5 Best Canon Printers

Best Canon Printers

Canon printers are considered reliable and high-performance office equipment, the line of which includes models for both office and home use. Having reviewed the characteristics and reviews of the most popular Canon printers, we have identified the best ones and described their features in this article.

The Best Canon Printers Consumer Report 2022

Canon PIXMA Pro-10S

5 Best Canon Printers|The Consumer Reports


Let’s start traditionally with the most expensive and practically “industrial” model in terms of capabilities. In any case, the prefix “PRO” in the nomenclature can be interpreted at least as “Professional”.

This is a truly professional machine with thermal inkjet technology, capable of printing in A3 format, and printing not just in color, but in an extended range of shades, in high resolution and on a variety of media: plain paper, photo paper, optical discs. Color is reproduced by as many as ten (!) Cartridges: two black – photographic and matte, gray, two cyan – for general printing and for photographs, two magenta – regular and photographic, yellow, separate red, Chroma Optimizer (Canon’s proprietary transparent composition to maximize quality of the “picture”). The maximum resolution, regardless of the color mode, is 4800×2400 dpi.

Linear dimensions – 689x215x385 mm. Net weight is unusually impressive, as for an inkjet – 20 kg, but this is more than understandable, given its technical stuffing and format. On the other hand, power consumption is incomparably lower than that of any laser – 18 W in operation and no more than 2.7 W in standby. Nominal noise level – in active work should not exceed 33.9 dB. Regardless of its impressive size and weight, it is designed for desktop placement.

The media supply hopper can hold up to 150 sheets. There is a separate receiver for page loading, capacity – 1 sheet. It is allowed to use paper with “weight” from 64 to 350 g / sq. meter.

The device is connected via a universal USB port directly to a PC, via an RJ-45 port to a local network or via Wi-Fi. Direct printing and AirPrint are supported. Despite its clearly professional focus, the printer does not include PostScript support. The driver package allows you to install the device in an operating system environment of the Windows, iOS or Mac OS family.


  • impeccable image quality;
  • A3 format;
  • wide range of grammar of acceptable paper;
  • useful and workable related software;
  • wireless connection;
  • expressive design.


  • no embedded PostScript.

Canon PIXMA PRO-100S

5 Best Canon Printers|The Consumer Reports


The second position in the presented rating is another professional printer with characteristics similar to the previous solution. The difference in features is minimal, but in price it is quite tangible.

The printer can print on the same large format as the previous model, on the same media and at the same resolution – 4800×2400 dpi. Images are no longer reproduced by 10 cartridges, but by 8 – light gray, gray, black, cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta, yellow.

Linear dimensions – 689x215x385 mm, net weight – 19.7 kg. In operation, it consumes up to 19 W of power from the power grid, while waiting – no more than 2.6 W. Designed for desktop installation. Made in a high-tech design with a silver metallic body with black and carbon elements.

The automatic media delivery reservoir has a capacity of 151 sheets. Manual loading slot – 1 sheet. It is permissible to use paper of the same “weight” as for the PRO-10S – from 64 to 350 grams per square meter.

A notable feature of this printer: printing photos up to A3 + without borders with laboratory quality at a speed of about one and a half minutes per image.

The following indicators are 100 percent similar to the characteristics of the upstream printer: connection via USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi; printing directly; AirPrint; no PostScript compatibility; drivers for OS family Windows, MacOS, mobile iOS.


  • impressive design;
  • printing up to A3 +;
  • almost “pixelless” detail;
  • wide coverage of paper weight;
  • wireless connection.


  • connecting to the network requires some skill and thoughtful study of the instructions.

PIXMA iP8750 Printer

5 Best Canon Printers|The Consumer Reports


The third number in the rating is the printer, a conditional step lower in class, but much cheaper. At the same time, its capabilities are still incommensurably wider than ordinary office or, even more so, home “inkjets”, although the manufacturer officially announced the model as for personal use.

This printer has even fewer cartridges – only six: black, black with pigment inks, gray, yellow, magenta cyan. Genuine cartridges are available in two types – standard and high volume (XL). The absence of some halftones and transparent correction inks in this printer is compensated by a significantly higher resolution threshold – 9600×2400 dpi.

The printer is designed for printing on large A3 media and a variety of materials, including optical discs and photo paper. Print speed in terms of A4 size is 14.5 copies / min for b / w mode and 10.4 copies for color. Color printing of one 10×15 cm photo – 36 seconds. Borderless printing is possible.

Linear dimensions – 590x159x331 mm, net weight – 8.5 kg. Demanding power supply – 23 W in operation and no more than 1.9 W. The nominal noise level is not higher than 43.5 dB. The printer is made in a laconic, but original and very attractive design, the body color is deep black.

The automatic media feed bin has a capacity of 120 sheets. The permissible “weight” of the paper is from 64 to 300 grams per square meter.

Communication and software capabilities of the printer are as follows: connection via USB or Wi-Fi; sending documents for printing using AirPrint technology; direct print mode; no PostScript; drivers for Windows systems, macOS and iOS mobile OS.


  • wireless connection;
  • ultra-high resolution;
  • deep, “true” blacks thanks to pigment inks;
  • original design.


  • no LAN connection.

Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Business Printer

5 Best Canon Printers|The Consumer Reports


The rating is continued by the last printer in this collection, capable of printing on large A3 format. Compared to the previous model, the possibilities here are still limited by a conditional level and the price is noticeably lower.

In terms of color, here we see another “minus one” cartridge: three color ones correspond to the basic CMYK model, and two cartridges are allocated for black color – with water-soluble and pigment inks. This is one of the key differences between adjacent models in a selection. The resource of any color cartridge corresponds to the conditional 1645 pages, black – 331 pages.

In terms of print quality, full color here has the same high threshold as the above-described printer – 9600×2400 dpi, but black and white printing in resolution is already very limited – 600×600 dpi maximum.

Printer dimensions – 584x159x310 mm, net weight – 8.1 kg. Power consumption – 24 W in operation and no more than 2 W in standby. Noise declared by the manufacturer is not higher than 44 dB. Formally designed for use in a small office or at home – the estimated productivity is 12 thousand conditional copies in 30 days. Placement is desktop. There is a borderless photo printing function. Print speed for b / w, color and photo 10×15 cm is almost 100% the same as the previous one: 14 and 10.4 copies per minute and 36 seconds, respectively.

The automatic feed tank holds 150 sheets. The recommended paper weight is the same as for the previous printer – from 64 to 300 grams per meter.

Communication capabilities and software: USB and RJ-45 interfaces, Wi-Fi radio module; AirPrint; drivers for Windows, Mac OS, iOS; there is no PostScript support.


  • ratio of price and quality of printing;
  • deep black in photo printing thanks to pigment inks;
  • wireless connection;
  • high resolution threshold for full color mode.


  • relatively low resolution in b / w.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

5 Best Canon Printers|The Consumer Reports


The small, almost pocket-sized SELPHY CP1300 photo printer is ideal for quick printing of small photos from any mobile device.

The device is equipped with a convenient control panel and a volumetric rotary screen that allow you to process images without connecting to media.


  • battery-powered for over 50 postcard-size images;
  • support for a large number of modes and formats, the list of which includes “photo for documents” and photo booth format;
  • the device has four options for finishing;
  • an automatic image optimization function that corrects it on its own within a few seconds;
  • the presence of a slot for a flash card.


  • the main part of functions for creativity is possible only when working from a flash card.

Canon printers are unique printing equipment recognized as the best in its class. Prices for printers Canon, despite their high functionality, performance and reliability, remain affordable. The manufacturing company has ensured the utmost availability of models, thereby accelerating the introduction of innovative technologies. The proprietary brand advantages are easy to spot when comparing the Canon PIXMA IX6520 printer model and the Epson WF-3720DWF MFP. Canon models may have higher print resolutions at comparable print speeds. Therefore, when choosing a technique, we advise you to carefully study all the technical characteristics.


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