5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Memory Foam Mattresses

A good mattress provides back health, relieves fatigue, gives comfort and relaxation. One of the innovative fillers used in modern mattresses is memory foam.

On the mattress market, products are presented as completely filled with memory foam, as well as products with combined fillers (spring blocks, memorix, coconut coir, etc.). Mattresses have different degrees of rigidity, which depends on the density of smart foam. The higher the density of the foam, the greater the rigidity of the mattress, durability and price.

The Memory Foam mattress feature is achieved by unloading the spine by enveloping the protruding parts of the body. Taking the shape of the body, the product gives a feeling of weightlessness and lightness.

The Best Memory Foam Mattresses Consumer Guide 2022

1. Zinus Memory Foam Mattress

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5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses|The Consumer Reports


There is no better way to enjoy a good night’s sleep of support and comfort than by using this incredible mattress. It has a 12-inch foam that offers nothing short of comfort. Open air pockets in the middle layer of comfort foam encourage airflow so you don’t overheat, and they also add extra comfort beneath areas that need it most, like the shoulders, hips and knees. Additionally, its pressure relieving foam layer conforms perfectly to your body’s natural shape. The mattress is not only stable, but also long lasting. You need to open your mattress package within 72hrs after receipt and give it 48hrs for the mattress to get back to its plush, original shape. The Green Tea Memory Foam mattress features a worry free ten year limited warranty. This is without a doubt another comfortable innovation from Zinus.

2. Signature Sleep Contour 8-Inch Mattress

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5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses|The Consumer Reports


It perfectly conforms to your body curves thus giving you a comfortable and peaceful sleep. The reversible feature provides extra versatility enabling you to flip and rotate the mattress to even out the wear and last for years to come. The mattress brings with it an incredible design that distributes weight equally as it relieves pressure all along the body. Its independently encased coils get rid of any motion disturbance in order to guarantee uninterrupted sleep at night. To improve its quality and comfort, the mattress boasts a think foam layer at the bottom and top. for your utmost convenience, it is vacuum-sealed, rolled and compressed.

3. Tuft & Needle Mattress

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5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses|The Consumer Reports


Tuft & Needle is a brand new mattress company specializing in designing universally comfortable mattresses that are always ranked among the top on Amazon. A great attribute about this mattress is that it incredible strikes the much-needed balance in a comfortable mattress — it is not too hard nor too soft. Getting it in and out of bed is a walk in the park. It features localized movement, which prevents the disturbing sleep partners. The mattress comes with a thirty-day trial.

4. DynastyMattress Cool Breeze Mattress

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5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses|The Consumer Reports


There is no doubt that this mattress takes utmost comfort to a brand new level. This mattress features a cooling comfort silk cover that provides airflow, comfort, and protection. Its texted foam offers you the best night’s sleep. That is for sure. The mattress has an extra thick gel memory foam layer meaning that you are totally guaranteed of utmost comfort. This 12-inch mattress boasts a 4-layer construction. Enjoy the classy and luxurious white cover with brown suede on the corners.

5. 12″ Memory Foam Mattress – Full

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5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses|The Consumer Reports


To give you nothing short of the best product. By buying this amazing mattress, you bless yourself with high-density, high quality foam that incredibly cradles you. it is perfectly engineered to be durable, breathable with a lofty feel. Get yours today and discover the magical nature of Best Price Mattress.

Foam characteristics

Do not compare the foam with foam rubber, sintepon or other usual fillers for mattresses. Memory Foam is a fully synthetic material. Consists of polyurethane foam with hydrocarbon additives. Due to its porous-cellular structure, harmful microorganisms and parasites do not start in it. Under the weight of the body, the product takes on the shape of the body, and then restores the original appearance.

Types of ortho-foam:

  • thermoelastic – takes on a body shape after exposure to heat, is used in cheap products;
  • viscoelastic – repeats the contours of the body at any temperature in seconds, is used in imported products or mattresses of high quality, and, therefore, a high price category.

The long development process of this material eliminates aggressive allergenic components, but it is completely impossible to exclude an allergic reaction from this material due to individual characteristics.

Pros and Cons of a Memory Foam Mattress

high orthopedic effect;
anti-allergenic composition;
ideal for double beds, as fluctuations from a partner are minimized;
protection against colonization with harmful microorganisms and parasites;
long term of operation;
manufacturer’s warranty

high price range for products with quality fillers;
It has a warming effect, therefore it is not suitable for use at high temperatures;
unfamiliarity from the enveloping effect;
individual components in the impregnation may cause an allergic reaction;
unpleasant odor of artificial components in the first days of use.

How to choose?

A mattress is a very expensive purchase, and therefore it is necessary to approach its choice thoroughly.

1. Determine the degree of rigidity.

2. Take into account the temperature regime at which the mattress will be used, the possibility of cooling the air in the bedroom in the hot season;

3. Carefully study the composition. In addition to polyurethane foam, there can be various impurities and layers of impregnated organic materials. In some models, formaldehydes are possible, which are very harmful to the body.

4. Learn recommendations for use.


It is user reviews that can give the most reliable information about the quality of mattresses with memory.

As for the enveloping effect of the mattress, some buyers were not used to it, the promised feeling of comfort and weightlessness never happened. The enveloping effect is compared to touching plasticine. Double-sided mattresses are particularly in demand, in which one side is with a memory effect, and the other is a monolithic spring block. Thus, it is possible to choose a suitable side.

Many buyers note that the stated stiffness of the mattress is felt only at normal room temperature. If the room is cool, the mattress is stone until it heats up due to body temperature. And in case of heat, the product is too soft.

A large percentage of absolutely satisfied customers from buying a mattress filled with memorix and tempur. The money spent is fully justified. The back relaxes, the discomfort accumulated over the whole day disappears. The manufacturer gives a long warranty period. There are no manifestations of allergic reactions, especially in people prone to allergies. A convenient cover made of knitwear fixes the sheet well, the zipper around the entire perimeter makes it easy to remove and put on.


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