7 Best Attic Fan Reviews 2022 – The Definitive Guide For A Buyer

Best Attic Fan

Best Attic Fans

Are you looking for the finest attic fan of 2022? There are way too many variants of attic fans to choose from. Luckily, you have reached the right place detailing the top-rated attic fans. This information will help you to buy the perfect attic fan for you.

In a Hurry!

You can go with the Broan 355BK Roof Mount Attic Fan as we found it the top-performing product in our checking.

Broan 355BK Roof Mount Attic Ventilator for Home, 120VAC, 1400 Sq. Ft., 1000 CFM EFFICIENT: 14″ diameter steel blade is specially designed for maximum air movement; DURABLE: Thermally protected, permanently lubricated motor is built to last −20% 

There is a comparison table below that breaks down the similarities and differences among these attic fans. It will help you to choose which attic fan to choose as you can check the features side by side. You will discover some features, specifications, pros and cons, and a summary of whether the attic fan is worth buying. Let’s go!

7 Top Rated Attic Fan Reviews:

The attic fan reviews comparison table will show each product’s specs. You will learn about the models, ratings, power use, airflow capacity, and the number of square feet that these fans are capable of supplying. This information will help you make a proper buying decision. Instead of going through the long process of searching hundreds of attic fans, you can narrow down your choices with this detailed review.

Broan 355BK – Best Roof Mounted Attic Fan

This attic fan has a black dome cover with UltraViolet protection. There is a 23-gauge metal flashing, which is perfect to install on the roof and that’s why it placed as the top roof-mounted attic fan on our list.

It is great to use a hot tar application to prevent the machine from malfunctioning. Moreover, you can install a bird screen, if you choose. The built-in adjustable thermostat will control the temperature and the speed of the thermally lubricated motor. The material used in this attic fan is made of either metal or PVC, depending on the model.



  • The fan is covered, so that protects birds and insects from getting pulled in
  • Mounts perfectly between rafters
  • Compatible for a bird screen installation
  • Has low sound
  • Will reduce the temperature inside the attic by at least 30 degrees

What we liked

  • Easy to install
  • Reduces the temperature
  • Made with a strong metal
  • Has clear instructions
  • Has an adjustable thermostat

What we didn’t like

  • Not a great quality design
  • A defective fan motor will fail
  • A wired connection

This unit has a black covering so you do not see the motor running. That feature adds more safety for all other entities outside. Moreover, the fan matches the style of most roofs. The unit can mount on the rafters and you can install a bird screen for added protection. However, the warranty does not last since this item has been on the market for a while. You will most likely receive a working unit.

Cool Attic CX1500UPS – Best Gable Attic Fan

This is a 14-inch fan with 2.6 Amps generating power for the thermally protected motor. There is also a 10-level adjustable automatic thermostat ranging from 70°F to 140°F. The unit is perfect for installing in the gable area of your home thus it took the place of the top gable mount attic fan on our list.

It reduces heat buildup by cooling the attic up to 1850 square feet of attic space at a 1300 cubic feet per minute rating. Customers have the choice of installing the unit themselves or purchasing a professional service from Amazon. However, the 1600UPS model does not come with this option. It reaches up to 2400 square feet.



  • An Amazon home installation
  • More than one model to choose from
  • A quality fan for a great price
  • Effective cooling

What we liked

  • Do not need to modify the roofline to mount it
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable
  • Run for years in all types of climate zones

What we didn’t like

  • Noisy (Normally signs of a faulty motor)
  • Faulty design

There are two models to choose from, so you do not need to limit yourself to only one. Unfortunately, if a unit has a faulty design or bad motor, there is no warranty. However, this fan is cheap, so buying it is not that much of a loss.

Natural Light SAF36B-FL – Best Solar Attic Fan

This fan has a stylish blue solar panel. It is slanted at 45 degrees. Crafted with the highest materials, this fan is extremely durable. There is a very easy installation process that homeowners can do themselves.

The unit is very safe to handle. There is no wiring required for installation which limits electrical exposure. All units come with an optional snap-on thermostat for measuring the indoor temperature. This fan should get installed on 3/12 to 12/12 fiberglass shingle roofs. This unit has a 36-watt powered solar panel hooked to the motor.

It can generate an airflow capacity of 1628 cubic feet per minute. Finally, it comes with an extended warranty for 25 years.



  • Has an incognito black cover
  • Has a stylish blue solar panel
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty
  • Has a Florida Rating

What we liked

  • A great long-term investment
  • Does not require a wired setup
  • Easy installation
  • Built in the USA

What we didn’t like

  • If the fan stops working the warranty will not cover the malfunction or offer a replacement
  • Some customers report, there is no difference in the temperature
  • Expensive

We cannot pass up the fact that this unit has a 25-year warranty. This ultimate benefit provides great protection for almost an entire lifetime. Moreover, since the unit is solar-powered you do not need to worry about hooking it up yourself. Also, it was constructed in the USA, which is a great investment for patriotic buyers.

Ventamatic CX2500UPS

This unit is a great gable-mount ventilation system made for a single or multi-family home roof. If you buy the unit on Amazon you can get access to the two-pack, three-pack, four-pack, or five-pack bundle from different sellers. This specific fan has a thermally protected 1 Amp motor with a galvanized steel and an adjustable automatic thermostat.

This attic exhaust fan blades are 25 inches with balanced precision to help them minimize vibration and create better stability. Moreover, the unit is UL-listed and requires 600 square inches of intake.



  • Fan blades are large for cooling off a large area
  • Has a large motor
  • You will get more bang for your buck when buying on Amazon
  • Constructed with high-quality materials made in the USA

What we liked

  • Easy installation
  • Straightforward instructions
  • A good unit for less money
  • No vibration

What we didn’t like

  • Poor construction and design
  • Uses a lot of electricity
  • Motor dies out quickly

This mount gable fan has many benefits. Also, you can buy different bulk packs at a cheaper price. The strong galvanized steel is thermally protected, which is a huge plus. Any strong and efficient attic fans will make you a happy homeowner.

The unit is made with a sturdy construction with high-quality materials and a reliable motor. However, some customers believe otherwise. They say it has a poor design that requires personal modifications. Although this unit needs a bit more extra care, it seems like it is highly recommended.

Broan 353

The Broan 3535 attic fan generates at least 120-volts of power and provides 1050 cubic feet per minute reaching up to 1,630 square feet of attic space. The fan is about 14 inches and made with a 22-gauge metal galvanized housing unit which reduces the sound flow.

There is a rib cage for extra strength. You will get a strong unit that you can use easily. You will learn how to use the ventilation system properly by visiting the Amazon selling page that has detailed instructions. The Braun brand has sold high-quality residential ventilation systems since 1932.

All units are manufactured in the United States in Wisconsin and Ohio with local and imported high-performing parts. Patriotic buyers will love this!



  • Has a long-range
  • Covers a nice amount of area
  • Operates quietly
  • Manufactured in the United States

What we liked

  • Easy installation
  • Made with a strong metal blade
  • Has an adjustable thermostat
  • Has a thermally protected lubricated motor
  • Can reach up to 150 degrees

What we didn’t like

  • Some customers report a malfunction after a certain amount of time
  • The motor will die quickly if you have a defective unit
  • Noisy

This attic fan has large blades covering a large amount of area, which is a huge plus. The unit is constructed for easy installation. It will always stay quiet while heating up or cooling down the attic. This product comes from a manufacturer that has created fans for a very long time. They have the necessary experience which makes them trustworthy.

Air Vent Inc. 53315

This fan can generate 1/12 horsepower and produce an electrical current of 32 Amps. The blade is 14 inches, so it is pretty big for its size. Big enough to supply enough air to the average home. Therefore, it can reach over 1500 square feet of attic space. DIY Installation is easy but homeowners can get a professional installation service on Amazon.

The service consists of the rep coming to the home and connecting a power source to the fans. Then, a seal application is applied. Finally, functionality is tested. This unit generates a lot of power, according to the thermostat requirements. It also serves as the perfect greenhouse fans.



  • Six large blades
  • Could get mounted on a 25 degrees horizontal roof
  • Lasts long
  • Professional Installation from Amazon

What we liked

  • Installation is included for an extra price
  • Runs quietly
  • Covers a nice amount of square feet
  • Heavy-duty and has a sturdy construction

What we didn’t like

  • Made with plastic materials
  • Noisy engine

The fan is big and covers a large number of square feet. Your home would get all the air that it needs. If you are a person who prefers not to complete the installation yourself, then you are in luck. There is a professional Amazon installation service provided at an affordable price. Although this unit is made of plastic, it has a sturdy design for proper airflow. It is strong and reliable.

Air Vent Inc. 54301

Offering great value to customers, this product is extremely durable. It can withstand the toughest of bruises and lasts long. Moreover, it is easy to install. You will find the automatic shutter mechanism useful. The large blades produce an air flow capacity of 4500 CFM that will reach 1500 square feet. Luckily, some customers claim that it is can reach up to 3600, which is a huge plus.



  • Very large blades will regulate the temperature in a large attic
  • You can control the thermostat through the Amazon Alexa virtual assistant
  • Some customers report that this machine stays operational up to 15 years

What we liked

  • Very easy to use
  • Very easy to install
  • Great value
  • Quiet motor

What we didn’t like

  • Has a 10-year limited parts warranty. However, this unit was released in 2007 so it is not longer applicable
  • Some customers say that the accessories such as the wood, frames, louvers, plastic and thin metal are junk pieces
  • Made in China

Although this unit is made in China, it still seems like a good choice. Moreover, it has a large blade which is a plus. Based on the complaints, this unit does not seem that bad. However, it is a bit pricey, which may turn some buyers off.

How To Choose Your Perfect Attic Fan – Buying Guide

  • Build Quality

The perfect material for the attic fans is metal. Stay away from plastic because it tends to break quickly. However, if the materials are made with high-quality USA parts and constructed to the highest standards, then you can choose a cheaper material that has a more quality build.

  • Safety

Always practice safety when you install the unit. Preferably, you want to buy the attic fans that has a cover. Not only is it stylish and incognito, but it will protect birds and insects from falling inside.

Sometimes mounting the fans could be an extremely dangerous activity, depending on the interior design of your attic. This will create an inconvenience if you need to reach up and not paying attention to your surroundings.

Keep in mind that you are in an attic, so things can go wrong at any time. Always practice a safe installation when working on any piece of machinery by wearing hard hats and gloves. Moreover, bring ladders and the right type of tools with you.

If you need the whole house fan, it is good to repair or install it on a work desk. Then, take it upstairs to the attic and complete the process.

Whatever you do, make sure the circuit breaker switch for the attic is turned off. Not unplugged, but turned off completely. Triple check it to make sure. Another piece of advice is to never install the attic fans in a house that has a gas heater or gas furnace.

When the attic fans are turned on and those appliances are going, the dangerous gas buildup could create a potentially deadly situation.

When the weather gets cold, make sure to protect the house fans from getting damaged by putting a cover around it. Just to give you a note, if you use proper ventilation, it will prevent the buildup of excess moisture. Even, it will also keep your attic space mold-free.

Another piece of advice is to never plug too many power supplies into one extension cord. Try to only connect the attic fans to a new and intact extension cord.

  • Easy to use

It is very important to choose an attic fan that you can install yourself. This way, it saves you money from getting a professional service. Usually, the units that come with instructions are the perfect ones. The benefits of solar-powered attic fans are no wiring, easy to insulate, and easy to mount. Luckily, most units are constructed in a way for basic DIYers.

  • Comfort

Choose a fan that you will feel comfortable using. While shopping online on in person, envision a style that would fit your home and roof perfectly. Take a photo of your roof with a mobile device before going shopping. Ask a salesman, friend, or family member for advice. The attic fans will be the ultimate tool that cools down your home for the ultimate comfort.

An attic fan that has a thermostat is a huge plus. Not only can it heat up your home in the winter, but cool it down for the summer. Therefore, your body will stay at a comfortable temperature all year round.

  • Price

Most attic fans are affordable and installation is not expensive. However, the accessories, materials, and installation products increase the prices. This includes siding, shingles, gable, and roof-mounted vents. It is very important to find a support area to install your attic fan. If you do not have one, then you might need to create one. Moreover, if you do not have installation tools, you might need to buy them. However, the money you pay upfront is worth the amount you will save later.

Why & when to use an attic fan?

  • Why?

An attic is an expensive way to lower the temperature in the home. The hot air from the outside flows out of the attic while the cool air flows inside the windows. This creates a comfortable environment for everyone in the house to enjoy.

More water vapor is created when the dishwasher is going, house guests are cooking, or when someone is bathing. These droplets can travel into light fixtures, exhaust fans, and rafters which will eventually damage different parts of the home. Or, they can become frosty overtime during the winter. Mold and fungus can also grow as well.

Studies show that long-term exposure to mold can have harmful effects. An attic fan prevents this from happening by regulating the temperature. It pushes out the hot, stuffy air and pulls in the fresh air.

Solar fans are wireless, so they are convenient to operate. Also, they have no carbon footprints which limits the number of fossil fuels floating into the air from power plants.

  • When?

Most articles suggest that you should use an attic fan during the late evenings and early mornings. Moreover, attic fans should be used heavily in the summer. You can click here to learn more about why and when to use an attic fan.

Are Attic Fans Worth it?

Attic fans are definitely worth the money that you spend. In the long run, they keep the house cool, so all guests and residents stay relaxed and comfortable. The air stays fresh, which helps people stay healthy and happy.

More importantly, attic fans are energy-efficient. Therefore, you will save money. Central air and box fans will eat up the electricity bill when they are constantly running. However, the attic fan uses the least amount of energy while delivering maximum results. Most attic fans run about 10 to 15% of the amount of electricity compared to regular air conditioners. Moreover, they reduce allergen and the risk of asthma.

Attic fans are an overall great investment, especially in the summertime. Visit this page to read more.


  • What is the purpose of an attic fan?

An attic fan regulates the temperature of a building. The exhaust pushes hot air out into the atmosphere while the cool air comes in through the windows. You can change the temperature based on the thermostat programming. You can also mount an attic fan on a gable or roof. It is your choice.

  • What size attic fan do I need?

It really depends on the size of your house. Of course, a large house needs a large fan. In this case, you might want to consider getting a 24-inch fan. That should be big enough. Two units might be needed for multi-family houses. Smaller houses would be just fine with a smaller 14-inch fan.

One important aspect while shopping for an attic fan is looking for the CFM (cubic feet per minute). One equation you could use to ensure you are buying the correct fan is dividing the cubic feet of air per minute by 300. The higher the CFM the more space it can reach. Therefore, a larger fan is needed.

  • What temperature should an attic fan get set at?

Most professionals recommended that the thermostat settings should get programmed between 100°F to 100°F. Others suggest keeping the temperature between 95°F to 100°F. Although this temperature may seem high, the fan will regulate the indoor climate properly. Automatic fans will start when the attic reaches a certain humidity.

  • How many attic fans do I need?

You only need one. Just make sure that you purchase a high-quality product with all the necessary specs. Research the fan thoroughly before buying. The only reason to buy more than one fan is if you have more than one attic or a bigger house.

Always make sure that the unit can supply enough air to the entire house. The bigger the house, the bigger the unit. Also, you can purchase an extra backup fan just in case the motor fails on your primary one.

  • How to calculate the CFM for an attic fan?

You can use an Attic Fan Calculator to get this information. Simply type “Attic Fan Calculator” into your preferred search engine. You will find multiple websites catering to this CFM finding process. The website will ask for the type of attic area, attic height, roof construction, and even the color of your attic fan. This information will be used to get the required CFM. You could also measure the length times the width for each floor. Then, multiply the total by height. After that, add everything together. Viola!

Final Verdict

You have just finished reading the detailed guide about choosing the perfect attic fan for you. There are many attic fans on the market today, but the comparison chart above has given you the ultimate choices. You do not need to worry about suffering inside a hothouse anymore because the attic fans will push out the hot air and bring in the cool air, which will melt the stress and frustration away. Stay cool and good luck!


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