10 Best Concealers For Acne 2022 (Make You Perfect Full Coverage)

Concealers For Acne

Concealers are a must-have for concealing marks, uneven skin and other dark spots on the face to get an even finish. They become all the more important in the case of acne as the acne spots can make the skin look uneven if not concealed properly. Concealers for acne should be chosen carefully as the wrong formula can aggravate the acne further.

If you are looking for good concealers for acne, here are ten concealers which conceal acne and mark effectively without irritating the skin or clogging the pores:

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Editor Pick Best Concealers For Acne

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Neutrogena Skin clearing Blemish Concealer

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A formula enriched with acne-controlling ingredients like salicylic acid, this concealer is a boon for acne-prone skin. It not only conceals acne and marks but also reduces them and prevents breakouts. It comes in four shades which will suit the complete range of skin tones. The coverage is medium but you can build it up. It also contains aloe vera and vitamin E which hydrate the skin and give an even finish. The price is also great.

What we like about it:The easy for applicator gives an even coverage on the skin and makes the concealer long-lasting. It conceals blemishes and acne spots flawlessly.

Boo-Boo Cover-Up Concealer

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This concealer is specially made for acne—prone skin and provides decent coverage for all types of marks, spots, pimples, and acne. It is available in three shades light, medium, and dark. The concealer reduces breakouts and makes the skin look even. It contains tea tree oil which cleans the skin and keeps impurities at bay. The price of the concealer is a little high but the full coverage makes it worth it.

What we like about it:The ingredients of this concealer control further acne breakouts and give a great coverage to the blemishes and marks.

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser

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One of the most popular concealers in the market, this product is famous for its ease of use and flawless coverage. It is long-staying and keeps marks and blemishes concealed for the whole day. The super-soft foam applicator dispenses product and blends it into the skin to give a comfortable finish. The formula is enriched with Goji berry which prevents signs of aging and controls pimples. It is lightweight and the price is also quite affordable.

What we like about it:The design of this concealer offers great coverage and blends the products seamlessly into the skin. It covers acne spots with great precision without irritating the skin.

L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer

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Known for its comfortable formula, this concealer blends right into the skin and makes it look even and radiant. The concealer is available in nine shades which suit all skin tones. The foam applicator picks up just the right amount of product. You can conceal marks, acne, dark circles, and spots with this formula. It does not irritate the skin at all. The price is moderate. The concealer is compact and easy to carry around for touch-ups.

What we like about it:The formula of this concealer is very creamy and smooth which makes it easy to use it on marks and acne. The coverage on acne is also good.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Concealer

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This award-winning concealer is best suited for dark spots and severe acne breakouts. It is formulated with collagen and vitamins which keep the skin looking youthful and smooth. The hyaluronic acid present in the formula smoothens fine lines and works on uneven spots. The concealer offers full coverage and hides all flaws with its pigmented formula. The price of this concealer is very high but it offers full coverage which makes it worth it.

What we like about it:The compact packaging and anti-aging formula of this concealer make it a great product to invest in to get even and full coverage for acne.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

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With the most exhaustive shade range in concealers, this concealer offers 26 shades to choose from which cover, conceal and correct all skin concerns. It comes with a soft brush which makes the application easy and covers acne spots and imperfections with its medium coverage. The formula blends easily into the skin and offers a natural finish. You can choose the color depending upon your skin concern like redness, dark spots, and spots. There are three sizes available in this concealer packaging.

What we like about it:The high definition finish of this concealer makes this product a great choice for special occasions and weddings. The brush offers streakless application and the shade range is phenomenal.

Physicians Formula Conceal RX Physicians Strength Concealer

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Available in three shades which are fair, natural light, and soft green, this concealer contains vitamin C which controls acne and reduces spots and marks. The staying power of this concealer is great and it gives a natural finish. The consistency of the concealer is smooth and buildable if you want more coverage. It stays for the whole day and does not fade away easily. It also covers hyperpigmentation evenly.

What we like about it:The simple packaging and the price of this product makes it a great concealer for those on a budget. It offers great coverage and a natural finish for a long time.

NYX Cosmetics Color Correcting Concealer

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With six colors in one palette, this product is all you need for concealing and correcting the imperfections of the skin. It contains yellow and salmon shades for concealing dark circles, green shade for correcting redness of acne marks, purple for dark spots, and regular concealers for covering pimples and uneven skin. This concealer is great in terms of value for money as it gives light to medium coverage that stays for the whole day. The bottom two shades can also be used for contouring.

What we like about it:  This product is great for people who do not want to use a lot of products. This concealer and corrector palette conceals acne and redness easily.

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MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

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Available in a classy pump packaging, this concealer is used by celebrities for getting flawless skin. It offers multiple shades for warm, neutral, and cool skin undertones. The coverage is medium but it can be built as per liking. The formula is very easy to blend and fingers are the best method to apply this concealer as it is very lightweight. It hydrates the skin also and conceals acne and pimple marks. The price of this product is very high but a little quantity is required for every application so the bottle will last for a long time.

What we like about it: MAC is known for its custom-finish products which work well on all skin tones and this concealer is one such product. It hides all acne and imperfections with just a small amount of product.

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Benefit Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer

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A bestseller from Benefit Cosmetics, this concealer is a full coverage product which hides even the most severe acne spots. The jar packaging makes it easier to use the product with brush or fingers. It is available in five shades which suit a wide range of skin tones. The consistency is smooth and lightweight. The coverage is flawless as this also covers scars and blemishes. The ideal way to apply this product is by using a soft concealer brush to apply it and then blending it with a sponge. The price is moderate as compared to the quantity this concealer offers.

What we like about it: The small round tub with a transparent cap makes it easy to see the quantity of product remaining. The coverage and finish of this concealer are great for uneven skin tone and marks.

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  • Coverage

The coverage of the concealer is the most important thing to look for when buying a concealer as acne spots and marks cannot be concealed with light coverage. Look for products which give even and opaque coverage without feeling heavy on the skin. You can also build up the coverage from medium to opaque by applying little quantity and then blending it into the skin before applying the second layer.

  • Formula

Some formulas are really thick and waxy and do not blend into the skin seamlessly. They provide uneven coverage and slide off the skin with sweat or oil. Lightweight formulas which contain acne-controlling ingredients like salicylic acid should be chosen for acne-prone skin. Avoid harsh chemicals as they can irritate the skin and aggravate the acne further.

  • Packaging & Design

Concealers come in jar and tube packaging generally. The tube packaging is more hygienic and comes with a foam applicator which makes it easy to apply and blend the concealer into the skin. It is also easy to use during traveling as jar packaging requires a separate brush to take the product out of the jar. Roll-on foam applicators are the most preferred ones as they provide an even finish.

  • Price

A concealer plays a very important role in giving your skin an even and flawless look. An expensive foundation or powder can go to waste if the imperfections are not concealed properly first. Choose a formula which works on your skin and covers the acne spots. Do not go for cheap formulas which harm the skin in the long run. You can look online for discounts on concealers which can help you save some money.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying and using a concealer for acne to get even and flawless coverage:

  • Always moisturize the skin before putting on concealer to get an even and smooth finish. Uneven blotchy concealer can ruin the complete look. If your skin is oily, setting the concealer with a powder helps in enhancing the staying power of the concealer.
  • Keep the concealer brush clean and try to apply the product with a brush to avoid contamination. Wash the brushes regularly to keep skin infections at bay.
  • Go for HD concealers for special occasions as they photograph well under lights and stay for longer as compared to other concealers.
  • Using a beauty blender to blend the concealer into the skin also works well as the blender helps in achieving even coverage.
  • Choose between a creamy concealer and a powder concealer depending upon your skin type. Go for a creamy hydrating concealer if you have dry skin and a powder concealer for oily skin.
  • Invest in a good concealer for acne as cheap formulas can damage the skin with the harsh chemicals present in them. A concealer lasts for a really long time so the price is worth it.
  • Keep the concealer closed tightly after use to avoid drying up of the formula earlier than its shelf life.
  • Always check the expiry date of the product before buying the product as a concealer lasts for 8-12 months if used daily so the shelf life should be at least of 1-2 years.
  • If you have severe dark circles or acne, applying a corrector before the concealer helps in neutralizing the uneven skin tone. Use a peach or orange corrector for dark circles and a green corrector for acne spots and redness.

So these are some of the most popular concealers available in the market for acne-prone skin. These concealers provide good coverage and stay for long. The formulas are also easy to blend and comfortable on the skin. This buyer guide will help you get a good concealer for covering acne spots and marks. Choose the one which provides even coverage and feels lightweight on the skin. Concealers can become your best friend to get a great skin in a jiffy if the formula is chosen carefully.

Do you have acne-prone skin? Which is your favorite concealer for concealing acne marks?


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