The Best Noise Reducing Curtains 2022 – Simple Way to Quiet Home and Style

Best Noise Reducing Curtains

Do you sleep during the day when the noise outdoors is disrupting? Or you live in a busy city where there are loud traffic and noise all night?

Well, there is an easy and inexpensive way to ensure that your bedroom or any other room in the house is well isolated from the noise outside – noise-reducing curtains.

Best Noise Reducing Curtains

These specially designed sound-blocking curtains will help absorb the noise from outside, as well as from indoors. By absorbing the sounds from inside your home and reducing the echo, these curtains will add to the serenity and peace in your room too.

Most of them also work as excellent darkening curtains and will block out 95-99% of the sunlight from outside as well, including the harmful UV rays.

They will also help insulate your room and keep the heat or cool air inside, and thus will decrease your energy bills throughout the year too.

The noise-reducing curtains are a great way to ensure that you get the sleep you need when you want to and are also a perfect option for nurseries or for your home office when you don’t want your baby or yourself distracted by the sounds from the street.

We have chosen the most selling noise-reducing curtains for 2022 for you to help you decide which ones will be the most suitable for your needs.

Best overall

Aquazolax Noise Reducing Solid Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel, 1 Piece

The Aquazolax noise-reducing curtain panel is a one-piece light and sound-isolating door curtain which will protect your privacy, add beauty to your home, and will help you relax at home without the distracting noises from outdoors.


The curtain is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable, and can be tumble-dried.

It is sold in a variety of colors, including grey, beige, burgundy red, black, greenery, khaki, greyish white, turquoise, royal blue, and toffee.

You can buy it in different sizes, depending on your needs, including 25(W) x 40(L), 25(W) x 72(L), 54(W) x 40(L), and 54(W) x 72(L) inches.

You will receive a pretty and convenient bonus tieback with every panel, which you can use to let some light in when you decide and to add a touch of style to your interior as well.

The panels are UV-blocking and fade resistant, so you can hang them on even the sunniest of windows and doors at home.

You will receive your sound blocking curtain already ironed and wrinkle-free, which means that you can hang it on your patio door right out of the box.

The runner-up

Flamingo P Blackout Curtains Energy Smart & Noise Blocking Out Drapes

These noise-reducing curtains by Flamingo P. will not only help create a natural and soothing blackout in your bedroom and will block up to 95% of the sunlight but will also help block the annoying and distracting noises from outdoors.


These Moroccan-styled soundproofing curtains come in several color options, including mild gray, dove gray, navy, and smoke blue, so you will find the perfect ones to suit your style.

These noise-reducing curtains are available in different sizes, including 52 (W) x 63 (L) inches, 52 (W) x 84 (L) inches, or 52 (W) x 96 (L) inches.

They are perfect for sleeping, without being disturbed by the sunlight or sounds from outdoors, as well as for watching TV without the glare from the windows.

The curtains will also help keep the warmth inside the room, so they will help you save energy from heating as well.

They are made of microfiber blackout fabric without added harmful chemicals. The textile is triple woven to help insulate the room from heat, cold, light, and sound.

They are machine washable and will also protect you from the harmful UV rays so that you can use them on your patio, French doors, or any window in your home. They have 8 vintage grommets, which make them easy to hang and compatible with most standard curtain rods with a diameter of up to ½ inch.

The best bang for the buck

NICETOWN Bedroom Blackout Curtains Panels

The Nicetown Bedroom Blackout Curtain Panels are versatile, durable and are available in a vast variety of color choices and sizes, which means that you can find the perfect curtains for any interior and any window type and size.


They are made of polyester and have 6 silver grommets each, suitable for curtain rods, which are up to 1.6 inches in diameter.

These inexpensive noise-reducing curtains are heavy and look like high-end draperies. They can block 85-99% of the sunlight, keep your room quiet, and also help insulate it from the outdoor conditions.

Not only will you be able to sleep in peace and quiet or enjoy watching TV without the annoying glare, but you can also save money for heating and cooling with these Nicetown curtains.

This set of affordable soundproof curtains is machine washable, so you can easily keep them in pristine condition and properly sanitized.

At this price, and with this quality, the Nicetown Blackout curtains are one of the greatest deals you can find in 2022.

The rest of the best noise reducing curtains for 2022

Best Home Fashion Premium Wide Width Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

If you are looking for a specific color when shopping for noise-reducing curtains, you are most likely to find a suitable option for you from the wide range of shades available of these superb light and sound blocking curtain panels.


Each panel is made of a triple weave construction, which helps insulate the room, keep out the sun and the outdoor noise.

In fact, this curtain can block 100% of the UV rays and up to 99% of the sunlight.

The curtain has 16 fitted vintage bronze grommets with diameters of 1.6 inches and a 2.7 grommet rim.

The size of each panel is 100(W) x 84(L) inches.

Made of triple weave 100% polyester, you can safely wash it in your washing machine, and it will withstand years of direct sunlight and use.

Still, the material is soft, and the colors are beautiful, so your room will be prettier, and the curtain panel will fit in your interior design perfectly.

PONY DANCE Blackout Energy Saving Curtains

The Pony Dance sound blocking curtains come in all size options, so you can find a set that fits any window or door in your home. You can also choose from one of the 15 available color options too.


These polyester curtains come in sets of two, with 3-inch rod pockets. They are the same color from the inside and outside for an even better aesthetic effect.

The polyester used is soft and yet is triple woven, making it thermal insulating, light blocking, and sound reducing.

You will protect yourself and your furniture from the harmful sunlight and will ensure that your room is quiet, adequately heated or cooled, and comfortable for relaxing or sleeping.

Also, you will get all the privacy you need with a set of these reasonably priced noise-reducing curtains.

CELINE LINEN Triple Layer Solid Blackout Grommet Panels

These 54 x 84-inch panels are made of triple-layered polyester, which can keep up to 60% of the noise from outdoors out of your room. This will allow you to rest and sleep even during the day.


The curtain panels come with both grommets, and loops, so you can choose how to hang them on your window.

They will keep away up to 99% of the sunlight, so you can enjoy watching a movie with the glare or relax without bothersome light. Also, the Celine Linen curtains will protect your furniture from the harmful and fading effects of the sun.

These curtains are very well made, and Celine Linen assures its customers that they will help you reduce your energy bills by 25% for heating or cooling.

The curtains are sold with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can buy them, try them, and if you are not completely happy – return them and get a full refund, no questions asked.

How do noise-reducing curtains work?

They may look just like regular curtains, but noise-reducing curtains can block out or at least reduce the noise which enters the room from the outdoors.

To be soundproof, these draperies are usually made of thicker, denser, and heavier materials, the most common being polyester or velvet.

The porous or soft surfaces of these fabrics help absorb the sounds both indoors and from outside.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes and color options, and most of them will comfortably fit any standard curtain rod.

They are the perfect choice for bedrooms, home entertainment rooms, and nurseries.

Pros and cons of noise reducing curtains

You can probably guess what the obvious advantages of these types of curtains and drapes offer, but they can have some disadvantages which you should be warned about as well.

These curtains will not only keep the room quiet but will also help block out the light, as well as insulate the room from the outdoor temperature. This makes them energy saving, and also will help protect your carpeting and furniture from fading.

Usually, they also offer UV ray protection as well, so there are health benefits from using such curtains as well.

Last but not least, they offer much better privacy than thin and sheer curtains.

Overall, these sound-blocking curtains will help save you money for cooling or heating.  They will help you sleep and relax properly, and watch movies and TV without glare, and protect your interior from the negative effects of the direct sunlight.

At the same time, they are not suitable for rooms where you will be working or reading and need sufficient light. They may not be the best choice for small and dark rooms, or for offices where you need as much daylight as possible either.

Another downside of using noise-reducing curtains is that the choice of materials and colors is much more limited than when picking regular curtains, because usually the sound-blocking draperies are made of thicker material, and are darker in color.

Features to look for when buying noise reducing curtains

Since there are many different types of noise reducing curtains on the market, you may want to keep these important features in mind, in order to pick the most suitable ones for your needs, and to avoid buyer’s remorse after your purchase:

The right size

Obviously, you should measure your windows or doors precisely before choosing your curtains.

This is easy – just measure the height and width of the door or window. Then, make sure that you add a few inches to both the length and the width, in order to pick the right size of soundproof curtains for your needs.

This addition of a few inches to the actual size is necessary if you want the curtains to be more efficient in blocking the light, sound, and temperature properly without leaking in from the sides or bottom.

If you are shopping for noise reducing curtains from the ceiling to the floor, you should choose ones with the exact length of your door to prevent accidental tripping on draperies, which are too long.

The material type

Although the materials used for noise reducing curtains can vary, they are usually thicker, denser, and heavier than those used for regular curtains.

If you want efficient noise reducing curtains, pick ones that are made of fabrics with added fibers. The most common fabrics used for this type of sound isolating curtains are polyester, velvet, cotton duck, or suede.

The thickness, weight, and density of the material

If you want the curtains to keep as much noise from outdoors out of the room, you should opt for denser and thicker curtains. Thick and heavy curtains can absorb more noise than sheer ones.

You can choose curtains which have several layers as well.

Keep in mind that the denser curtains are usually heavier, too, so check your existing curtain rods, and make sure that they can withstand the weight of your new curtains. If necessary, you may want to replace them with new and more stable rods. You can also install double rods so that you add the new curtains underneath or over your existing ones and use them only when you need your room to be insulated from the noise, light, or outdoor temperatures.

Or even better, you can buy four panels of soundproofing curtains instead of the standard two. Double curtains mean more density and better sound, light and thermal absorption, and isolation.

Another useful tip, to increase the efficiency of the sound blocking curtains is to move or install the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. This will allow you to hand longer curtains which will cover up the window or door better, and provide you with better soundproofing!


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