10 Best Handheld Shower Head

Best Handheld Shower Head

The handheld shower head is a nozzle with a flexible hose. In some cases, it also implies the presence of a bracket that is mounted on the wall at the required height. The popularity of models of this type is due to greater freedom of action – you can swim either by holding the unit in your hand and directing the jet of water at the desired angle, or by installing it on the latch.

The stand consists of a kit that includes a hand shower, a vertical bar and an arm. This is the most versatile option, characterized by compactness and ease of installation. Especially suitable if people with a big difference in height will use the shower – the up and down moving bracket will make it possible to adjust the height, and if necessary, the device can be easily removed from the stand.

They make it easy to rinse your shower and tub to keep everything clean. Most modern handheld shower units have self-cleaning nozzles made of silicon to help prevent buildup from hard water. They come in nearly any finish you want including chrome and brushed nickel. When choosing a new hand held shower head you may want to find one that is easy to install as many can be installed without the use of tools.

The Best Handheld Shower Head Consumer Report

1. Hydroluxe 1433 Handheld Showerhead Rain Shower Combo

This versatile unit allows you to use it with the handheld feature or as a standard shower. Use two Showers Heads separately or use Shower head and Hand Held Shower both together for a choice of 24 full and combined water flow patterns . The entire shower head has an all-chrome finish that’s easy to clean and durable. The Hydrolux 1433 Handheld Showerhead & Rain Shower Combo has a high pressure 24 function dial and a patented 3-way water diverter.


2. AquaDance 3328 7″ Premium High Pressure 3 Way Rainfall Combo

The shower head has rub clean jets that are easy to clean and prevent water scale buildup. It has 6 different settings and a 7″ face that gives you lots of coverage. Click-Lever Dial makes it easy to change from one setting to another while RUB-CLEAN JETS make cleaning your shower head easy. The AquaDance 2238 7″ Premium High Pressure shower head is a 3-way rainfall combo for a relaxing shower experience.


3. AquaDance High Pressure 6-Setting 3.5″ Chrome Face Handheld Shower

This handheld shower head from AquaDance offers a high pressure with a 3.5″ chrome face. It’s easy to install and can be done in minutes without any tools. It can be used as an overhead shower or handheld option. This shower head comes with an ergonomic grip handle and a 5 foot long hose for ease of use.


4. YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

The YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head has a powerful spray to help you enjoy your shower. The Shower head body and Bracket Mount are made from Durable ABS engineering grade plastic.
The shower head has silicone rubber jet nozzles for easy cleaning. It has durable brass connections that won’t leak or crack. This handheld shower head includes a flow regulator and comes in a beautiful brushed nickel finish.


5. Handheld Shower Head

The Handheld Shower Head from Briout has 5 spray settings. This shower head has a long hose and an adjustable bracket. Self-cleaning nozzle easy to prevent the build-up of minerals. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any knowledge of plumbing or special tools. This affordable option has a chrome surface and self-cleaning nozzles to prevent hard water buildup.


6. Moen Magnetix Six Function Handheld Showerhead

This shower head meets WaterSense standards so you don’t have to worry about wasting water. WaterSense is a program sponsored by the EPA to improve water efficiency. It has a magnetic docking system that allows you to use it like a standard shower head or easily detach it for handheld use. The Moen Magnetix handheld shower head has 6 different functions. This shower head has a diameter of 3.5″ and comes in a chrome finish.


7. Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog High-Pressure 30-setting Rainfall Shower Combo

This shower head can function as a rainfall shower or for handheld uses. Use Both Shower Heads Together or Separately for a choice of 30 full and combined water flow patterns. It has a microban nozzle that helps prevent the growth of bacteria.
The Antimicrobial/Anti-Clog Shower head combo can greatly cut down on cleaning and maintenance. The clog-free design also means you won’t lose water pressure from clogs due to hard water.


8. YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

This shower head can be used in handheld mode or as a traditional stationary shower head. The Silicone Rubber Jet Nozzles prevent the build-up of minerals, easy for Self-Cleaning by fingers. The YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head has a powerful spray even if you have low water pressure in your home. It comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. It’s available in a chrome or brushed nickel finish.


9. Shower Head with Hose

The FEELSO Shower Head with hose has a push button flow control so you can easily adjust the water settings. The handheld part of the shower head includes a 5 foot hose so you can use it many different ways.
This shower head includes a handheld option and a stationary rainfall shower head. The chrome finish makes this unit easy to clean.


10. Ezelia High Pressure, 5-Settings Hand Held Shower Head

This handheld shower head has an adjustable angle bracket and a 60″ stainless steel hose so you can easily adjust it for your needs. The Ezelia High Pressure shower head has 5 different settings. It also features a pause mode so you can turn the water off without losing your water temperature.


How to choose the best shower head?

Since humanity began to closely monitor its own hygiene, the main way to keep our bodies clean was to take a bath. However, with the advent of central water supply, showers became even more popular than bathtubs. Now in most houses either shower cabins or faucets with the ability to connect a shower are installed. Shower allows you to reduce the time for taking water procedures, because, unlike a bath, you do not have to collect water for it in advance. The choice of a suitable nozzle becomes important. In this article we will tell you what types of shower nozzles are and how to choose the most optimal option.

Material classification

Depending on the material of manufacture, shower heads can be:

Metal. Such models, as a rule, are more durable and do not lose their original appearance longer. Their main disadvantage is weight. You can’t hold a metal nozzle for a long time on weight. In addition, if such a watering can fall into the bathtub from a sufficient height, it can not only break off the enamel, but also create a crack in the bathroom if you use an acrylic model.
Plastic.Most plastic nozzles are made of metal. This is the so-called metallized plastic. Such models have multi-layer chrome plating and at first glance are indistinguishable from metal ones, however they are much lighter in weight. Since plastic is a more flexible and pliable material, plastic nozzles boast a wide variety of different intricate shapes.

In shape

Heads come in different shapes:

  • round;
  • rectangular;
  • oval;
  • square.

We are used to seeing round and oval nozzles in our bathtubs. Models with sharp corners look good in high-tech bathrooms.

By type of mount

Nozzles are stationary, manual or are a combined system.

  1. Hand models are the traditional and most popular type. They are attached to the main part of the mixer through a flexible hose. You can take a shower head in your hand and direct the stream to where you need it, at any angle and at any height.
  2. Stationary models have less potential, but provide, as a rule, a more powerful pressure of water. Such nozzles have a larger diameter and are attached to the wall or to any other surface at a certain height and at a certain angle. However, on some models, the tilt angle can be adjusted.
  3. Combined systems are the so-called shower racks. Their design includes a watering can with a flexible hose, a mixer and an upper stationary watering can. The advantage of such systems is obvious. In addition, such models boast an unprecedented number of various additional functions, which we will talk about below.


Before, our parents, grandparents used the simplest nozzles, the jet of which could be compared to a jet from a regular watering can. The volume and nature of the water supply depended only on the diameter of the shower head and the number of holes in it, as well as on the pressure of the water in the water supply.

Modern models have come a long way in choosing options for modes and modifications. Today you can buy nozzles with a built-in special button that allows you to choose the pressure head and a combination of water jets. Some nozzle models are equipped with various additional functions: self-cleaning from limescale, air ionization, enriching water with mineral elements useful to the skin and others.

By type of jets

Most modern shower heads support several operating modes at the same time, which are switched by rotating the shower head. Depending on your needs and mood, you can choose the pressure and the mode of water supply that you currently will be most pleased.

  • Rain is the standard and most common type of jet. Water smoothly falls on the body from small holes in the nozzle under slight pressure.
  • Soft dispersion is a mode in which particles of water mix with air bubbles. Due to this mixing, you do not feel the water jet per se on the skin.
  • Variostrue – a mode that is a cross between the two types of jets described above.
  • Monostrue – a dense stream of water that is supplied from the nozzle under high pressure. This mode is ideal for contrast showers and dousing with cold water.
  • Water fog is another private variant of soft dispersion. Your body seems to be wrapped in dense water vapor.
  • Waterfall – a type of jet that is used most often in those nozzles that are attached to the ceiling. Water creates a dense curtain, as if falling from a great height. Such a jet invigorates well and helps to keep oneself in good shape.
  • A massage jet is used, as a rule, with a special massage nozzle. With the help of such a jet you can follow the figure and maintain the tone of the muscles and tissues of your body.

These are just the main types of jets. Meanwhile, some manufacturers of luxury plumbing have their own, exclusive developments in this area. In some nozzles, a combined mode is provided in which different jets replace each other at certain time intervals.


The main function of any shower head is the uniform flow of water in the form of several jets. However, here there are some nuances. Functions supported by most nozzles:

  • switching between several types of jets;
  • saturation of water with air in the “soft dispersion” mode;
  • setting pulsating jets with high pressure for massage.

However, there are a number of additional functions:

  • the presence of a thermostat allows you to control and maintain the required exact temperature of the water;
  • pressure reducing valve will be useful for those who often change the water pressure in the water pipes;
  • a water filter softens the hard water coming from the central water supply;
  • water flow restriction makes it possible to reduce water consumption and reduce the cost of paying payments.

There are also quite non-standard additional functions.

So, in some showers, among other things, a radio is installed, which turns on automatically when it receives a signal from a sensor located on the nozzle.

As soon as you turn on the water, soothing, or, conversely, invigorating music will play in the bathroom. In addition, there are special nozzles for children. They are made in the form of various fairy-tale characters or animals. Such nozzles help to distract the baby’s attention directly from the washing process, which not all children like.

Self cleaning system

In many mixers, the so-called self-cleaning system from limescale is installed today. It’s no secret that tap water in our taps is very hard and contains a lot of impurities. Therefore, over time, the holes in the nozzle become clogged.

Thanks to the special small silicone tabs inside the holes, the plaque no longer eats into the nozzle and is easy to remove by simply wiping the nozzle with a rag with any detergent.

Shower panel

Another innovation is the development of high-tech and multifunctional shower panels. They generally come with premium showers. However, recently it has become possible to purchase such panels separately and mount in an ordinary shower.

The main advantage of such panels is the presence of a control panel with which you can control various additional functions. How great the functionality of your shower panel will be, directly affects its cost.


There are so many shower head design options that listing them all is unrealistic. First of all, it is worth noting the variety of colors. Although, as we have already mentioned, most nozzles today are made of metal, or of materials imitating it, chrome plating on different models gives a different effect.

You can find models of nozzles with various coatings: bronze, brass, chrome, gold, copper, nickel and others. Some models have colorful enamel or powder coating in various colors. As for style, the choice here is also great. There are models made in retro style, in the style of modern, high-tech and others.

Selection tips

Summarizing all of the above, we can summarize the following results:

  1. When choosing a shower head suitable for you, you must first decide which hand, stationary or combination shower you will use.
  2. Then you need to decide on the material of manufacture: metal or plastic.
  3. Only after that can we proceed to the selection of a specific nozzle based on aesthetic and design considerations: what shape the nozzle will be, what color, in what style it should be sustained and whether this style will be combined with other bathroom fixtures.
  4. After you select for yourself several possible options for nozzles, pay attention to the ratio of their additional features and quality with their price. Only by carefully weighing the pros and cons, you will be able to choose exactly the shower head with which you will always be comfortable taking a shower and which will bring maximum health benefits.

How to remove a shower head

1.Use pliers or a wrench.
2.Hold the shower head firmly in your hand.
3.Loosen the nut that connects the watering can to the hose. Do not use excessive force; the nut may crack!
4.Then unscrew the nut with your fingers and remove the watering can.
5.Clean thread
6.Use a metal brush to clean the threads of the shower head mount.
7.It should not leave the old winding, rust, lime deposits.How to install a new shower head

1.Wrap several layers of plumbing on the thread of the new watering can. You can try to do without it, but it is better not to neglect this trifle, because the joint can leak.
2.Screw the watering can 1-2 turns by hand, then tighten with pliers or an adjustable wrench. It is better to do this through a cloth so as not to scratch the nut.
A new shower head is installed. But do not rush to shout: “Done!”. Turn on the shower first and check for leaks at the junction.
If it leaks, you will have to untwist the structure and add windings.
Now it’s all.How to choose an economical shower head?

Shower heads are universal for all types of mixers and hoses.
They differ in the modes and quantity of flows, as well as additional functions, such as switching on and off the flow from a keystroke, LED water backlight, easy cleaning from clogging and others.


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