7 Best Hair Straighteners

Best Hair Straighteners

Today it is not necessary to go to the hairdresser to make a beautiful hairstyle – at home, so-called hair straighteners will help well in this. If the device is selected correctly, then during installation it will become an indispensable assistant.

Manufacturers produce a wide range of such devices, among which there are both professional and conventional models. The principle of operation of the device is to heat the plates to a certain temperature, and the coating of these plates is very different. When choosing such a product, it is very important to know the differences between professional and household irons.

The former do not have a large number of functions, but they are very reliable, practical and easy to use, which allows them to perform their key task efficiently. Unprofessional products have a beautiful appearance and a number of additional features that are often completely useless. Household models cost much cheaper, however, professional-use appliances will heat up much faster, moreover, they will be much easier to clean, they have temperature control for different types of hair.

What should be the heating element of the device?

In order not to damage the hair, you should correctly choose the coating of the heating plate. They come in various types:

  • Metal;
  • Ceramic
  • Covered with a layer of Teflon;
  • Titanium;
  • Combined.

In professional models, plates made of metal are practically not used due to a number of drawbacks: cosmetics adhere to their surface, they heat up more slowly and cool, adjusting the temperature is not too easy, which increases the likelihood of hair damage.

Ceramic plates do not affect the hair structure too much. Many models are coated with tourmaline – a natural source of negative ions, which will give hair extra shine. In addition to the materials themselves, the width of the plates plays an important role – to choose a model according to this principle should be depending on the type of hair. So, for thin, ironing with narrow plates is best, for thick ones you should choose wider plates.

When compiling our ranking of the best hair straighteners, we took into account not only their professional or household purpose, but also a number of other factors, one of the key points was user reviews and value for money. We hope that after studying our top 7, you will be able to choose the most suitable model for yourself.

The Best Models of Hair Straighteners Consumer Report 2022

7. JOLIE AMOUR Professional Flat Iron Salon Grade Hair Straightener

7 Best Hair Straighteners|The Consumer Reports


The Jolie Amour professional flat iron comes in a beautiful designer gift box and is a perfect gift. It is a hair styling wiz that adjusts itself very greatly to all kinds of hair from thick to curly and straight to baby fine. It does have high heat, true, but its grade of high heat is very safe and doesn’t cause damage to one’s hair. This salon-grade flat iron is professional in all the right ways it should be. This means that you are getting a fine hair caring tool that is great to use on any type of hair.

6. Solano Sleekheat450 Professional Flat Iron

7 Best Hair Straighteners|The Consumer Reports


The Solano Sleekheat Professional Flat Iron is the total flat hair iron styling product. This is because it is designed to deliver only the finest of fine hairstyling results and does. 1-inch flat iron heats up to 450°F in 60 seconds. This fine ceramic tourmaline flat iron has nice cool touch tips. The tourmaline is what helps hair to be extra shiny and smooth. It also assists in minimizing any fly away hair. It is the ultimate hair tool when it comes to having a very smooth glide that contains lots of styling versatility about it.

5. Rusk RSK806 Heat Freak Professional Str8 Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron

7 Best Hair Straighteners|The Consumer Reports


RUSK Engineering Heat Freak Professional Str8 Irons in 1″ and 1 1/2″ plate sizes, infused with ceramic and tourmaline straightens hair quickly and easily with instant and precise heat. This very professional flat iron is very spot-on when it comes to very shiny and silky hair that is totally frizz-free. It has very extraordinary ceramic and tourmaline plates that do provide instant heat that is precise and not damaging at all to one’s hair in any way. This precise and warm heat distributes natural ions and a far infrared heat that makes for nothing but optimal hair straightening hair results. The Rusk Heat Freak is truly a heat freak wonder when it comes to styling hair with great precision.

4. Infiniti Pro by Conair Professional Ceramic Flat Iron

7 Best Hair Straighteners|The Consumer Reports


This wonderful and top of the line flat iron was created with perfect hair styling mind. This is because it has 2-inch tourmaline ceramic plates, as well as, a ceramic heater that has a very uniform temperature level. Quick heat-up and recovery up to an ultra-high 455 degrees F, and variable heat settings provide fast, versatile styling options. It features both a 15-second instant heat-up. It also has a protective heat shield. The operative word with this specific hair styling tool is very clear and that is lots of high heat that is safe. The advanced technology that this flat iron has makes for far more styling possibilities.

3. Remington S9520 Salon Collection Ceramic Hair Straightener

7 Best Hair Straighteners|The Consumer Reports


This Remington ceramic hair straightening flat iron is indeed a marvel. This is because it does possess a special pearl ceramic technology for the smoothest of all salon finishes possible. Plus, this flat iron reaches a salon high heat of 450°F and heats up in just 15 seconds to create professional results in no time. It has 8 times more the ceramic in it than some of the other competition out there. It has pearl infused plates that are designed to glide smoother in a major way that is gentle and easy. It also has precise digital controls that deliver Turbo heat settings very safely and effectively.

2. BaByliss Pro BABNT3072 Nano Titanium Straightening Iron

7 Best Hair Straighteners|The Consumer Reports


The BaByliss Pro is a true pro when it comes to hair styling. This is because it is a top of the line titanium-plated and ultra-thin straightening iron that makes a difference from a hair standpoint. The extended 5″ long plates allow for wider sections to be straightened, so you can style hair faster. It has Nano-titanium plates for one thing. These nano-titanium plates are the very thing that make sure that they take care of the hair in all the proper ways from a total styling solution that is awesome. It also emits far-infrared heat that does hair straightening that is very gentle and fast every time. No hair is ever damaged while using this premium-grade hair iron.

1. Philips Hp8321 Essential Care 1-Inch Ceramic Hair Straightener

7 Best Hair Straighteners|The Consumer Reports


This is one of the latest models that appeared on the market last year and almost immediately became one of the best among hair straighteners. This device has elongated plates, due to which it is possible to achieve quick and gentle hair styling, which becomes smooth and acquire a natural shine. The plates are made of ceramic, have a tourmaline coating that fills the hair with negatively charged ions. The maximum temperature of their heating is 210 degrees. The device is ready for direct use within a minute after being connected to the network.

The handle has a convenient lock that keeps the plates closed, making transporting the product easier. The device can operate on voltages of 110 and 220-240 V, which is very convenient when traveling.


  • Fast heating of ceramic plates;
  • Easy to use;
  • Glides on hair perfectly;
  • Low cost.


  • At first, the plates emit an unpleasant odor;
  • The width of the straightener is best for thin hair, with thick and thick it is not so easy to work;
  • It will not be possible to adjust the heating temperature.


Buying a really suitable hair straightener is not so easy, we hope that after reading our review you can decide for yourself which iron will be the best for your hair.


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