10 Best Home Workout Apps

Best Home Workout Apps

Almost every person has some kind of sports equipment at home, so more and more people prefer sports in order to tone themselves up to the hot summer months and the beach season.

At the same time, it is important to monitor progress during physical activity – this is one of the main difficulties encountered by novice bodybuilders. When a person begins to play sports, after a few days he realizes that he will not be able to keep in his memory the number of workouts, the type of exercises, the number of approaches and a number of other factors.

One of the main points associated with playing sports is monitoring the load, so you can’t do without the so-called fitness diary. Writing the results in a notebook is the last century, especially since with the development of modern technologies you can record all your achievements online.

Today we want to talk about the top 10 home training apps of the year. We will analyze in detail the capabilities of each program so that you can choose the most suitable version for yourself.

10 Best Home Workout Apps

10. Freeletics Bodyweight

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

A fairly simple program that will work on smartphones or tablets that support the Android or iOS platforms. This application opens up a number of different exercises for the user, depending on the degree of preparation and activity. Before you begin classes, you must go through a simple registration process and answer some quite standard questions – the purpose of training, the availability of free time, and so on.

There is a free version and a paid option, and the latter involves consulting a personal trainer. The paid version of the application also allows you to develop a system of individual training, depending on the capabilities of the user, to adapt the load to his current physical condition. Over 900 workouts are available for the long-term planning of careful muscle development. The free version also has a lot of techniques and exercises that you can perform at any convenient time.

In order for the user to be able to independently evaluate their capabilities, the application provides a trial training function, which includes several elementary exercises, each of which will have to be performed in two approaches. The built-in instructor function will clearly show the user how to correctly perform one or another exercise. The application has a number of branded trainings, each of which is named after one or another ancient god – Zeus, Ares, Prometheus, Morpheus and so on.

Each of these complexes represents either exercises for each muscle group, or exercises for the development of a certain part of the body. It is worth noting that classes can differ from each other in duration and intensity. When the user selects the appropriate training mode, he must set the number of repetitions and the optimal level of load – standard, hardy or power. It is possible to practice even without inventory. Separate workouts allow you to develop specific muscle groups in a ligament or individually.


  • You can improve your fitness without the use of jogging and sports equipment;
  • There is an opportunity to run – the application tracks the time and distance traveled, calculating the average speed.


  • The paid version is quite expensive.

9. Seven

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

This application works on the basis of seven-minute training – such a system was developed by experienced specialists from the American College of Health, Fitness and Sports Medicine. High-intensity training consists of only 12 exercises, and it can become a very high-quality alternative to hours of training in the gym. One exercise in this case takes no more than 30 seconds, then there is a rest lasting about 10 seconds and proceed to the next exercise.

As a result, in 7 minutes all 12 exercises can be repeated 2 or 3 times. The application is available in the AppStore and Play Market stores. At the first stage, you will need to register and talk about your own physical activity and the purpose of training – weight loss, maintaining the already achieved shape, general strengthening of the body. In order for progress in the settings to be taken into account with maximum accuracy, you need to specify your data – gender, weight, age, height.

The application has 12 standard training programs – a basic one, designed for a quick start, three weekly plans (each of them has its own goal – weight loss, strengthening the body or bringing the body into shape), there are eight categories of training. They are designed for targeted work. Each program has 12 exercises with different difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate or advanced user.

Depending on this, the application will note an increase in the load on the heart, the amount of strength and increased mobility. Although the main emphasis is placed on seven-minute training, the user can increase this time on their own – the maximum duration of the lesson can be 40 minutes. There is a special tab so that the user can create their own training plan, calculate the time.


  • A fairly simple and widespread application, which includes a large set of different exercises;
  • High efficiency;
  • Works on tablets and smartphones;
  • Does not need a lot of memory.


  • Access to some categories of training is exclusively paid.

8. Sworkit

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

This program allows you to monitor your health status and figure, especially for people who do not have the ability or desire to visit the gym. The application is suitable for users with a long working day, who went on a long trip, forced to sit with a small child. If a person has sore joints or muscles, then you can use the huge library of workouts that provide high class comfort and a significant selection of 160 exercises.

If desired, you can choose only some parts of the body that need special attention. The Pro version is distinguished by the presence of the original training, during which you need to observe 30-second breaks between exercises. In order to get in shape, you will need to spend no more than 5 minutes a day. To get a positive effect as soon as possible, you can do more – there are no restrictions in this regard.

It is possible to develop your own training program, the maximum duration of which can reach 1 hour. All classes do not need to use additional equipment. It also provides the function of a video trainer, which will clearly show how to properly perform one or another exercise. Advertising in the application is not too much, all classes go without it. The number of workouts that can be saved is unlimited, regardless of version.


  • Huge selection of exercises;
  • There is a cardio training function;
  • The application is available even through Apple TV;
  • You can save your training programs as much as you like.


  • The “Ask the trainer” function does not always work correctly;
  • Nevertheless, advertising is present in the free version.

7. Jefit

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

This is an original personal training diary, which is characterized by the broadest functionality. With its help, you can keep records of training, track progress, calculate rest time. It also has a really significant number of training programs with explanations, as well as animated execution. On the main screen, you can find four key icons that send the user to the training program, various exercises, training logs and statistics. A little lower are the icons for settings, synchronization with the account.

Naturally, there is a version of Pro. It’s very convenient that the training program is scheduled by day of the week. To download, you just need to click on the appropriate one. There is also a web version of this application, which presents a very wide variety of programs, depending on what goal the user has set for himself and what level of his training. The training interface is intellectually clear, there is a window with animated reproduction of the exercise, two reels for entering weight and the number of repetitions.

The entire catalog of exercises is divided into muscle groups, there is a rather convenient search system, since there are only a few hundred lessons. There are not too many settings here, but all the basic ones are present – there are units of measure, rest time, sound and vibration on and off.

Products are synchronized with a cloud data storage, so you can log into your account through any device where such an application is installed. Using the program, it is possible to gain access to an active community of athletes, which helps to significantly increase motivation. You can upload data on development progress, compare your own statistics with what other users have managed to achieve.


  • It is very convenient to use;
  • The interface for all platforms is the same;
  • The widest program functionality.


  • The free version has a fairly large amount of advertising.

6. Keelo

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

It has dozens of workouts of various types – they can be carried out both without the use of simulators at home, and with the use of equipment, including in the gym. Each of the exercises is supplemented by a video showing the correct technique for its implementation. The intensity of training is selected depending on the gender and age of the user, the level of preparation of the athlete is also taken into account – often this function is not enough in many other applications.

There are a lot of training complexes, and they can be very different from each other. You can choose a fairly effective program for both beginners and advanced users. Each of the workouts has a time limit during which it should be completed. Videos for the application are recorded by professional athletes – they contribute to the achievement of the goal in the shortest possible time.

In the free version, access is available to approximately half of the training programs. To take advantage of the workouts from the premium group, you will have to pay to get the Pro version. In this case, not a subscription is bought, but an expanded version, so you will have to pay only once.

The program keeps a strict record of statistics, if necessary, you can develop your own training programs, modify existing ones, but if necessary, you can return them to their original state. It is worth noting that the videos also have sound, telling about how to correctly do the exercise.


  • Suitable for absolutely all users, both for those who go to the gym, and for those engaged at home;
  • A large number of free exercises.


  • The paid version is not too expensive.

5. ASICS Studio

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

The application helps to fully understand the training process and understand why one training takes a little time and at the same time has a large number of complex exercises, the second lasts a very long time, and the third is very slow. Using this application helps to develop programs for studying at home or on the street, for example, for jogging.

All algorithms here are based on the calculation of the anaerobic threshold. This concept is a special index that allows you to calculate the intensity of the workout. The effectiveness of the process depends on certain points – the duration of classes, their regularity and intensity. This application allows you to draw up an active training plan almost instantly, and the program is well suited not only for beginners but also for experienced athletes, including those who are preparing to overcome the marathon.

At the first launch of the application, you will need to indicate the purpose of the classes, gender and age, as well as the date of the next competition, if the user is a practicing athlete. Based on the received, this program will offer the required number of lessons per week, and all recommended points can be changed depending on your own needs. If the user is preparing for the competition, then the developers are advised to use the same equipment that will be used during the competition. Largely due to this, it will be possible to predict the result of the race.

In particular, if the user is going to run a long distance, then he will need to take into account the pace and intensity of the run – you will have to enter these parameters into the application itself so that you can correctly distribute the forces. If you still use notes about the diet and sleep, then in aggregate it will be possible to quickly determine which factors affect strength and endurance. This program is also suitable for classes in the gym or at home.


  • The training plan is divided into several stages;
  • The application allows you to prepare even for very serious competitions;
  • Good efficiency of the developed programs;
  • Low system requirements.


  • Designed primarily for jogging.

4. Workout Trainer

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

A very popular application that can be used to bring your body into shape at home, it works on most mobile platforms. With the help of a virtual trainer, you can not only successfully conduct a fitness lesson, but also a number of other exercises. At the first start, you will need to create an account where you will need to answer several basic questions, bring your data – gender, date of birth, the amount of time that the user can devote to training every day, the desired final result.

Algorithms of the program will have to calculate the required class schedule together with their intensity. In most cases, the class cycle should last from 2 to 6 weeks. If the proposed program is not like, then the user can choose an alternative option or correct the existing one.

This application does not have many free programs, but it is enough to achieve a specific goal. The user has the opportunity not to execute the entire program, but to give preference to a specific individual training, of which there are a lot – literally several hundred. They are aimed at different muscle groups responsible for endurance, strength, flexibility, and duration can also be different.

The application has a search and filter function, with which you can select activities related to a specific category. All audio and video instructions are in English, but you can easily understand the correctness of the exercise without his knowledge.


  • The application is designed to work out a large group of muscles;
  • Duration of training may vary depending on the level of training;
  • The program is very easy to use – the interface is intuitive;
  • There are a lot of exercise options for different muscle groups.

3. Fitbit Coach

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

The main distinguishing feature of this program is that it is able to work not only with mobile platforms such as Android or iOS, but also on many versions of Windows, starting from 07. This application automatically develops an individual training plan, helps to calculate calorie intake and maximum physical exertion. All these points allow you to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

It is worth noting that this program also works on Ionic smart watches, which were released by the developers of this application. The program has a huge set of functions – they help the user to develop their own training plan, aimed at achieving results in the shortest possible time. The registration process in the application is quite simple – you only need to enter your weight, height and date of birth.

The program offers both a free format and several subscriptions, each of which has its own tariff. In the free version, you can find only a description of several basic training programs and a few video lessons from trainers.

According to users, such a package will be quite enough for a high-quality warm-up and for getting acquainted with the program interface, but it is definitely not enough for a high-quality development of the muscles. In the advanced version, the user is offered much more training techniques. The video tutorials are made using face-to-face technology, due to which it is possible to achieve the effect of real contact with the trainer.


  • It allows not only to form a competent training program, but also to provide an effective diet;
  • There are several subscription options, each of which is designed to achieve a specific goal;
  • The application is designed not only for mobile platforms, but also for operating systems of personal computers.


  • The cost of the paid version is slightly higher than the average.

2. StrongLifts 5×5

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

The developers specially created this program for beginners who are just going to engage in active sports, as well as for athletes who begin strength training after a long break. The key advantage of the application is its simplicity.

It is based on a strength training program that includes five exercises with five repetitions. In this case, it is desirable to use additional tools such as barbells, dumbbells, and so on, but there are a number of training programs that imply only using your own weight and the capabilities of your body.

The application has a large number of video tutorials, exercise schedules, and they can easily be customized for you. All approaches and repetitions can be adjusted depending on the capabilities of your body.

The progress graph can be displayed in real time, can be configured for a weekly or monthly presentation. After purchasing the paid version, you can open programs for pumping the muscles of the legs, arms, press and so on.


  • The free version is characterized by a very wide functionality;
  • There is a detailed training diary;
  • All data can be synchronized through cloud storage;
  • Compatible with most operating systems for mobile devices and computers;
  • Very high user ratings.

1. Yoga Studio

10 Best Home Workout Apps|The Consumer Reports

We decided to put the program for yoga classes in the leaders of this review of the best applications for home training, since this type of active life has already entered the lives of many people for quite some time. Unlike standard physical training, with the help of yoga you can not only keep all the muscles of the human body in a constant tone, but also increase your strength of mind, make your mind clean.

The program will be suitable even for beginners, because it is sorted by the degree of available skills. To achieve the optimal result, it is best to go through all the programs in order, following all the instructions that are developed by experienced yoga masters. The application is characterized by a very attractive interface.

Each of the programs has its own video instruction, and it is available online, but if necessary, it can be downloaded to the device’s memory. The instruction shows the optimal body position during the exercise. At the same time, all the videos are equipped with a detailed high-quality photo, which indicates which particular muscle groups will be involved.


  • Original and attractive interface;
  • Suitable even for people who are just starting to do yoga;
  • There are not only video lessons, but also accompanying pictures depicting muscle groups that are involved in one or another pose.


  • With a slow Internet connection, it’s unlikely that you will be able to download videos and images.

We have now reviewed a lot of programs that allow you to create a beautiful and healthy body at home without the use of dumbbells, weights and other fitness equipment. We hope that after studying our rating of the best home training apps, you decide to take care of your health.


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