7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers

Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers

To print a photo, you do not need to use a desktop printer, just use a mobile printer that you can put in your pocket. Our selection will show you popular photo gadgets for creating a great mood.

The emergence of productive smartphones, in particular with 2 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB RAM, has stimulated the development of a segment of various kinds of mobile devices. The market for portable printers or so-called pocket printers has revived. Which are easy to take with you and print photos from your phone at any time.

In 2022, some manufacturers have updated their range of these products and offered several new models. Let’s go over the most interesting ones.

Canon Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY CP1300 

7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers|The Consumer Reports


Continuation of the well-known line of mobile printers, which perfectly print photos in 10 x 15 format. Usually the device works from an outlet, but if you wish, you can buy a battery with a resource of 57 prints. The dimensions are 180 x 63 x 136 mm, and the weight is 850 grams. The device is compact enough to fit into a bag or backpack.

Photos are printed in 47 seconds, and the quality of the print will be preserved, as soon as printed for a long time, they promise at least 100 years. Print ID photos or just create entire albums from the best shots. Maximum resolution 300 x 300 dpi.

There is a rotatable LCD display and a Wi-Fi function for syncing with a smartphone. Supported Mopria and Apple AirPrint services via Canon Print app.

HP Photo Printers

HP Sprocket Plus Printer

7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers|The Consumer Reports


HP is also not far behind and can offer an interesting mobile printer with dimensions of 75 x 23 x 116 mm and weighing 170 grams. Zink printing technology using thermal paper is applied. The maximum print size is 58 x 87 mm and the speed is 47 seconds.

The battery lasts for 20-30 shots, then recharging for 2 hours. The photo paper cartridge holds ten sheets. Convenient smartphone application. Synchronization takes place via Bluetooth.

It is more a luxury than a necessity, but quite interesting and positive in terms of exploitation in the company of friends.

HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer & Instant Camera

7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers|The Consumer Reports


A non-standard solution for those looking to buy a mobile printer. The device has its own camera, so it does not require a connection to a smartphone, although it can do it via Bluetooth. It’s not clear just what the capabilities of this photo sensor are, but HP does not do badly, so the quality is expected to be at least good.

In terms of printing, the same Zink technology is used, which develops images on special thermal paper. Photo cards are durable and will delight you in your photo album for years to come. Maximum print resolution 313 x 400 dpi.

Autonomy, like the previous model – 20-30 sheets. Quite a decent printer-camera.

Polaroid Photo Printers

Polaroid ZIP Instant Photoprinter

7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers|The Consumer Reports


Polaroid pioneered the technology of instant photo printing and flooded the markets with its famous cameras. With the advent of digital cameras, the company was forgotten, but the last few years, along with the rapid development of mobile technology, the manufacturer has revived. And he offered several photo devices for connecting to a smartphone.

This is a rather interesting portable printer, the device fits easily into a pocket and weighs like a regular phone. The familiar Zink thermal paper development technology is used for printing.

The size of the photo is 74 x 112 mm. High quality consumables with a high degree of durability are used. The built-in battery is enough for 20 photo outputs. An excellent device in different colors. The positive is guaranteed for sure.

Polaroid POP Instant Digital Camera

7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers|The Consumer Reports


An interesting printer with a camera in one device, compact enough to easily fit into a jeans pocket. Stylish accessory in different colors for carrying in hands with a special strap. We can say that this is a camera with a print function.

A CMOS sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels is responsible for shooting high-quality frames. The built-in LCD touchscreen gives you immediate perspective and good shots. With Wi-Fi, you can even send photos with one tap directly to your Instagram or Facebook profile.

An interesting additional feature is the recording of 15-second clips in GIF format. And you can also record Full HD video and save it to memory cards up to 128GB. There is a corresponding connector for this. Zink thermal paper development technology is used.

Polaroid Insta-Share Printer

7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers|The Consumer Reports


This device is intended for owners of Moto Z smartphones, which have a modular design. You can attach an additional battery, a portable speaker, an advanced camera to them, and you can even magnetise a pocket printer for printing small photographs. Motorola fans will definitely appreciate this accessory.

It is very thin in size and fits exactly the contour of famous smartphones. It has its own battery, but can also use a cell phone battery. The well-known Zink thermal printing technology is applied.

The size of the prints is 50 x 75 mm. The photos are small, but through the proprietary application, you can create large compositions from several photographs.

Fujifilm Photo Printer

Fujifilm instax Share SP-3

7 Best Mobile (Portable, Pocket) Printers|The Consumer Reports


Sufficiently powerful printing device with a maximum resolution of 800 x 800 dots per pixel. Accordingly, the prints come out of high quality. With its dimensions 116 x 130 x 44 mm the photo printer weighs 300 grams.

Perfect as a portable laptop printer, but for printing only photos. It is stated that the built-in battery will last for 160 prints, and the battery needs to be charged within 3 hours. A very good autonomy resource.

It uses its own printing technology, but also based on special thermal paper.


And this is not the whole list of such pocket and portable printers or camera printers. The same Polaroid has a whole series of all kinds of devices for instant printing, almost the entire assortment consists of them.

As you can see, the market for such things is growing and there is something to show. For the price, everything is quite expensive, and especially consumables, do not forget about it.


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