The 7 Best Gaming Couches in 2022

Best Gaming Couches

If you enjoy endless hours of gaming on your computer or video game, you know how essential it is to have a comfortable seat, to keep you comfortable and free from tenseness and soreness.

A good quality gaming couch can do wonders for your gaming experience.

There are different variants you can choose from, including home entertainment room recliner seats, folding sofas, recliners, and gaming chairs. Many have added extras like USB charging ports, power outlets, cup holders, storage space, reclining functions, and even body massage modes and sound vibrations.

Gaming Couch

We have thoroughly reviewed some of the best gaming couches and have come up with this list of the top ones for 2022.

Read on to find out more about the gaming couches, their dimensions, features, and to find the right one for your preferences, the space you have available, and your budget.

Giantex Floor Sofa PU Leather Leisure Bed 

Type: Folding gaming sofa bed

Size: 26.77 x 43 x 20.86 inches when folded, and 89.37 x 43 x 4.72 inches when unfolded as a bed

Weight: 33.1 lbs.

Material: PU leather

Color: Black


If you have limited space and don’t want to break the bank for a high end and bulky home movie theater recliner set, but still want a comfortable and functional gaming couch, then you can buy the Giantex Floor Sofa Leisure Folding Sofa Bed.

This sofa for gamers has a stylish and modern design and has a durable and premium looking PU leather upholstery and durable high-density soft sponge filling.

This folding sofa bed has an ergonomic design, and two added big soft cushions, which will provide you with the comfort you need while playing or watching a movie, or relaxing.

The gaming sofa bed has a sturdy steel frame that will endure a lot of use, wear, and tear.

The foldable gaming couch will not take up too much space in your room and is light enough to be moved around when needed. You can easily fold it up for storage as well.

In fact, this nifty piece of furniture has 5 different adjustable positions that gamers can choose from.

When it is not used as a chair or lounge, you can quickly transform this clever piece of furniture into a comfortable bed, where you can take a nap or use it for house guests.

The PU upholstery of this chair is waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. It is also offered at a very affordable price.

Valencia Tuscany Movie Theater Seating Top Grain Nappa Leather

Type: Home theater, recliner chair set of 2

Size: 69 x 46 x 32.5 inches when upright, and 69 x 32.5 x 69 inches when reclined completely

Weight: N/A

Material: Top grain Nappa leather

Color: Black, brown or red


The Valencia Tuscany set of two recliner chairs is another seating solution for your entertainment room that makes it to our top gaming couches, and the best couch co-op games list for many reasons.

The two wide, soft, and comfortable recliners have responsive and easy-to-use recliner controls, so you can adjust any or all of the 3 recliner features whenever you want to without getting up. You can customize the backrest reclining position, the headrest, and the lumbar support, so the couch fits the curve of your spine and provides you with the support you need too. There is also a quick return button, so the recliner gets back to its original position with a touch of a button.

Each of the chairs of this gaming couch has a large hidden storage area, which can easily fit the added food tray of your friend, family member, or other gamer sharing it with you.

The recliners are upholstered with top-grain Nappa 11000 leather with an ergonomic, diamond-shaped foam seat cushion designed and made to provide you with the ultimate comfort during those endless gaming sessions.

The cupholders on the armrests have built-in blue LED lighting, and so does the base of the recliner. There is also a nifty USB port, so you can plugin and charge your phone, tablet, or another device while playing or enjoying a movie.

You can purchase this premium gaming couch in black, brown, or red color options, as well as in a wide variety of seating options, including a loveseat and recliners in different combinations.

Most of all, you can share it with more people and another gamer while enjoying your favorite game.

Homall Recliner Gaming Chair Padded Seat PU Leather

Type: Recliner gaming chair

Size: 27.6 x 35.8 x 38.6 inches when upright and 27.6 x 64.2 x 27.9 inches when reclined

Weight: 61 lbs.

Material: Faux leather

Color: Black, gray, red


If you have a limited budget, but still prefer the convenience and comfort of a good recliner chair as a gaming couch, then the affordable Homall Recliner Chair could be one of the best options for you.

This is a very comfortable and well-built gaming chair, which is much more compact and has a smaller footprint than the higher-end recliners and home movie theater chairs.

It has a luxurious modern design and is upholstered with strong, soft, and easy to maintain PU leather and durable soft memory foam.

The couch has an adjustable footrest and a push back recliner design, perfect for any avid gamer.

The curved design of the seat and armrests will provide you with the comfort you need while playing your favorite game or relaxing in your game room.

The recliner couch has 4 non-marking feet to protect your floors.

You won’t need to live in a huge living room to get one, two or more of these recliner chairs, and create your own gaming room. Plus, you can do it without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, because it is sold at a very reasonable price.

Seatcraft Delta Home Theater Seating Leather Power Recline

Type: Home entertainment recliner set of 2 chairs

Size: 37 x 66 x 43 inches

Weight: 275 lbs.

Material: Top grain leather

Color: Red


The Seatcraft Delta is another fantastic movie seating set, which is also a perfect gaming couch.

Upholstered with the finest, top-grain leather, these seats look and feel soft and elegant.

Each recliner seat has a powered headrest and reclining function, which you can adjust with a push of a button on the side of the armrest.

The seats are SoundShaker ready, so you only have to add an amplifier to enjoy the immersive shaking and vibrations of the audio from your games or the movies you are watching in your game room.

Each of the seats has backlit cupholders and bases, spacious in-arm storage space, snack tables, and a USB port for charging your device while playing.

The design of these recliner seats is contemporary and high-end and will give your living room or home entertainment area a modern and chic look.

You can purchase one of these gaming couches in a variety of different combinations of single recliners and loveseats.

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner 

Type: Shiatsu massage recliner chair

Size: 63 x 30 x 34 inches when upright and 30 x 54 x 43 inches when reclined

Weight: 200 lbs.

Material: PU leather and fabric

Color: Black, or blue and khaki


If you want the ultimate relaxation and comfort gaming couch, then you should definitely consider buying this amazing Real Relax massage recliner chair.

This ergonomic and softly padded recliner has 8 massage rollers for the neck, as well as 50 airbags for the shoulders, hips, calves, lower legs, feet, and lower back.

It also has a back heating function to keep you warm and comfy during the cold winter days.

You can set it to perform the massage type you want for the different body parts and at three strength levels and speeds. This is a gaming couch that can give you a full body massage whenever you feel like it, and is perfect for relaxing during and after long gaming sessions.

You can also choose between the 6 available auto modes for massaging and pick between relax, sleep, neck, stretch, sport, and waist.

It can recline to a Zero-gravity position, which will make you feel lighter than a feather. It offers 3 Zero-gravity seating modes – comfort, initial and deep, so you can choose the one which is the most comfortable for you when you want to stretch out or take a nap.

The Real Relax massage chair comes with remote control, and also offers Bluetooth connectivity, so you can adjust its settings and seating option via the free mobile app on your smartphone.

You can extend the leg rest to fit your height perfectly, and once you are set, you can get a relaxing foot massage by this magical massage seat

The seat also has built-in speakers, so you can enjoy listening to music or audio streaming from your phone or another device directly from the chair.

It has two back caster wheels so that you can move it around the living room or home, and we are pretty sure that this will become the favorite chair for everybody in the household if you decide to buy the Real Relax as a gaming couch.

Octane Turbo XL700 Black Bonded Leather

Type: Recliner home theater chair set of 3

Size: 99.5 x 36 x 43.5 inches

Weight: 303 lbs. (101 lbs. for each chair)

Material: Bonded leather

Color: Black


The Octane Turbo XL700 is a premium quality recliner home theater seat set of 3 perfectly comfortable Power Recline Theater Chairs made of thick premium quality bonded leather. The upholstery features high-quality seams and is scratch-resistant.

Each of these seats is designed to provide ultimate comfort. They feature tall headrests for neck comfort and ergonomic design and cushioning for spine alignment and relaxation.

The soft cushioned seats will keep you comfortable even if you spend hours enjoying watching movies or playing your favorite video game in your gaming room.

They come with wide side armrests with ample arm storage and have sleek low voltage blue LED lights, which illuminate their bases and the cup holders so that you stay safe even when you are playing or watching with the lights off. The ambient light can easily be switched on and off with the easy to access switch button.

The arm storage of this gaming couch can be used to keep your remote control, batteries, glasses, or anything else you need close by handy.

They also have accessory docks that can fit your gamers’ accessories added.

You will be able to charge your phone or other devices while sitting thanks to the added USB ports on the side of the recliners.

The Turbo XL700 gaming couch and home entertainment seating system are impressive, wide, and comfortable to use, so if you have the available space, and the budget allotted, it could be the right option to buy for a good gaming experience at home.

Plus, with its beautiful design and premium build quality, it will bring a luxurious accent to your home movie theater or gaming center room.

Seatcraft Diamante Home Theater Seating – Power Recliner 

Type: Home theater recliner chair

Size: 37 x 43 x 37 inches when upright, and 65 x 24 x 22 inches when fully reclined

Weight: 179 lbs.

Material: Top grain leather

Color: Black


If you want the best gaming couch with all possible bells and whistles, then the Seatcraft Diamante Power Recliner is an excellent option.

This premium recliner and gaming couch have everything you will need to stay comfortable for hours and to keep your spine, neck, and head rested and free from soreness and fatigue even after hours of playing your favorite game.

The finest gaming couch or recliner chair has top grain leather upholstery and cushioning of quality material for a luxurious look and feel.

The gaming couch has an impressive art deco-inspired design, but all the modern features of the movie theater seats of the 21st century.

It has an adjustable powered headrest to reduce the strain on your shoulders and neck. It also has easy-to-access power backrest recline controls, so you can adjust and recline it to your preferred position with a touch of a button.

The unique Seatcraft Diamante gaming couch recliner features a SoundShaker system that will allow you to enjoy an even more immersive gaming or watching experience by providing you with the real feeling of every sound and movement on the TV or computer screen.

One of the best-rated gaming couches for 2022 also comes with a convenient tray table to hold your snacks, hidden storage in the ample armrest for your accessories, LED lighted cupholders, and ambient lighting on the base, so you can safely get up and move around even when the lights are off.


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