5 Best Full Wetsuits

Best Full Wetsuits

Wetsuit – a thing necessary for those who can not live without water. Such a suit should be used by both surfers and swimmers – our body will not withstand a large amount of time in the cold, in the warm sea. Wearing a wetsuit, the athlete protects his body and, of course, his own body. And so that there are no problems with this, you need to know exactly which criteria determine his choice. In the article below, experts of our site will tell you how to choose a wetsuit correctly so that it is convenient to be in the water in it.

The Best Full Wetsuits Consumer Report 2022 .

1. Synergy Triathlon Full Wetsuit

5 Best Full Wetsuits|The Consumer Reports

It has been approved by ironman and endorsed for use with athletes. It is also a suit that will not let you down when it comes to flexibility and functionality. It has been made with the highest grade of anti-corrode internal zipper that is also great because it reduces the drag effect so that you are able to move under water swiftly. Buy it today and allow yourself to float higher and move faster.


2. Hyperflex Men and Women’s 3mm Full Body Wetsuit

5 Best Full Wetsuits|The Consumer Reports

It does not choose the type of watersport that you need to use it in, starting from lakes sports, swimming pools, water skiing, ocean surfing and many others places out there. It has been manufactured with a back zip wetsuit entry that will ensure that you are provided with dependable service even when you use it in the most demanding situations. It has been designed with flatlock seams and for those that might wonder why, is that they will enable you to use better and provide you with maximum comfort.


3. Seavenger Odyssey 3mm Neoprene Full Wetsuit 

5 Best Full Wetsuits|The Consumer Reports

It has a lot of fine features that make it have that unique difference with the others. Let’s start off from the neoprene that has been used in its construction, it is lighter and packed with air cells so that your body is kept warm so that you don’t freeze out. This 3mm neoprene full-body wetsuit forms to your body for maximum comfort and doesn’t irritate your skin.


4. Akona Men’s Full Wetsuit

5 Best Full Wetsuits|The Consumer Reports

This is a 1mm nylon suit that is rated as extremely flexible and that is why it is preferred for it to be used in warm water environments. Other than that, you can also use it as a layered under suit when you are going to extremely wet cold environments. You don’t have to worry about shifting anymore because the suit has been fitted with anti-skid materials right on the shoulders so that they are able to grip the buoyancy compensator.


5. COPOZZ Rash Guard, Full Body Thin Wetsuit For Men Women

5 Best Full Wetsuits|The Consumer Reports

Many have benefited with the suits because it is easily used in diverse weather conditions starting off from warm and tropical waters. It has been fitted with stirrups and thumb loops on the arms and those will ensure that you have a proper fit. The suit also is easy to be put under a thicker suit so that the two can be combined to provide you with the best warmth when you need it.


Storage and care

Like any equipment for swimming on or under water, the wetsuit must be properly maintained to avoid premature “failure”. But this equipment requires special care, and therefore it is better not to throw a wetsuit into the washing machine and iron it.

There are a number of actions summarized in three paragraphs.

  1. After using the wetsuit, you need to rinse it in fresh water, in which the suit will get rid of dirt, sand and salt.
  2. After washing, be sure to hang in the shade, but so that the wetsuit is blown by the wind.
  3. When one side is completely dry, it will be right to unscrew the wetsuit so that it completely dries out on the other side.

Wetsuit started to smell bad? Then it is time to soak and rinse it in warm water. No general detergents, just take those that are produced specifically for such clothes.

You can store your wetsuit on a hanger in a closet, but it is better to put it in a dry, dark place so as not to stretch.

Important! In no case should you leave your wetsuit in the open sun for a long time – the material can go bad.

Torn wetsuits can be easily repaired with patches that are glued with special glue.

Important! If the wetsuit begins to creep along the seam, then this speaks of two possible options – a warranty case or loss of strength of the suit itself.


Wetsuit – a purchase that can be considered very serious. With it, your experience of swimming underwater or practicing water sports will be truly unforgettable. All that is needed is to pay attention to the information on our website and, in accordance with it, choose the option most suitable for you.


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