Best Clothes Steamer in 2022 Reviews

Best Clothes Steamer

With a good quality clothes steamer like our top favorite for 2022 – the J-2000M Jiffy, you can quickly, easily, and efficiently steam your clothes, refresh them, and sanitize them without the use of an iron or an ironing board.

We have picked our top choices for the best clothes steamers for 2022 for you, so read on to find the perfect steamer for your specific needs.

Clothes Steamer

Best overall

J-2000M Jiffy Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head, 120 Volt

If you are looking for serious steam power and a professional range clothes steamer, the J-2000M Jiffy is the absolute first option you can find in 2022.

It has a 1300 Watt brass heating element, and its housing is made of sturdy high-impact plastic.

The Jiffy steamer heats up in only two minutes and can be used for a whole 1.5 hours per one refill.

The clothes steamer has a 5.5-foot hose for easy access to all garments and locations.

Its size, when assembled, is 5 x 10 x 64 inches.

This top-of-the-line clothes steamer is a superb option both for home and for commercial use.


The runner-up

SINGER  Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam Portable with A Large Pressing Surface & Auto Shut-Off with Audible Alarm

Our second favorite steamer is this portable stem presser by Singer. It has a large pressing area for quick and efficient streaming of large garments such as pants, tablecloths, and curtains.

It is easy to store and takes up little space. It has an audio alarm as well as an auto shut-off function to ensure you never forget it is switched on or burn or damage a garment.

The pressing area of the Magic ESP-2 is 24 x 9 inches, which is about 14 times larger than traditional iron.

The press provides about 100 lbs. of pressure without any effort from your side. This means that you can now breeze through the dreaded ironing job in just a few minutes. In fact, this clothes steamer has been found to reduce ironing time by a whole 50%!

It has accurate electronic settings for the different heat levels suitable for different types of fabric and has a steady die-cast aluminum base for ease of use and for your safety.


The best budget-friendly option

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer 180ml Handheld Fabric Steamer Fast Heat-up Powerful Garment Clothes Steamer with High Capacity for Home and Travel

This portable clothes steamer is suitable for all of you who want a garment steamer but are not ready to break the bank for buying it. The Lemontec Portable clothes steamer is a superb option for business travels and for vacations.

It is compact in size, light, and very easy to use.

This portable steamer has a 180ml water tank which allows for about 9 minutes of steaming. It heats up very quickly, so you can start using this steamer just 70 seconds after switching it on.

It is the perfect and the most affordable choice if you want to look sharp and well-presented no matter where you happen to travel to.


The rest of the best clothes steamers for 2022

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steam Mop Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Garment Steamer for Clothes S3601 10-in-1 Steamer with 11.5Oz Tank, 20FT Cord, White and Purple

If you like versatile products and devices which not only save money but save storage space as well, you will love this multi-functional clothes steamer. This is an excellent steam mop for cleaning hard floors, which can easily be transformed into clothes and garment steamer by detaching the steamer unit from the mop.

It has 3 steam settings for the different types of purposes and types of fabrics and materials it is used for.

This versatile streaming device will allow you to keep your home clean and sanitized and also your clothes, curtains, and other garments wrinkle-free and impeccable looking.


Beautural Steamer for Clothes, 1200-Watt Powerful Handheld Garment Steamers, Wrinkle Remover, Clean and Sterilize, 30s Fast Heat-up, Auto-Off, 100% Safe, 260ml High Capacity for Home and Travel

The Beautural clothes steamer is another portable, handheld steamer that is a great option for traveling.

It is a reasonably priced device that will allow you to keep your clothes looking fresh and tidy no matter how far you have traveled.

The steamer has 1200W power and can heat up and be ready for use in just 30 seconds.

It has a large-sized water tank of 8.79 oz. which is sufficient for steaming garments for about 15 minutes without needing a refill.

It is suitable for use for all kinds of fabrics and is completely safe from leaks even when used on flat surfaces and garments.


Rowenta DR8080 X-Cel Steam Handheld Garment Steamer

This powerful clothes steamer by Rowenta is yet another excellent option if you are looking for a portable, fast, and powerful steamer.

It has a steaming power of 1500W and heats up in only 45 seconds.

The device will steam and sanitize your clothes simultaneously, which is perfect for people who don’t enjoy ironing, or who travel a lot, or simply don’t have the time to ensure that their clothes are perfectly ironed.

This clothes steamer weighs a mere 2.2 lbs. and can be used on delicate, large, or thick fabrics thanks to its easy-to-set steaming modes.

It comes with a fabric brush to remove the wrinkles while steaming as well as a lint pad to remove any hairs stuck on your clothes.

The device works with tap water and has a 6.76 oz. the tank, which allows for 10 minutes of continuous steaming.


Secura Instant-Steam Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer with Stainless Steel Soleplate and Accessories, 1000-Watt 360° Rotating Non-Bind Cord with a 2-Year Warranty

This small-sized, lightweight and inexpensive clothes steamer is a great choice for traveling, for dorm rooms, for RVs, and for camping. This is a 1000W unit that will start making steam only 15 seconds after you switch it on.

It has an 8oz water tank, sufficient for continuous steaming of up to 15 minutes per refill.

The Secura Instant Steam has a unique rotating and non-bind power cord that will not get in your way while you are using it and which will not break after a lot of use.

The affordable and portable clothes steamer is sold with an incredible 2-year warranty at a price of just about $20.


Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL Standing Steamer – Fast-Heating, 1500-Watt Upright Fabric Steamer with Half-Gallon Water Tank for 1 Hour Continuous Steaming – Includes Garment Hanger and Fabric Brush

This steamer is suitable for those of you who want a universal steamer to sanitize, refresh and steam all fabrics in the house, including the upholstery, curtains, draperies, as well as for steaming clothes.

It is an upright steamer that isn’t very portable but has a very large water tank of half a gallon, which means you can use it for about an hour of continuous steaming.

It is 1500W and heats up in just 45 seconds, which means you can get on to the cleaning and steaming right away.

The water tank is removable for easy refilling without spills and without making a mess.

The device comes with an included clothes hanger and different garment brush attachments for easier and more efficient steaming.


Final words

We truly hope that we have managed to help you decide which clothes steamer is the best one for you. Our list of clothes steamers for 2022 includes all kinds of garment steamers, including a professional range or super portable ones, as well as more versatile devices or budget-friendly ones.

With each of these devices, ironing and sanitizing your clothes and all of the garments at home or when traveling will become a much less daunting and dreaded task.

Good luck with your purchase, and enjoy this easy, quick, and efficient way to get your garments looking pristine, wrinkle-free, and impeccable.


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