7 Best High Chair For Baby

Best High Chair For Baby

At the age of 5-6 months, the child becomes more active, his lifestyle and diet change. To try new dishes, the baby needs to sit comfortably at the table, so parents are looking for the best high chair.

The Best High Chair Consumer Guide 2022.

1. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


This high chair folds flat and stands on its own. This makes it super easy to store when not in use. Given that it can comfortably support a maximum weight of up to 50 pounds, you are sure that your growing toddler will be securely held in place. It is also easy to wipe, making all the baby goo effortless to clean up. Given its compact fold design, you will find it convenient to take with you while on the go. Its no-nonsense design further enables you to set it up quickly and in a matter of seconds.

2. Graco Blossom 6-In-1 Convertible Highchair

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


This is a 6-in-1 high chair that grows with your baby. It has sufficient space to enable you to seat two babies simultaneously. Its three recline positions and six height adjustments ensure easy feeding of your baby. It also features a removable and adjustable seat back insert which helps you position your growing baby at a table. The one-hand removable tray in this high chair is dishwasher-safe. There is indeed a lot to be desired in this high chair.

3. Ciao! baby Portable High Chair for Travel

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


It is manufactured with highly durable nylon material, and its tray is covered in clear vinyl that is easy to wipe using water. No assembly is required as the chair comes ready fitted for use. Its lightweight and flexible design enables it to unfold easily, lock into place in a matter of seconds, and fold back quickly when not in use. It also features a built-in cup holder to let you keep your baby’s beverage in place.

4. Graco Slim Snacker Highchair, Gala

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


Graco is a seasoned brand known for high-quality furniture. This high chair model from Graco only confirms the confidence consumers have had in the brand for ages. Its three recline levels and infant body support position your baby comfortably for easy feeding. Your baby is also kept securely in position thanks to the chair’s convertible 3 and 5-point harness. People lauded it for having a unique baby high chair and toddler high chair design. It has eight height positions which enable it to slide up to the table for a perfect fit.

5. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


It features a removable seat back and trays which makes it a must-have place for your developing baby. It has 2-position height adjustments and reclining seat to enable easy customization for your baby. You will also love its 5-point restraint. If you are shopping for a cost-effective high chair yet, you do not wish to sacrifice quality; this is the best product for you.

6. Inglesina Fast Table Chair Convenient Baby High Chair

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


This high chair has a comfortable and secure setup. It is ideal for use at home or while on the go. Its easy twist-tight coupling is not only reliable but also fast, giving your baby a proper seat at the table. It features a portable and collapsible design that equally makes people crave for it. It is super easy to pack and is always within reach, thanks to its travel-friendly carry bag.

7. JOOVY Nook High Chair, Black

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


Given its compact design and ease of fold, this high chair is superb for use while at home or when on the go. Its adjustable 5-point harness ensures your baby is securely in place. Its leatherette seat tends to wipe down very easily. It also comes with a tray insert, which is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe. This chair comes with a removable swing open tray which has four adjustable positions.

Which high chair to buy

Modern children’s chairs for eating are much better than classic models. But when choosing them, it is important to pay attention to the safety of the baby, taking into account the quality of the materials used in the manufacture, and not only.

First of all, the design must be stable, so the presence of a jumper between the legs of the chair is welcome. If the chair has wheels, then you should choose a model in which their fixation is provided. Height adjustment will help to set the seat as low as possible to protect the fidget. For especially active, the presence of seat belts is important. The footboard gives the child additional support and does not allow to slip.

The most convenient are considered models with a removable tabletop, as this facilitates the care of the product. In addition, having removed it completely, you can move the chair to the general “adult” table. The sides of the countertop should be high, as food and water will fall on its surface.

The seat cover is always colorful and soft. But it also requires strength and hygiene. Better if it is a substitute for leather, oilcloth materials are also acceptable, although they are not very durable. Any contamination from such covers is easily removed with a damp cloth.

Backrest adjustment is relevant in the case when the baby in the high chair not only eats, but also relaxes. There are folding models with several back positions, including horizontal.

As for the types of constructions, the classic is suitable for those whose room area allows you to place a non-folding “throne”. It is useful to buy transformers when the chair is planned to be used not only for feeding, but also for recreation, games. A hinged structure or booster can fit even in the smallest room. There are also special travel chairs that they take with them on family trips.

Principle of operation and design of a high chair

The feeding chair is a specially designed device that allows the child to be at a common table while eating at an adult level.

Very often, products are equipped with their own countertops, so the baby anywhere in the house can comfortably eat or play. Usually chairs are made of wood, durable plastic with elements of metal alloys.

Classic pieces are sitting on high legs. The inclination of the back and height they most often do not change, when it comes to wood products. Plastic models can be equipped with a folding mechanism, many adjustments, a removable worktop, footrest and seat belts.

Transformers are designed for a long period of use. They easily turn from a highchair into two separate objects: a comfortable seat and a full-fledged children’s table. This allows the child to do various things, for example, drawing, modeling, studying, etc.

Options for choosing a high chair


First of all, pay attention to the stability of the chair. It is desirable that he has a special jumper between the front legs. If the model is equipped with wheels, you must make sure that they are equipped with a locking system.

It will be useful to have a height adjustment so that you can set the seat as low as possible before leaving the active child in it. Seat belts will be needed by parents of hyperactive children.

Try to choose models of chairs where there are no sharp corners and easily unscrewing small parts. The footboard will help to discipline the baby, he will not slip off, but will rest his feet in support. A special partition between the legs will not allow the child to slip out of the seat and fall.


Choose models of chairs with removable countertops. When removing, they are much more convenient to wash. At the same time, the child can sit both at an independent table and at a common table.

Make sure that the countertops have high sides, since the baby, especially the first time, will often spill and scatter something on the surface. The fastening mechanism should be convenient, simple and understandable for parents.

Seat cover material

On plastic seats there are always bright, colorful and soft substrates. It should be ensured that they are made of durable materials that are easy to clean. It is desirable that this was not fabric, but skin or its substitute. In case of contamination, such a coating can only be wiped with a damp cloth.

Backrest adjustment

Such a function will be convenient for those who plan not only to feed the baby in the high chair, but also leave it to play there or just relax. Usually the backrest has from three to five levels of adjustment, allowing you to expand it to almost a horizontal position.

Folding mechanism

The presence of a folding mechanism is necessary if it is planned to often transport a high chair or there is not enough space in the house in order to leave it dismantled. When folded, even bulky structures can simply be placed in a secluded corner, thereby freeing up space. Please note that the mechanism works quickly and easily.

Types of high chairs

Wooden (classic)

Classical wooden chairs for feeding represent a seat on high legs. In the absence of countertops, it is substituted directly to the common table, at which adults gather.
Worktop models can be used anywhere it’s convenient to feed your baby. More practical products with a removable worktop. Such chairs are suitable for children from six months to three years.

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


– made of environmentally friendly material;
– hypoallergenic;
– easily fit into the interior;
– affordable cost.


– there is no adjustment of the height and tilt of the back;
– non-treated wood is poorly cleaned;
– difficult to transport;
glued fasteners break quickly.

Plastic on wheels

Plastic chairs for feeding, equipped with wheels, enable the product to be mobile. Such models are multifunctional and can be used by a child from six months to five years.
Such children’s furniture is oversized, but thanks to the folding mechanism, it is quite simple to transport and store. In most cases, plastic chairs have an adjustable height and tilt of the back, which allows you to choose the right position for any situation.

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


– Mobile;
– folded compact;
– easy to transport;
– have an adjustment of the height and tilt of the back;
– undemanding in care;
– steady.


– plastic wheels can leave marks on some surfaces;
– high price.


Transformers are called highchairs, which, if necessary, are disassembled into two different objects: a separate high-grade table and a chair.
Thus, parents can use the product at one time for feeding, and at another – for the baby to be creative. Even in preschool age, the child will be happy to spend time at such a table.

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


– universal;
– most often made of wood;
– relatively inexpensive.


– there is no adjustment of the height and tilt of the back;
– difficulties in transportation;
– take up a lot of space.


Hinged chairs are a good alternative for people saving space in a small apartment. Such products are a small seat attached to the edge of the table.
Of course, not every mother decides to feed her baby on weight, but in most cases the fears are in vain. True, such a chair is suitable only for children from six months to a year and a half. When a child reaches a certain weight, this model should be discarded.

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


– save space;
– compact;
– easy to transport;
– are inexpensive.


– not attached to every table;
– have weight restrictions;
– not suitable for hyperactive children.

Booster Chairs

Such models of chairs are very compact. They attach directly to an adult chair. Such products differ from travel products in that they are made not of fabric material, but of plastic.
Booster chairs have their own frame, can be reinforced with metal elements. In some cases, are equipped with countertops.

7 Best High Chair For Baby|The Consumer Reports


– compact;
– easy to care for;
– made of durable materials;
– easy to transport.


– safety level depends on the main chair.

Which high chair to choose

  1. Classic models are suitable for everyone who has enough free space in the house. If there are limitations, it is best to choose a model with an addition mechanism.
  2. Transforming chairs should be chosen by parents who plan to use the product not only for feeding.
  3. Hinged seats are useful to those who have absolutely no way to arrange a full-fledged chair.
  4. It is easy to take road fastenings with you on trips. We recommend them for purchase to all parents who love to travel with children.
  5. Booster chairs also save space, so they should be purchased for owners of small-sized residential premises.
  6. To ensure better safety, you need to choose stable products that are equipped with belts and height adjustment.
  7. It is best to buy models with removable worktops.
  8. Choose high chairs where the seat has a backing made of glued material, leather or leatherette.
  9. If the chair will be used not only for feeding, then prefer a model with the presence of an adjustment of the backrest.
  10. Buy items with a folding mechanism. This will save space in the house and help with transportation.


A high chair is not a necessary thing, but its presence clearly simplifies the process of feeding a baby. At the same time, mom frees up her hands to do some homework while the baby sits in a comfortable chair and plays. The presence of a special chair also allows you to protect the little one from getting injured.

This is for us adults, the corner of the tablecloth, a hot cup with a drink or soup are ordinary things, and for him they are interesting and new items that you will definitely want to touch and pull in your mouth. Even with time, when the child understands that there is something that should not be touched, he still has insufficient hand coordination, so he is accidentally able to knock over something. All this is definitely worth considering when choosing a highchair. And with the other equally important parameters our guide will familiarize you.


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