6 Best Mouse Baits and Traps of 2022 Reviews


Even if you love animals, hardly anyone enjoys having their home infested by mice and other pests. Unfortunately, rodent infestations are common and are often quite challenging to deal with.

With pests like mice in your home, you and your family are in danger of being exposed to dangerous diseases spread by them, and your property and food supplies are in danger of being destroyed too.

Best Mouse Bait

There are various types of different mouse bait traps on the market, as well as DIY solutions, which can help get pest infestations under control instead of paying for expensive and often toxic professional pest control.

Thanks to the wide variety of mouse traps, you have a choice of how you want to handle the mice problem in your home or property.

Some of them are completely humane and will allow you to capture the mouse, rat, chipmunk, or other small rodents safely so that you can dispose of them in a remote area without killing or harming the animal.

Others are designed to kill the rodent immediately via mouse poison or with a quick snap without pain and suffering for the animal.

There are some mouse bait traps that use glue and special bait to lure the pest and to get it stuck to the trap.

Which trap type is the best one?

This is a question with no single right answer because the efficiency of the trap depends on your particular pest problem.

If you notice that you have unwanted guests in your home nibbling on your food and your belongings, the first thing to do is to remove the easily accessible food source, such as bird seeds that fall from your bird feeders, dog food, cat food, or other food sources, and also eliminate the access to a water supply or nesting materials for the mice.

Once you do this, you can set a trap for a mouse to deal with the mouse infestation and to get back to your normal life again.

Depending on the type of infestation and the mouse activity, you can set up traditional snap traps, choose a bear trap with a pressure-sensitive switch, or a jaw-like clam trap for an instant kill the mice on the trap. These are the most common and least expensive types of instant-kill traps, which make sure you get rid of mice and other pests for good.

There are also hidden kill snap traps that will trap and kill the pest, but without you having to see it.

There are also electric shock traps for mice, which are more expensive and are suitable for smaller infestations and for easy control of outsmarting rodents.

If you support animal rights and do not want to kill the mice or other pests, then you should opt for the humane chamber traps which lure in and trap the rodent but will keep it alive and unharmed until you dispose of it somewhere far away.

Trapping mouse glue-based are sticky and can be messy, but are efficient for keeping the house mouse trapped as well. They are not suitable for homes where there are pets or small children, though.

In any case, you should use the best mice bait for traps in order to attract the mice. The perfect bait for mouse trap is peanut butter, chocolate, soft cheese, gumdrops, nuts, pet food, birdseed, other food items, or one of the many rodent bait products which are offered on the market and work well too.

We have reviewed a wide variety of mouse bait traps and have come up with a list of mouse traps for 2022 to resolve your mouse problem.

Catcha 2 Piece Humane Smart Mouse Trap Live Catch and Release Rodents, Safe Around Children and Pets

The Catcha 2-Piece Smart Mouse Trap is the best mousetrap for 2022. It allows for live and efficient capture of the mice via the spring door system, which closes immediately after a pest enters the tunnel to eat the mouse baits you have set.


This is a completely safe product that works without poison and allows for easy cleaning without having to touch the rodent droppings.

It is easy to set and use at any entry point of the house or outside. Just place the mouse bait for traps like peanut butter on the dedicated compartment and open the door. The mice caught will remain unharmed and will be able to breathe via the wholes on the back.

You can then pick the trap up and release them away from your home to make sure that they won’t find their way back without touching the animals and killing them.

This is an efficient trap that is endorsed by the Animal Rights Organizations and Humane Societies and can be reused over and over again for years to resolve or prevent a pest problem.

Authenzo Mouse Trap SX-5006 Mice Trap That Work Human Power Mouse Killer 

The Authenzo Mouse Trap is a highly efficient mouse killing device, which will eliminate unwanted pests much faster than the traditional wood or metal snap traps.

The killing occurs immediately once the pest gets to the bait, so there is no pain or suffering for the animal.

The Authenzo Snap Trap is made of sturdy polystyrene, which is easy to wash and clean, and will not have any staining or retain odors like traditional traps of this kind.

It is easy to set up and completely safe. Just set the mouse trap bait in the dedicated cup to make sure you attract mice and press the tail up with your hand.

Thanks to its nifty design, there is no danger of injuring your fingers during the setup or release. You can also dispose of the dead rodent without having to handle it directly.

The affordable and quick mouse trap is offered in packs of 6 snap traps at a very reasonable price.

JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap, For Solid or Liquid Bait (Pack of 24)

The JT Eaton JAWZ Plastic Mouse Trap acts like the shark from the blockbuster “Jaws” and traps and kills mice and other small animals quickly and efficiently in seconds.


The trap is easy to set with your hand or foot and has an indicator that lets you know whether the spring is properly lifted and set.

It is made of durable plastic which will endure years of use and is easy to clean and reuse.

Thanks to its shape and size, you can fit it in the tightest possible spaces, entry points, under furniture or appliances, or alongside walls or behind your trash can.

This top-selling mice bait trap is offered in packs of 24, so you will have enough traps to set on large territories or to use for years to come.

They are offered at a reasonable price and come with a 1-year warranty.

Tomcat Press ‘N Set Mouse Trap, 2-Pack

This is another bestselling snap trap that kills the mice instantly. In fact, Tomcat guarantees that each pest will be killed, or the company offers to pay your money back if you are not happy.


It is very easy to set with a single touch, and you can use the trap bait of your choice or the Tomcat mouse attractant to lure the mice.

This snap trap has a special grab tab so that you can get rid of the dead rodent’s body easily, without having to handle it.

It is small-sized and has a high-sensitivity trigger, so it will act immediately and eliminate every rodent which reaches out for the bait.

You will get two snap traps at an excellent price if you pick the Tomcat Press to resolve your mouse problem.

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Kat Sense Rat Bait Station Traps, Reusable Humane Pest Box Against Rodents 

The Kat Sense Rat Trap is another humane trap that will capture mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, or other small animals and pests without harming them.


The large-sized rat trap acts as a cage for the captured animal and is fitted with pet-proof baffles, which will prevent your pets, children, or non-target animals from reaching the bait you have set.

The trap has a double key locking lid, which will keep the set bait to trap a mouse safe from dirt and mold.

Thanks to its sturdy polystyrene construction, this humane trap will withstand the weather elements and can be used both indoors and outside to deal with house mice or any other types of mouse problems.

It is fitted with mounting brackets, so you can attach it safely to the ground or floor and keep it in place.

It is easy to clean, and you can get rid of the captured pest easily and safely.

If you prefer to kill off the unwanted mice to resolve your pest problem, you can set up rat poison and can rest assured that the captured animal will die inside, instead of wandering around your house or property and dying somewhere hard to find.

Catchmaster 72MAX Pest Trap, 36Count, White

The Catchmaster 72MAX is a set of 36 single-use glue-based mouse traps that are highly efficient and will help capture any unwanted pests.


The trap boards are covered with a special scented strong glue that will attract mice and hold them glued to it until you dispose of them.

The board traps can be laid anywhere and are disposable and inexpensive, but you should keep them away from non-target pets and animals, and kids.


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