90 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys


While you may be ahead on completing your to-do list for Christmas, there are still some tasks that make you scratch your head since they are just so difficult to do. One of these tasks includes choosing Christmas gifts for the boys in your life who want a special gift but do not tell you what exactly they want.

Choosing gifts for boys can be a little complicated as they do not get so many options as girls and their gifts also require a lot of attention since they might like something which might not be suitable for them at that particular age. If you are still struggling to find something appropriate for boys from the age of 1 to their teenage years, here is an exhaustive list that will help you find the right gift according to their age. But first, you might be having a few questions and we will try to answer them before taking you to the list of the products with their in-depth reviews:

Which gifts are considered appropriate for boys?

Although you are searching for gender-specific gifts, it does not mean that you have to only stereotypical boy gifts that have been common since ages. You can certainly go for unusual gifts with some out-of-the-box thinking. Boys usually like toys which appeal to their motor senses and love the following types of toys and gifts:

  • Electronic and musical toys
  • Action figures and war games
  • Board games
  • Toy vehicles like cars, trucks, bikes, trains, and car systems
  • Lego games & engineering games
  • Riding bikes, scooters, and skates
  • Building sets
  • Toy Guns

What are the factors that you need to consider while buying gifts for boys?

First of all, you need to understand the hobbies and interests of a particular boy before finding a gift for him. It is better to take into account the parents’ preferences before selecting a gift so that you do not gift something which does not suit their parenting style. Each kid is raised differently and might be attracted to a different set of gifts. Here are some other factors that you should consider:

  • Do not gift very graphic gifts like video games or electronic DVDs to children below the age of 5 or 7 as they can create a negative impact on their developing brains.
  • Always keep the age of the boy in mind and then select a gift because something which appeals to a 9-year old boy might not seem so attractive to a teenage boy.
  • If you are unsure about what to buy, choose the gift which is suitable for a few years of play so that even if the boy is currently not able to play with it, he will get older and start using it in a much better way.
  • Do not buy gifts which need to be assembled and that contain small parts for children below the age of four years as these parts can be swallowed by the children and can be a choking hazard.
  • Do not buy very expensive gifts for toddlers and babies as they grow up quickly and will no longer be interested in the same toy as they were a year ago.

Can you just gift cash to the boys of your family and friends?

Gifting money to children is the easy way out. If you really want to contribute to their mental and physical well-being and make them cherish the gifts you give, it is always better to gift something which they can use and play with. The amount of efforts you put in while choosing a gift also makes that thing all the more worthy for the receiver.

If you gift cash to them, they will probably give it to their parents because they do not know how to use it and it will either go unused or will be used to buy something else of more importance. Gift cards or cash is also considered impolite and rude in some cultures and therefore is not the best gift you can give to the boys of your family.


Now that all your questions are answered, it is time to dive straight into this age-sorted list that covers all gifts ideas for a one-year old toddler to a 19-year old teenage boy. We hope you find the right gift from this list for the person close to your heart:

Best Gifts for 1 Year Old Boys:

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Kick ‘n Play Piano

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A great gift for introducing sounds and music to babies during their tummy time, this kick n play piano from Fisher-Price comes with three modes and three musical settings to help your boy learn new movements and play easily using sounds. The piano has different keys that play actual piano notes and also light up with music. The piano is embossed with a puppy whose ears are made up of satin to help the baby’s sensory development. This is a great way to introduce the baby to different colors, numbers, and textures.

Baby Toy – Playpen Accessory and Crib Activity Center

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This activity centre keeps the toddler occupied while in the crib or in the car so the parents of the boy will thank you every time they see their baby playing with this accessory. It helps in skill development and comes with various lights, musical notes, and sounds of animals. The toy is battery-operated so there is no wiring involved and can be flipped or tossed without any risk of breakage. It also comes with a strap using which you can hang the toy on any surface and let the child engage with it easily.

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby and Toddler Boys’ 3-Pack Loose Fit Fleece Footed Pajamas

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If you do not know the boy you are gifting to very closely, clothes are the safest option as babies outgrow their onesies so quickly that parents are always looking for new ones. This pack of three footed onesies from Carter comes with a fleece lining to keep the toddler protected from cold and allow him to play freely without any restriction. The colourful prints make them all the more favourites of toddlers as well as their parents. You can choose from eight colour options according to their designs.

Gupamiga Rocking Horse

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A gift that will be used by the boy even after he completes one year, this rocking horse from Gupamiga can be used in two ways as a rocking horse and a child seat when it is placed upside down. It is a compact toy and can be stored easily even when not in use so the parents of the boy will also take no objection to the gift. The pastel design and soothing color patterns make it a perfect gift for a boy who hates loud colors. The paddle at the front allows the parent to rock the horse gently when the baby doesn’t want to.

Baby Toys Funny Changeable Hammer

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A musical hammer for the baby Thor, this toy comes with lights and sounds and does not cause any injuries as it is made up of a soft rubber. It is very colourful and looks appealing to the boys of this age. The hammer can be rattled to learn numbers and the cute cartoon face on the hammer continuously changes its expressions as and when the hammer is pounded. The colourful beads at the centre make rattling sounds at any movement to keep the baby engaged and to develop his sensory and motor skills.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

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This drum set is for the future drummer and comes with nine melodious tunes created using three drum pads and drum sticks. It is battery-operated and offers four playing modes with their own unique LED lights. The toy comes with volume controls so that the boy’s parents can also enjoy a peaceful time and the automatic shut-off feature is an added advantage to save battery life. It is so easy to play with this drum set as the baby just as to follow the lights to learn the beats. It is a great toy for learning about alphabets, music notes, numbers, and lights.

Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys:

Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Hungry Pelican Soft Baby Educational Toy

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A soft plush toy with its own sea creatures, this pelican is a joy to play with. Its beak opens at feeding time so that the boy can feed the sea creatures to the pelican. The plush toys come with sounds and they squeak when the baby lifts them up. This toy is perfect for developing the baby’s motor skills, sensory development, and learning. It can also be gifted to boys who have trouble eating as they will learn to eat seeing the pelican. The baby can take out the toys from the pelican’s belly easily to start the whole process again.

Ryans Room All About Today Calendar Board

As a baby turns two years old, he begins to learn the concept of time and dates so this calendar board is a perfect way to introduce the little one to these important concepts. It is a wooden calendar and comes with a clock, days, months, seasons, and time of the day pie charts. The baby can operate the wooden board on his own and start learning these things easily. The board can also be hung on the wall and the colourful design makes it a great toy for toddlers and they will be engaged for hours playing with this educational toy.

Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy

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Teach that little boy how to treat pets by gifting him this wooden pull toy puppy who behaves just like a real puppy. The toddler can make this puppy sit, stand, and roll. He can also take the puppy for walks and this toy will help him get accustomed to a pet if the parents are planning to get a real pet. The puppy is painted in colourful patterns and promotes hand-eye coordination in the toddler. This toy is also available in crocodile, caterpillar, and turtle variants but the puppy is a favourite among young boys.

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

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Once a baby begins to sit on his own, there is nothing a parent loves more than a high chair which lets the toddler sit with the family on the dining table. It is available in three styles and has a soothing design. The reclining seat and height adjustment feature make this high chair very popular choice for Christmas gift ideas. The chair comes with a removable tray so it is quite easy to clean and makes dinner time a happy time for the toddler.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Garbage Truck and Excavator

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A garbage truck and excavator for the naughty boy, this set from VTech Go! Go! comes with sounds and melodies which help the child to learn various alphabets and lights. The colourful toys seem attractive to the baby and the machines also introduce themselves to the boy with phrases that appeal to the children. The toddler can race the two toys against each other and can also create a track for them. The name of the garbage truck is Gary and the excavator is called Eric so the boy learns to call them by name easily.

Whale Island Bathtub Toy

Bath time is the most fun and playful time for a toddler and this whale bathtub toy is a floating fountain toy that comes with different bath toys for the toddler to play with. The toys are lightweight enough for ease of play and are painted in attractive colors. This whale bath toy helps to improve the motor skills of small boys and make them enjoy their bath time a lot more. The toys can also be interchanged and the whole island runs by batteries so there is no electric connection involved. It comes with a mesh bag for travelling and storing purposes.

Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Boys:

Xylophone for Kids

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Introducing a child to music is always a good idea and this colourful xylophone is a great gift for toddlers. It has a wooden base and comes with two playing sticks for the child to play the instrument easily. It makes soft and soothing sounds so the parents of the boy are also not annoyed and the kid learns the musical notes easily. The xylophone comes wrapped in a beautiful cardboard box with a heart note and a little mouth organ is also included with the toy as an additional Christmas gift.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

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A step ahead from other musical toys, this music cube is for budding musicians and will introduce the boy to 8 Mozart compositions and teaches them the sounds of different musical instruments. The cube is well-rounded on the edges and the toddler is able to hold it easily without getting hurt. The sides of the music cube light up when the baby plays different instruments so they begin to learn coordination skills as well. It is battery-operated and introduces different colors to the toddler as well to make him identify different coloured lights.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels 3-in-1 Launch and Play Raceway

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Boys and their racing tracks have a deep connection and this raceway comes with three different track types to help the boy learn how to construct different variants. The track system comes with a lift-up launcher and plays different musical effects and phrases to help the child fine tune his sensory and motor skills. It works well with all VTech Go! Go! Vehicles and the colourful design makes this racing track a great gift for young boys who love cars.

Learning Resources Teaching ATM Bank

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Introducing a child to the concept of money and savings is never a bad idea and the child’s parents will thank you for such a thoughtful gift. This red and blue ATM bank helps the child to learn calculation and basic maths using coins and bills. The machine comes with a toy ATM card and some playing money and also features a fingerprint scanner like real ATMs. The child can also learn how these machines work and how to deposit and withdraw money easily. This skill will play a major role in his later life and he will know that you are the one who introduced him to this genius toy ATM machine.

Little Tikes Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster

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A 3-year old child loves to play outside and this 2-in-1 roadster is the perfect way to take a little boy on a walk outside. It can be pushed by a parent and comes with a convenient handle which can be attached in the front as well as the back of the cycle. The canopy on the top protects the child from sun and the two cup holders on the back are great for storing your coffee and water bottle while taking a walk. The toy steering wheel at the front makes the kid thinks that he is driving the roadster and learns directions in the process.

VTech Lil’ SmartTop

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A fun toy laptop for toddlers, this gift will be a favourite among all and the boy will love you for it. It comes with a working screen and a keyboard along with a mouse to give the child a feel of an actual laptop. The SmartTop also features a piano at the base keeps the child engaged for a long time. The child can operate the laptop via USB as well as with batteries. Another great feature of this toy is that it can be personalized with the child’s name and can receive e-cards from other family members as well to make the child understand and value the concept of communication.

Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Boys:

LeapFrog Scribble and Write Tablet

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At four years of age, children begin to learn how to write and this scribble tablet from LeapFrog is the perfect way to introduce them to the world of writing. It comes with a stylus and teaches alphabets and number to the child in a fun and easy manner. The child has to follow the light patterns to trace alphabets and number and can wipe the tablet clean easily to rewrite. The tablet also plays the sounds of the alphabets for overall development of the brain. The stylus is connected to the tablet using a short cord so that it doesn’t get lost.

Landwalker 22″ Complete Skateboard

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Available in 13 color options, this lightweight skateboard helps the child to learn the art of balance and body coordination. It is a perfect toy for the child to zip across the house and carry his toys too. The skateboard is very safe and comes with a T-tool for any minor repairs and adjustment. The soft wheels and the convenient turning mechanism makes it very easy for a child to manoeuvre the skateboard easily without any guidance.

Eoncore T358 Walkie Talkies

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A great way to introduce your kids to telephonic communication, this walkie-talkie set comes with an LED display and a long range so that the child can talk to his friends and family members across rooms and in the park also. A built-in flashlight and 10 caller tones are some of the added features of this wireless set which can also be used in malls and parks to keep the track of the children. The vibrant blue colors of the handsets make them look attractive to boys.

Maple’s Medical Kit

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A pretend medical kit for baby doctors, this kit from Dr. Maple’s comes with 10 wooden pretend accessories that a real medical kit holds. The child can learn all about these tools easily as they are quite easy to use and are completely safe for children. They are easy to clean too so the child can get messy with them and use them for as long as he wants to play. The bag that comes with this medical kit can be used to store all these toys so that the parents are also happy with how their child keeps all his tools in one place.

SGILE Remote Control Car Toy

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Remote-controlled toy cars can never go wrong when they are gifted to a young boy and this car from SGILE comes in five vibrant color options. This car can climb walls and perform 360 degree stunts so there will never be a dull moment with this car. It comes with a fancy remote control and LED lights for headlights and taillights. It is operated by batteries and fits the child’s hand very easily so that he can play without any adult assistance. It is for indoor use and the child will be in awe when it climbs and races across the room and its walls.

Wordplay For Kids Board Game

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Learning new words every day is an important part of a child’s development at this stage and this word building board game is a great Christmas gift for young boys. It can be played with friends and comes with a sand timer, dice, pencils, instructions, board, and spinner. It is a great tool for expanding the vocabulary of children and to give them something which entertains as well as educates them. In fact, this game can also be played by adults so that the parents can enjoy some family time with their children.

Best Gifts for 5 Year Old Boys:


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Gifting this bicycle to a child who is just learning to ride will make his day and this learning bike from Joystar is a completely safe and suitable bike for kids of this age. The bike comes with a DIY sticker decal so that the recipient can personalize his bike with his name. It also has training wheels to avoid any falls and can be bought in five color options. These training wheels can also be removed easily if the kid already knows how to balance a bike.

ThinkFun Rush Hour Deluxe Traffic Jam Logic Game

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One of the most popular games among kids, this traffic jam game comes with 40 different challenges and has won many awards. It helps to develop the planning skills among children and promotes logical thinking. The challenges are designed for beginner to advanced levels so the whole family can play it along with the children. It is a great puzzle for the brain and can be played by one player at a time. The jam logic cards provided with the game make it easy for the child to play the game and understand its different levels.

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Original Talking Telescope

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Introducing a young boy to science is a critical step in his development and this talking telescope provides fun and education to the little child in an easy way. It comes with 20 colourful slides about animals, space, and images from NASA to make the child aware of the world around him. The telescope introduces the child to more than 200 facts about these animals and space images and takes him into a different world altogether with the sounds effects and animal sounds. The telescope can also be detached and used for viewing other things.

My First Fun Pop-Up Dome Tent

Camping is always fun and setting up your own camp at home will teach the kids on how to manage their home. This colourful dome tent comes with a see-through window through which the parents can keep a watch on their kids and play neighbours too. The ventilation inside the tent is also taken care of to avoid any accidental suffocation issues. The baby can also take his toys inside and set up a new home for them. You can also gift a tunnel tent with this dome to make a complete set for the little boy.

Weton Kids Digital Camera

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This is a great gift to introduce a child to the world of photography and capturing their memories. It is a photo and video camera and comes with an outer coating of silicon so that the child does not drop the camera easily. It is very easy to use and can be connected to a computer to download all the photos and videos after the memory is full. It also helps the child to take photos at night with its flash feature. The display screen helps the child to see the photograph he is about to click.

Peaceable Kingdom Award Winning Fish Stix Game

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Another award-winning strategy game for young children, the Fish Stix game comes with colourful sticks and matching fishes where you match a fish with its matching stick. The game comes with paper sheets for keeping a score and helps to develop motor skills, logical reasoning, and matching skills in children. The board shape changes with every turn as players match their fishes to their sticks and get points for each match. It also helps the children to play in a team and learn different concepts with each game.

Best Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys:

Car Transporter Toy

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A personal car carrier for all his cars, this car transporter toy truck is going be his absolute favourite as he can stack all his cars and carry them around as his collection. The truck can house up to 28 cars and the see-through design makes it easy to keep a count of the cars. The actual toy truck comes with 12 cars and other road tools and signs so the child can also play with the cars individually and keep his other cars also. The carrier at the top of the truck can also be used to move the toy easily if you do not want to use the wheels.

Construction Worker Costume Role Play Kit Set

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Ideal outfit for young boys for Christmas, Halloween, and school plays, this construction worker role play outfit is going to change your young boy into a pretend construction worker with all his tools. All these tools and the outfit come in a convenient storage bag and is quite easy to clean too. The tools are made up of plastic and the hat adds a professional touch to the whole outfit. With see though pockets and reflective strips, the child will get to play an actual construction worker and have a lot of fun in this role play.

Geospace Jumparoo BOING! JR. Pogo Stick

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A pogo stick is so much fun and this toy from Geospace is specially designed for children and is suitable for handling weight up to 90 lbs. It comes with non-slip grips and footpads for additional safety and the spring of the pogo stick is encased in a steel casing. The pogo stick is very easy to use and is enjoyed by children as they learn to count their jumps and create new records. The quality is so good that you will never have to worry about any accidents.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

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Set his imagination on fire with this stunning art case by Crayola which will help him develop an interest for colors and art from such a young age. It contains 64 crayons along with color pencils, washable markers, drawing paper and more. The total pieces in this set are 140. This art kit is a great gift for children who love colouring and painting. The colourful prints on the case also make it a great carry bag for school or any art get together.

Matty’s Toy Stop 10 Pin Multi-Color Deluxe Plastic Bowling Set

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A mini plastic bowling set is all that a boy needs to play with his friends and this 10 pin bowling set from Matty’s Toy Stop can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The bowling pins and the balls come in a plastic case holder which makes it easy to carry it around for a block party or a sleepover session at a friend’s place too. It is a great toy for boys who love the actual bowling session but are too small for holding the heavy ball.

National Geographic Play Sand

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Kinetic sand is so useful in developing sensory skills in children and this play sand made by National Geographic is something all boys can play with for hours on end without getting bored. It seems like wet sand but does not stick to the hand nor does it dry out so the child can play with it again and again. The set contains 6 lbs of kinetic sand and 6 different types of castle moulds. The sand is completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic so it is very safe for young children to play with.

Best Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys:

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS Clay’s Falcon Fighter Blaster

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There is nothing that a boy loves more than action figurines and this buildable falcon fighter from Lego is an absolute marvel. It comes with mini action figures and parts for building the Gimroc stone monster as well. The falcon fighter comes with extendable wings that open wide in the attack mode and launches the clay Bot’s recon jet when you open and detach the six-stud shooter. The whole set is easy to assemble and the child will love to receive this as a Christmas present and will start playing with it in no time.

K’NEX Thrill Rides

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With over 340 individual pieces, this roller coaster building set from K’NEX is the perfect gift for a young engineer who has an interest in building structures. It does not need any batteries and comes with a detailed instruction manual to set up the slingshot launcher. The child can build the whole coaster easily and then perform stunts with the little car that is provided with the set to see how it launches like a slingshot. The number of pieces in the set is so many that this set will keep the child occupied for at least a few hours so the parents will also be happy.

Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Show Set

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What is a better gift for a young boy than a magic show set that takes him into the enchanting world of magic and introduces him to the various magic techniques that popular magicians use? This set comes with more than 100 tricks which are easy to learn and perform and are great for developing curiosity in the child. It uses 33 props and comes with an instruction manual for the child to read and learn more about these awe-inspiring magic tricks.


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National Geographic is taking some great steps in teaching science and nature to kids and this Geode kit explores the world of volcanic rocks and crystals occurring inside them. The kit contains 4 geodes collected from various geological mines by National Geographic and kids can break open these geodes to understand more about slow crystal formation inside these volcanic rocks. The kit comes with a learning guide and safety goggles also to make the child feel like an actual geologist working at a crystal mine.

Astronomy for Kids

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Take that little boy to the stars with this astronomy book which introduces them to all big and small constellations, stars, and planets around them in the northern hemisphere. Kids can use the book to identify all these space miracles through telescopes, binoculars, and the naked eye as well. The coolest thing about this book is that it also explains with great illustrations and buying tips. The child will be enthralled with the cool discoveries he makes in the space.

Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Series Exclusive 5 Figure Set

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This action figure set from Marvel Avengers contains 5 12-inch action figures from the Marvel Universe including Iron Man, Black Panther, Marvel’s Vision, Black Widow, and Marvel’s Black Machine. Young boys will love to play with this set and battle the action figures with each other using pretend stories. The set is of great quality and will last for years so it is a great Christmas gift for any boy who would like to build his collection.

Best Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys:

Haktoys HAK303 Infrared Control 3.5 Channel 9” RC Helicopter

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An Infrared controlled helicopter sounds so cool and this helicopter from Haktoys comes with a rechargeable battery to promise hours of fun to the young boy. It has a built-in gyroscope and bright LED lights which make the helicopter look quite real. It is advised to use it indoors as natural sun rays can interfere with the signals of the helicopter. It is available in two color options and both are great for boys so you can gift any variant and it is guaranteed to make that little boy turn into a pretend pilot every time he flies his helicopter!

Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set

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Spirography is a soothing hobby and this spirograph set is a must-have for young boys to control their anxiety and hyper attention. It contains 45 pieces including 2 spirograph rings, 19 wheels, 20 design papers, and other tools that one needs to use the set. All these pieces come in a convenient carrying case. This set can help little kids to make exciting and elegant projects for their school or pursue a hobby. Young children can also learn how gears work as the wheels interlock for creating different designs.

Roald Dahl Collection – 15 Paperback Book Boxed Set

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Roald Dahl is one of the most loved children’s authors and this story book boxed set is going to make any boy’s day as he gets to read all his favourite books from this author. It contains 15 paperback books including some of the bestsellers like Matilda, The BFG, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory etc. All these books have also been made into amazing movies and this set will inculcate the hobby of reading in the child which is going to be a lifelong gift for him.

The Amazing Smart Cube

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A kid’s brain is developing at a rapid rate every day and this smart cube helps to test and improve the IQ of the child with its classic puzzle games. The cube looks very elegant and can be taken anywhere during travelling etc to keep the child occupied. It is a much better gift than gadgets and visual elements which harm the eyesight of children and do not contribute much to their brain development. The bright design is also very attractive.

Sherlocker Desk Top Aluminum Foosball Desk Game

Gift this foosball desk table and see his eyes light up as he can now play his favourite game without going to a gaming arcade. It is a lightweight replica of an actual foosball table and can also be used to play table soccer. It can also be carried from one room to another and will serve as a great source of entertainment for birthday parties as well. The little boy can play with his friends and get a feel of an actual foosball or soccer game easily.

Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet

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A tennis racquet for the budding Roger Federer, the Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet will make the child interested in this amazing sport with its stunning design and improved comfort. The racquet comes with shock pads and the strings are well-tightened to improve shots. It is made using a volcanic frame technology which makes it very easy for young children to handle the racquet and play without any strain.

Best Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys:

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set

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Boys love constructing structures and this marble run super set is going to keep him occupied for hours as he joins each small part and makes a giant structure. It contains 85 see-through pieces which children can connect and play with. The structure rests on 3 large bases with 5 additional bases for stability so the structure wouldn’t fall in the middle of the game. Free accessibility to the Marble Run app is also included with this set for detailed user guides and more.

aGreatLife Wooden Chess Set

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Help that boy become a child prodigy by gifting him his first chess set which will help him develop an interest in this wonderful strategy game which challenges his brain. This wooden handcrafted chess game comes with a foldable chess board along with all the pieces. The compact size of the board makes it a perfect companion for parties, picnics, and school get-togethers where kids are supposed to bring different games to play with their friends.

4M Volcano Making Kit

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This gift is surely going to make that inquisitive little boy really happy as he gets to make an awe-inspiring volcano for the next school project with this volcano-making kit from 4M. The kit enables a child to make a real volcano of about 9.5 cm in height that spews fizzy lava. The set includes a volcano mould, fast drying plaster, paint, paint brush, and a stirring stick. Plus, it is reusable so the kid can use the kit again and again to demonstrate a great science wonder in front of his friends.

Nerf Official Fun Multiplayer Laser Tag Game

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A laser tag game can never go wrong and this one from Nerf Official comes with two laser guns and can be used by kids and adults alike. They come with various lights, sounds, and vibration effects and can be used both indoors and outdoors for a fun play session with friends. All these guns are also compatible with other taggers also so the boy can also invite a lot of friends over with their laser taggers to have an epic laser tag battle.

Twister Game

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Twister has been around for generations and this game guarantees fun for the whole family. Your gift will attract praises from all young and adult family members as it is so easy to play with and does not require any expertise. It also improves body flexibility and balance. The game comes with a vinyl playing mat, a spinner board, and a detailed set of instructions. It can be played between 2 to 4 players so the boy can play with his friends and enjoy a great game.

Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal

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Spike his interest in chemistry with this experiment journal which comes with cool experiments using kitchen ingredients. The kit includes all tools including beakers, test tubes, cylinders, lab glasses, etc with an activity journal which explains all the experiments in great detail with simple steps. Using this kit will introduce kids to basic principles of chemistry in a fun way. The equipments are made up of plastic so there won’t be any risk of breakage too.

Best Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys:

Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate

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Gift these rollerblade skates to watch that kid zip speedily through the house and learn the art of balance. These are adjustable skates with a completely padded inner lining and cushioned tongue to ensure maximum comfort. One great feature of these skates is that they grow with the kid’s feet and can be extended in size with just a push of a button. They are also quite safe as the speed is set to neither too fast nor too slow.

HIwatch Kids Waterproof Sports Digital Wrist Watch

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Kids of this age love to wear a watch to look cool and this sports digital watch is going to be a perfect gift for them. It is available in five color options and the size of the watch is perfect for small wrists. The model is also water resistant so the parents do not have to worry about kids ruining the watch when playing with water. The alarm clock and stopwatch features also help the child learn more about time and its related parameters like day and week.

NBA Game On Indoor Basketball Hoop & Ball Set

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A basketball hoop at home is every child’s fantasy and you can gift this hoop set with his favourite team’s logo to make his dream come true. The basketball hoop is very easy to install and can also be taken for picnics. The quality of the board is great and it supports the ball’s weight and throws well. A small basketball is also included with the board and the child can hang the board on any door and start playing easily without any adult supervision.

Harry Potter Complete Series Boxed Set

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This age is exactly the right age to introduce the child to the magical world of Harry Potter and this boxed set containing all books of the Harry Potter series is going to get a permanent place in any book lover’s collection. It contains all 7 books ranging from the Philosopher’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows. The child will never be bored of this world of fantasy and will also enjoy all the movies made on this series all the more after reading the books.

Hey! Play! TG Champion Tournament Bristle Dartboard

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Fun for the whole family, a dart board is a great way to improve a child’s aim. This dart board comes in a professional design and finish so the young boy will feel like he is playing professionally when he throws an arrow at this dart board. In fact, all popular aim and throw games can be played on this board and the construction is such that it heals itself after use. The board comes with its accessories and darts and can be mounted on the wall pretty easily.

Genius Art DIY T-shirt Painting

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Teach that boy how to make some amazingly cool T-shirts with this DIY T-Shirt painting kit which comes with all paints, beads, glue, glitter, and more. The kid will need just a plain T-shirt to let his creativity flow and create amazing designs on the fabric. He will love painting the T-shirts and will wear them proudly the next time he meets you. The kit is very easy to use and does not require any additional supplies to paint the T-shirts.

Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys:

Mini Drone, Potensic A20 Altitude Hold Quadcopter Drone

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Drones have become a huge phenomenon these days and having a drone of their own can be any young boy’s pride. This quadcopter is controlled by a remote and is available in five color options. It comes with an attitude hold mode and is great for beginners who are not very familiar with drone flying. It can be charged via USB and comes with a remote controller which makes it very easy to fly the drone safely at a convenient height.

DUDE Diary

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Boys of this age need to have some privacy and what better than a diary designed especially for dudes? This diary comes with a lock and a key so the boy can keep all his innocent secrets at one place without having to worry about who reads it. The diary is filled with questions that any boy of this age wonders about and throws some silly options in front of the owner too to think about. It is a very innocent and wonderful gift for a young boy who is beginning to have questions.

MindWare Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 Starter Stunt Set

Explaining basic concepts of physics and construction to kids can always be a tough task but this starter stunt set from Mindware contains 73 pieces that can be used to build structures like scaffoldings, pathways, and ramps using basic concepts of architecture, building, and physics. The pieces are simple to connect and do not require anything that is not included in the box. The set comes with an illustrated design booklet for understanding the pieces and how to join them.

Illuminated World Globe for Kids

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Take that little guy around the world and fuel his desire for travelling by gifting him an illuminated world globe that introduces him to all the countries of the world. It comes with a switch-controlled LED light which lights up the globe for night-time use. It has a sturdy base and comes marked with continents, international boundaries, and all deserts of the world so that the young boy and his friends can enjoy their learning session thoroughly.

ToyVelt Boxing Set

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Kids at this age are developing muscles and this boxing set from ToyVelt is a great gift for helping them test their muscles and strengthen them. The set comes with a punching ball and gloves along with a hand pump and an adjustable base. The child can adjust the height of the punching ball according to his height and then focus all his unused energy on the ball to build his muscles and improve focus. It is also travel-friendly so he can take it along anywhere.

TOPTOY Flashing LED Gloves

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A fun gift for any boy who loves to have some fun, these TOPTOY LED gloves will add fun to any birthday party or Christmas party. They look so cool and can be used as a part of any costume too. The gloves are made up of safe materials and do not contain any toxic or unsafe material that can harm the children. They are operated by batteries and an extra set of batteries is also included with these colourful gloves so that the parents do not have to run for batteries when the gloves stop lighting up.

Best Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys:

Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer

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Add some serious fun to the party by gifting this electronic voice changer which comes with 10 different types of voices which can be used to prank somebody or just have some plain fun. The child can adjust the voice by changing the frequency and amplitude through the side controls. The colourful flashing LED lights on the voice changer add another element of fun to the whole activity. It can also be used by adults for parties and get-togethers.

Qurious Space | STEM flash card game

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This flash card game lets the young boy explores all the wonders of the space along with his friends. It contains flash cards that can be used to play a matching game, spinning through the universe, or exploring trivia. It is a great game for space enthusiasts and allows children to learn more about our vast galaxy with the illustrated cards and space stickers.

Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition

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One of the most popular board games loved by kids all over the world, Monopoly is a great gift idea for 12-year olds who are learning more about money management and commodity exchange. It can be played by the whole family and promises hours of fun with so many features. The game comes with one game board, 1 banking unit, property cards and event cards, houses, and dice. This game is challenging and fun at the same time and improves money managing capabilities also.

ALEX Toys Craft Rock Pets Turtle

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While it might not be a right decision to gift a young boy a real pet without talking to his parents about it, there is no reason why you cannot gift a pretend rock pet which can be painted to look like a real turtle. It is available in five animal variants and three sizes to choose from. It is an activity which combines art and painting as well as gives their home a makeover as the rock turtle can be kept in the garden or inside as a showpiece. The kit comes with set of waterproof paints, brush, and a turtle-shaped rock that the child can paint on using his vivid imagination.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Nyx Sports Table Lamp

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Gifting this lamp to any sports fan will make his day and will light up his room like nothing else. It has a baseball, a football, and a basketball at the base and a solid white lamp at the top. It fits all spaces well and adds a dim lighting to the room. Bulb is not included with the lamp but you can gift it separately. The quality of the lamb is so good that even if the child knocks it from the night stand, it will not break. You can also choose any other ball variants if the kid likes any other sport.

Upper Bounce Mini Foldable Rebounder Fitness Trampoline

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Gifting a trampoline to boys can help them have fun and play outside in the backyard and take a break from the screens and gadgets they are glued on to the whole day. This is a foldable trampoline which helps them use their extra energy and get a light workout. It is foam-padded and comes with an adjustable handrail for providing stability to the user. The base is quite sturdy and the upper handle bar is also padded so that the child can hold on to it for additional stability.

Best Gifts for 13 Year Old Boys:

A Beginner’s Guide to Coding

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Being familiar with computers and how to control them is very essential for the kids of this age and this book is a great way to help them learn the basics of coding. It talks about two computer programming languages python and scratch. It enables young programmers to make their own computer games and chat bots using very simple steps so that they grow up and become professional web programmers or at least have a basic idea of computer programming.

Fugoo GO 100% Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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This age is good for introducing some music to the children and this waterproof Bluetooth speaker will make them get up in the morning easily and take a shower while listening to their favourite music. It is available in three color options and comes with an integrated mounting cord which can be used to mount the speaker on any surface. It has a 10-hour battery life and will be loved by kids who love music and are developing a taste for their favourite genre.

MadSportsStuff Basketball Socks with Basketball Logo Athletic Crew Socks

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If the boy you are gifting to is a basketball fan and has a favourite team, he will love these basketball socks in so many color options. The socks come with arch and ankle compression to relieve stress in the calf muscles. They are made using antibacterial and antimicrobial material so moisture is absorbed quickly and odour is controlled too. They are of mid-ankle length so fit perfectly on growing feet sizes also.

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

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While talking about all the outdoor and geeky gifts for boys, nobody thinks about how kids need rest too to watch their favourite cartoons and this lounge and ottoman set from Intex is the perfect way to unwind after a long playing session. It is an inflatable set so there are no beans which can get spilled all over the home. The lounger and the ottoman have waterproof coating on the base and on the sides and also comes with a cup holder for the kids to keep their milk or juice while catching up on their favourite cartoons.

RockPapa Over Ear Stereo Wired Skull Headphones

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This is the perfect age to gift a boy his first pair of headphones and these over ear headphones are especially designed to suit the sensitive ears of children. You can choose between three colour options. These headphones come with soft ear pads and are compatible with all devices and gadgets. The 1.5 meter cord and 3.5 mm jack make it easy for the user to connect the headphones and listen to music without getting disturbed by the outside noise.

The Original Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

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The funniest way to get kids out of the bed in the morning, this alarm clock is going to be a hit among parents too as they no longer have to run behind their kids to wake them up. Clocky is a unique alarm clock that runs and hides while beeping in the morning to wake up the kids and make them run behind the clock for switching it off. The alarm sound can be adjusted as per the sleep and it can also be customized for snooze timings.

Best Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys:

USB I Am Your Father! Funny Geek Computer T-Shirt

This T-shirt is going to be the coolest piece in his wardrobe and he will wear it to every cool and geeky party he goes to. It comes in five color options and makes for a great gift for any boy who has a geeky side. The T-shirt is also a great conversation starter and the boy will love explaining to his friend what the print on the T-shirt actually means. The 100% cotton material is also great for young boys who are quite active.

HaloVa Travel Backpack

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Cool backpacks are always loved by kids at this age and this travel backpack will not only serve as a great carry bag for school but can also hold a football or a basketball for the practice sessions. It is very lightweight and also includes a USB charging port for emergencies. The material of the bag is breathable so it does not hold any odours also even after long school sessions. This is a perfect gift for a boy who loves to sport the coolest backpacks.

Almost Adulting Book

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An amazing yet hilarious book on how to become responsible adults, this book is going to be well-appreciated by the parents of the boy too. It covers topics ranging from how to make friends on the internet who are not criminals to how to control body odour and eat a proper diet. It is a great book on how being an adult actually feels like and what should a teenager do to successfully adult his way through life when he gets more responsibilities!

mermaker Best Fidget Spinner Toy

Boys of this age have a lot of extra energy and can also have ADHD and anxiety due to the hormone surge they go through at this age. This fidget spinner is a great way to soothe anxiety and reduce signs of ADHD. It is also a great gift for anybody who has a habit of nail biting or has trouble sleeping at night. The fidget spinner fits the hands easily and can be carried in the pocket too so your gift will always be with the boy and he will always play with it whenever he feels anxious or has that extra burst of energy.

Blue Orange Djubi Dart Ball

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A dart game with a twist, the Djubi dart ball game is a very fun and entertaining game for boys as they get to play with their friends and whoever scores the highest, wins. The game comes with 2 launchers, 6 Djubi balls, 1 dart net, and a score board for keeping the score while playing the game. It can be played outdoors and is a very popular game for picnics. The score board comes with a wipe-able marker so it can be reused again and again.

Ombar Backlit Gaming Keyboard

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This age is when most boys start playing video games and this backlit keyboard from Ombar is the perfect addition to their gaming den. It looks uber cool and sophisticated and is available in three color variants. The keyboard comes with 10 multimedia programmable keys which can be used as shortcuts to access many controls. The ergonomic wrist rest on each side of the mouse pad prevent wrist strain after typing or playing for long hours.

Best Gifts for Teenage Boys:

AW 20″ Inch Chrome Wheel Unicycle

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A great skill to have, learning to ride a unicycle is so much fun and a teenager will love this gift. This chrome unicycle comes in four color options and supports a weight of up to 143 lbs. the outer tire of the unicycle is made up of skid proof rubber material and the inner tire is made up of a leak-proof butyl tire. The unicycle is also great for learning the art of balance and can also be used to impress the friends with this unique skill which not many people have.

MaleDen Vintage Rosewood Calligraphy Pen with Ink Refill

Having a good fountain pen in your teenage years is always a source of pride and a luxury to own. This vintage calligraphy pen with ink refill is an exquisite gift for any teenager that loves to explore his handwriting and work on his calligraphy. It comes with a rosewood case inside a black PU leather case and has a converter to show the user how much ink is left in the pen. The calligraphy pen can be used to write on sketch papers, cards, and school projects also as it has a medium fine tip and very smooth ink that does not wash through the paper.

Decodyne Math Wall Clock

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An excellent gift for the math wizard, this wall clock from Decodyne is going to give a makeover to his room and make his friends wonder what the time is. The watch runs on batteries and has a chalkboard finish which goes well with all types of room decors. The different equations for each hour marking make it fun to calculate time after solving the equation. You can even gift it to someone who wants to improve his interest in this subject and get a cool wall clock for his room.

Herschel Supply Co. Men’s Hank + Coin Leather RFID Blocking Wallet

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What better way to teach a young teenager to manage money than gift him a nice leather wallet to keep all his important belongings and cash just like adults do. This leather from Herschel is available in two color options and comes with an RFID blocker and multiple card slots along with a coin pouch. The full grain leather exterior and the fabric liner inside makes it very comfortable to keep the wallet in the pocket and it lasts for years because of its great quality. You can choose between black and brown leather as per your choice.

TABLETOPICS Family Gathering: Questions to Start Great Conversations

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The main issue at a teenager age is that the child begins to interact less and less with the older generations because of the generation gap and this set from Tabletopics is going to address exactly that concern. It is basically an acrylic box with a set of 135 questions that are designed keeping all generations in mind and are great conversation starters at the dinner table. It is a perfect kit to take on picnics, get-togethers and other family events. It is also a very good gift for boys who find it difficult to participate in family conversations.

BetterPhoto Basics: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Taking Photos Like a Pro

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There is no better passion than photography because it helps you capture your best memories and this beginner’s guide to photography is written by Jim Miotke who is a famous photographer. It explains all the basic concepts of photography in a very simple language and helps to instantly improve upon the photography skills of the reader. The book contains some very beautiful and stunning images that are sure to encourage the boy to take up photography immediately after reading the book. It also explains the settings behind each of these photos so that you can use the same settings to achieve the same effect for any photograph.

So this was our detailed gift guide for boys from the age of 1 year to a teenager so this holiday season you will not be short of gift options. You can choose from geeky gifts to sports-based gifts and your loved ones will be surprised at how well you know them and will love you for such thoughtful gifts.


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