six months after you use it. The product is convenient to use because you can simply place a unit in the pump basket or the skimmer basket in your filtration system.


It comprehensively kills all kinds of bacteria and algae, reducing the need to use different chemicals for eliminating various growth. You can even use it in different pools of water, including your Jacuzzi and spa.

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PoolRX Algaecide Unit

Four individual units come with this product. It minimizes the need to use different chemicals to keep your swimming pool clean, and it has a lasting effect. Expect your swimming pool to stay fresh for up to six months with each unit. To get the best results from this algaecide, you need to use the right size of the product based on the size of your pool.

The treated alloy product features mineral formulas that dissolve over time in the pool to create a capable algae shield for up to six months.


Clorox Pool & Spa Algaecide and Clarifier

This product is effective in both killing and preventing the growth of algae in any body of water. You can use it for your swimming pool, your spa, or Jacuzzi to get effective results. The clarifier formula is integrated into this algaecide to clean the water up and make it fit for use right after it kills the algae.

The non-foaming formula keeps the entire pool facility clean. Your pool’s filtration system does not need to deal with any annoying foam.


Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue Algaecide

This product is an effective all-in-one algaecide in the market. It kills algaecides quickly and helps your swimming pool restore its natural and clean look much faster than anything we’ve seen in the market so far.

The product kills all kinds of algae and growth in the swimming pool, leaving your pool sparkly clean and free of contamination. It is a reliable algaecide and clears up a swimming pool with up to 25k gallons of water effectively.


In The Swim Super Pool Algaecide

This algaecide is one of the most potent algaecides in the market right now. It is a copper-based algaecide that gives you around 15 doses of the product in each quart of the product. The high concentration of this algaecide allows you to use it in small doses for a more effective job of keeping your swimming pool clean.

The product can kill off all types of algae and unwanted organic growth in your swimming pool without foaming up the water. The product may have a high concentration, but it is still going to leave your swimming pool water-friendly for use after it has done its job to clear up the infestation.

It does not only kill off all the algae in the pool. The swimming pool algaecide will also prevent further development of the algae due to its long-lasting effects. The product offers you fantastic value for money due to its fast action and durability.


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Tips for Choosing Algaecide

Now that you have reviews of our top picks for algaecide, here is some information that can help you pick out which one might suit your needs. It can get challenging to choose a particular product. Consider the following factors when you are checking out the different products, and you might be able to find the perfect fit to rid your pool of green algae.

  • The color of the growth: The color of the algae determines which type of algae might be developing in your pool. Different algaecides have varying capabilities for eliminating the types of algae. Match the color of the algae with the product’s abilities.
  • Bacteria: Largely pink or red color growth in your swimming pool means you have bacteria festering in the swimming pool. Get an algaecide catered to dealing with bacteria in that situation.
  • Pool-friendliness: You need to make sure the algaecide leaves the swimming pool safe to use once it has done its work. Make sure you go for a swimming pool-friendly algaecide.
  • Long-lasting: The best algaecide is one that can have lasting effects in keeping your swimming pool algae-free. Go with a product that has effects lasting for at least three months.
  • Effectiveness: You should not go with an algaecide that is too weak to deal with the growth. Choose a fast-acting algaecide that can clear out the pool quickly.

Algaecide for Swimming Pools FAQs

Q. What does clarifying brands mean?

A. It is better to use a non-foaming algaecide since it lets you use the pool immediately after the algae have been killed . It also helps prevent your swimming pool from getting stains or any damage.

Q. Is it better to use a non-foaming algaecide in my swimming pool?

A. Clarifying brands refers to algaecides that do not just kill the growth but also clear the water up. Always opt for clarifying brands when you’re looking for the best algaecide for your swimming pool.

Q. How much algaecide should I use in my swimming pool?

A. It is ideal to follow the instructions on the packaging of the product, and considering the volume of water, your swimming pool has to decide how much you should use. Too little algaecide is not effective in clearing up the problem, and too much can make the water unfit for use to swim.

Final Thoughts

You should deal with ay algae growth in your swimming pool as soon as you get the first signs of it contaminating your swimming pool. You need to figure out which product is the best algaecide for your pool. You have our recommendations through the top picks and a buying guide. We hope it will give you all the information you need to make a purchase decision so you can enjoy a pleasant experience of swimming in a clean and clear swimming pool.


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