5 Best Menstrual Cup 2022 (Extra Way for your convenience)

Menstrual Cup

Are you always searching for a good alternative to the synthetic menstrual pads and tampons?

Menstrual cups are being touted as the next big thing in this area as they are environment-friendly and give you a comfortable feel all throughout your periods. These cups are very easy to use and give you 12 hours of protection without any need to change. They are reusable and last for around 6-7 years if used and cleaned properly. There are many menstrual cups available in the market but only a few work effectively. We have compiled a list of 5 best menstrual cups available in the market which are:

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Blossom Menstrual Cup

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Available in 2 sizes and 10 colors, this silicone cup will make your life very easy as it is made up of 100% BPA free silicone which does not interfere with the body’s natural cycle. The silicone is very soft and inserts very easily into the vagina. One cup needs to be changed about twice a day during normal flow and thrice a day during heavy flow. A single cup lasts for around 15 years if used properly and can be used for any indoor or outdoor activity like hiking, cycling, or trekking. The cup is very flexible and can be cleaned very easily with a soap solution. The cup has a long stem with rings which help in removing the cup easily. The markings on the inside of the cup allow you to know more about the level of your flow. You can choose the size depending on the size of your cervix and on your flow. These cups are very good for traveling as they do not spill not stain your clothes. The price of this cup is cheaper as compared to other options available in the market but its quality is at par with the expensive cups.

What we like about it:This menstrual cup from Blossom is made up of safe and soft silicone which controls your menstrual flow for 8-19 hours easily. The price and ease of use are some other added advantages.

LENA Feminine Hygiene Cup

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If you are looking for a cup which gives you leak-free and odor-free periods, this cup from Lena offers protection up to 12 hours during normal flow. It is available in two sizes small and large and can be bought in 3 color options. The cup has a patented bell-shaped design which fits perfectly into the vagina. The oblique design of the air holes makes it easy to clean the cup with simple running water. It is ideal for teen girls and adult women. It is also suitable for rigorous physical activities like swimming and running. It is comfortable and is easy to insert and remove. Another good thing about this cup is that is environmentally sustainable and lasts for 20 years. This cup can also be used even when you are anticipating your periods as it does not dry the vagina. The price of the cup is high but it is a one-time investment and far superior in quality and sealing mechanism as compared to the cheaper versions. The subtle colors enhance the ease of use during that time of the month.

What we like about it:This cup is a little expensive but has all the features of a good menstrual cup. It is made up of BPA-free silicone and comes in a breathable cotton bag for travel and storage.

Lunette Menstrual Cup

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Eco-friendly and reusable menstrual cups of good quality are hard to find in the market but this cup is a good option. It is available in two models for light to normal flow and normal to heavy flow. It is made with FDA-approved silicone which is safe for internal use and does not contain any bleach or fibers which can damage the walls of the vagina. The cup can be used by women of all ages and it does not disrupt the natural lubrication in the vagina like tampons do. The tab of the cup is flat which makes it easy to clean it with soap after usage. It comes in a satin bag which is good for storage of the cup. This cup is very comfortable as compared to tampons or menstrual pads. It also saves a lot of money as the cup lasts for around 7-8 years if used properly. The price of this cup is a little higher than other cups but the size and color options and good-quality material make it worth the price.

What we like about it:The high-quality material of this cup with its unique design and size options makes it good to be used by women of all sizes. It is very easy to clean this cup without much effort.

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SckoonCup ECOPAC

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New mothers can find it hard to get the right size in a menstrual cup but this product addresses this concern with its six size options. It has two special sizes for women who have given birth recently. The cup comes in an organic cotton bag which makes this product all the more eco-friendly. It has a smooth design with no ridges so the cup can be inserted and removed from the vagina without any discomfort. The cup is available in 9 color options and can be worn for a maximum of 12 hours before it needs to be removed and emptied. You can learn to easily use this cup after a few attempts as the silicone is very soft and moulds easily. It does not leak at all and feels soft against the skin. The price is moderate as compared to other cups which makes this cup a good option for people on a budget.

What we like about it:The colorful eco-friendly bag and the comfortable cup is good for new mothers who are struggling to find the right menstrual cup in their size. The affordable price is an added advantage.

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Pixie Menstrual Cup

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One of the few cups which come with a wipe to clean it, this cup kit has all the things you need to handle a normal to heavy flow. It comes in two sizes and has a smartly designed shape which handles the flow comfortably without letting you feel any uneasiness. The cup has a long stem with grip rings which help you to put the cup inside the vagina or take it out without any spill or leakage. The cup cleaner wipes make it easy to use the cup during traveling as they can be used to clean the cups on the go. Another reason to buy this menstrual cup is the fact that for every cup you buy, the company donates another cup to a woman in need so that they can also experience the hygiene that they deserve. This is a great feature as it helps us to contribute for women’s hygiene all over the world. This is one of the cheapest menstrual cups available in the market but it checks all the boxes in terms of features.

What we like about it:The “Buy one give one” feature of this menstrual cup helps woman around the world to have access to better hygiene. The price is another added advantage for women on a budget.

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Menstrual cups are a great alternative to pads and tampons as they are not only eco-friendly but are cost-effective as well. They last for years without any wear or tear and are spill-proof and leak-proof. Once you get an idea on which five cups are great for handling your flow, it is time to choose one out of the many options. This buyer guide lists down some features which you must keep in mind when buying a menstrual cup to get the right cup for you:

  • Size

Most menstrual cups are available in two standard sizes for normal to medium flow and medium to heavy flow. Women who have given birth through the vagina might need a bigger cup as the cervix expands during birth. Choosing the right size in a menstrual cup is very important as a bigger cup can lead to leaks and spills and give you an uncomfortable experience. Some cups have a universal size which fits all but it is important to check if it fits you properly as all women are of different sizes.

  • Material

Check if the cup you are planning to buy is made up of 100% pure silicone which is approved by FDA and free of BPA. Soft silicones are easier to mould and fit into the shape of the vagina easily. Do not go for cups which have additives which can lead to allergies or infections. Avoid cheaper cups which are made up of harmful materials as they use a low—quality material for saving some money.

  • Ease of Use

Many women experience pain and discomfort when they insert a menstrual cup into their vagina and this should be avoided as these cups are made for giving you a comfortable experience. Using the right size which moulds easily and creates a seal for controlling leaks is a good idea. Inserting a menstrual cup requires patience but once you get an idea, these cups are very comfortable and easy to use. The cup should be easy to clean as well.

  • Price

Menstrual cups can generally cost anywhere between 15$ to 35$ depending on the size and the brand. These cups are way cheaper as compared to tampons and pads as they are reusable and environment-friendly as well. They are a one-time investment and last for years so it is better to choose a cup which is good in terms of quality and material. You can get some discounts online on your favorite cup also.

  • Customer Reviews

It is very important to read what fellow women have to say about the menstrual cup you are planning to buy as these reviews will help you make a choice. You can get an idea of what are the pros and cons of the cup and which cup is better for your body. Read these reviews carefully as the performance of the cup depends upon individual menstrual flow.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should consider while buying and using a menstrual Cup:

  • Greasing the rim of the cup with water or lube helps to insert it smoothly without any irritation.
  • Fold the cup in half and then insert it into the vagina to get a leak-proof seal for 10-12 hours. Twist it when inside the vagina to ensure that it fits properly inside.
  • Using a menstrual cup requires practice and once you are used to it, it will not feel unnatural or uncomfortable.
  • Clean the cup after every use with soap and water and sterilize it with hot boiling water after every cycle so that you get a clean cup for next use.
  • Pinch the tip of the cup before removing the cup and relax the vaginal muscles to gently remove it without spilling.
  • Store your menstrual cup in a breathable bag when traveling to allow the moisture to evaporate.
  • Remove the cup if you feel any pain or discomfort during insertion or removal as sometimes the vagina does not accept the foreign body positively.

So these are some of the most popular menstrual cups available in the market which give you hassle-free periods and are very easy to use. These cups are hygienic and offer a leak-proof protection against normal to heavy flow during any type of activity. Use this buyer guide to select the right cup for use which will help you control your periods in a much better way. Choose the cup which fits perfectly and does not leak during removal.


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