Best Home Theater Speakers

Best Home Theater Speakers

The best home theater speakers from leading manufacturers are high-tech systems with original design solutions.

What is a home theater speaker system?

As a rule, an acoustic system consists of one or more speakers that reproduce sound received from an external source. She works in tandem with audio-video equipment: players, televisions, computers, etc.

Speakers vary in format. Most popular options:

  • 2.0 is just 2 speakers without a subwoofer;
  • 2.1 – 2 speakers, complemented by a subwoofer, which is responsible for low frequencies;
  • 3.1 – a kit specially designed for home theater: subwoofer + 3 satellites (1 center and 2 front);
  • 5.1 – sub + 5 speakers.
  • There are also 7.1 speakers for creating a full-fledged home theater. It includes as many as 7 speakers and a subwoofer.

Consider the receivers and match them to our needs. If you want WiFi, Bluetooth, and HDMI connections, then ensure the product has them. To be considered good, the best home theater speakers should produce fantastic sound effects, clear dialogue, and music and fill the home just like in the theaters. This list has summarized the best ones to help you make the purchasing decision.

The Best Home Theater Speakers Consumer Report 2022 .

1. Polk Audio PSW10

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

They can play at extremely high volumes exceeding 85 decibels. A perfect solution for your small-to-mid size room It produces a deep, precise sound due to the laser-based Klippel technology. The MDF enclosure ensures there is no resonance, only the great audio quality. The single 10-inch subwoofer has a high-current built-in amplifier to manage big bass.


2. Logitech Z506 Sound Speakers with Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

It has multiple inputs so it can be connected to the DVD player, iPod, PC or game console. Excellent 3D 5.1 surround sound. Get 75 watts of perfectly balanced sound that fills the room. Easily access power and volume on the right satellite speaker. You can dial up the bass using the on-speaker control. Enjoy the deep, clean, booming bass from the Logitech Z506.


3. Logitech Z906

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

It is THX certified, meaning you are assured of a cinema-quality sound at a continuous 500-watt output. Control it easily with the wireless remote and personalize the experience. The compact stackable design fits in with your home entertainment system. It can deliver 1000 watts at certain conditions. It connects up to six devices for convenience. With this 5.1 digital surround speaker system, you will hear every detail just like in the theaters.


4. Polk Audio T50

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

Get midrange balanced dynamic bass from the 6.5-inch extended throw. Fill any small to medium sized room. Its high-efficiency design makes it compatible with most home theater receivers. The speaker delivers crystal clear treble from the 1-inch dome tweeter. The Polka Audio features premium acoustic construction for the best sound quality.


5. Onkyo SKS-HT993THX

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

The Onkyo speaker is THX certified for the best quality sound at home. The speakers are sealed, you can position them almost anywhere. It has 2-way acoustic front speakers of 5 inches, 2-way center speaker, 2-way back speakers and a soft-dome tweeter for clarity. The acoustic suspension powered subwoofer completes the mix with a continuous 125 W output.


6. Onkyo SKS-HT870

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

For the best sound experience, get the Onkyo 7.1 channel speaker system that delivers a full surround sound. 130 watts total output on dual-drive front and center speakers and full-range surround speakers It injects vitality into all your music, movies, and games. The system works together to deliver stunning surround sound in the high and mid-range frequencies.


7. Onkyo SKS-HT540

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

It provides a perfect mix of high, midrange and low-frequency speakers for a clear, powerful sound quality. Front and center 2-way speakers feature 5-inch diaphragm woofers and 1-inch balanced floating tweeter. The 10-inch subwoofer ensures you get an earthshaking sound quality. To experience the cinema theater system at home, get this 7.1 channel speaker system that is certain to deliver as desired.


8. Monoprice 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers And Subwoofer

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

For authentic audio, this Monoprice 5.1 channel speaker is the one to buy. It includes a 60-watt subwoofer for a full surround experience. The subwoofer handles frequencies between 50 Hz to 250 Hz and includes adjustable crossover frequency and volume balance controls. It is wall mounted for convenience.


9. Harman Kardon HKTS 16BQ

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

To deliver exceptional sound quality, Harman has done advanced engineering for the extraordinary experience. The speakers are magnetically shielded to prevent interference that can damage your television. The speakers and subwoofers have been deliberately engineered.


10. AXESS Bluetooth Mini System

Best Home Theater Speakers|The Consumer Reports

Enjoy great music through this mini Bluetooth speaker system. It supports SD cards, USB, FM radio and RCA input. It comes with a remote control. The two pieces of 2.75-inch speakers have a 4-inch built-in subwoofer to theater-like experience.


How to choose the best home theater speakers

But when buying home speakers it is not enough to pay attention only to the amplifier and the number of speakers. It is necessary, first of all, to decide in combination with what equipment and under what conditions the equipment will be used. More on this later.

  • Consider where it will be placed: it can be frustrating when you first buy a speaker system only to find that there is nowhere to place it.
    Size of the speakers: every speaker size has a different sound output at various frequencies.
  • Match the speakers to the room: it is better to think compact if the room is multi-purpose and the entertainment system won’t be the center of attention. Compact speakers easily blend in and leave plenty of room.
  • The type of sound you want: floor-standing speakers are good if you want the big sound to make the room feel like an actual theater.

What are the best home theater speakers to buy for home?

To choose the most suitable speakers for your home (office, workplace, etc.), you need to determine your own expectations from this technique and analyze how your requirements correspond to the technical characteristics of a particular model.

The most important criteria for choosing speakers for the home:

  • type of system – active or passive;
  • method of placement;
  • format;
  • material of manufacture;
  • power;
  • number of stripes;
  • frequency range;
  • sensitivity.

Active acoustics provides that the system is equipped with its own receiver, and the user does not have to deal with the coordination of amplifier power and output signals. Unlike passive speakers, acoustics of this type are less dependent on the parameters of the playing device. Passive speakers are usually cheaper than active speakers, but you will have to buy a separate receiver and make all sound settings yourself.

According to the placement method, the speakers are divided into:

  • floor;
  • shelf;
  • wall mounted;
  • recessed.

The acoustics format is the connection diagram and the number of speakers. For example, 5.1 means that the speaker system has five speakers (2 front and 3 rear) and one subwoofer. As the material for the manufacture of cases, wood or plastic is used. A wooden case is preferable because it rattles less.

If you form the speaker system yourself, you should know that the speaker power specified in the specification should not be higher than the power of the amplifier.

Floor or table speakers

Floor speakers

Floor home speakers will show itself “in all its glory” only in a spacious room with a total area of ​​18 m2. Such equipment is useless in a small room: there is not enough space to fully appreciate the sound.

Table speakers

Desktop or shelf speakers are suitable for any room. Compact speakers are positioned so that they are flush with the ears.


The amplifier, and specifically its power, requires special attention when choosing such speakers. The indicator is written in the technical characteristics of the system. If you make a mistake with the choice and overestimate the capabilities of technology, you can encounter a number of problems, for example, turning off the speakers at high volumes.

By type of use – stationary or portable

I set the stationary speakers once and “forgot”. They can be of any size, but are often not transferred from room to room. Acoustics of this type is divided into stereo (2.0) and multicomponent (systems 2.1 and higher).

The stereo type is good for music, playing sound during games, movies. Due to the lack of a subwoofer, they have less bass, but for the average listener this is not such a problem.

Option number 2 is more advanced. It is used with any equipment at the discretion of the user. Due to a separate subwoofer, volumetric bass is clearly audible here, which is important when watching action movies or fantasy-style films.

Portable speakers can be carried from room to room and even taken with you on walks. Wireless speakers work on battery power and connects to any audio / video device.

How to choose a wireless speaker for home? Going to purchase such equipment, you need to know:

  • how many bands in the system (the best option is 3);
  • the volume of the built-in battery – the duration of work directly depends on this;
  • the right size – if installed in a room, it is better to choose large speakers;
  • interfaces – you should give preference to acoustics, where there is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  • a big plus will be dust and moisture resistance.


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